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What with all the recent talk of sin­gle black wom­en and tri­flin’ black men, I thought it was time to inject a lil’ pos­i­tiv­i­ty into the sit­u­a­tion. And my friend Bri­ana, over at Bou­tique Unique, is going to help me do it!

Email pho­tos of you and your boo to (put “Love is in the Hair” in the head­er). I will post them as I receive them and at the end of the day I’ll select a win­ner at ran­dom to receive a beau­ti­ful vin­tage ring, com­pli­ments of Bou­tique Unique.

There are no rules to this give­away except that your hair must be nat­u­ral in the pic­ture you sub­mit :) I’ll get the ball rolling…

Ria & hub­by Nyles
We have been mar­ried over five years. My hus­band and I have both had locs and loose hair and he is the biggest cheer­lead­er of my nat­u­ral hair obses­sion. I’ve been nat­u­ral 7 years and he said my hair was one of the things that drew him to me.
Tiffany & hub­by Kev­in
We have been togeth­er for a lit­tle over 2 years, and mar­ried for five months! I just decid­ed to go nat­u­ral in Jan­u­ary, He has been more than sup­port­ive!

Har­monie & Sere­nia
I met my wife at work. We mar­ried in Canada nine months lat­er.

Shar­lata & hub­by John
We’ve been mar­ried since Jan­u­ary 2, 2009, but togeth­er since Novem­ber 19, 2006. He has seen me in locs, braids, weaves, and now my nat­u­ral curls. He loves my nat­u­ral curls bet­ter!

Vanes­sa & boo

Keeya & Kofi
We’ve been dat­ing for 2 years and count­ing :) and this amaz­ing man loves every­thing about me includ­ing my nat­u­ral hair.

Naomi & Randy

Mary & hub­by Derek
Wed­ding Day August 9, 2008

Ami­nah & hub­by Ty
Mar­ried 10 years

Bekka & fiance Peter

Tay­lor & hub­by Dwayne
My favorite pic of my hus­band and I slow jam­ming at a com­pa­ny Christ­mas par­ty. We’ve been mar­ried almost 15 years (got mar­ried 8 months to the day of meet­ing) and I’ve been nat­u­ral for 8 years and our son/daughter also have locs.

Vanes­sa & Domon­ic
This is me and my best friend/boyfriend, Domon­ic. He has been my #1 sup­port­er in this tran­si­tion, even when I didn’t want to sup­port myself. He LOOOOVES my hair, in all its many forms and nev­er hes­i­tates to tell me that I look sexy no mat­ter what I decide to do with it. :)

Gen­ny & Ter­rence

Ailysa & hub­by
Mar­ried for 5 years

Keeli & Dev­in

Savvy & hub­by ‘Sexy’
I’ve been nat­u­ral for 20 years, and he wouldn’t have me any oth­er way.

Julius & his boo Francine (Pho­to sub­mit­ted by the dude!)

Danielle & hub­by
Here’s my hus­band and best friend. We’re the proud par­ents of two lit­tle ladies. I blog about black mar­riage, black rela­tion­ships, rais­ing chil­dren and more at Black Mar­ried Mom­ma: The Anti-Sta­tis­tic ( Broth­ers will love us as we are when we do!

Syd­ney & Mihir
He might even love my hair more than I do because he’s always telling me how he wish­es he had an afro, and how sexy my hair is ;)

Lina & hub­by
Mar­ried 10 years, nat­u­ral for 11 years. He’s seen my entire hair evo­lu­tion and real­ly prefers the nat­u­ral do’ now. He even cus­tomized my Nin­ten­do Mii char­ac­ter for me, lol!

Sarah & Pat
Ever since I met him, he has been noth­ing but sup­port­ive, regard­less of what my hair looked like.

Car­la, hub­by & daugh­ter
I know it’s cou­ples, but I’m so proud of my 13-year-old daugh­ter for with­stand­ing peer pres­sure and remain­ing nat­u­ral since birth! I have been mar­ried for 17 years and have the most sup­port­ive hubby/family in the world!

