“Nat­ur­al hair shouldn’t be some­thing that catch­es people’s atten­tion for neg­a­tive rea­sons, it should be some­thing nor­mal­ized in the black com­mu­ni­ty. It’s so crazy how accept­ing your­self for who you are can be so strange to some.” ~Sug­aryS­now­Pea

BGLH: Where do you live? Where you rep­pin’?
: I live in NYC! To be more spe­cif­ic, I live in Harlem, and I’m extreme­ly proud to say so!

BGLH: Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
: Well I decid­ed to go nat­ur­al upon find­ing fot­ki and nappturality.com. After I found all of these beau­ti­ful black women rock­ing un believ­able heads of nat­ur­al hair I was very inspired and want­ed to find out all about putting an end to using chem­i­cals. I was grow­ing dis­sat­i­fied with flat, bor­ing, straight hair and because I’m not into weaves and what not, wear­ing them was out of the ques­tion, so I decid­ed to try being nat­ur­al for some­thing new and a much health­i­er option for my strands.

BGLH: When and how did you tran­si­tion into nat­ur­al hair?
: I tran­si­tioned for 15 months start­ing in Jan­u­ary of 2007. I tried to wear kinky twists but they only last­ed a month. I hat­ed the feel­ing of fake hair on my head and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my hair healthy with it. I basi­cal­ly twist­ed my own hair and wore faux puffs (mean­ing I added gel to my new growth and slicked my permed strands up into what appeared to be a straight look­ing puff and because my hair was longer I tucked the ends under.) I did these two styles plus a cou­ple of braid­outs for 15 whole months and MAN did that seem like for­ev­er.

BGLH: In what ways has going nat­ur­al affect­ed your life?
: Being nat­ur­al does change things. I don’t care what any­one says, once you go nat­ur­al, if you have a nat­ur­al mind set you are changed. Hair is just hair to some peo­ple and to oth­ers, their hair is an exten­sion of them­selves. Being nat­ur­al means that you have said “Hey, I like myself for exact­ly who I am, or at least I like my hair exact­ly the way it grows out my scalp. I don’t have to give into soci­etal norms for what beau­ty is. Hav­ing hair straight and long is NOT the only way to iden­ti­fy myself as beau­ti­ful.” Every­day as a nat­ur­al you are going to get atten­tion, you may get stares, so you have to be a strong and con­fi­dent woman to wear your hair nat­u­ral­ly. Hey I live in New York and I still get the “whaaatt?” stares every once and a while, so I think nat­ur­al hair has almost forced me to feel beau­ti­ful with­out oth­ers approval and to love me regard­less of what oth­ers may think.

BGLH: What are your prod­ucts and reg­i­men?
: The dread­ed prod­ucts ques­tion! Haha! I don’t like being asked what prod­ucts I use because peo­ple are usu­al­ly either dis­ap­point­ed or think I’m straight lying!

In the begin­ning I was real­ly into read­ing up on the lat­est best all nat­ur­al prod­ucts to use, but I had to be real­is­tic. I’m a strug­gling col­lege stu­dent and though I may drool over some of the prod­ucts out there, I just can’t afford them. I’ve found won­der­ful cheap­ies that keep my hair thriv­ing.

I co wash my hair at least twice a week and much more fre­quent­ly if my hair is loose (free of braids, or twist­ed styles). I deep con­di­tion my hair once a week, how­ev­er if my hair is in a pro­tec­tive style I’ll deep con­di­tion every two or three weeks. Once a month I clar­i­fy my hair (this is the only time I actu­al­ly use sham­poo) and do a pro­tein deep con­di­tion, and this is extra impor­tant now that my hair is col­ored. In the win­ter, pro­tec­tive styles like twist or braids are the eas­i­est styles to man­age while in school and dur­ing cold weath­er. In the sum­mer, I usu­al­ly wear puffs and braid­outs the most. No mat­ter what,
I always keep my hair moist, I nev­er let it dry out, all my prod­ucts includ­ing my dai­ly spritz include veg­gie oil because oil seals in mois­ture.

Co wash: V05 mois­ture milk con­di­tion­ers
Sham­poo: Sauve Nat­u­rals
Deep Con­di­tion: Suave Humec­tant, veg­gie oil, and anoth­er Suave Nat­u­rals con­di­tion­er or a V05 one.
Pro­tein Con­di­tion: Lekair
Pomade for twist/braids/braidouts: My own shealoe blend­ed but­ter
Spritz: fav condish mixed with veg­gie oil and water
Gel: Any clear or brown gel that is alco­hol free. Best for my hair: IC Fan­ta­sia, and Sof­t­ee Pro­tein gel

BGLH: How does your hair express who you are and what’s the best thing about being nat­ur­al?
: Oh my gosh! What a great ques­tion! This cap­tures the whole essence of why I adore nat­ur­al hair so much. No mat­ter what your mood is, you can express that through your nat­ur­al hair. If I’m feel­ing pret­ty reserved and low key, I slick my hair back into a neat tight­ly coiled puff. If I’m in the mood to be flashy and eye­catch­ing I’ll rock a huge braid­out or fro­hawk. If I just don’t have the time for out styles I can wear twists for weeks before hav­ing to take them down and then rock a beau­ti­ful twistout for up to a week. I know that no mat­ter where I go I’m going to be unique. When you rock a relaxed style, it’s hard to be dif­fer­ent fromt the crowd, or spe­cial. WIth nat­ur­al hair, you’re going to stand out because no nat­ur­al head is alike to anoth­er.

