A White Music Writer Told Solange Not to ‘Bite the Hand That Feeds Her’ By Pissing Off Her White Fans

Since Solange Knowles debuted her third studio album, A Seat at the Table, in September, it has remained a consistent topic of conversation. The Billboard number one album is a testament to how much Solange has grown as an artist.... Continue Reading

[Pic] This Adorable 2-Year-Old Amputee is Breaking the Internet

Her name is Aurora, and her mother shared her photo and story with The Amputee Coalition of America, which then shared it to their Facebook page; Kayla wrote–Aurora C. (2 yrs. old) accomplished a lot this year she’s in Kinetic... Continue Reading

From Matte Lips to Rainbow Highlighter, 8 Black-Owned Businesses that are Nailing Beauty Trends

The online beauty world can be an intimidating place. New products come out every week, and you can find a review for just about anything, whether it’s on Instagram, a blog, or Snapchat. Still, many black-owned indie brands lack visibility,... Continue Reading

6 Films Featuring Black Women to Watch in Theaters This December

All of these movies feature black actresses in prominent roles and are playing in theaters nationwide. So go and check out them out with your friends and family during the holidays. 1. FENCES Synopsis: An African-American father struggles with race... Continue Reading

[Pics] Halima Aden Just Made History as the First to Wear a Burkini in the Miss Minnesota Pageant

On November 26, 19-year-old Halima Aden became the first fully-covered Muslim to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA competition. She also became the first contestant to wear a burkini during the swimsuit round. Aden, who had no prior pageant experience, hoped that... Continue Reading

[Video] All Black Women Kicked Out of Victoria’s Secret Store After One Caught Shoplifting

Kimberly Houzah was shopping at a Victoria’s Secret in Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama when a black woman was caught shoplifting. Instead of doing the sensical thing and removing the woman caught shoplifting, store management ordered all black women in... Continue Reading

“We Don’t Need to Be Putting Black Women Against Each Other” Rihanna Speaks Out After Fans Pit Her Against Beyonce

Grammy nominations were announced yesterday and many felt Rihanna was snubbed for Album of the Year for the critically acclaimed Anti, and Song of the Year for her hit single Needed Me, which has been on the charts for nearly... Continue Reading

Forget #TeamLawrence vs #TeamIssa; Why #TeamBlackWomen Won the First Season of ‘Insecure’

Many black women are still in recovery from the season finale of Insecure, the critically acclaimed brainchild of Issa Rae. On social media it’s not uncommon to come across black women who shed tears during the penultimate scene, when Issa’s... Continue Reading

Afro-Brit Journalist: Black Immigrants Have Privilege That Black Americans Don’t

Nearly a month after Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, issues of race and culture continue to be discussed heavily. Some black members of the media have even invited controversial conservatives and white nationalists on their shows to discuss opposing... Continue Reading

Who Is the Mother?! This Baffling Photo Has Us Guessing

We have heard it all too often that “black does not crack”. Even still, photographs like the ones that follow never cease to amaze us. Check out this set of sisters mother (Kienya Booker) and daughters.  Were you able to... Continue Reading

[Pics] Cowgirls of Color: Stunning Images of One of the Country’s Only All-Black-Woman Rodeo Teams

Cattle herding has been a fixture of black culture in both Africa and America, although it is often excluded from the history books. Black historian Bennie McRae, Jr discusses this rich history in his book Lest We Forget; “Almost totally... Continue Reading

How Sway?! This Viral Shrinkage Video is Nearly Beyond Belief

We all know that natural hair shrinkage is quite common, and it’s actually a good thing. Many naturals seek ways to decrease their shrinkage in order to show their true length, but it’s a sign of healthy hair. When the... Continue Reading

[Pics] Willow Smith Ditches Her Locs, Rocks Sleek Strands for Astounding Vogue Paris Shoot

Willow Smith is looking grown and absolutely gorgeous in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Vogue Paris. The singer ditched her trademark freeform locs for a sleek look and is giving us serious ‘young Naomi Campbell‘ vibes. Check out the... Continue Reading

Beyonce is Being Accused of Colorism After 10-Year-Old Song ‘Creole’ Resurfaces

2006 was a great year for Beyonce. Her hit sophomore album B’Day was released and went on to sell more than 8 million copies worldwide. We got hit singles like Déjà Vu, Irreplaceable and Get Me Bodied. But another song... Continue Reading

[Pic] Rihanna Offers Epic Side Eye to White Actress Who Touched Her Hair

Oh to be a fly on the wall. While filming for Ocean’s 8 on Saturday, Rihanna gave some major side eye to co-star Sarah Paulson after the actress held one of Rih’s faux-locs in her hand. Now we’re not sure... Continue Reading