It’s always inspir­ing to see a nat­ur­al whose reg­i­men pro­motes health and thick­ness and retains length. Jacque­line has been nat­ur­al for a lit­tle less than 2.5 years and made some great progress in that short time. I asked her about her approach to her reg­i­men.

FALL 2007

FALL 2009

What is the best thing that you do for your hair?
The best thing that I do for my hair is take a holis­tic approach to my reg­i­men. For me, that means tak­ing it a step fur­ther than a healthy lifestyle or organ­ic prod­ucts, but the added ingre­di­ent of research. This doesn’t mean that I research each and every sin­gle ingre­di­ent of a prod­uct that I would like to try, but I make sure I under­stand why some­thing works or does not work for my hair and keep record. I also exper­i­ment less now and intro­duce new things to my hair infre­quent­ly. I get more con­sis­tent results this way and spend less ener­gy won­der­ing why my hair is react­ing a cer­tain way, and more ener­gy dis­cov­er­ing a new style!

What mis­takes have you made that you learned from in the process of devel­op­ing your reg­i­men?
In devel­op­ing my reg­i­men, I made the mis­take of using it as a bench­mark rather than a guide, mean­ing that I would adhere to it lit­er­al­ly and ignore my hair’s response. My hair would be scream­ing for sham­poo three days after wash­ing in the mid­dle of sum­mer and I would ignore it because I could only wash one time per week accord­ing to my reg­i­men (based on oth­er people’s reg­i­mens at the time). I learned to just go with the flow of my hair and use my reg­i­men as a guide when my hair isn’t offer­ing a sense of direc­tion.

How do you pick your prod­ucts?
I choose them based on con­sis­tent and incon­sis­tent fac­tors such as envi­ron­ment and my hair’s unique need (it is high­ly sen­si­tive to pro­tein and oil.) My envi­ron­ment can be any­thing from cold air, to humid­i­ty, to indoor heat, to a dry air­plane. Liv­ing in a city with four sea­sons, I ensure that I have prod­ucts that suit var­i­ous cli­mates. Since delv­ing into many dif­fer­ent prod­ucts, prod­uct lines, and research over the years, I’ve gained a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what prod­ucts serve which pur­pose for my hair.

For more of Jacque­line check out her hair album: and her
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I love me some Copa! Her hair and reg­i­men are on point.


Love Copa’s hair!


Copa!! I adore her hair!


This was very infor­ma­tive. I like the fact that she explains why she uses cer­tain prod­ucts and the impor­tance of pay­ing atten­tion the indi­vid­ual needs of your hair.


Very inspir­ing. I’m hap­py you did YOU with your hair care.


ha! i thought that was copa! i like the idea of a holis­tic approach. i’ve been nat­ur­al for quite some time now, and I feel like i real­ly don’t pay atten­tion to…everything. I don’t real­ly know what works for my hair and why. And I feel style chal­lenged. Any­ways, nice see­ing you here. i’ve become a lurk­er of late. gonna go check out your pho­tog­ra­phy site. All the best in all areas of your life! Your hair is beau­ti­ful, and again, i like your holis­tic approach!


What progress! I’ve been con­sid­er­ing chop­ping off all my hair again and start­ing over…but I think I’m too scared. haha


this young lady right here has a wealth of knowl­edge ! She cre­at­ed a thread on anoth­er hair board that has helped many ladies try & iden­ti­fy what works for them V/S get­ting sucked up in that whole prod­uct junky lifestyle that easy as hell to get caught up in.


WOW! This has inspired me because, I just did my sec­ond BC and the sides of my hair resem­bles her. And just look at her hair now, it is so beau­ti­ful!!! I know if I love and take care of my hair, it’ll grow out too.


Absolute­ly gor­geous hair! So thick and curl-icious!