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Thinning edges is a common issue among black women. Between weaves and tight hair extensions, our edges really take a beating! BGLHer Tanaka is struggling with this issue…

“To start with, I love your blog and I follow it religiously. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am having an issue with my hairline I do not know if other naturals have experienced this. I am in my third year of being natural and my hairline is always thin regardless of what I do. I used to think it was due to excessive pulling from the micros but I rarely braid my hair or tie my hair but I usually wear natural twists for protective styling. My mother (who just did her big chop) also suffers from a weak hairline and traction alopecia, but she used to relax her hair and blowdry everyday. I do not even own a blowdryer. I tried taking a break from twisting or putting tension on my hair but realised my hairline was breaking even more. There is some hair present but thin strands, I need advice please on how to protect my hairline or things I could do to prevent further damage.”

Have any of you had similar experiences? What is your advice to Tanaka?

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38 thoughts on “Hairline Help

  1. Thank GOD JC and others said what I was going to say. People will sit up here and have you spending $$$$ on all these specialized products when really you just need to leave. your. edges. ALONE. Aside from basic washing and conditioning and MAYBE a little bit of oil…don’t touch them. Let them be as frizzy, beady, etc. as they wanna be! If someone says something ignorant tell them if they don’t like them they don’t have to look at them.

    I experienced a couple of periods where my edges were thinning. I left them alone and they grew back.

  2. Thank you guy’s for your suggestions and support, I will definatley go to see a doctor and to save you the worry it is not as bad as Naomi(relief).I will try the natural products like aloe vera and castor oil as well, I have it sitting around hate the smell. I would love to try the store bought products but I have terrible sensitive skin they usually lead to rashes,the worst scenario was a shampoo lightening my scalp and forehead. I will keep you updated on the progress (fingers crossed).

  3. Certain medications or birth control can thin hair too. For some women it could be all over thinning, but maybe just the hairline. I noticed it at one point that my hair thinned only around the hairline when I started the pill. Then I switched to a different brand and the thinning stopped….but maybe that’s more along the lines of shedding? I don’t know, but I thought I’d attempt to add that factor in.

  4. I would check out beeminedotcome, afrovedadotcom, and butters-n-bars. They have some really good products, and the last two specialize in ayurvedic treatments which are supposed to stimulate growth. If you are at all using tight braids, or anything else I would hold off on that for a while. Definitely moisturization, and stimulation as many have stated above is in order. Be Blessed and goodluck! :)

  5. Dr. Miracles temple & nape balm worked really well for me after I noticed my hairline thinning. It grew back in like a month or less! I hope this helps :)

  6. Wow. Both Tanaka’s question and all the responses were great and have helped answer a lot of my concerns. I have always had very thin sides too. I think I get it from my mother. I decided to go natural about 5 years ago but have done almost constant braiding since then, rarely giving my hair more than a couple of days break in between. I then dabbled with a weave 2 years ago. My hairline has still not recovered. Even more worryingly I have was seems to be a clean bald patch with enlarged pores (dead folicles???) which just won’t go away even though lots of new hair is springing up around it. I have tried all kinds of growth creams with no real improvement. I was at my witts end until I read some of your excellent advice and will definitely try some new approaches!

  7. I agree with some things and disagree with others. If your hairline is like Naomi’s, yes…DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS promising to grow it back. It’s too advanced. The hair follicles are damaged and can not be repaired. However, I don’t agree with just leaving it alone either – if you want improvement (If you don’t want improvement and you’re okay with it like it is fine. Leave it alone.) But to grow, the only thing that will do this is a HAIR TRANSPLANT. I am a medial professional. I have natural hair. I’ve used every product on the market. There are some really great products that will thicken and grow your existing hair, but not the damaged hair. It’s like needed a skin graft after a burn. It has to be new healthy viable hair cell implanted int the area. Trust me. I’m all about the least invasive approach and my lifestyle is very natural (home, diet, and HAIR). But, my cousin has used Dr. Miracle, monistat and other weird combinations and 2 friends that had the transplant. No question…the transplants made their hairlines as thick as the rest of their hair. The product just grew it longer a little, but you could still see her scalp. i thin kby the time you buy all those temple balms you could have saved for a hair transplant —just real talk

    • I don’t agree with the assertion that Naomi’s follicles are damaged. I don’t believe what you are saying about hair coming back. It has been proven that hair can regrow. Your advice is very misleading. You might be in the medical profession but you definitely are not giving the right advice about hair. The best way to describe them is that they are just dormant and need stimulation. She needs something that stimulates them into producing hair. Hair transplants are expensive and do not really rejuvenate the scalp and its follicles. There are a lot of hair growth products out there that will help her.

  8. Thank you for the extra advise I will try and get a picture posted somewhere to give a clearer view my hair is not on Naomis level yet,hopefully never lol

  9. chescaleigh on youtube has a really effective demonstration of how jamaican black castor oil has help to fill in her edges, before and after shots included. that may be helpful to you.

  10. Hi ! My hair has always been thin, I put in braids when I was pregnant with my son and my edges thinned a lot and I had fungus around my edges.. I cut all my hair off to about 1 inch and now it’s grown back to my neck, but my edges are still thin and the fungus is stil there.. It gets really dry and white and sort of resembles a ringworm.. Any ideas would be helpful, I am thinking about maybe going to a skin doctor,,,

    • Yes you need to see a doctor. I am a hairdresser and have dealt with clients with various scalp aliments. I can’t say you have ringworm, but I am hoping by now you have seen a dermatologist for this.

  11. try strongly brewed coffee as a final rinse after washing. style hair as normal but try not to put tension on your edges. i have the same issue and am currently using this method.

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