10% Off Unrefined Raw and Whipped Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

Shea butter — almost all naturals use it. Its softening and sealing qualities for hair and skin are well known, so we decided to make it easy for you to get! BGLH’s online store — BGLH Marketplace — is carrying unrefined shea butter. You can buy it raw, whipped-unscented or whipped-scented (with vanilla, lavender, peppermint,... Continue Reading

4 Shades, 4 Stories: BGLH Writers Discuss Their Experiences with Colorism and Light Skinned Privilege

On April 21 Huffington Post writer Kim Lute set off a firestorm with her article, The Problem with Black Women. In it the French Creole Peabody award-winning journalist asserted that she did not have black friends because they were jealous of her light skin. “Since moving to Atlanta in the millennia, I’ve befriended mostly white... Continue Reading

14 Photos of Ethiopian Tribespeople Who Use Butter to Style Their Hair

Not too long ago, we mentioned the use of butter or ghee in 8 African Traditional Secrets for Long Healthy Hair. Recently, we came across these amazing photos of beautiful Ethiopian tribes incorporating butter in their traditional hair regimens. Afar The men of the Afar tribe wear traditional styles known as Dayta (similar to shingled curls) and... Continue Reading

45 Head Wrap Styles for the Long, Short and Loc’d

By Sabrina Perkins of NaturallyCurly.com Head wraps have really grown in style variety and popularity. There are scarves of countless colors and prints that can be found in. I love how timeless they look, especially in the colder months! It is all about expressing yourself to the world with all eyes on you. Now, there... Continue Reading

Black Women March Topless To Protest Police Killings of Unarmed Black Women

A group of protestors in San Francisco used their bodies to make a political statement when they marched topless to protest police killings of unarmed black women. The protest, which took place Thursday during morning rush hour, commemorated victims like Rekia Boyd and Aiyana Stanley-Jones. The group of protestors is called the BlackOut Collective and... Continue Reading

[Video] Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion and the Results are Ridiculous

Now most black folks know what it really means when the color of something is described as “nude.” It definitely isn’t a universal experience. From bandaids to pantyhose the idea of “flesh-colored” wares don’t typically match up with many folks of color. Buzzfeed recently gathered a few of their black female contributors to try on fashion... Continue Reading

25 Designs From Black Women-Owned Swimwear Lines to Try This Summer

Summer is only a couple of weeks away and now is the time to make sure you’ve got that perfect fit to lay out by the pool, beachside or water park if that’s your thing. Here are a few amazing black swimwear designers you should definitely check when crafting your looks for summer 2K15: Zubaida... Continue Reading

Why I’ve Returned to the Black Salon When Folks Are Leaving in Droves

By Danielle C. Belton of TheRoot.com The long waits. The double-booking. The general “unprofessionalism.” The cost. I had a lot of reasons to give up on hair salons, specifically black ones, more than 10 years ago. In the early years of the recession, there was story after story of black salons struggling as more and... Continue Reading

Sink or Shower: What’s the Best Place to Wash Natural Hair?

When you watch a shampoo commercial, where is the woman usually washing her hair? Usually in a hot, steamy shower or under a waterfall in a tropical paradise, right? The point is, she is usually standing upright massaging the shampoo through her scalp. Now, imagine watching a shampoo commercial with a woman hunched over her... Continue Reading

Magazine Editorial Transforms Naturals into Stunning Dandy Fashion Icons

Black Attitude Magazine curated a truly stunning editorial with a trio of naturals. The piece titled “Dandy Queens” channels dandy culture with a feminine twist and a few amazing natural hair styles included..   What do you think of the spread? Continue Reading

6 Tips to Reduce Tangles and Knots on 4C Wash and Go’s

In the summertime, I personally love the freedom of being able to wet my hair every other morning, without having to re-style my hair. However, the wash-n-go can come with a price for many of us, and that price is a horrible detangling session at the end of wearing it. If you are 4C and... Continue Reading

How I Keep My Ends from Tangling, Knotting and Breaking Pt. 4 Portia’s Advice

Our fourth feature is from Portia. Be sure to check out our first feature from Chinwe, our second feature from Elle and our third feature from Geneice. In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I big chopped and my hair was short. Therefore, there really wasn’t much to detangle. As my hair grew, it... Continue Reading

The White House Releases a Video of Michelle Obama Working Out and It Damn Near Breaks the Internet

But why is our First Lady so dope though? Michelle Obama has been encouraging Americans to participate in her #gimmefive challenge, posting video of themselves doing 5 things to maintain a healthy, active life. While some famous celebs (including Beyonce) have uploaded their #gimmefive videos… Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let's Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama ????... Continue Reading

[Review] I Tried It: The Ouidad Double Detangler

For the longest time, I’ve been hearing about the beast of a comb, the Ouidad Double Detangler. It’s always been intriguing to me, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a new comb when my Mason Pearson Rake Comb was completely fine. But when my Mason Pearson Rake Comb finally lost the battle... Continue Reading

34 Amazingly Beautiful Pictures of the Sudanese Dinka Tribe

Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher captured the everyday life of the Dinka tribe, which is a Nilotic ethnic group in Southern Sudan. The following photos featured on the Tekey website offered this tidbit about a most fascinating civilization: The Dinka are a Nilotic ethnic group from South Sudan. They live from the tenth century on... Continue Reading

How I Learned to Stop Worshipping Whiteness While Growing Up Biracial

By Joleen Brantle of ForHarriet.com I haven’t always been very racially aware. When I was a child Pokémon cards, cartoons, and school were of vastly greater importance to me. I was raised in a very diverse city with a strong Latino presence. I had friends of every race. Why would one’s skin color matter? It... Continue Reading