Products: Mayonnaise with olive oil as a conditioner, table olive oil, Kinky Curly when I want a defined twist set. I don’t shampoo my hair very much. Just condition.

Styles: Twists with half up and the back out. I have found that this style fits my face really well. I am not the best at styling. I have a nine year old daughter who has hair to her behind so I am mostly styling her hair. Once it is time for me to do my own I am tired.


dreds 029

Where are you from and what do you do?
I am from Laurinburg, North Carolina which is a small community bordering South Carolina. The demographics of my hometown include Whites, Blacks, and American Indians as well as Hispanics. Growing up here there was not much deviation from the norm. You saw your jheri curls in the 80’s, freeze curls in the 90’s, and quick weaves in the new millennium. Only the old skoolers rocked the natural really.

I am a Food Stamp Caseworker. And though the job may sound like a trite, run of the mill county job it isn’t. Never in my life have I witnessed so much mayhem interspersed with mounds of paper and staplers….

When did you go natural?
I went natural July 4, 2007. I went natural for a couple of reasons: At the foremost was political reasons. I was a senior in College at the time and I had taken a class on the Civil War. I had been reading period accounts of reactions to slave women. Many referenced the “wool cap” on their heads. It was indeed a source of ridicule by the author’s describing them. So I decided that I would proudly don the “wool cap” on my head. Another reason was that I was tired of people saying “You got pretty hair” – I mean thanks for saying my hair is pretty but what about me? And then I would hear “Don’t you cut yo hair girl” in the most cautionary tone from old skoolers. So I decided that I would cut it all off and face the world flaws and all with my napps.

Do you prefer natural to relaxed?
My apologies, but now is the time for my vanity to show- I get waaaaaaay more attention from the fellas with my hair this way. Oh my God.. it was ridiculous. When my hair was relaxed I was like this awkward chick.

Now that my hair is natural, men of all nationalities approach me and with lots of respect. Strangely enough I am dating a very nice Turkish man right now…But I still got mad love for my brothers…

It is so fascinating. Seems the older men like the natural quite a lot. I guess it takes them back to the prime of their life (the 70’s) And I know its some people right now saying, “Natural hair is not about men”, well hun that is true, but when your confidence was low and now it is up because of letting natural beauty show I cannot help but allude to the difference in situation. Aside from the “shallow benefits” it also shows people that natural hair can be beautiful. I see my permed sistas look at my hair and they think it looks nice. Of course I get the usual “Girl it looks good on you but I aint got time for all that combin” but it is still good for natural “p.r.”

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vsrgbj boyfvbyrfhdz


you are so gorgeous and your hair grew so fast from the dates on the pics… i love it i cant wait for my hair to get as long!!!


Ijust love Christy’s hair. I met her on Fotki about 2 years ago. I would just love to have that volume. Hopefully mine will get there :O)

Allie Wellington

She looks so gorgeous and I love her hair. I can’t wait until my baby fro gets that big.


Ah yes, you are too beautiful… I wish I could hear you speak. You write beautifully, I read it as though I could hear you and thanks for the laughs too. “Wool cup” is a new one but ever so identifying 🙂 I love your “wool cup” and mine!


Very inspiring! I love your southern style lady!

Kinky Rhonnie

I love to see my North Carolina homegirls featured.

She’s beautiful and the fro is FABULOUS!

~Kinky Rhonnie


@ kweenie – lol I was thinking the same thing

@ thelady – perfectly said


all relaxed hair looks the same but each natural head of hair is different


Christy, your hair is beautiful. I love how your hair is all big and lush.


Can’t decide what I like better: the hair or the cheekbones! 🙂

Amma Mama

GREAT Interview! You are beautiful! I also heard that older men like natural hair. A classmate of mines told me that she gets a lot of positive attention from older men towards her natural hair. She is in her 20s and these older men are in their 40s. Her 1st bf was 42. She loves it though, maybe it does remind these men of the 70s..interesting. And “wool cap”? I thought I heard everything!


awesome hair..hope my hair can grow dat much in 2yrs


I totally understand where she is coming from. I was more comfortable being natural than relaxed. Being relaxed I was this awkward duck but natural a beautiful swan. I have no idea why.


Girl your hair is Beautiful!!!! Yep, most of the compliments that I have received have come from men and people who know who they are and appreciate me for who I am!!! You r fierce.


Beautiful hair!!! It suits you so well 🙂

Do you have any pics of your half up/half down twists? I would love to see


She looks freaking gorgeous!! Carolina’s stand up lol

I’m from South carolina but North is family lol 🙂

*on a side note I thought she was a different person at first when I saw her with straight hair* She really works her fro!


i love her spirit!! it soooo know what she is talking about when she says wayyyyyyyyy more fellas come at you!! i mean, i never had a problem with straight hair, but since letting my natural hair out in all its glory is like i have to run and hide in a corner to get away from the guys!! lol!!!


I agree with Nika. She looks so much better with her natural hair. The straight hair pulled her face down. It seems like she is more perked up with her fro! I love it!


Wow!! I looove her hair! She is gorgeous.


It is nice to see someone from my hometown online. 🙂 Girl your hair is fierce and you are representing for the ‘Burg.


Beautiful! And I understand what she means about the difference in attention.


Good God I LOVE her fro. Hope I can get there in a couple of years.


Natural hair is her, it really shows off her pretty features. The relaxed hair did nothing for her.