Roadside Hair Salons are Increasing in Popularity in Jamaica

As unemployment increases in Jamaica, more and more women are taking to ‘roadside hairdressing’ and this is, in turn, lifting the stigma behind the practice. While sanitation is an obvious issue, the hair dressers and cosmetologists say they take pride... Continue Reading

10 Black Female Contemporary Artists You Should Know

The following women have exuded amazing and altogether refreshing outlooks within the contemporary art world. They are definitely ones to watch! Lina Viktor   The artist with the golden touch. Lina Viktor’s preferred choice of medium is 24-Karat gold. The... Continue Reading

Curl Creams are the New Gel Alternative for Natural Hair

Yes, I know not everyone likes or wants to use gel on their natural hair. The potential crunchiness, dryness, and flaking is enough to annoy anyone going through trial and error with gel products, so a lot of naturals are... Continue Reading

Inspiration: 25 Pictures of Black Women Rocking Red and Orange Lips

While Vamp-colored lipsticks are traditionally the shade we see this time of year, one of the splendors of having skin richly steeped in melanin is the ability to pull off any lip shade any time of year, without exception. When... Continue Reading

26 Photos of the Epic Natural Hair at Brooklyn’s CurlFest

On Saturday hundreds of naturals traveled to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to revel in their curls, share positive vibes and soak up the sun at the second annual CurlFest, put on by the Curly Girl Collective. The celebration was attended by... Continue Reading

4 Black Women Who Went to Space

When these black women were encouraged to reach for the stars, they took the advice literally, becoming what many view as the pinnacle of science and exploration — an astronaut. These phenomenal women have contributed mightily to black American history,... Continue Reading

CurlKit Gets Dragged on Instagram for Including Kardashian Hair Products in Their September Box

Everybody and their cousin is trying to get a piece of the $2.7 billion black haircare industry, and as women with natural hair continue to make up a larger percentage of black hair consumers, it’s no surprise that both black and... Continue Reading

“Your Hair Just Grows Like That!? Okay, But Are You Mixed?”

By Cassidy Blackwell Here in the States I’ve never once been asked that question. I believe this is because the answer upon taking a casual glance at me is rather, well, black and white. I’ve got brown skin and natural... Continue Reading

This Is Why Braid Extensions Itch So Much

It’s happened to the best of us: you get a fresh set of extensions, be they Ghana braids, Marley twists or faux locs. You check the mirror, excited at how fly you look, and commence the itching. That ‘keeping you... Continue Reading

Inspiration: 13 Black Style Bloggers Who Are Killing the ‘Fall Work Style’ Game

If you’re in the Northern states, you’re probably hanging onto these final dog days of summer for L-I-F-E. But alas, the summer days are drawing to a close. With summer’s end arrives fall, and with it pumpkin-flavored everything, changing leaves,... Continue Reading

4 Chic Back-to-School Styles for Natural Hair

School is about to start (or has already started) and you want a style that is simple and chic while putting most of your hair away.  Well, keep on reading because we have five looks worth trying! 1. Rocker Chic Updo... Continue Reading

Women are Using Makeup to Re-create the Look of Model Winnie Harlow’s Vitiligo

Is this homage or is it doing way too much? Women on Instagram are using makeup to re-create the look of model Winnie Harlow’s vitiligo. Some say they are doing it to challenge societal beauty standards. Others say it is... Continue Reading

April Kae from Austin // 4A Natural Hair Style Icon

Introduce yourself! A: I go by April Kae and my creative project is called Imani Gold.  I’m originally from Austin, Texas and just moved to Harlem from Portland, Oregon. Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with... Continue Reading

3 Sulfate Shampoos That Won’t Leave Your Natural Hair Feeling Stripped and Dry

I’ve long been a fan of sulfate-free shampoos. For afro-textured hair types, it just made the most sense because it was frequently touted as significantly less drying than its counterpart. While many non-sulfate cleansers are actually less drying, there are... Continue Reading

Kru People: The Africans Who Vigilantly Refused to Be Captured into Slavery

The Kru people are indigenous to Liberia and the Ivory Coast. Kru were most known for seafaring and their strong resistance to capture by European enslavers in the Transatlantic slave trade. The Kru would fight vehemently and even take their own... Continue Reading