What do you do when a style icon has made their appearance on BGLH but continues to fiercely rock their hair? You bring them back for tutorials. Sierra, who was featured back in October (click HERE) is back with a look she rocked while on assignment as an entertainment reporter. Check it out…



Photo Credit: Scott La Rockwell

So what are you doing in these photos?
I interviewed Game Rebellion for my website. I’ve been a fan of their music for awhile and it just made sense to include them in my ongoing documentation of the Afro-punk/Black Rock movement. I got the word (through Twitter) that the band was coming to town and it just so happens that we have mutual friends, so I started bugging everyone I knew that knew Game Rebellion to introduce me. Crazy story: I finally got the interview confirmed and spent all day coming up with the perfect questions…..only to lose them all because I left my notebook in the cab that I took to the show! I got there and improvised and everything worked out because the guys in Game Rebellion are very personable and real….but initially, my heart sunk like a piece of lead. Thinking on my feet, always having a back-up plan and never panicking have proven to be valuable skills for what I do….you can never predict exactly what can happen.

Cool! How did you get into Afro-punk/Black Rock reporting?
My finger has always been on the pulse of Rock music, in general. I grew up going to Warped Tour and 311 shows. For me and my friends, our musical preferences had nothing to do with our race and had everything to do with our personal preferences. But I’d be lying if I said we never noticed a color divide. I know what it’s like to be one of two or three Black people in the audience. I’d heard of “Black bands” like Fishbone and Living Colour, but, even as a Rock fan, they were a foreign concept to me. The contribution of greats like Little Richard and Sly Stone, who all stirred the pot and added their flavor to the concoction we call Rock music, seemed to be insignificant, if not forgotten, as Rock had become known as “White music.”

Rock has since returned to its roots, in the form of the creative renaissance that’s taking place off the beaten path. I felt that it was important to document this renaissance, because amazing things are about to happen in our lifetime with Rock, and there needs to be a place where fans can read all about artists, hear their music and stay in the know. You’d be hard-pressed to find the type of coverage I provide on MTV or Rolling Stone….but it IS on my site πŸ™‚

Your hair in the photos looks fabulous! How did you get it that way?
Thank you! That was a wash and go that I “cultivated” over a few days. I washed my hair two or three days before that and just moisturized and let it air dry. My hair gets bigger the further I get from wash day, so I let it do its thing, moisturizing the ends each day and night (the ends of your hair are the most exposed….treat them well) and picking it out (very gently) with my fingers.

For the actual style, I put on one of my homemade headbands (one leg of a pair of ultra sheer pantyhose…ultra sheer because they have more texture than regular pantyhose and so they don’t slip in my hair) and then I pushed one side of the headband back further than the other and secured it with a hair clip. I’m a huge fan of pinning back one side of my hair only…I love the look it gives. Since then, I’ve stopped achieving this look with a headband. I just secure the hair on whichever side I pull back in place with a few flat black hair clips. It’s an easy way to take a fro from drab to fab πŸ™‚

Awesome! For more of Sierra check out her site http://www.withanamelikesierra.com/. You can also find her first style icon interview HERE.

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Thanks for all the kind words! Please check my site often for all things rock!!! http://www.withanamelikesierra.com


Yay.. I’m glad to see rock is going “back to black” again!


Sierra has wonderful style. She’s a beautiful young lady.

Christy Hyman

Uber cool. She is pretty and hair is so free;What a fantastic line of work to be in
1. don’t have to feel inhibited in hairstyle and dress.
2. discuss and listen to Rock, omg…so cool
3. Meet fine musicians like that all at the same time..

I may live vicariously through this woman πŸ™‚

Lauryn King

I absolutely love her hair & her style. I can’t wait for my hair to grow more…


That band is fine as hell. The one with the dreadlocks Jesus help me. I wanna do things to him. And homegirls booty and hair is on point.

The Deacon

Sierra is the bomb! She’s a true lover of music and life.

Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!
– The Deacon
Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret

The Natural Haven

The last picture is my favourite. She has clearly commanded the attention of the room. Their focus is on her words and her face. Great picture!


That afro and that BOOTY are serious. Work it! lol




she’s gorgeous and yes the men *yum*



Love her style and the fact that she is promoting black rock. I hate when I hear that it’s “white music”….yeah, stolen by whites historically but not made completely by them! Poor Chuck Berry and all the other rock pioneers must feel like chopped liver, lol. Anyway, great inspiration!



Yeah dude with the locs is pretty sexy.


Umm Hello there. You are the Flyness!! that is all! Checked out your blog a lil bit. so far, so good. I like you!


absolutely love sierra’s style…..she’s made it her very own πŸ™‚


@Brit… I’m with you. Those are some fine looking gentlemen πŸ™‚


i know this is about the lady with the fierce fro, BUT the gentleman in the locks..woooooooooow! O_O


I know her!!! Ha! She inspired me to go natural.


Great interview! Sierra’s even mmore impressive in person.

Amma Mama

She’s still FLY!


I DEFINITELY understand the music situation. Me and my friend may listen to more Rock than anything else for sure. Went to the website of this group and I loves this new single!! I’m definitely gonna have to have a listening session with her. We LOVE coming across new and GREAT music!!!! Great post!!