“The U.S. really pushes light skin, and straight hair BUT I am seeing the U.S. incorporate more ethnic beauty in the media. It’s so refreshing!!!” ~she2.petite

BGLH: Where do you live? Where you reppin’?
I live in Atlanta. My family is 100% Jamaican so I would say I identify with that most. I grew up in the states. I usually spend summers/vacations with my paternal grandmother in Westmoreland, but my mother is from Kingston. Every Jamaican American family is different. My family is older and more traditional but very Jamaican nonetheless. Goat-head soup for life.

BGLH: Your hair was very healthy and beautiful when it was relaxed. A lot of women wouldn’t leave that behind. So why did you decide to cut it all off and go natural?
I took pretty good care of my hair when i had relaxed hair. I decided to go natural because I was tired of being a slave to my hair dresser. Driving three hours skimping on buying groceries to afford getting my hair done. Wanting color and being afraid my hair would fall out. I thought about how much I loved playing with my new growth, it always felt really good. I wished my whole head felt like that. I get restless and I’m cheap. I like change.

BGLH: When and how did you transition into natural hair?
I transitioned in May ’07 until December ’07 then I big chopped.

BGLH: You have amazing styles! Where do you get style inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from being bored on the weekends and experimenting with my hair. I’ll wear the style a few times until it’s exactly how I want it.

BGLH: Could you describe your products and regimen?
I prefer natural products but I do use gel sometimes.

BGLH: I saw in one of your albums that you said that you wanted to resist society’s standard of beauty. Were you referring to Jamaica or America, and what, in your opinion, is the standard of beauty in those cultures?
I was referring to American standards because that’s where I live. I’ve noticed that America is way more strict on what is considered attractive. There are so many perspectives in both cultures. Jamaica is more accepting of traditionally African features mainly because the dominant culture is of African decent. Though they have a tendency to make note of skin tone with terms such as brownin’ etc which is no worse than red bone/yellow bone in the U.S. The U.S. really pushes light skin, and straight hair BUT I am seeing the U.S. incorporate more ethnic beauty in the media. It’s so refreshing!!!

BGLH: And what’s the best thing about being natural?
How unique it can be. The versatility.

Thanks for the insights! You can see more of she2.petite at http://public.fotki.com/romasuki/.

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Meeka B

Lovely hair!

The Fashionstar

I'm so excited you featured her! I've been following her fotki page for probably 2 years now anonymously, and she was one of my main inspirations for going natural.

Her hair is beautiful and she always comes up with fun & creative hairstyles, so I always go to her page to see different styles I can try as my hair continues to grow.

I love her hair & her whole style with the piercings and tattoos, we have a similar style so she inspires me month after month.


Beautiful hair! I love it.


Great interview! She has wonderful hair!! Love how she shouted out Goat-head soup!!
Ya done know!!


BGLH, is your mom Jamaican or American? I think you've mentioned before that she married a Jamaican man and then raised her children there. Employers in the Caribbean tend to have different standards for foreigners than for locals. Just wondering if that my have had something to do with your mom's experience.

Bronze Trinity

Wow her hair is sooooo nice! It looks so soft and it really flatters her. Its just precious!

Black girl with long hair
Black girl with long hair

@ TAMMYANKA… interesting. i think it also has to do with which region you live in. for example, my mother was employed with natural hair in kingston for close to two decades. it never prevented her from getting work. i don't know how it might be in other parts of the island.

Your hair is lovely. So healthy too! As for your thoughts on the diffrence b/w US and Jamaica. I lived in Ja for 23 yrs ( school and work) and here for 4 years (school and work). The US from my observation and own experiences is more accepting of unstraightened hair. Atleast there are platforms for both to exist. I agree on the Jamaican browning/ light skin syndrome but for hair….. your abilities, beliefs, income etc is tied into what your hair looks like. I think as a visitor o the country you may not have a full picture..try getting… Read more »

She's got a dollface.

What a beauty!


Beautiful style icon! It's great to see another Jamerican natural beauty on this blog. Based on the background of some of her pics it looks like she attends Georgia Tech. As a Georgia Tech Alum, and fellow Jamerican, I'm truly loving she2.petite.


smashing! fabulous hair, lovely styles, and I like the part about being cheap and liking change. I totally relate šŸ™‚


Beautiful hair! This blog does the best interviews! I'm convinced it's the best blog on the I-net.

Krystal (aka Pirouette)
Krystal (aka Pirouette)

Wow! Gorgeous hair!


Love her hair!


You are gorgeous and it's fabulous to see another Jamaican beauty rocking the natural hair! My family is 100% Jamaican but I live in the US too so I could relate. I haven't been to Jamaica since I was like 5. I'm turning 18 in a couple weeks and a few days after my b-day I finally get to go! It'll be interesting to see what my extended family thinks of my new hair… (15 months post-relaxer).

I know I already said it but you and your hair are fabulous!


Gorgeous photos. I LUV this blog! I am two months into my transition phase and the ladies never fail to inspire!


Wow. Such lovely, healthy hair.


i love u hair, and ur very beautiful, do u have pics of when u had relaxed hair?