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Thin­ning edges is a com­mon issue among black women. Between weaves and tight hair exten­sions, our edges real­ly take a beat­ing! BGL­Her Tana­ka is strug­gling with this issue…

“To start with, I love your blog and I fol­low it reli­gious­ly. Thank you for being such an inspi­ra­tion. I am hav­ing an issue with my hair­line I do not know if oth­er nat­u­rals have expe­ri­enced this. I am in my third year of being nat­ur­al and my hair­line is always thin regard­less of what I do. I used to think it was due to exces­sive pulling from the micros but I rarely braid my hair or tie my hair but I usu­al­ly wear nat­ur­al twists for pro­tec­tive styling. My moth­er (who just did her big chop) also suf­fers from a weak hair­line and trac­tion alope­cia, but she used to relax her hair and blowdry every­day. I do not even own a blowdry­er. I tried tak­ing a break from twist­ing or putting ten­sion on my hair but realised my hair­line was break­ing even more. There is some hair present but thin strands, I need advice please on how to pro­tect my hair­line or things I could do to pre­vent fur­ther dam­age.”

Have any of you had sim­i­lar expe­ri­ences? What is your advice to Tana­ka?

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try strong­ly brewed cof­fee as a final rinse after wash­ing. style hair as nor­mal but try not to put ten­sion on your edges. i have the same issue and am cur­rent­ly using this method.


Hi ! My hair has always been thin, I put in braids when I was preg­nant with my son and my edges thinned a lot and I had fun­gus around my edges.. I cut all my hair off to about 1 inch and now it’s grown back to my neck, but my edges are still thin and the fun­gus is stil there.. It gets real­ly dry and white and sort of resem­bles a ring­worm.. Any ideas would be help­ful, I am think­ing about maybe going to a skin doc­tor„,


Yes you need to see a doc­tor. I am a hair­dress­er and have dealt with clients with var­i­ous scalp ali­ments. I can’t say you have ring­worm, but I am hop­ing by now you have seen a der­ma­tol­o­gist for this.


chescaleigh on youtube has a real­ly effec­tive demon­stra­tion of how jamaican black cas­tor oil has help to fill in her edges, before and after shots includ­ed. that may be help­ful to you.


Thank you for the extra advise I will try and get a pic­ture post­ed some­where to give a clear­er view my hair is not on Naomis lev­el yet,hopefully nev­er lol

I agree with some things and dis­agree with oth­ers. If your hair­line is like Naomi’s, yes…DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS promis­ing to grow it back. It’s too advanced. The hair fol­li­cles are dam­aged and can not be repaired. How­ev­er, I don’t agree with just leav­ing it alone either — if you want improve­ment (If you don’t want improve­ment and you’re okay with it like it is fine. Leave it alone.) But to grow, the only thing that will do this is a HAIR TRANSPLANT. I am a medi­al pro­fes­sion­al. I have nat­ur­al hair. I’ve used every prod­uct on the mar­ket. There… Read more »
I don’t agree with the asser­tion that Naomi’s fol­li­cles are dam­aged. I don’t believe what you are say­ing about hair com­ing back. It has been proven that hair can regrow. Your advice is very mis­lead­ing. You might be in the med­ical pro­fes­sion but you def­i­nite­ly are not giv­ing the right advice about hair. The best way to describe them is that they are just dor­mant and need stim­u­la­tion. She needs some­thing that stim­u­lates them into pro­duc­ing hair. Hair trans­plants are expen­sive and do not real­ly reju­ve­nate the scalp and its fol­li­cles. There are a lot of hair growth prod­ucts out… Read more »
Wow. Both Tanaka’s ques­tion and all the respons­es were great and have helped answer a lot of my con­cerns. I have always had very thin sides too. I think I get it from my moth­er. I decid­ed to go nat­ur­al about 5 years ago but have done almost con­stant braid­ing since then, rarely giv­ing my hair more than a cou­ple of days break in between. I then dab­bled with a weave 2 years ago. My hair­line has still not recov­ered. Even more wor­ry­ing­ly I have was seems to be a clean bald patch with enlarged pores (dead foli­cles???) which just… Read more »

Dr. Mir­a­cles tem­ple & nape balm worked real­ly well for me after I noticed my hair­line thin­ning. It grew back in like a month or less! I hope this helps :)


I would check out beem­ine­dot­come, afrovedadot­com, and but­ters-n-bars. They have some real­ly good prod­ucts, and the last two spe­cial­ize in ayurvedic treat­ments which are sup­posed to stim­u­late growth. If you are at all using tight braids, or any­thing else I would hold off on that for a while. Def­i­nite­ly mois­tur­iza­tion, and stim­u­la­tion as many have stat­ed above is in order. Be Blessed and good­luck! :)


pure coconut oil seems to help me

Ms. Haiti 1982!

cas­tor oil hon­ey1 it’s a Haitians secret weapon, it will save your hair­line.


Try Niox­in Fol­li­cle Boost­er. Worked won­ders for my hair­line in just a few weeks.


