The big-butt trend

Okay… So I know this is a hair blog, but I just HAD to get your take on this!!

From Clutch Magazine;

Just when you thought mainstream media was demystified of the age-old big butt, they prove to us all, yet again, light makes it right.

According to the New York Daily News, big butts are this summer’s hottest trend. And whose back sides accompanies the headline? None other than “Armenian Princess” Kim Kardashian and 40-year-old actress-singer Jennifer Lopez. With honorable mentions of Serena Williams and Beyonce in the periphery.

The story reads: “Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” has so much praise been paid to the posterior.”

Ummm, but for who? I know some dudes on Fulton who jump up and down every time my girls and I walk pass.

The author attempts to dilute the hype a bit, quoting Stylesight trend analyst Sharon Graubard. “African American and Latino culture have long respected a larger bum. We have all these Brazilian models, and as our population becomes more diverse, we’re appreciating different body parts that are different than the puritanical American roots. In Brazil, it’s been all about the butt.”

Hmmm…Different than the puritanical American roots?

Yet again, and sadly, these trend reports prove Black bodies remain outside the European aesthetic code. Our bodies are deconstructed, cut up like a slab of dead meat and hoisted as national hors d’oeuvres for the world to pick at. We are never the main dish. Or do we even want to be?

Interesting! What are your thoughts?

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70 thoughts on “The big-butt trend

  1. I’m “White” (not literally but you know…) and though I can’t speak for anyone else, I love beautiful women regardless of the color of their skin. I am an equal opportunity horndog (but loyal to my wife). I couldn’t care less whether the woman is Black, Latina, Asian, White, Australoid, a mix of races or something else. Heck, the female lead in Avatar looked good to me. I have dated women of all races and though I didn’t plan on avoiding women of my own race, I have been married twice to Latinas. I felt as though many White women (at least here in Los Angeles when I was available) were not worth the effort. I put more emphasis on who the woman is versus what she looks like BUT I still love beautiful women. I enjoy looking at them and if “necessary”, masturbating while doing it (my wife knows I have a problem!). I love big butts and otherwise full, round butts on women (and big breasts and small breasts and medium–sized breasts and plump women and medium-sized women and…) I’m surprised it’s taken this long for much of the public to appreciate big backsides on women and can’t figure out why full-figured women are so often regarded as “fat” but whatever. And to the Black women here: in my humble opinion, myriad Black women are smokin’. I love the way God put you together. If someone else doesn’t (and of course there will be those who don’t) no one is making them look and that leaves more of you for those who do appreciate you. My least favorite type of woman is a mean, skinny woman; (go figure, eh).

  2. @Permalink you do know that the black skined native americans in south america are mixed with african evan if they dont admit to it. because of the wide racial prejudice down therelots of them dont admit to it.

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  4. it Kills me that they even say LATIN cultures…do they realize that UNLESS THESE ALTIN COUNTRIES have had a form of slavery that brought over Africans EVEN they don’t have BUTTS…hello Brazill the portuguese brought over SLAVES…look at a white european portuguese woman in Brazil…yeah she’s not looking like th women in the the city who are cleary of African descnet..this kills me..Everytime i hear kim k say “i’;m Armenian all the women in my family look like this” I want to scream..NO THEY DO NOT….you are like one in a billion I have a TON of armenian friends…and EVEN they say ” uhmm i don’t know what Armenia she’s been too, but that’s not typical…0 AND I HAVE full blood 100% born in Armenia Armenian friends…these are pehneotypes of the African cultre…they show up every once in awhile on someone who is not but guess who get the praise for it…it’s so unreal rememeber when Bo Deriick wore braids amd they called it the Bo derrick?!?! Wow!

    • Lol! I love your comment, but seeing it’s from 3 years ago made me chuckle because it’s clear, although not known at the time–Kim K’s butt is FAKE!

      I know, I was bamboozled too for a while too. But now, there are countless of before and after pictures to showcase this. She had fat transfered into her buttocks–hence why people taught hers was real at first. Lots of women are now doing the fat transfer to the booty now. She’s make it a quite popular plastic surgery.

  5. and i don’t care and i’m not trying to be mean..but it makes me mad that black women are considered undesirable 2 nd rate even to other races, but if you have a feature that is known from our ancestory , you’re the greatest thing walking… It’s mind boggling.

  6. Such candid and necessary points and so glad you posted this article! I am a white woman with a larger behind and have noticed the recent attention to the butt in the media. It is yet another form of objectification of the female body – reducing a woman to one ‘part’ as if dissecting us. This is not empowering for any race or gender. It is also obvious that the trend is now focusing on light skinned woman, eg Kim kardashian and even Miley Cyrus with her grotesque cultural appropriating of twerking. There are also plenty of woman boldly publishing their own selfie booty shots all over Instagram and Facebook – this is hegemony at its best… Internalizing dominant oppressive norms and in fact inflicting them upon oneself – in effect objectifying yourself. It is indeed a newish trend, yet a recycling of oppressive norms based on gender and ethnicity. But glad to see people are critical of this :)

  7. Hmmm…I guess most whites don’t realize that Blacks have been here since before the founding of this nation, lol!!!and even before that, the Natives had already end in the land for centuries, and even they were likely originally from Africa! So who’s the most pure American? The world may never know.

    • Torie Anza there is much scientific evidence proving that human beings originated in Africa. These are not just Black scientists saying this either!

    • Dead on. Actually there is evidence that the original people were not even Asiatic natives but Negroid peoples.

      • That;s funny, I thought they were found in Southern Africa, where I come from. Some Scientists from Stanford even named her Homo-Naledi. Carbon dating tests prove it Humanity can be traced to the San, the oldest living people in the world. As a Tswana, I am honored to have significant Khoisan heritage. We are a pure race :)

  8. Black women should not feel offended if non black women imitate our figure, they will always be a bad copy us! Black women are goddess!

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