I inter­viewed Kim of Kim­may­Tube back in Octo­ber 2009, but I was recent­ly remind­ed of why I love her YouTube chan­nel. She calls her­self the “Com­mon Sense Nat­ur­al” — a very fit­ting title — and she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Much like Jc of The Nat­ur­al Haven, she focus­es on sci­ence-based tips for health hair and growth (although, unlike Jc, she is not a sci­en­tist.) Her spe­cial­ty is exam­in­ing the pH lev­els of var­i­ous prod­ucts and their effects on nat­ur­al hair. Her leave-in con­di­tion­er recipe is wide­ly used. She often gives com­men­tary on issues with­in the online nat­ur­al hair world — the prod­uct junky­ism that nev­er results in growth, the trib­al­ist alle­giance to var­i­ous nat­ur­al hair sites, the rude anony­mous com­ment­ing — all of it.

I have to give a dis­claimer: Kim­may­Tube is not for every­body! But if you want a refresh­ing­ly hon­est take on being nat­ur­al, along with some great hair­care advice, def­i­nite­ly check her out.

Check out Kim­may­Tube.

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Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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@ Bet­ty Cham­bers

TOTALLY NASTY AND DIRTY? Haha­ha! When i though i had heard it all. 

So…that is the rea­son you insubcribed.…you did not actu­al­ly see the dirt…cuz you can’t see it…you just heard the last time she washed ( wich is nor­mal­ly every week). Most nat­u­rals i know do not even wash every week. Usu­al­ly every 2 week and even once a month. Lots of peo­ple do SOME video tuto­r­i­al on non fresh­ly washed hair…hum.…never heard that one before LMAO. TOTALLY? and …NASTY ? Dang

Sure we all know her biggest con­tro­ver­sy was claim­ing bak­ing soda was bad for hair, how­ev­er it is up to you as a youtube view­er to sort the wheat from the chaff of the vast amounts of infor­ma­tion peo­ple choose to divulge on their vlogs some­times because they gen­uine­ly believe that info, they’ve done their research or maybe just to please a per­ceived view­er­ship. I give the ben­e­fit of the doubt to youtube users that they will take every­thing said on there with a pinch of salt because this is the inter­net and ‘facts’ are very often not so. If… Read more »
@ Elai­ni ”And no offense, and if one knows they aren’t sci­en­tist why are you teach­ing? ” ????? Real­ly !! I have read and seen SOOOO many peo­ple teach things, they did not know any­thing about, and peo­ple still liked them. Even Leila (BGLH) states things that are not accu­rate some­thing, and we still like her. Kim­may is a per­son who is try­ing hard even though, like every­body else , she can make mis­takes and it is like FULL HATE. I’m not a sci­en­tist either but i read a lot of Paula Begouns book: the ”cos­met­ic coop” witch kim­may read… Read more »
Betty Chambers
Kimmay’s an inter­est­ing work in progress. I find her amus­ing, and I like her pre­sen­ta­tion and doc­u­men­tary style vids. She wants to be the face and expert of nat­ur­al hair. I think with Afro-tex­tured hair that’s impos­si­ble. If it was fea­si­ble some­one would have achieved it already. Indi­vid­u­al­ly, our hairs respond dif­fer­ent­ly to every tac­tic and prod­uct. She’s found a solu­tion that works for her. She should be pre­pared to state — each and every time — that her ideas wont work for every­one else. I think there­in lies the rub. I was sub­scribed to her in the ear­ly days, until… Read more »

Its almost like she wants only a “cult-like” fol­low­ing…


@Mel — I think you hit the nail on the head. Her defen­sive­ness IS over the top. She also cen­sors her com­ments, which in my mind, lends one to con­clude that she is not as con­fi­dent as she “tries” to appear!


(gasp!) Thank good­ness, I’m not the only one that dis­agrees with her. I’ll keep her hair­styles just not the sci­ence bit. And no offense, and if one knows they aren’t sci­en­tist why are you teach­ing? Not only that, but I don’t see a dis­claimer say­ing that she isn’t a sci­en­tist. That’s a bit off. Even JC at the Nat­ur­al Haven puts up a dis­claimer. It’s com­mon sense. Last­ly, yeah she does con­de­scend peo­ple with her tone and got some infor­ma­tion wrong. She need to cor­rect it or in my book.

And “Bak­ing soda gate,” you actu­al­ly named the whole dang thing?