Cer­tain med­ica­tions or birth con­trol can thin hair too. For some women it could be all over thin­ning, but maybe just the hair­line. I noticed it at one point that my hair thinned only around the hair­line when I start­ed the pill. Then I switched to a dif­fer­ent brand and the thin­ning stopped.…but maybe that’s more along the lines of shed­ding? I don’t know, but I thought I’d attempt to add that fac­tor in.


Thank you guy’s for your sug­ges­tions and sup­port, I will defi­nat­ley go to see a doc­tor and to save you the wor­ry it is not as bad as Naomi(relief).I will try the nat­ur­al prod­ucts like aloe vera and cas­tor oil as well, I have it sit­ting around hate the smell. I would love to try the store bought prod­ucts but I have ter­ri­ble sen­si­tive skin they usu­al­ly lead to rashes,the worst sce­nario was a sham­poo light­en­ing my scalp and fore­head. I will keep you updat­ed on the progress (fin­gers crossed).


Thank GOD JC and oth­ers said what I was going to say. Peo­ple will sit up here and have you spend­ing $$$$ on all these spe­cial­ized prod­ucts when real­ly you just need to leave. your. edges. ALONE. Aside from basic wash­ing and con­di­tion­ing and MAYBE a lit­tle bit of oil…don’t touch them. Let them be as frizzy, beady, etc. as they wan­na be! If some­one says some­thing igno­rant tell them if they don’t like them they don’t have to look at them.

I expe­ri­enced a cou­ple of peri­ods where my edges were thin­ning. I left them alone and they grew back.

I’ve been hav­ing the same prob­lems for a while now, have been nat­ur­al all my life though and nev­er wear weaves or oth­er ‘do’s with added hair. I treat my hair like a princess, bi-week­ly wash­es with amla and shikakai, ACV rins­es, DC, proein treat­ments, the works. My hair is way thin­ner than it used to be and the weird thing is the front keeps break­ing off while the back grows longer. Looks jacked up I tell ya… What I did was mas­sag­ing my scalp before bed, but it didn’t help. I think I might have rubbed to hard, now I… Read more »
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Jad­ed I def­i­nite­ly agree, leav­ing the hair alone can do a lot to stop dam­age to the hair­line. I think it has to be the first step. Per­haps a vis­it to the der­ma­tol­o­gist might be worth it for you Tana­ka


My mom had hon­est­ly no hair after years of braid­ing. Now she’s start­ing to flour­ish and all she did was stop perming and left it alone.*she still col­ors it blonde but has no ill effects from it* No smooth­ing the edges or any­thing she stopped touch­ing it. I had a small episode with a patch up and dis­ap­pear­ing on me after a bad sew-in, but I to left it alone. Maybe every so often I mas­saged shea but­ter in it but after a few months of no touch, no smooth­ing it came in like it nev­er left.


there is a prod­uct called t444z it is a real­ly real­ly good prod­uct it helps with all dif­fer­ent kinds of hair prob­lems. You men­tion that you have some thin strands, t444z will def­i­nite­ly help. Check out and you will see pic­tures of women who were expe­ri­enc­ing the same prob­lems but after using the prod­uct their hair start­ed improv­ing. This prod­uct real­ly works won­ders. I have used it myself and it has done the job. Check out the web­site and email me on would real­ly love to hear what you think.


A thin hair­line may also be hered­i­tary! My mother’s hair­line is thin­ner on one side and so is my sister’s, and so is mine! I haven’t worn tight braids or any­thing rel­a­tive­ly tight along my hair­line in over 5months but it’s just so thin regard­less of what I do. Check your par­ents, see if it’s a hered­i­tary con­di­tion & pro­ceed from there by com­plete­ly stop­ping all activ­i­ties along the hair­line.


DEAD @ that pic­ture of Nao­mi. LOL LMAO


Scalp mes­sages with cas­tor oil has made my edges do a 360. I hes­i­tat­ed to try it but I am so glad that I did. It took a month of con­sis­tent use b4 I saw a dif­fer­ence but they are thick­er than they have ever been although they are nat­u­ral­ly thin­ner than the rest of my hair.


My mom had real­ly weak thin­ning edges, she used Dr Mir­a­cles Tem­ple and Nape balm every day and every night and after a cou­ple of weeks her hair start­ed to grow in. And once she was done with the jar they it was much fuller. I would also rec­om­mend scalp mas­sages to stim­u­late the area.


Tana­ka, I hope you find a pos­i­tive solu­tion to your hair­line prob­lems. My per­son­al sug­ges­tions (see a doc, steer clear of head­bands and tying your hair back often) have been men­tioned. The thy­roid sug­ges­tion is REAL.

And for BGLH…DANG! @ the Nao­mi pic­ture. I hope she gets what­ev­er help SHE needs for her hair too. Whoa. Makes me won­der how many oth­er celebs are walk­ing around like that under all the weaves and falls.

