Janelle Mon­ae tweet­ed a link to SFWeekly.com, which fea­tured a rare pho­to of her hair falling out of place dur­ing a per­for­mance. Tech­ni­cal­ly it was an “acci­dent”, but I think it’s fab­u­lous! Her hair is obvi­ous­ly very healthy and beau­ti­ful! I would LOVE to have her on the blog… haven’t man­aged to pull it off yet though, lol.

Here are the pho­tos…

…and here is the link to the arti­cle.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Janelle’s hair falls down in almost every con­certs! when it doesn’t she make it hap­pen her­self


I’m amazed at all the pos­i­tive com­ments about her hair. It looks rather sil­ly to me, and just func­tions as an atten­tion-get­ter.

Leo the Yardie Chick

*adds to Nat­ur­al Hair Diva pan­theon* As for her not chang­ing her style up — I’ve seen oth­er singers (the relaxed, the weaved and the nat­u­ral­ly straight) wear­ing the same hair­style for years. It’s no big deal. She’ll change it up if/when she feels like it.


Yeah, I was think­ing the same thing about peo­ple being bored with Janelle’s hair­style. Zoe Sal­dana and Gabrielle Union both wear their hair the same way for the most part and I haven’t heard any­one sug­gest they to change their hair­styles.


I like her hair.….I just wish she was more versatile.…i’m tired!

Legally Natural

I remem­ber Janelle Mon­ae before she became real­ly famous and before she start­ed wear­ing the hair­style that every­one is accus­tomed to now. She came to per­form at Spel­man and she wore all of her hair out. Her hair is amaz­ing­ly gor­geous!!! Def­i­nite­ly drool wor­thy

I love this style that she does though because it looks good and it is pro­tec­tive styling. She is just grow­ing and retain­ing while per­form­ing all over the coun­try. Genius!

Nappy Kitchen

Why is every­one so defen­sive about the girls hair? Maybe peo­ple want to see it in more styles to show­case how love­ly it is. Geesh. Put the claws back in.

Wambui Wamutogoria

ooh she is too cute, you know this will start a new hair trend right?

I’m not sure why the inter­net has made such a big deal out of this. Like the oth­ers said, her hair falls out in most of her con­certs. It’s part of her enthu­si­asm. She’s a very ener­getic per­former, so this is bound to occur. If you haven’t seen her live, you’re miss­ing out.  And to the peo­ple who said she should do more, isn’t it her head. I mean, how do you feel when peo­ple with relax­ers tell you why don’t you “do some­thing with it”. Or when they make styling sug­ges­tions for you. Same rules apply here. Let every­one wor­ry… Read more »

I was @ the show and I put up some pix and videos on my blog too! http://naturalselectionblog.com/2010/07/27/janelle-monae-performance-classically-avant-garde-vids/


I think she has a beau­ti­ful head of hair because she essen­tial­ly keeps it in a pro­tec­tive style that pro­tects her ends.


There is a real obses­sion among the nat­ur­al hair/black com­mu­ni­ty for black women to ‘do something/do more’ with their hair. Mon­ae could prob­a­bly not DO much with her hair if she lost its length try­ing to do 50–11 hair­styles just so a few folk can live vic­ar­i­ous­ly through her.

Grow your own ladies.


umm, i think some of yall need to STOP! She is my girl crush and my girl crush alone! thanks!! LoL.
And yea her hair always seems to fall out when she per­forms, espe­cial­ly when she feel­in the spir­it (her words) and gets real­ly into it.
Umm, i would LOVE if she did an inter­view with bglh.
For some­one who always gets bored with the same ol’ and who needs con­stant change, I haven’t got­ten tired of her black and white tux and bouf­fant. That’s true love! or mild infat­u­a­tion. What­evs


Hair crush! I hope you man­age to get her on the blog — I need to know her reg­i­men. Pro­tec­tive styling obvi­ous­ly plays a big part. Lol.

natural hair nerd

She is one of the most adorable women I have ever seen in my life. She’s such a doll!


True fash­ion icon!


like the rest I have a ridicu­lous girl crush on her!! The image, hair music.…LOVE HER!!lol


Maybe I’m stu­pid but…how hard is it to dis­tin­guish between a braid and a loose piece of hair?

Anyway…yeah, her hair’s “gorg”…


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It sure does look cute down like that. She nice healthy hair, you can tell.


I love this woman! Ulti­mate girl crush :) And I actu­al­ly enjoy the fact that she doesn’t nor­mal­ly wear her hair down and out. Her updo is apart of her “uni­form” and I’m glad she doesn’t feel the need to show her length. That said, the acci­den­tal “bang” looks great! Also, it’s nice to see peo­ple who don’t hide behind their hair..I like see­ing faces lol.


her hair comes out quite often when she per­forms with those pins fly­ing every which way. she just keeps going like noth­ing hap­pened lol. i’m sure her hair is super long when out. i love that woman!


I wish she would wear in more styles espe­cial­ly down in a wild style or a twist out or some­thing or even press it to show her length it looks very healthy and beau­ti­ful, It’s nice to see a celeb with her real hair and it’s nat­ur­al!!!


shes still as beau­ti­ful as ever!


When she came to Mem­phis, she danced so hard that her hair fell out of place just like in the pics! At that exact moment, I devel­oped the most ridicu­lous “hair crush”! From that moment on she could do no wrong & I was just wait­ing on her to drop the mic and yell “Sex­u­al Choco­late!” She has an amaz­ing voice & a great career ahead of her.



Dit­to. I saw her in con­cert in Iowa of all places.


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Love it.


Her hair is beau­ti­ful! I just wish she’d wear dif­fer­ent styles to show­case it.


Wow, just wow. I won­der how it looks all out.

Peace, Love and Choco­late


I saw her in con­cert. She gets so into it and dances hard enough to lose bob­by pins and loosen that top bit. I wouldn’t be sur­prised if this hap­pens at all her shows. It does look cute though.


The she shook it around at the BET awards, I was shocked it didn’t fall then! Her hair is gor­geous!