[Pics] Hijarbie (Hijab Barbie) Is the Cutest Thing on Instagram

Hijarbie is the brainchild of 24-year-old Nigerian medical scientist Haneefah Adam who wanted to see herself reflected in the popular dolls. Adam was inspired after perusing Barbie’s official style account on Instagram. She spoke to Mic.com about it; “It got... Continue Reading

Why Egg Conditioners Won’t Add Protein to Your Hair

1. Avril asks: ‘What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment that makes the hair so hard, and how do we benefit from it?’ 2. Kelly asks:... Continue Reading

[Pics] Genius or Too Much? Folks Are Tattooing in Their Lost Edges

Edges are important in haircare. They’ve now come to stand as a sign that you have your ish together and haven’t let your haircare regime fall by the wayside. The loss of edges can occur from ailments like alopecia areata or mechanical... Continue Reading

18 Pics of Twisted Lobs (Long Bobs), the Protective Style Taking Over Instagram

We all know what braided bobs look like as a protective style, twisted lobs (long bobs) just took the bobbed protective style to the next level. Thanks to these women, I think I know what my next protective style will... Continue Reading

Unaware of Jamaican Patois, Critics Blast Rihanna For Speaking “Gibberish” On Her New Single ‘Work’

Some Americans are not at all happy with Rihanna’s new single Work. The futuristic Caribbean song has gotten generally great reviews, but some have blasted the singer for speaking “gibberish.” Here is a sampling of reviews: From The Gizzle Review;... Continue Reading

Non-Black Women Have Jacked Twist Outs and are Calling it “The Rope Trick”

Beauty and DIY vlogger AlexandrasGirlyTalk’s “rope trick” tutorial was featured on Bustle.com yesterday. The only problem is that her “rope trick” is literally the same thing as a twist out – a style achieved by creating two-strand twists in small,... Continue Reading

How To Make a Killer Tapered Crotchet Wig

Crotchet extensions continue to be one of the most sought after protective styles of the season, and with good reason. They are relatively easy to install, last several weeks, and the hair is fairly affordable. Although we’ve covered many crotchet-style variation,... Continue Reading

From Rotating Sprinklers to the Fire Escape; 50 Things You Didn’t Know Black People Invented

When people speak of the contributions African Americans have made to society, they tend to center on dance, sports and music. But our contributions extend way beyond that. Here are 50 things African American inventors created, patented and/or significantly improved.... Continue Reading

Indian Publications Don’t Agree on Whether Beyonce Was Engaged in Cultural Appropriation

Imagine that you are watching the latest video from a white pop star dressed head to toe in the style of a culture not their own. It happens all the time… Take Katy Perry for instance. The typical assumption is... Continue Reading

11 Beautiful and Realistic Wigs for All Textures of Natural Hair

Wigs offer styling versatility that few hair tools can. Whether you fall into the category of being too chicken to cut off all your hair to rock a tapered bob, or you’re just looking for a way to protective style... Continue Reading

[Pic] RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Breastfeeds New Baby Ace While Getting Her Hair Washed

Kandi Burruss knows about that new mom multi-tasking struggle! The Atlanta peach, who gave birth to son Ace on January 6, shared a funny photo of her breastfeeding while getting her hair washed. This #breastfeeding stuff is no joke. @sewjodie... Continue Reading

Five Serious Things to Consider Before Bleaching Natural Hair

Bleaching hair has always been something that I never mess with. I did it once with Loreal Chunking in high school, and all of the bleached pieces turned into a hot mess. They were snapping and breaking all over the... Continue Reading

#RepresentationMatters: 4 Adorable Pics of Black Boys Channeling Finn from Star Wars

The most recent Star Wars film The Force Awakens puts diversity in the forefront with the casting of newcomer John Boyega as the lead. In the wake of this announcement, there was much discourse among fans of the Star Wars franchise.... Continue Reading

Beauty Vlogger Jessica Pettway Speaks After Being Criticized for Giving 2-Year-Old Daughter Crochet Twists

Last week natural hair vlogger Jessica Pettway posted an adorable photo of her two-year old daughter, Kailee, wearing crotchet twists. Responses to the image, however, were mixed, with some fans questioning the safety of using of using a protective style... Continue Reading

How One Black Woman Went from Looking Down on Africans to Relocating to Accra, Ghana

Africa consists of 47 nations, is the most natural-resources-rich continent in the world and produces the most highly-educated immigrants to America. But sample the latest Western media portrayals of Africa and you won’t hear any of that. This is part... Continue Reading