I’ll go ahead and jump on this band­wag­on. A few things to note: 1. Let’s not be afraid of healthy debate! It’s ok to sub­scribe and not agree with every­thing Kim­may says and even express that dis­agree­ment. I’m def­i­nite­ly in that camp. 2. I appre­ci­ate the “beau­ty” of her videos; clean and enter­tain­ing. 3. You can’t argue with the fact that her hair growth has been phe­nom­e­nal! She has mas­tered her own hair, imo, and I think I can def­i­nite­ly learn from her approach. 4. I find her, at times, defen­sive and con­de­scend­ing. Yup, she’s obvi­ous­ly con­fi­dent and I applaud her suc­cess,… Read more »
Peo­ple give all types of unsup­port­ed advice on youtube and frame it as the “truth”. I appre­ci­ate that she backs her claims up with research, sci­ence, and her own results. She dis­plays it visu­al­ly so that peo­ple can under­stand and make their own assump­tions. I also like that I can actu­al­ly SEE her hair. I think the bak­ing soda war is down­right ridicu­lous. She has her own para­me­ters for what’s good for the hair. Her def­i­n­i­tion of good is built upon PH Bal­ance. Bak­ing soda is not the ide­al PH for hair, there­fore she does not believe it is good for… Read more »
We don’t “ALL have to sup­port her.” BGLH says as much in her last sen­tence: “I have to give a dis­claimer: Kim­may­Tube is not for every­body! But if you want a refresh­ing­ly hon­est take on being nat­ur­al, along with some great hair­care advice, def­i­nite­ly check her out.” No one is say­ing all of us have to agree on some­thing. I like her videos and I do what I do with any­thing else I read/hear from any source: I sep­a­rate the wheat from the tares when­ev­er I can. I try to keep a dis­cern­ing mind regard­ing the infor­ma­tion I hear, and… Read more »
Kay No, most peo­ple didn’t think bak­ing soda was wrong. She implied that. Two, no one said bak­ing soda give nat­u­rals waist length hair. (Who tak­ing who words out of con­text now?) Deb­o­rah meant, some nat­u­rals are waist length, many use bak­ing soda (ser­a252). Obvi­ous­ly it can’t be that bad. If it was “bad” then why ARE many nat­u­rals waist length? By you say­ing that bak­ing soda is “bad” for hair shouldn’t we all be bald, have burns, or at least have ill-main­tained hair? If you read the paper JC did at The Nat­ur­al Haven, you would have known small… Read more »
So wait, we ALL have to sup­port her? Even when she DEAD WRONG? Great, now I have to be trapped in someone’s else’s box of sup­port. For me sup­port for the black com­mu­ni­ty is tell you when you did some­thing wrong. Stans (not to be con­fused with ‘fans’) will let you get away with mur­der. @sydney: Holy smokes man! She actu­al­ly blocked you! Whoa. This is the chick I’m sup­posed to mind­less­ly sup­port? Kim­may doesn’t seem to mind­less­ly sup­port her fan’s (or ex-fans’s) POV.  @kadiane*francophone: So you say­ing the major­i­ty of youtube gurus DON’T use their brains? I sure many… Read more »


Yes, she did say bak­ing soda was wrong. She even brought in a ‘sci­en­tist’ with shady sources to back her find­ings, that it shouldn’t be used on hair.

So yeah. :)

I’m a sub­by to kim­may­tube & I am very hap­py for her progress. Just look­ing at how dry & brit­tle her hair was before she start­ed research­ing & imple­ment­ing her learn­ing into her regime proves that her meth­ods are work­ing for her. Her videos are also VERY pro­fes­sion­al­ly done & clear. Her speak­ing voice is PERFECT for mak­ing com­men­tary. How­ev­er, I have to be a lit­tle ‘Neg­a­tive Nan­cy’ here bc I agree with Angeli­na; she tends to be con­de­scend­ing. She’s also VERY defen­sive when some­one makes a com­ment that she doesn’t agree with. She tries to cov­er it up with a… Read more »
I real­ly like the info Kim­may has to offer, but I agree that she doesn’t have the best atti­tude. I’m sure all her old­er sub­bies remem­ber her mak­ing a vlog last year lash­ing out on peo­ple who were embed­ding her videos with­out her per­mis­sion. I left a com­ment say­ing I’m sure her sub­scribers were unaware of this appar­ent copy­right infringe­ment and that I thought she was being a lit­tle hard on her fans who were sim­ply try­ing to spread her word. Note: I hadn’t ever embed­ded any of her videos before, but I still could under­stand why some­one would think… Read more »
Even thought she is not always accu­rate. She BY FAR the per­son that makes the most sense on Youtube when it can to explain­ing why this method and why not this one. At least she uses her brain and her abil­i­ty to read and her edu­ca­tion to TRY to under­stand the sci­ence behind things. Nobody else does that on Youtube. Not that i know of. For exam­ple how can one dimiss her bak­ing soda infor­ma­tion based on : ”oth­er peo­ple do it and have long hair”. I’m not say­ing you should not chal­lenge what she says but please do it prop­er­ly.… Read more »

I like Kim­may­tube and take in a lot of her advice. I also will be copy­ing her leave-in con­di­tion recipe.