BGLH: Any­thing else you want to add?
: If you’re think­ing about being nat­ur­al, I say just do it! If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t suit your per­son­al­i­ty, you can always go back. I think if every relaxed, tex­tur­ized or fre­quent­ly straight­en­ing woman out there would give nat­ur­al hair a chance and stop feed­ing into Bey­once and Tyra’s next fad they would find a whole new strength they nev­er even knew they had; one thing is for sure, we’d have many more nat­u­rals than we do today.

Nat­ur­al hair shouldn’t be some­thing that catch­es people’s atten­tion for neg­a­tive rea­sons, it should be some­thing nor­mal­ized in the black com­mu­ni­ty. It’s so crazy how accept­ing your­self for who you are can be so strange to some. What should be strange is how over­whelm­ing­ly peo­ple, not just African Amer­i­can, try to change them­selves to emu­late char­ac­ter­is­tics that are from some oth­er eth­nic back­ground. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you and that’s total­ly fine, but don’t knock the women who have the courage to make the change for them­selves.

For more of Sug­aryS­now­Pea, check out her fot­ki page: http://members.fotki.com/sugarysnowpea/about/.
You can also find her com­plete hair col­or­ing reg­i­men here: http://journals.fotki.com/sugarysnowpea/the-color-chronicles/

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You have great hair and I love your style! This is a great post, it’s so great to hear your opin­ion on being nat­ur­al, I total­ly agree!


“you have to be a strong and con­fi­dent woman to wear your hair nat­u­ral­ly”

Yes indeedy! That was a BOMBTASTIC inter­view. What a knowledgeable,well spo­ken, fierce young woman. Self accep­tance is a beau­ti­ful thing. By being ever present in the com­mu­ni­ty we can make waves and pos­si­bly spark the curios­i­ty of non nat­ur­al women. I am so proud of the progress we have made thus far.


Great inter­view and pics, I love your hair!

Yan Tan

Hey hunn you have been tagged!!! Check out our blog !! ;-p


Krystal (aka Pirouette)
Krystal (aka Pirouette)

This was a great inter­view. Her hair is gor­geous!


I am LOVING her style and the col­or of her hair… So fiier­rc­cee


Nice! This is def­i­nite­ly help­ful espe­cial­ly for some­one like me who is going through the tran­si­tion peri­od. Its good to edu­cate myself on how oth­ers take care of their nat­ur­al hair. Great post


so flyy!!! ur hair col­or is sim­i­lar to mine :)


WOW! Leila I real­ly have to thank you for want­i­ng to include me in this won­der­ful blog I am tru­ely hon­ored to say that you guys saw me fit to inter­view in the first place. I’m direct­ing just about every­one I know to your blog! Thank you ladies who have com­ment­ed! I see some famil­iar faces!


I love her hair. I use her fot­ki (and many oth­ers) to go to for inspi­ra­tion. I love her hair col­or too. 

Good job with the inter­view.


I loved this arti­cle!!!!! I agree with her 100%. I love her atti­tude about being nat­ur­al.

Rock on sista Rock on!!!!



Great post. Very inspir­ing and uplift­ing. I love her hair AND her style!! I have recent­ly cut my locs off and am back to loose hair. I’m lov­ing all of the info I’m get­ting from your blog!


u look like tami­ka ray, shes one of the reporters on that show called extra. any­ways ur hair is awe­some, thick, ful­ly and healthy look­ing plus ur real­ly pret­ty. and what u said about being nat­ur­al takes a real­ly con­fi­dent per­son is soo true.


mus­ing on the truth in that last para­graph

gor­geous lady with gor­geous hair.


One of my favourite inter­views thus far. Thank you Sug­aryS­now­Pea, great words and beau­ti­ful hair! <3


Love her atti­tude about her hair and she and her hair is gor­geous!


Nice inter­view. Love your hair and con­fi­dence.


fab­u­lous inter­view ssp! besides hav­ing gor­geous hair, you real­ly get what being nat­ur­al is all about!


Shoutout to my girl sug­ary rep­pin NY. Love your hair hair twin!!! Beau­ti­ful interview,continue to love your­self and your hair. Muahzzzz


This is a great post. I agree with what is bold­ed… when you are nat­ur­al you feel so much more free.. your self esteem raise to the roof…


This is a great post. I agree with what is bold­ed… when you are nat­ur­al you feel so much more free.. your self esteem raise to the roof…