Trag­u­la & hub­by Kev­in

Danielle & Olivet­ti
A mon­th before I locked my hair I straight­ened it just so he could see what, for so long, had been my idea of beau­ty. He walked in and 1 min­ute lat­er said he’d seen enough straight hair and asked if he could sweat it out — hehe! Today — he plays in my locks :-)

Sar­i­ta & Ken­ny

Can­dia & boo

Janelle & hub­by Robert
Hap­pi­ly mar­ried for 5 years and beau­ti­ful­ly nat­u­ral

Paula & hub­by Robert
We have been mar­ried for 5 years

Chan­tal & Tim­o­thy
He loves my nat­u­ral hair no mat­ter what I do, braids, curls, blow out, or my many pro­tec­tive styles. I wast­ed so many years with weaves and relax­ers try­ing to look like what I thought men want­ed. The moment I accept­ed myself for who I am I found that oth­ers did too; espe­cial­ly my baby who knows my hair regime bet­ter than I do and makes sure I nev­er run out of shea but­ter :-)

Roshi & fiance Joni

Lex­ibugg & hub­by Jason
Mar­ried for 5 years and 4 months

Nia & Ari
He uses all my hair prod­ucts now and I am offi­cial­ly his curly bar­ber :-)

Safia & hub­by Gar­ry
We have been together/known each oth­er for 9 years and been mar­ried for 4 years. My hus­band loves my nat­u­ral curls.

Antionet­te & Emmanuel
He has been by my side through­out my entire nat­u­ral hair jour­ney. He is the def­i­n­i­tion of sup­port­ive.

Crys­tal & hub­by Ray
Ray has been my rock through­out my two year tran­si­tion phase all the way. I want my hair to con­tin­ue to be as nat­u­ral as the love that we share between one anoth­er.

Nikki & hub­by Dee

Dominique & hub­by Mike
I decid­ed to go nat­u­ral 1 mon­th after our wed­ding, it’s been 4 years this March & my hus­band has been my biggest sup­port­er. He told me on our anniver­sary that he would be “real­ly dis­ap­point­ed” if I decid­ed to relax again. He’s the BEST!

Nikkie & fiance Jason
When we met in Atlanta, I had a short blonde TWA. He has wit­nessed me go through sev­er­al stages with my nat­u­ral hair over the years, and he has always been sup­port­ive of my choice to be nat­u­ral. This pic is from last year, as I am cur­rent­ly wear­ing a col­or free TWA.

Andréa & fiancé Chris
This was tak­en on one of our first dates in Philadel­phia. We have since been togeth­er for 3 years. He loves my curls because they make me look sexy, regal, exot­i­cal­ly unique and most of all, he LOVES how it looks like a lion’s mane when he combs it out! He’s my hair’s biggest cheer­lead­er! =)

Meshia & D
At a John Leg­end con­cert

Savan­nah & boo
I know this post is main­ly to inspire wom­en who are look­ing for male part­ners but I also want­ed to high­light our love. Black love is beau­ti­ful is all its incar­na­tions.

Ange­la & fiance Amari

Ali­cia & hub­by Tyrone

Cece & Tony

Kisha & hub­by Chuck

Bran­dee & hub­by
He *loves* my nat­u­ral hair and gets all excit­ed when­ev­er I wear it out instead of in twists. He’s a won­der­ful man and my years with him are the best ones of my life.

I hope this serves as inspi­ra­tion for cou­ples (espe­cial­ly mar­ried ones) hav­ing dis­putes because of the woman’s deci­sion to go nat­u­ral. May­be someone’s hus­band (or the wife) will see this and have a change of heart.

Krystle & boo

Roina & hub­by Shaun
Love is in the hair and all in the fam­i­ly! Shaun & Roina and our 2 won­der­ful chil­dren. I’ve been nat­u­ral since 8/09 and the entire fam­i­ly has been noth­ing but sup­port­ive.

Terelle & hub­by Joe

Z & T
Queer Love

Mal­colm & Chrys­tal
I am a Graph­ic Nov­el­ist and he is an Illus­tra­tor

Bree & hub­by Bernard
My hus­band I start­ed dat­ing in 1999, when I was relax­ing my hair. In 2003, I start­ed think­ing about going nat­u­ral. He hat­ed the idea. In 2004, I stopped get­ting relax­ers, and start­ed using tran­si­tion­al hair styles (rod sets, flat twists, and weaves) and he was none the wis­er.

