I interviewed Kim of KimmayTube back in October 2009, but I was recently reminded of why I love her YouTube channel. She calls herself the “Common Sense Natural” — a very fitting title — and she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Much like Jc of The Natural Haven, she focuses on science-based tips for health hair and growth (although, unlike Jc, she is not a scientist.) Her specialty is examining the pH levels of various products and their effects on natural hair. Her leave-in conditioner recipe is widely used. She often gives commentary on issues within the online natural hair world — the product junkyism that never results in growth, the tribalist allegiance to various natural hair sites, the rude anonymous commenting — all of it.

I have to give a disclaimer: KimmayTube is not for everybody! But if you want a refreshingly honest take on being natural, along with some great haircare advice, definitely check her out.

Check out KimmayTube.

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@ Betty Chambers

TOTALLY NASTY AND DIRTY? Hahaha! When i though i had heard it all.

So…that is the reason you insubcribed….you did not actually see the dirt…cuz you can’t see it…you just heard the last time she washed ( wich is normally every week). Most naturals i know do not even wash every week. Usually every 2 week and even once a month. Lots of people do SOME video tutorial on non freshly washed hair…hum….never heard that one before LMAO. TOTALLY? and …NASTY ? Dang

Sure we all know her biggest controversy was claiming baking soda was bad for hair, however it is up to you as a youtube viewer to sort the wheat from the chaff of the vast amounts of information people choose to divulge on their vlogs sometimes because they genuinely believe that info, they’ve done their research or maybe just to please a perceived viewership. I give the benefit of the doubt to youtube users that they will take everything said on there with a pinch of salt because this is the internet and ‘facts’ are very often not so. If… Read more »
@ Elaini ”And no offense, and if one knows they arenโ€™t scientist why are you teaching? ” ????? Really !! I have read and seen SOOOO many people teach things, they did not know anything about, and people still liked them. Even Leila (BGLH) states things that are not accurate something, and we still like her. Kimmay is a person who is trying hard even though, like everybody else , she can make mistakes and it is like FULL HATE. I’m not a scientist either but i read a lot of Paula Begouns book: the ”cosmetic coop” witch kimmay read… Read more »
Betty Chambers
Kimmay’s an interesting work in progress. I find her amusing, and I like her presentation and documentary style vids. She wants to be the face and expert of natural hair. I think with Afro-textured hair that’s impossible. If it was feasible someone would have achieved it already. Individually, our hairs respond differently to every tactic and product. She’s found a solution that works for her. She should be prepared to state – each and every time – that her ideas wont work for everyone else. I think therein lies the rub. I was subscribed to her in the early days,… Read more »

Its almost like she wants only a “cult-like” following…


@Mel – I think you hit the nail on the head. Her defensiveness IS over the top. She also censors her comments, which in my mind, lends one to conclude that she is not as confident as she “tries” to appear!


(gasp!) Thank goodness, I’m not the only one that disagrees with her. I’ll keep her hairstyles just not the science bit. And no offense, and if one knows they aren’t scientist why are you teaching? Not only that, but I don’t see a disclaimer saying that she isn’t a scientist. That’s a bit off. Even JC at the Natural Haven puts up a disclaimer. It’s common sense. Lastly, yeah she does condescend people with her tone and got some information wrong. She need to correct it or in my book.

And “Baking soda gate,” you actually named the whole dang thing?

I’ll go ahead and jump on this bandwagon. A few things to note: 1. Let’s not be afraid of healthy debate! It’s ok to subscribe and not agree with everything Kimmay says and even express that disagreement. I’m definitely in that camp. 2. I appreciate the “beauty” of her videos; clean and entertaining. 3. You can’t argue with the fact that her hair growth has been phenomenal! She has mastered her own hair, imo, and I think I can definitely learn from her approach. 4. I find her, at times, defensive and condescending. Yup, she’s obviously confident and I applaud… Read more »
People give all types of unsupported advice on youtube and frame it as the “truth”. I appreciate that she backs her claims up with research, science, and her own results. She displays it visually so that people can understand and make their own assumptions. I also like that I can actually SEE her hair. I think the baking soda war is downright ridiculous. She has her own parameters for what’s good for the hair. Her definition of good is built upon PH Balance. Baking soda is not the ideal PH for hair, therefore she does not believe it is good… Read more »
We don’t “ALL have to support her.” BGLH says as much in her last sentence: “I have to give a disclaimer: KimmayTube is not for everybody! But if you want a refreshingly honest take on being natural, along with some great haircare advice, definitely check her out.” No one is saying all of us have to agree on something. I like her videos and I do what I do with anything else I read/hear from any source: I separate the wheat from the tares whenever I can. I try to keep a discerning mind regarding the information I hear, and… Read more »
Kay No, most people didn’t think baking soda was wrong. She implied that. Two, no one said baking soda give naturals waist length hair. (Who taking who words out of context now?) Deborah meant, some naturals are waist length, many use baking soda (sera252). Obviously it can’t be that bad. If it was “bad” then why ARE many naturals waist length? By you saying that baking soda is “bad” for hair shouldn’t we all be bald, have burns, or at least have ill-maintained hair? If you read the paper JC did at The Natural Haven, you would have known small… Read more »
So wait, we ALL have to support her? Even when she DEAD WRONG? Great, now I have to be trapped in someone’s else’s box of support. For me support for the black community is tell you when you did something wrong. Stans (not to be confused with ‘fans’) will let you get away with murder. @sydney: Holy smokes man! She actually blocked you! Whoa. This is the chick I’m supposed to mindlessly support? Kimmay doesn’t seem to mindlessly support her fan’s (or ex-fans’s) POV. @kadiane*francophone: So you saying the majority of youtube gurus DON’T use their brains? I sure many… Read more »


Yes, she did say baking soda was wrong. She even brought in a ‘scientist’ with shady sources to back her findings, that it shouldn’t be used on hair.

So yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a subby to kimmaytube & I am very happy for her progress. Just looking at how dry & brittle her hair was before she started researching & implementing her learning into her regime proves that her methods are working for her. Her videos are also VERY professionally done & clear. Her speaking voice is PERFECT for making commentary. However, I have to be a little ‘Negative Nancy’ here bc I agree with Angelina; she tends to be condescending. She’s also VERY defensive when someone makes a comment that she doesn’t agree with. She tries to cover it up with… Read more »
I really like the info Kimmay has to offer, but I agree that she doesn’t have the best attitude. I’m sure all her older subbies remember her making a vlog last year lashing out on people who were embedding her videos without her permission. I left a comment saying I’m sure her subscribers were unaware of this apparent copyright infringement and that I thought she was being a little hard on her fans who were simply trying to spread her word. Note: I hadn’t ever embedded any of her videos before, but I still could understand why someone would think… Read more »
Even thought she is not always accurate. She BY FAR the person that makes the most sense on Youtube when it can to explaining why this method and why not this one. At least she uses her brain and her ability to read and her education to TRY to understand the science behind things. Nobody else does that on Youtube. Not that i know of. For example how can one dimiss her baking soda information based on : ”other people do it and have long hair”. I’m not saying you should not challenge what she says but please do it… Read more »

I like Kimmaytube and take in a lot of her advice. I also will be copying her leave-in condition recipe.

Kimmaytube is one of the most informative, impressive and professional YouTube hair video bloggers out there. She attracts a ton of subscribers and with that comes more scrutiny and interest from those that feel she believes she is superior in knowledge to them or that she has appointed herself the font of natural knowledge. A lot of criticism toward her comes from natural hair care forum users who seem happy to shoot her down for her assertion that she is an authorative voice on natural hair care while sounding as though they feel superior to kimmaytube. I see criticism of… Read more »
What? She doesnt just speak about curl definition… If you go on her channel she speaks alot about protective styles and preserving the hair…and if she does curls they are done by flexirods and she speaks about how to keep them looking fresh. I woulndt call that curl definition because that isnt her natural curl patterns….and Im pretty sure EVERYONE doesnt think baking soda is bad…im sure it still works for some and for others, she simply said that baking soda was not an actual natural product…..and id surmise that baking soda isnt the driving force for waist length hair….im… Read more »

Not much of a fan, she can’t style except when it comes for curl definition. Then, she had the audacity to say to her audience that she wasn’t curl obsessed. However, if you look hat her past hair styling videos and that PRETTY MUCH ALL she does. Does anyone even style hair anymore? It’s all curl definition, curl definition, and more curl definition. I like curls as much as the next person, but come on.


Not really a fan. I am still subscribed, I just only prefer to see the hairstyles (which isn’t much), and I don’t listen to her when it comes to science. Now everyone thinks baking soda is bad for hair, however, many naturals were using baking soda before who are now waist length.

I use it and it’s done nothing to my hair.

The only people I listen to when it comes to science is The Natural Haven and The Beauty Brains. They are actually trained in it. Shame, I actually really liked her channel.


I not a kimmaytube fan. Her ph balance video was completely wrong and misleading.

MJ Labonte

Thank you so much for sharing. I had never heard of her and so I checked out her channel and it is the truth! The videos and diagrams definitely make it easier to understand the scientific aspects of (natural) hair!


Kimmaytube is great, I enjoy most of her videos (not much for fashion unfortunately) though I must stress that she is nothing like JC of Natural Haven, JC is a qualified Scientist while Kimmaytube is not.


I think her channel is definitely informative. She touches upon things I didn’t think about when it comes to hair care, but I think she needs to watch her language and tone. Sometimes in the videos she is condescending. That’s a turn off. We all need to support each other and lift and love each other in this natural hair process.

Ms. Haiti 1982!

My friend used this stuff and is 100% hooked, she stoped buying all the other hair prouducts and mostly sticks to her routine. When it gets a little try, she puts a little of her oil mix in her hair. It’s the truth. She should have bottled it up and sold it.


Kim’s youtube channel was actually the first thing I found when I began going natural in January. Her haircare advice has helped me manage, protect, and grow my hair and style it in so many ways. Plus, I love that she backs her haircare regimens with scientific facts and isn’t afraid to have a debate. lol


Kim u r AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your gift.

Handmade Design

Oh my goodness I love Kimmay Tube. She is awesome I have learned so much from her channel.


i was JUST watching her videos. i LOVE her. i always recommend her to anyone that’s transitioning or currently natural


Thank you for providing the kimmaytube link! I’ve only watched the first video and I’m already impressed. Thank you for continuing to be a great resource.


yup! been slacking off on my youtube lately, but i’ve been following kimmaytube for a while. love her!


I looove her channel. I really took in her financial advice she did, I think it was called Advice to 20 yr old me. Im not sure but I took the whole series to heart. Im 20 & managing the little debt I have & I hope to keep that way! LOL Thanks Kim!


I love KimmayTube. I’ve learned so much from her during my natural hair journey watching youtube videos, and mimicking her different tips & tricks for natural hair.!!! Thanx.~~ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yes,I am fan of Kim and her You Tube channel…She is very informative and her hair growth is amazing. I am seeking results in hair growth, as well as healthy hair, and she provides the tips I need, as well as styles.