Christina Milian’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Violet Applies Makeup Better Than Some Adults in Cute Instagram Videos

Some of us remember peeking into our mother’s closet, trying on clothes and playing in beauty products. I was playing in my mother’s makeup at age 5 and I’ve been a sucker for it ever since. Of course, I was never... Continue Reading

Why Are Black Women Makeup-Shamed So Heavily?

When Youtube Beauty Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials posted the viral video The Power of Makeup in response to makeup-shaming, the internet lit up. Those in the beauty community have always known of its existence, but Nikkie was the first to really... Continue Reading

[Video] UCLA Gymnast Hits the Quan, Harlem Shakes, Whips and Nae Naes in Incredible Floor Routine

The gymnastics world has no shortage of black women slaying the game. From history-making Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes to trailblazing Gabby Douglas, black women have really set things off in the demanding sport. Enter two college gymnasts at UCLA who... Continue Reading

12 Natural Tapered Cuts According to Face Shape

The tapered haircut is a big chopper’s dream.  The style is sleek, edgy, and instantly gives your face lift. There are, however, many variations to the infamous tapered cut. Deciding which style would most suit your face has a lot... Continue Reading

Fans are Divided on Vanity Fair’s Makeup-Free, Partially Nude Portraits of Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis

Vanity Fair recently released its annual Hollywood Issue which features up-and-comers in the film industry. The cover is beautiful and rightfully includes Lupita Nyong’o, Viola Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. But it’s the “additional intimate portraits“, shot by famed photographer Annie... Continue Reading

15 Black Cultural References in Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video You Might Have Missed

Some time in the afternoon of February 6, 2016, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles put out the ‘Formation’ music video, which not only snatched the wigs and edges of many, but also came to rightfully shine as a pro-black, black girl anthem for... Continue Reading

Jeffrey Campbell is Trying to Reinvent the $5 Beauty Supply Slipper

Remember when Urban Outfitters sold old-school hair balls and Murray’s Hair Pomade for a ridiculous price this past summer? Well, shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell is following in those foot steps. This week the company posted this photo and caption on... Continue Reading

The Black Victims of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany

The Holocaust of 1938 to 1945 resulted in the murder of an estimated six million Jews.  However, the Nazi terror did not stop there. As part of Black History Month, we remember the often forgotten black victims of the Holocaust.... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Rock a Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knot outs are a classic in the natural hair community, but there are many ways to take it to the next level. Check out my top 6 ways to rock a bantu knot out. OG Knot Out @Chocolateblackdoll shows... Continue Reading

[Pics] Hijarbie (Hijab Barbie) Is the Cutest Thing on Instagram

Hijarbie is the brainchild of 24-year-old Nigerian medical scientist Haneefah Adam who wanted to see herself reflected in the popular dolls. Adam was inspired after perusing Barbie’s official style account on Instagram. She spoke to about it; “It got... Continue Reading

Why Egg Conditioners Won’t Add Protein to Your Hair

1. Avril asks: ‘What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment that makes the hair so hard, and how do we benefit from it?’ 2. Kelly asks:... Continue Reading

[Pics] Genius or Too Much? Folks Are Tattooing in Their Lost Edges

Edges are important in haircare. They’ve now come to stand as a sign that you have your ish together and haven’t let your haircare regime fall by the wayside. The loss of edges can occur from ailments like alopecia areata or mechanical... Continue Reading

18 Pics of Twisted Lobs (Long Bobs), the Protective Style Taking Over Instagram

We all know what braided bobs look like as a protective style, twisted lobs (long bobs) just took the bobbed protective style to the next level. Thanks to these women, I think I know what my next protective style will... Continue Reading

Unaware of Jamaican Patois, Critics Blast Rihanna For Speaking “Gibberish” On Her New Single ‘Work’

Some Americans are not at all happy with Rihanna’s new single Work. The futuristic Caribbean song has gotten generally great reviews, but some have blasted the singer for speaking “gibberish.” Here is a sampling of reviews: From The Gizzle Review;... Continue Reading

Non-Black Women Have Jacked Twist Outs and are Calling it “The Rope Trick”

Beauty and DIY vlogger AlexandrasGirlyTalk’s “rope trick” tutorial was featured on yesterday. The only problem is that her “rope trick” is literally the same thing as a twist out – a style achieved by creating two-strand twists in small,... Continue Reading