Also known as the “But­ter Pear” or “Alli­ga­tor Pear”, beloved read­ers, this rather home­ly fruit yields a rather attrac­tive sur­prise: an oil that can enrich, health and nour­ish your scalp. It’s also one of three oils that actu­al­ly pen­e­trate the hair strand!

A healthy scalp is ulti­mate­ly respon­si­ble for healthy hair (and a healthy body before that, but that, is anoth­er post, beloved read­ers). This is one oil, sec­ond and third only to Coconut and Olive oil in my oil ros­ter, that despite its less than cute facade has a rather sexy his­to­ry. Check the links ref­er­enced below or enjoy my para­phrase below.

Nahu­atl is the lan­guage respon­si­ble for the word “ahu­atl”, the avo­cado’s first moniker and it rough­ly means…erhm…”testicle”. It was seen as a fer­til­i­ty fruit in some indige­nous South Amer­i­can soci­eties . Let me paint the pic­ture in as mod­est strokes as I can: If you had some of the­se in your bas­ket you were more Pussy­cat Doll than Nun!

When the Spaniards met the­se love­ly peo­ple (before destroy­ing their cul­ture and steal­ing their land, sigh, colo­nial­ism at its best 9.9), ahu­atl became “agua­cate”. Much eas­ier to say, no? At least, after sev­en-plus-years of Span­ish I can say it is.

When Amer­i­cans blun­dered into this healthy-hair won­der, “agua­cate” became man­gled into “avo­cado”. May­be it’s from hav­ing stud­ied Span­ish so long…but how on earth do you hear “AH-VO-CAH-DOE” in “AH-GWA-CAH-TAY”? I digress.

Why is this so fan­tas­tic for your scalp? A quick Google search will give you the dish, but I’ll give you some tid­bits here.

As pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned it sinks into the skin. This oil is HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY. A lit­tle dab will do you. Which is good, as it tends to be one of the pricier oils in large amounts.
It’s also a great source of Vit­a­m­in A, K, B1, E and B2 and D.

Why is that so fan­tas­tic?

Vit­a­m­in A, AKA, retinol (yes, the stuff that pre­serves your cute­ness) is need­ed to help you eyes adjust to see­ing in low-light sit­u­a­tions and keeps your skin and oth­er tis­sues moist (and hope­ful­ly wrin­kle-free).

Vit­a­m­in K helps your kid­neys do their var­i­ous tasks and aids in blood clot­ting (a lack of this can show in dark cir­cles, but the­se kind tend to be genet­ic, I speak from expe­ri­ence).

Vit­a­m­in B1, good old “thi­amin” is nec­es­sary for ener­gy con­ver­sion and aids in keep­ing your body’s sys­tems run­ning at top capac­i­ty.

Vit­a­m­in B2, which I think has a cute name: “riboflav­in”, is vital for pro­duc­ing those oh-so-nec­es­sary red blood cells and aids in hav­ing healthy vision and radi­ant skin.

Vit­a­m­in D, the “sun vit­a­m­in” (anoth­er cheer­ful name ^_^) helps to facil­i­tate the absorb­tion of cal­ci­um.

Vit­a­m­in E is a pow­er­ful antiox­i­dant.

It also has lecithin. Lecithin in the body improves mood and healthy cir­cu­la­tion (also impor­tant for hair growth).

It con­tains potas­si­um. This is vital for main­tain­ing the body’s water bal­ance (which you should drink plen­ty of dai­ly for your health and hair).

It also con­tains amino acids. Amino acids act as the build­ing blocks for many of the body’s tis­sues and…HAIR.

Avo­cado oil has sterols. Plant sterols have been tout­ed by the FDA for low­er­ing cho­les­terol. This love­ly (on the inside) fruit even has pan­tothenic acid and oth­er essen­tial fat­ty acids.

How pleas­ant­ly iron­ic such an ugly fruit packs a pret­ty punch, no? Hav­ing typed all of that, the best way to reap the­se ben­e­fits is to EAT them. Still, apply­ing avo­cado oil top­i­cal­ly is not with­out mer­it.

You can rub this on your skin after a show­er, add it to a warm bath, use it to “seal” (more accu­rate­ly, retard the evap­o­ra­tion of mois­ture) your ends, oil your scalp, or add it in small to mod­er­ate amounts to your usu­al deep con­di­tion­er. It can also be whipped into your curly pud­ding mix­es. Yum. ^_^

I per­son­al­ly don’t apply it to the length of my hair as it is heavy and my hair hates direct oil usage to begin with. If I apply it straight it’s scalp and ends only. Again, that is because of MY hair’s pref­er­ence. Please ful­fill YOUR hair’s par­tic­u­lar desires, beloved read­ers.

Ladies with a dry scalp may find this soothes many an issue.

I hope you give avo­cado oil a try. Its a great addi­tion to my reg­i­men when I want a break from my usu­al olive oil and coconut oil mix in my deep con­di­tion­ers.

Also, beloved read­ers, just between me and you…if you slather your scalp and hair in this, sleep in it over night and wash light­ly with a gen­tle sham­poo in the morning…it’s like Christ­mas, New Year’s and your Birth­day -on your head. Sans the crazy-with-a-cap­i­tal-C, police sirens and par­ty clean-up. ^_^

PET LOVERS! THIS COULD POTENTIALLY KILL YOUR BELOVED PETS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let them lick, ingest or even sniff this in its oil form or in its orig­i­nal solid/fruit form.

Vit­a­m­in and nutri­ent info: HealthClininc.Com, Col­orado Uni­ver­si­ty and Dr.David Williams (love this man!),; Avo­cado His­to­ry:

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Bobbie Roever

My broth­er sug­gest­ed I might like this blog. He was entire­ly right. This post tru­ly made my day. You can not imag­ine sim­ply how much time I had spent for this infor­ma­tion! Thanks!


I’ve been using fresh avo­cado as a deep con­di­tion­er for a lit­tle while now and I absolute­ly love the way it makes my hair feel. It’s mois­tur­iz­ing stays with your long after you rin­se. I use 1 Hask Avo­cado strained with a scoop of mayo and some hon­ey mix it all up and let it sit on my hair for 20mins or so under a plas­tic cap. Love love love it!


eu desco­bri o oleo de aba­cate a um mês e não quero out­ra coisa… meu cabe­lo ado­ra… uso sem­pre mis­tu­rado a mas­cara de trata­men­to…

I cook with Avo­cado oil


yeah, I adore avo­cado oil!


Hi! I am cur­rent­ly liv­ing and doing vol­un­teer work in the DR and there are a ton of Avo­cado every­where! In fact, I have an Avo­cado tree in my backyard…I was won­der­ing are Avo­cado — Not the oil — as ben­e­fi­cial. And if so, do you have any at home Avo­cado hair recipes? THANKS!!!


I love the idea of avo­cado oil, but it’s so pricey. :( Great review!