I high­ly rec­om­mend cas­tor oil! I start­ed using it short­ly after my BC because I did 80% of my tran­si­tion in braids. I didn’t have a notice­able prob­lems with thin­ning edges but spend­ing that much time in a braid shop, you start to wor­ry when you see oth­ers with the prob­lem. I start­ed mas­sag­ing a lit­tle bit onto my edges every oth­er night. Since I joined a cas­tor oil chal­lenge a month or so ago, it’s pret­ty much a night­ly rou­tine & some­times I think it works too well!! Also, I would rec­om­mend stay­ing away from pulling your hair back… Read more »
Hey Tana­ka, In Diana Da Costa’s book, Tex­tured Tress­es, she rec­om­mend­ed mas­sag­ing a lit­tle bit of Shea but­ter into the scalp every day for four weeks. If the hair fol­li­cle is not irre­versibly dam­aged, then you should start notic­ing a dif­fer­ence in the hair look­ing a lit­tle bit fuller and thick­er. If it were me, I would sug­gest see­ing a der­ma­tol­o­gist, since it may very well be a scalp/skin issue. Maybe you can look at the prod­ucts you use around your hair­line to see if there is some­thing that may be “rough­ing it up.” I hope you find a solu­tion soon,… Read more »

I just dis­cussed this with my sis and our advice to you is this:
1. It might be that the hair at your hair­line is (super) extra frag­ile. Try using hen­na. It will strength­en your hair and give it a chance to grow.
2. My sis also sug­gests that you research Biotin.
I hope you find a solu­tion quick­ly.


I had this prob­lem when I was relaxing…it runs in my fam­i­ly because my mom has thin edges. My edges have got­ten a lot thick­er since I’ve been nat­ur­al (five years), but I real­ize they will nev­er be as thick as the rest of my hair.

What has helped me a lot is min­i­mal to no manip­u­la­tion. I gen­er­al­ly keep the front of my hair in (loose) flat twists and style the back as nor­mal. I make sure not to wear any tight head­bands or scarfs. I also apply oils with rose­mary essen­tial oil added, which helps to stim­u­late growth.

Good luck to you!

kay babyy
hayyy tana­ka! dnt wor­ry u r not alone i have the exact same prob­lem ive been look­ing at pics of me pre perm and my hair­line looked thick and healthy. perming real­ly dam­aged my hair­line, which is one of the rea­sons y im goin back to nat­ur­al. but ye i looked up the prob­lem online and i came across Doo Gro total hair care , not sure if uve heard of it,but ye, my mum bought the Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth oil and ive been apply­ing small drops to my hair­line since sep­tem­ber 2009 now and im telling u im… Read more »
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Scalp mas­sages are good… but be gen­tle. Do not wear tight scarves or pull your hair back. Vati­ka oil is good or pep­per­mint oil mixed with olive oil. Do not apply hair prod­ucts to your scalp. Use a mild sham­poo with­out sul­fates and or as less chem­i­cals as pos­si­ble. Do not apply con­di­tion­er to your scalp (only your hair). Sham­poo more often if you can. Check with your dr and con­sid­er a vit­a­min reg­i­men. Do you have any met­al fill­ings in your teeth? If so have them removed. I am suf­fer­ing from hair­line dam­age on the side where I have… Read more »

One nat­ur­al thing that has helped me is Aloe Vera. I have sev­er­al aloe plants and you can actu­al­ly cut a piece, remove the prick­ly sides, open it up and place on the edges. You can scoop out the insides and mix with your favorite con­di­tion­er as well; a lit­tle at a time. You may not like the smell but you get used to it. It’s nat­ur­al and has amaz­ing cura­tive prop­er­ties. You can rinse it out if you don’t like the smell or just wear it like that. Hope that helps :)

It might be hered­i­tary exac­er­bat­ed by relaxing/pulling etc. Do you wear headbands/alice bands — they can be a cul­prit. When sleep­ing use a bon­net not a scarf, or just a silk pil­low case. Essen­tial oil recipes: –Cedar­wood (2 drops) –Laven­der (3 drops) –Rose­mary (3 drops) –Thyme (2 drops) –Placed in car­ri­er oil mix of jojo­ba (3 mL) and grape­seed (20 mL) ( this was a sci­en­tif­ic study for alope­cia, it may help, google Isabel­la C. Hay and the berdeen roy­al infir­mary for the actu­al paper) A lot of peo­ple swear by cas­tor oil as well. Although a lot of peo­plead­vise mas­sag­ing it into your hair­line, i think that… Read more »
You def­i­nite­ly need to seek med­ical help..go vis­it your Doc­tor and/or der­ma­tol­o­gist! I have had the same issue and nev­er could under­stand why. My dreads are going on 11 years and ever since I came out of denial I stopped twist­ing often. I even stopped wash­ing often because it got thin­ner every time I washed my hair. Part of the rea­son I went nat­ur­al is because my tem­ples (that were already thin since my child­hood) seemed to be thin­ning out even more, so I couldn’t under­stand why my hair­line slow­ly start­ed reced­ing. I cut the front of my hair short­er… Read more »
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If you leave it alone it will thrive. In addi­tion to the things she has already men­tioned (relax­ing, braids, twists, weave etc), I would add one more — the smooth edges obses­sion that many nat­u­rals seem to have. Dry­ing gels and con­stant brush­ing are not good for hair. Per­haps try a more nat­ur­al approach like mist­ing with a glyc­erin type leave in, wrap with a scarf for about half an hour et voila no fly­aways.