Clapback Chronicles: Joy Reid vs A Man Complaining About the (Mythical) Welfare Queen

The scene: Journalist and AM Joy host Joy Reid on Twitter, challenging the notion that the American poor are lazy. “And who among the poor are idle? They stand on their feet all day, picking your food, cleaning our hotels,... Continue Reading

The Woman Who Created “On Fleek” is Trying to Raise $100,000 — And I’m Not Mad at Her

Remember when Peaches Monroee (aka Kayla Lewis) said “eyebrows on fleek” in a Vine and the internet blew up? Lewis did not trademark the term, and has received absolutely no compensation for coining it. Meanwhile brands and influencers — from... Continue Reading

As a Black Woman I Believe in Black Love — But Not at the Expense of My Well-Being

Recently, XoNecole published an article on black love that caught my attention. But agreement turned to disapproval as I read through the piece and by the end I was doing a full on face palm. The article, titled In Order... Continue Reading

[Pics] Solange’s Braids Exhibit Has Me Wishing More Adult Black Women Wore Cornrows

Solange gave us the anthem — Don’t touch my hair. Like, at all. Since then hair has been a recurring theme of her art. For her SNL debut in November Solange enlisted 28-year-old Chicago braiding wunderkind Shani Crowe to create... Continue Reading

5 Iconic Images of Black Women Saying ‘Naw’ In the Face of Racial Violence

Black women have always been on the front lines of the fight for civil rights, exhibiting strength and grace under pressure. Here are 5 iconic images of black women staring down violence when confronted with it. Who: Tess Asplund Where:... Continue Reading

How HBCUs Were a Refuge for Jewish Professors during the Holocaust

Did you know that during Hitler’s regime (1933 to 1945), Jewish academics were taken in by the black community in the United States? Immediately before and during the Holocaust, one of the few places Jews sought refuge was in the United States.... Continue Reading

Lauryn Hill Just Welcomed Her First Grandchild, Because It’s Not 1998 Anymore

Was it just yesterday that I was in ninth grade smuggling a compact disc of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill into my very strict Catholic high school? Just kidding, I wasn’t cool enough to own that album, much less risk... Continue Reading

[Pics] Newly Thick After Pregnancy, Jurnee Smollett Bell Stuns in 60s-Inspired Ebony Mag Spread

Jurnee Smollett-Bell better push through! The actress, 30, looks incredible in her retro photo shoot for Ebony Magazine’s March 2017 Women’s History Month issue. The Underground star has always been stunning, but this voluptuous version of the new mom is... Continue Reading

ColourPop: Please Hire Black Models Instead of Creepily Photoshopping White Arms Brown

Let me first say, as an avid fan of ColourPop, if this is true (and it seems like it is), I am extremely disappointed. I let it go when folks got upset that they named their dark brown sculpting stix... Continue Reading

The George Lopez Incident Reminds Me of the Time a Mexican-American Man Told Me to “Eat a Sh*t, B*tch”

A few weeks ago while scrolling through a multicultural pro-civil rights Facebook group I came across a post by a Mexican-American group member. It was a meme encouraging black and Mexican people to work together to take over America. I... Continue Reading

St. Louis Mayoral Candidate Tishaura Jones Reads Her Local Paper for Filth for Its Racist Coverage

Tishaura Jones is currently the treasurer of the city of St. Louis — the first woman to hold that role. She is a committed and skilled public servant, revamping the city’s parking meter system, introducing a college savings program for... Continue Reading

Five Realities of Being a Light-Skinned Token

It’s 2017, and colorism is clearly alive and well. We know this, although some refuse to acknowledge or admit it. Some don’t think it’s important because at the end of the day, to most, being black will trump the color... Continue Reading

20 Stunning Black Maternity Photoshoots

In light of Beyonce’s belly bump making headlines (from her symbolic maternity shoot to her powerful Grammys performance), we have decided to do a roundup of black maternity photos across social media. Regal. Powerful. Stunning. These are the words that... Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts About the Recently Discovered Photo of a Younger Harriet Tubman

A recently unveiled photo shows Harriet Tubman circa 1865 – 1868. The petite Tubman (who stood at 5 feet) is seated, wearing a fitted blouse and full skirt, with her hair parted down the middle and pulled back. According to... Continue Reading

Halle Berry Speaks Candidly About Her Three Failed Marriages

In a Q&A in Los Angeles on Saturday, the Halle Berry spoke candidly on the ending of her marriages. From; “I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there’s children involved,”... Continue Reading