We mar­ried in 2005, and I’ve been ful­ly nat­u­ral ever since.

Mag­a­lie & Mike
We began dat­ing when I had shoul­der length relaxed hair. He came with me when I walked into a bar­ber­shop in Brook­lyn and shaved it off. Now it’s a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and he loves it! He’s been amaz­ing­ly sup­port­ive and we’re both learn­ing from my nat­u­ral jour­ney.

Kee­sha & hub­by David
The­se were tak­en in Negril, Jamaica dur­ing our wed­ding and hon­ey­moon. Thanks for the chance to share :)

Alex­is & hub­by Derek
He has whole­heart­ed­ly sup­port­ed my nat­u­ral jour­ney and even sug­gests new styles to try.

Yuri­na & boo

Simone & boo

Shan­tung & hub­by
We had reunit­ed after 3 years and had just got­ten engaged here. It will be three years on April 21st. He loves his Fro girl.:-)

Cali & Sim­bay
We’ve been togeth­er for 3 years

Lybra & Asar
Asar was all the sup­port I could ever need when I tran­si­tioned. He loves my nat­u­ral hair and even did the big chop for me!!

Crissy & hub­by
At first he was skep­ti­cal about my jour­ney and the idea of me big chop­ping scared him, but now he can’t keep his hands out of it :-)

Dynas­ti & boo

Megan & Demetrius
Spel­House Love. He is THE one…I was two months nat­u­ral in this pic (Dec. 09) and he told me the night after I big chopped that he pre­ferred my hair nat­u­ral over relaxed.

Hazel & fiance Jon­nathan

Andrea & Ken­ny

Andrea & fiance Dar­ryl

Yolan­da & Carl

Bree & fiance Nick

Sal­imah & fiance

Cherekana & Joe
I’ve been nat­u­ral for sev­en years and just cut off my locs. Joe has been intrigued (lol) by the process of grow­ing out my hair but very sup­port­ive. He said it reminds him of a flow­er bloom­ing :)

Ali­cia & hub­by Stol­ley

Ebony & hub­by Paul
He’s 6“7 and I’m 4“10 and we’ve been mar­ried for sev­en years! My hus­band loves my hair nat­u­ral! He’s very sup­port­ive.

Melanie & hub­by Blaine
My hus­band Blaine and I on our wed­ding day.

Clara & hub­by
This is a pic­ture of my best friend and hub­by who actu­al­ly prefers my naps. Thanks for doing this, it will def encour­age sin­gle wom­en who think they’ll nev­er find some­one because they are nat­u­ral.

Tia & hub­by Gary
We’ve been togeth­er since 2005 and mar­ried since 2008. When we met I had a press-n-curl and he had locs. He saw my hair one day after I washed it and the look on his face was price­less. He encour­aged me to embrace my curls and I haven’t looked back since. I play in his hair and he plays in mine.

Eri­ca & hub­by Kea­Juanis
This is us on the day of the pro­pos­al. We’ve been mar­ried for 8 months now!

Dan­ny & his boo (This entry was sent in by the dude!)

Sharde & hub­by Jim
We’ve been mar­ried 6 years.

Khy­la & hub­by Mar­qus

Mar­cy & Meshach
He is the only one that encour­aged me to go nat­u­ral & go to the bar­ber for the big chop that’s com­ing next mon­th.

Jan & hub­by Michael
He loves my nat­u­ral hair!

Taheer­ah & hub­by Matt
Me and my hus­band at our 10 Year High School Reunion

Mar­sha & hub­by Jon
Jon and Mar­sha (known as JAM…lol) Mar­ried for 6.6 years!

Lydia & hub­by Geno
Me with my hub­by of 18 years, Geno, a week after my big chop!

Jess & Doc

Jamil­la & boo

Jade & hub­by Bri­an
My hub­by and I on our hon­ey­moon.

Tiffani & hub­by Mauquice
We have been togeth­er for over 6 years, and we are still deeply devot­ed to one anoth­er and in love. Every year that goes by brings us closer.

