One of my favorite natural hair bloggers, Sunshine, recently shaped up her hair. I asked her a few questions about it.


How did you come up with the idea for the cut?
My TWA was at a nice length but the shape left much to be desired. In order to jazz it up I would often create a shape that resembled a cut style. I would always shape my twist-out and braid-outs to be voluminous on top and tapered looking on the sides and back. Thus creating a faux cut. With the recent birth of my son, I had been looking for ways to cut down on the amount of time I spent “styling” my hair. But I still wanted my hair to be stylish. That’s when I decided to get it cut into the shape I had been simulating with my other styles.

I love it and I haven’t had a bad hair day since!




What exactly did you shave off?

Before the cut

S: I got the sides tapered a bit and the very back. The rest of my hair was left alone. I’ve got what the barber calls a “temp fade”.

Why short hair?
I don’t know that I am necessarily choosing to wear my hair short as much as I am just enjoying every phase and length I go through with my hair. My hair is growing but I don’t have any length goals to achieve. I wanted to do something with my hair that would allow me to get up and go, I had to lose a little hair to accomplish that. Losing hair is a fear I got over with my big chop!

For more of Sunshine check our her awesome site

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i love ur hair


I love the style; i’m thinking of doing something similar. How do you get the curly look instead of just the tight coils?


I really love this hair cut. I need to find a barber that will be able to do it for me.

TufferThanNigerian Hair
TufferThanNigerian Hair

LOVE IT ! 100%


Wow…I want something similar. The hair over my ears and back has less shrinkage than the rest of my hair, which means that when I wear a ‘fro that’s in any way shrunken I have to pin my sides back. I wonder if I can take her picture to a barber’s? Thanks for this.


Very pretty! It’s a fade but still feminine… cool


Thanks for the compliments y’all! This is a great style that works on many lengths.


The Notorious Z.A.G.

Thanks to this post…I went and got a temple taper, lol…three parts shaved in the left side, the other side just shaved. My hair is shoulder length… Thanks for the inspiration, Sunshine!! ^_^


I did something similar when I had 7 inches of stretched hair, I had the back tappered, starting from 1 inch with longer layers above. When I flat twist my hair it hangs in a nice bob shape (long on top and in front, shorter in the back).

revolution grl

very cute!


Your hair is AMAAAziiing!

I stopped having my edges tapered over the last month just to see how it’d look but GOOOODNESSS you’ve reminded why I need to go sit in the barber’s chair ASAP.


I ♥ this!! I wanted to do something like this!


I love her hair! the cut is lovely