Kim­may­tube is one of the most infor­ma­tive, impres­sive and pro­fes­sion­al YouTube hair video blog­gers out there. She attracts a ton of sub­scribers and with that comes more scruti­ny and inter­est from those that feel she believes she is supe­ri­or in knowl­edge to them or that she has appoint­ed her­self the font of nat­ur­al knowl­edge. A lot of crit­i­cism toward her comes from nat­ur­al hair care forum users who seem hap­py to shoot her down for her asser­tion that she is an autho­r­a­tive voice on nat­ur­al hair care while sound­ing as though they feel supe­ri­or to kim­may­tube. I see crit­i­cism of… Read more »
What? She does­nt just speak about curl def­i­n­i­tion… If you go on her chan­nel she speaks alot about pro­tec­tive styles and pre­serv­ing the hair…and if she does curls they are done by flexirods and she speaks about how to keep them look­ing fresh. I woul­ndt call that curl def­i­n­i­tion because that isnt her nat­ur­al curl patterns.…and Im pret­ty sure EVERYONE does­nt think bak­ing soda is bad…im sure it still works for some and for oth­ers, she sim­ply said that bak­ing soda was not an actu­al nat­ur­al product.….and id sur­mise that bak­ing soda isnt the dri­ving force for waist length hair.…im… Read more »

Not much of a fan, she can’t style except when it comes for curl def­i­n­i­tion. Then, she had the audac­i­ty to say to her audi­ence that she wasn’t curl obsessed. How­ev­er, if you look hat her past hair styling videos and that PRETTY MUCH ALL she does. Does any­one even style hair any­more? It’s all curl def­i­n­i­tion, curl def­i­n­i­tion, and more curl def­i­n­i­tion. I like curls as much as the next per­son, but come on.


Not real­ly a fan. I am still sub­scribed, I just only pre­fer to see the hair­styles (which isn’t much), and I don’t lis­ten to her when it comes to sci­ence. Now every­one thinks bak­ing soda is bad for hair, how­ev­er, many nat­u­rals were using bak­ing soda before who are now waist length.

I use it and it’s done noth­ing to my hair.

The only peo­ple I lis­ten to when it comes to sci­ence is The Nat­ur­al Haven and The Beau­ty Brains. They are actu­al­ly trained in it. Shame, I actu­al­ly real­ly liked her chan­nel.


I not a kim­may­tube fan. Her ph bal­ance video was com­plete­ly wrong and mis­lead­ing.

MJ Labonte

Thank you so much for shar­ing. I had nev­er heard of her and so I checked out her chan­nel and it is the truth! The videos and dia­grams def­i­nite­ly make it eas­i­er to under­stand the sci­en­tif­ic aspects of (nat­ur­al) hair!


Kim­may­tube is great, I enjoy most of her videos (not much for fash­ion unfor­tu­nate­ly) though I must stress that she is noth­ing like JC of Nat­ur­al Haven, JC is a qual­i­fied Sci­en­tist while Kim­may­tube is not.


I think her chan­nel is def­i­nite­ly infor­ma­tive. She touch­es upon things I didn’t think about when it comes to hair care, but I think she needs to watch her lan­guage and tone. Some­times in the videos she is con­de­scend­ing. That’s a turn off. We all need to sup­port each oth­er and lift and love each oth­er in this nat­ur­al hair process.

Ms. Haiti 1982!

My friend used this stuff and is 100% hooked, she stoped buy­ing all the oth­er hair prouducts and most­ly sticks to her rou­tine. When it gets a lit­tle try, she puts a lit­tle of her oil mix in her hair. It’s the truth. She should have bot­tled it up and sold it.


Kim’s youtube chan­nel was actu­al­ly the first thing I found when I began going nat­ur­al in Jan­u­ary. Her hair­care advice has helped me man­age, pro­tect, and grow my hair and style it in so many ways. Plus, I love that she backs her hair­care reg­i­mens with sci­en­tif­ic facts and isn’t afraid to have a debate. lol


Kim u r AMAZING! Thank you for shar­ing your gift.

Handmade Design

Oh my good­ness I love Kim­may Tube. She is awe­some I have learned so much from her chan­nel.


i was JUST watch­ing her videos. i LOVE her. i always rec­om­mend her to any­one that’s tran­si­tion­ing or cur­rent­ly nat­ur­al


Thank you for pro­vid­ing the kim­may­tube link! I’ve only watched the first video and I’m already impressed. Thank you for con­tin­u­ing to be a great resource.


yup! been slack­ing off on my youtube late­ly, but i’ve been fol­low­ing kim­may­tube for a while. love her!


I looove her chan­nel. I real­ly took in her finan­cial advice she did, I think it was called Advice to 20 yr old me. Im not sure but I took the whole series to heart. Im 20 & man­ag­ing the lit­tle debt I have & I hope to keep that way! LOL Thanks Kim!


I love Kim­may­Tube. I’ve learned so much from her dur­ing my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney watch­ing youtube videos, and mim­ic­k­ing her dif­fer­ent tips & tricks for nat­ur­al hair.!!! Thanx.~~ ;)


Yes,I am fan of Kim and her You Tube channel…She is very infor­ma­tive and her hair growth is amaz­ing. I am seek­ing results in hair growth, as well as healthy hair, and she pro­vides the tips I need, as well as styles.