Prod­ucts: May­on­naise with olive oil as a con­di­tion­er, table olive oil, Kinky Curly when I want a defined twist set. I don’t sham­poo my hair very much. Just con­di­tion.

Styles: Twists with half up and the back out. I have found that this style fits my face real­ly well. I am not the best at styling. I have a nine year old daugh­ter who has hair to her behind so I am most­ly styling her hair. Once it is time for me to do my own I am tired.


dreds 029

Where are you from and what do you do?
I am from Lau­r­in­burg, North Car­oli­na which is a small com­mu­ni­ty bor­der­ing South Car­oli­na. The demo­graph­ics of my home­town include Whites, Blacks, and Amer­i­can Indi­ans as well as His­pan­ics. Grow­ing up here there was not much devi­a­tion from the norm. You saw your jheri curls in the 80’s, freeze curls in the 90’s, and quick weaves in the new mil­len­ni­um. Only the old skool­ers rocked the nat­ur­al real­ly.

I am a Food Stamp Case­work­er. And though the job may sound like a trite, run of the mill coun­ty job it isn’t. Nev­er in my life have I wit­nessed so much may­hem inter­spersed with mounds of paper and sta­plers….

When did you go nat­ur­al?
I went nat­ur­al July 4, 2007. I went nat­ur­al for a cou­ple of rea­sons: At the fore­most was polit­i­cal rea­sons. I was a senior in Col­lege at the time and I had tak­en a class on the Civ­il War. I had been read­ing peri­od accounts of reac­tions to slave women. Many ref­er­enced the “wool cap” on their heads. It was indeed a source of ridicule by the author’s describ­ing them. So I decid­ed that I would proud­ly don the “wool cap” on my head. Anoth­er rea­son was that I was tired of peo­ple say­ing “You got pret­ty hair” – I mean thanks for say­ing my hair is pret­ty but what about me? And then I would hear “Don’t you cut yo hair girl” in the most cau­tion­ary tone from old skool­ers. So I decid­ed that I would cut it all off and face the world flaws and all with my napps.

Do you pre­fer nat­ur­al to relaxed?
My apolo­gies, but now is the time for my van­i­ty to show- I get waaaaaaay more atten­tion from the fel­las with my hair this way. Oh my God.. it was ridicu­lous. When my hair was relaxed I was like this awk­ward chick.

Now that my hair is nat­ur­al, men of all nation­al­i­ties approach me and with lots of respect. Strange­ly enough I am dat­ing a very nice Turk­ish man right now…But I still got mad love for my broth­ers…

It is so fas­ci­nat­ing. Seems the old­er men like the nat­ur­al quite a lot. I guess it takes them back to the prime of their life (the 70’s) And I know its some peo­ple right now say­ing, “Nat­ur­al hair is not about men”, well hun that is true, but when your con­fi­dence was low and now it is up because of let­ting nat­ur­al beau­ty show I can­not help but allude to the dif­fer­ence in sit­u­a­tion. Aside from the “shal­low ben­e­fits” it also shows peo­ple that nat­ur­al hair can be beau­ti­ful. I see my permed sis­tas look at my hair and they think it looks nice. Of course I get the usu­al “Girl it looks good on you but I aint got time for all that com­bin” but it is still good for nat­ur­al “p.r.”

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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you are so gor­geous and your hair grew so fast from the dates on the pics… i love it i cant wait for my hair to get as long!!!


Ijust love Christy’s hair. I met her on Fot­ki about 2 years ago. I would just love to have that vol­ume. Hope­ful­ly mine will get there :O)

Allie Wellington

She looks so gor­geous and I love her hair. I can’t wait until my baby fro gets that big.


Ah yes, you are too beau­ti­ful… I wish I could hear you speak. You write beau­ti­ful­ly, I read it as though I could hear you and thanks for the laughs too. “Wool cup” is a new one but ever so iden­ti­fy­ing :) I love your “wool cup” and mine!


Very inspir­ing! I love your south­ern style lady!

Kinky Rhonnie

I love to see my North Car­oli­na home­girls fea­tured.

She’s beau­ti­ful and the fro is FABULOUS!

~Kinky Rhon­nie


@ kwee­nie — lol I was think­ing the same thing

@ the­la­dy — per­fect­ly said


all relaxed hair looks the same but each nat­ur­al head of hair is dif­fer­ent


Christy, your hair is beau­ti­ful. I love how your hair is all big and lush.


Can’t decide what I like bet­ter: the hair or the cheek­bones! :)

Amma Mama

GREAT Inter­view! You are beau­ti­ful! I also heard that old­er men like nat­ur­al hair. A class­mate of mines told me that she gets a lot of pos­i­tive atten­tion from old­er men towards her nat­ur­al hair. She is in her 20s and these old­er men are in their 40s. Her 1st bf was 42. She loves it though, maybe it does remind these men of the 70s..interesting. And “wool cap”? I thought I heard every­thing!


awe­some hair..hope my hair can grow dat much in 2yrs


I total­ly under­stand where she is com­ing from. I was more com­fort­able being nat­ur­al than relaxed. Being relaxed I was this awk­ward duck but nat­ur­al a beau­ti­ful swan. I have no idea why.


Girl your hair is Beau­ti­ful!!!! Yep, most of the com­pli­ments that I have received have come from men and peo­ple who know who they are and appre­ci­ate me for who I am!!! You r fierce.


Beau­ti­ful hair!!! It suits you so well :)

Do you have any pics of your half up/half down twists? I would love to see


She looks freak­ing gor­geous!! Carolina’s stand up lol

I’m from South car­oli­na but North is fam­i­ly lol :-)

*on a side note I thought she was a dif­fer­ent per­son at first when I saw her with straight hair* She real­ly works her fro!


i love her spir­it!! it soooo know what she is talk­ing about when she says wayyyyyyyyy more fel­las come at you!! i mean, i nev­er had a prob­lem with straight hair, but since let­ting my nat­ur­al hair out in all its glo­ry is like i have to run and hide in a cor­ner to get away from the guys!! lol!!!


I agree with Nika. She looks so much bet­ter with her nat­ur­al hair. The straight hair pulled her face down. It seems like she is more perked up with her fro! I love it!


Wow!! I looove her hair! She is gor­geous.


It is nice to see some­one from my home­town online. :) Girl your hair is fierce and you are rep­re­sent­ing for the ‘Burg.


Beau­ti­ful! And I under­stand what she means about the dif­fer­ence in atten­tion.


Good God I LOVE her fro. Hope I can get there in a cou­ple of years.


Nat­ur­al hair is her, it real­ly shows off her pret­ty fea­tures. The relaxed hair did noth­ing for her.