Okay… So I know this is a hair blog, but I just HAD to get your take on this!!

From Clutch Magazine;

Just when you thought mainstream media was demystified of the age-old big butt, they prove to us all, yet again, light makes it right.

According to the New York Daily News, big butts are this summer’s hottest trend. And whose back sides accompanies the headline? None other than “Armenian Princess” Kim Kardashian and 40-year-old actress-singer Jennifer Lopez. With honorable mentions of Serena Williams and Beyonce in the periphery.

The story reads: “Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” has so much praise been paid to the posterior.”

Ummm, but for who? I know some dudes on Fulton who jump up and down every time my girls and I walk pass.

The author attempts to dilute the hype a bit, quoting Stylesight trend analyst Sharon Graubard. “African American and Latino culture have long respected a larger bum. We have all these Brazilian models, and as our population becomes more diverse, we’re appreciating different body parts that are different than the puritanical American roots. In Brazil, it’s been all about the butt.”

Hmmm…Different than the puritanical American roots?

Yet again, and sadly, these trend reports prove Black bodies remain outside the European aesthetic code. Our bodies are deconstructed, cut up like a slab of dead meat and hoisted as national hors d’oeuvres for the world to pick at. We are never the main dish. Or do we even want to be?

Interesting! What are your thoughts?

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@ Jordan

I agree and completely related. My bottom is not huge and so people make fun of me and say I have a butt like a white girl. So silly, we can’t all look like Serena.


it’s ridiculous….our features are only praised if they are on someone of another race. Big lips? Angelina Jolie…Big butt? Kim K or Vida Guerra….etc etc…and it goes on and on my friend



and the race fail continues

This issue goes back to the commodification of blackness. If it is something that can be marketed, then it is okay, but would be better if it is on a body that isn’t black. The big butt sells as long as it’s on J.Lo or Kim K. But some people still find Serena’s posterior offensive in tennis whites! America has always place a higher aesthetic on the Eurocentric features, figure, etc. That is one of those things here that is likely to be an issue for some time. And as the writer stated, Ummm for who? This is only new… Read more »
I blame music videos and such for thinking that a big butt is the best thing going. I am an african-american woman that does not have a big butt, AND I DON’T CARE. In high school and throughout life I have been teased by boys, family members, and lovers for it. One day I just woke up and said “f it.” My body was not meant to have a badonkadonk. So if you have a well rounded mountain or a flatland for a backside, so what! Your worth is determinded by your body, and your beauty is rooted in your… Read more »

I gotta tell you I busted out laughing at this line: “Ummm, but for who? I know some dudes on Fulton who jump up and down every time my girls and I walk pass.”

First of all, Serine has been looking really cute lately! It’s unfortunate that beauty is still judged according to a European aesthetic, even if it’s in a non-obvious/subversive way. Ironically, I was shocked when I first moved from America to England and found beauty/fashion ad campaigns regularly featuring Black women (from shades ranging from fair to very dark) without any underlying subtext – many major stores even feature black mannequins. That said England/Europe has it’s issues as well, but it seems like in America there is a continued undercurrent of lack of acceptance of Blackness as being part of the… Read more »

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some things we just have to chalk up to white folks’ ignorance. they are not conditioned to think of black women as naturally attractive, so anything like a ‘big butt’ being seen as attractive HAS to be attached to a white body. it’s still sexist, regardless of what body is being objectified.

i’m not mad, i could care less, because i know i’m attractive in my chocolate skin…with my big butt!

but on another note, WTF is going on with Serena’s HAIR??!! she looks bananas! but the body is bangin’!

Sherrie C

Who cares about what these mainstream folk think or publish. They (the media, publishers, etc.) will never think highly of our race on education, beauty or in the workplace, career, etc. This is a given. I am beautiful with my caramel skin and big butt….and to my other sisters with big butts, you are beautiful!


I’m so over the media’s hype over fat butts. Forget Kim Kardashian and these Brazilians…African women been having big butts before big butts was. Just another example of white folk trying to capitalize on black folk without paying homage.