Gina & Vince

Jatea & Don­avon
High school sweet­hearts cel­e­brat­ing 6 years togeth­er the 23rd of this mon­th. He’s been with me through the long, the short, and now the kinky :o)

Leslie & hub­by Tony
Mar­ried 12/28/07
Nat­u­ral since 1/8/10

Crys­tal & fiance Jamil
We met at 14 and our friend­ship turned into love and now 17 years lat­er that love will tran­scend to a high­er bond of mar­riage.

Gabrielle & hub­by Bri­an
We’ve been togeth­er since ’99 and mar­ried in ’07. I did the big chop in Sep­tem­ber.

Rachel & fiance Mike (in the UK)
He is the best and very sup­port­ive- espe­cial­ly when I get my nat­u­ral hair ‘chat’ on. He also points the ‘nat­u­ral hair heads’ out before I even see them!

Diane & Shirrod
At a Black Mar­riage Day Gala

Tan­isha & hub­by

Jay & Vick­ie

Shon­es & hub­by Sir Charles
Sum­mer 2009 in Prov­i­dence, RI

Gem & hub­by Crab­by
Nat­u­ral since Octo­ber 2005
Mar­ried Decem­ber 10, 2006

E. Desire & hub­by Antho­ny
My name is E. Desire and this is my won­der­ful hus­band Antho­ny. We will be cel­e­brat­ing our 5 year anniver­sary in August and are par­ents to 3 beau­ti­ful, nat­u­ral hair daugh­ters. Our love is always in the hair, lol.

Trice & hub­by
I’ve been nat­u­ral for 8 years. We’ve been mar­ried 3 1/2. He’s 3 months into start­ing locs!

Ash­lee & Jay

Dawn & hub­by

Eric & LaToya
This is from our hon­ey­moon in Costa Rica, anoth­er one of our group mem­bers snapped this pic of us while were nap­ping after a day at the beach (I think we both have sand on our faces). We were mar­ried on August 8, 2009.

Kar­la & boo

Tanya & Bri­an

Yaa & boo

Dana & boo

Rom­ney & Jonathan
Going 3 years STRONG! He’s been there through­out my whole jour­ney and is extreme­ly sup­port­ive.

Cheri­amour & Demetrius
After years of my Fiance telling me to go nat­u­ral, I final­ly lis­tened. He loves when I wear it in a puff like in this pic­ture.

Ash­li & boo
“The moment that we met…he made me smile. Forever or a year. HE’S ALREADY CHANGED MY LIFE.” -Indie Arie

Shay­la & hub­by Jamil
Here’s a shot of me and my hus­band at our wed­ding last August. We met the first week in col­lege in 1998 (long before I went nat­u­ral in 2004) and remained friends then we start­ed dat­ing in 2006 (he pro­posed in 2008). He’s the love of my life and he LOVES LOVES LOVES my locs. Plus, I’m the first wom­an he’s wit­nessed go through the tran­si­tion to nat­u­ral hair so he’s now an advo­cate for nat­u­ral hair!

Trinet­te, hub­by Jose & baby Mar­i­ana

Daph­ne & hub­by Mar­vyn
Thanks for doing this, it has been an idea of mine for a while! There are ALOT of great rela­tion­ships out there. We need to focus on those as well!

Christi­na & hub­by

Raquel & hub­by Jer­maine

Ter­i­ca & Devan

Monieka & Matthew

Nico­la & boo

Car­men & Scott
My name is Car­men and my guy is Scott. With all of the obses­sions with looks, espe­cial­ly where hair is con­cerned, I am glad to have a man who LOVES my kinky hair. I do appre­ci­ate him for appre­ci­at­ing my hair.

Bri­ana & hub­by

Chante & boo

Aman­da & boo

Saman­tha & Q

Yolan­da & Aki­no­la
My name is Yolan­da and I’m a 22 year old South African black girl. My boyfriend is Aki­no­la, a Nige­ri­an man who loves me despite what is on my head (or lack there­of) — a major thing in espe­cial­ly his cul­ture where a wom­an with short hair is frowned upon.

“You can shave it all off like a South African beau­ty” — India Arie

Tonya & hub­by Enri­co

Bon­gani & Nangam­so

Monique & Levi

Jean­nine & Andre

Matl­hodi & Phathu

Rachel & boo

Bernadet­te & Chris

Leila & fiance Norm

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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