Peppermint Oil for Hair Growth is FINALLY Backed by Research

The use of peppermint oil for hair growth is not new at all to the natural hair community. Search the archives of hair care forums and blogs, and you will find at least one thread or article devoted to it. Nonetheless, there has not been a concrete study on peppermint oil for hair growth … until... Continue Reading

Brandy: ‘I Would Loc My Hair If I Wasn’t an Actress’

We’ve enjoyed wtaching Brandy rock various natural styles, but who knew her love of locs was this deep! In an interview with, the 36-year-old beauty spoke excitedly about the natural hair movement and her desire to loc; I’ve noticed that you’ve worn afros and different big or curly styles. Brandy: That’s one of... Continue Reading

8 Naturals Rocking the Heck Out of the Fluffy 70s Style Blowout Trend

Many naturals use blowouts as a way to check their length progress, but for those who adore big hair, it can be disappointing to lose volume. A beautiful compromise is the 70s trend of feathery big blowouts rocked by iconic stars like Farrah Fawcett and Diana Ross. Instead of the flat-ironed bone-straight look, the fluffy... Continue Reading

10 Gorgeous Photos of Nigerian Aso-Ebi (aka Bridesmaids)

In Nigerian culture, families and friends often wear similar fabric at cultural celebrations to show unity and support. At traditional weddings, the women whom the bride chooses to wear aso-ebi can be thought of as the equivalent of a huge group of bridesmaids. Check out some of the most stunning aso-ebi groups for some African... Continue Reading

How I Maintain Bomb Natural Hair on a Lazy Regimen: Cassandre

There is a common misconception that in order to have beautiful natural hair, you have to do a lot. But the natural gurus on our writing staff know better than that. Over the next several days we will share how our writers maintain incredible natural hair on very simple and basic regimens. Next up is... Continue Reading

It Has Begun… Allure Magazine Provides Step-by-Step Instructions for White Girls to Achieve an Afro

From the August 2015 issue of Allure Magazine. First they laugh, then they copy… #blackwomenaretastemakers Ladies, what are your thoughts? Continue Reading

New Salon Chain Will Offer $65 Quick Services for Naturals

Naturals have a testy relationship with black salons. It seems that if they’re not overcharging us, then they’re providing poor service, or even trying to sneak keratin treatments into our hair! And although there are plenty of great natural hair salons, it seems the bad ones heavily outnumber them. But New York entrepreneur Folake Oguntebi is... Continue Reading

#BlackDontCrack: Olay Study Finds Black Women Age 10 Years Slower Than White Women

We all have that auntie who is 45 but look like she 32. Or a grandma well into her 70s who looks 50. Now we have the scientific reason why, and it has everything to do with our genes. Olay teamed up with Harvard Medical School Dermatology professor Dr Alexa Kimball to study the skin... Continue Reading

This Traditional Ethiopian Hair Whipping Dance Will Blow Your Mind

Videos of Ethiopian women whipping their hair have now gone viral. The women featured are apart of the Oromo nation. The Oromo typically live in western and southern Ethiopia and parts of Kenya and Somalia. The dance in particular is known as the “Shoa Oromo” or Oromo head twisting. It features fast and sharp movement of the... Continue Reading

The Bubble Nail/Hump Nail Trend is Breaking the Internet Right Now

“Hump Nails” or “Bubble Nails” pretty much broke the internet last week. With news of police brutality sweeping the nation it’s not wonder the images of the latest nail trend have popped in all of our feeds and timelines. Some might call these nails an intentional distraction from the more pressing issues concerning our society,... Continue Reading

Black Women Clocked Out of Work at 2:07 to Protest Unequal Pay on #BlackWomenEqualPay Day

The issue of unequal pay for women has captured the national conversation, and Atlanta Women for Equality is leading the charge behind the #BlackWomenEqualPay movement. On July 28, 2015, participants were encouraged to clock out from work at 2:07 pm and upload a selfie to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while holding a timecard with the... Continue Reading

Yaniris from the Dominican Republic // Natural Hair Style Icon

What is your name and where are you from? Y: My name is Yaniris Acevedo, and I am a native of the Dominican Republic raised in New York City (Harlem). Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us! Y: I transitioned for five months. I’m not sure exactly what day in November... Continue Reading

This Mesmerizing Video of a Natural Shaking Her Hair in Slow Motion Has Gone Viral

They say black women are magical… they right. They say natural hair doesn’t move… they wrong. Model and natural vlogger Hanna LaShay posted a video shaking her luscious curls. The 1 minute 10 second video was her boyfriend’s idea and it is downright mesmerizing. The video clip has been viewed more than 120,000 times Continue Reading

After Fighting It For Years, UK Woman Grows Out Beard Resulting From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

*Editor’s note: This article has been updated to make mention of Harnaam’s religious beliefs. This takes strength. Harnaam Kaur has opted to say ‘to hell’ with prevailing beauty and gender standards and keep her beard, which is a result of polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance which leads to, among other things, excessive levels of... Continue Reading

An Afro Pick with a Mirror? A Flat Iron That Steams? 5 Interesting New Inventions for Natural Hair

With more and more handsfree, super-powered, and specialized technologies being invented to make every aspect of our lives easier, there’s no surprise that the hair industry is looking for ways to bring innovative designs and technologies into products and tools. If you’re the kind of woman who is always up-to-date on the latest tech gadgets,... Continue Reading