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Where are you from?
I come from Lagos, Nigeria but I live in Toronto! I work as an administrative assistant however I have my up and coming fashion label that I work on.

When did you go natural?
I went natural November 2006. I had just retouched my hair and it ended in an ordeal. The relaxer pulled out half of my hair from the roots. At that point, I gave up the cream.

I prefer my natural hair and I don’t even think that’s a matter for debate or contemplation! It’s way more versatile, resilient, stylish and it keeps my swag turned on. Oh and it’s definitely cleaner, lol.

What style do you love to rock?
I have my moments however I LOVE a bunnytail for everyday and my signature wrapped quiff [pic is shown]. My fro is strictly for getting noticed 😉

How do you do the quiff?
I usually spritz the front of my hair with water for some shrinkage before starting this:

1. Part your hair in a U-shape in the front so that the ‘U’ branches meet your hairline. This should be about 2 inches deep into your hairline. Hold this part forward with pins/a clip.
2. Pull the back of your hair up in the smallest, highest bunnytail you possibly can. If you’ve got a huge mane, you can just corn row the back. Then brush around hairline to smooth edges.
3. Fold your scarf across the diagonal so it forms a triangular shape then wrap around the entire back of your head. Tie the scarf forward to cover the back completely. Lastly, take out your pins and there you have your wrapped quiff! 😉

What do you use in your hair?
Herbal Essences ‘Hello Hydration’ conditioner for co-washing; extra virgin olive oil & shea butter for moisture and shine; Organics styling gel for slick-backs; and water on a daily basis.

Do you have a website where we can find you?
Yep! I’m an unfaithful blogger but you’re welcome to contribute at which is for my clothing line.

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Yay i love to see natural Nigerians it insipres me!


Me too! More and more of my nigerian friends are going natural


I luv her Hair and Style. Sometimes I find it hared to be trendy and natural.