Today we want to know which products give you the best amount of slip when you’re prepping your hair for detangling. Please share!!

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Herbal Essences Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner!

Ladies take note that most of these posts are referencing cheapie conditioners, lol.

Tonya NewNaturalista

Herbal Essence Totally Twisted! Every time I try something else I look longingly at my Totally Twisted and say “Why did I ever doubt you!” LOL


White Rain Coconut Conditioner 33oz = $1
VO5 Moisture Milks 12oz = $1
Alba Botanical Leave-In Conditioner 7.5 oz = $9


Kinky Kurly Knot Today literally MELTS my tangles and has really good slip. Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle literally is a miracle lol. I don’t use it any more cause I’m going all natural but it is amazing for detangling in the shower.


Tresemme Naturals Conditioner! Stuff is crazy good and made me relate Suave to prepoo.


Suave Almond and Shea Butter!!!!!

But, dang it, I keep getting an itch to try Hello Hydration from Herbal Essences. I think I’ll hit up Target.


Nature’s gate jojoba is amazing! Great slip for 4c hair! Also leaves my hair feeling AWESOME


i guess i’ll be the odd man out. i think aubrey organics white camelia conditioner does AMAZING things for my hair. it doesn’t help that i’m an aubrey addict either 😀


I just love Giovanni’s and also Elucence. You don’t need a lot for the product to work

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

Kinky Curly Knot Today and Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner are my fave detanglers. Both are relatively expensive, but they’re worth it because I can recognize all the ingredients without the help of a dictionary 🙂


HE’s Break’s Over Conditioner is the only one that works like a dream for my hair.


yes yall! Suave almond and shea is the shiz 🙂


Aussie Moist


I still like my Giovanni. Haven’t tried HE Hello Hydration yet.


Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner. Great!!


Olive oil and Vo5 conditioner.

Ashley Machelle at UIS
Ashley Machelle at UIS



The lovely bottle you’ve got up top. 🙂


I love Kinky Curly Knot Today. I would love Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Conditioner if it didn’t leave my hands quite so slick.


My hair has recently started tangling I’m on the hunt for a better detangling conditioner. I have a bottle of the Hello Hydration that I need retry….and also heard about that Suave Almond and Shea butter being good.



Did the change the ingredients on YTC?!..i went to purchase about a month ago and the Yes to Carrots had a silicone listed in the itching to try this but am attempting to go the curly girl way..I use Giovanni Smooth As Silk to detangle and I had no problems and it leaves my hair super soft..


HE Hydrolicious just gives me hair life!!!!!!! I tried it for the first time yesterday and it’s the best conditioner I’ve ever used for slip.. Bye Bye Aussie.. Hello HE


VO5 moisture milk, Right On curl activator and WATER, WATER, WATER


Suave humectant hands down; its cheap,moisturizes well (even once hair dries), thick,have a lot of slip and smells great

@beth, I love the suave professional line!!

@ all the hello hydration lovers- I have been dying to try but i just cannot seem to stray away from my suave and vo5 moister milk.

@janique- i tries aussie moist and it does moisturize very well but every time I go to purchase condish suave is always on sale so i go with the cheapest one since it does the same thing

great post


Vo5 Mouisture Milks, Lustrasilk Shea Butter! I have HE Hello Hydration, but I have yet to detangle with it, from the looks of things I’m going to have to try that.

Camille in Slovenia

Here in Europe I use Garnier Ultra Naturals Cranbery & Argan Oil conditioner. I tried Hello Hydration but Garnier beats it by a mile.


I use Nature’s Gate Jojoba Conditioner to detangle. It has wonderful slip and has no cones.


OMG Janique. You said the two I was going to name. The Aussie Moist Conditioner and the Yes to Cucumbers. I like YTC because it has great slip even though there are no cones in it. I also like the Suave Almond and Shea Butter, but not as much as the first two I named.


I’m with Beth, Suave Naturals Almond and Shea butter conditioner has really good slip and smells nice too!


Renpure Organics My Pretty Hair is Parched conditioner is my hands down favorite for traditional detangling. However, now that I deep condition and detangle before I wash my hair, I use lekair mango cholesterol mixed with coconut oil. I’ll sometimes add some thin conditioner like Renpure or TJ Nourish Spa to stretch the conditioner if my hair is especially tangly (like it was yesterday, with 2 weeks worth of shed hair to clear out).


Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello hydration and VO5 moisture milks


I’m sorry ladies i’m a 70s baby!!! I have always used Queen Helene cholesterol condionter. My hair doesn’t respond well to any other conditioner or detangler. I haven’t had a chance to try out Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. until i do, Queen helene is my fav!!!!
I love to use this product in the shower with my denman brush!


Hello Hydration is my fav cheapie. Fav for wash and gos. Kinky Curly Knot today is heaven as well. AMAZING when used together! (one for cowash other to moisturize)


So far nothing beats HE Hello Hydration. I’m just afraid using it for a prolonged period will make my hair too accustomed and then it will lose its power….


My favorite product is Pantene Pro-V conditioner. Oh I love it so much…and I know how some people feel about mineral oil, but this is the only conditioner that keeps my hair moisturized.


Hands down Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner… it melts in my hair and softens it so thoroughly that detangling is a breeze 🙂


For me definitely Aussie Moist conditioner…the tangles just melt away. I also use Yes To cucumbers conditioner. It detangles well too.


I love that you have a photo of Hello Hydration showing for this post, because that is exactly what I was going to suggest! I love Herbal Essence Hello Hydration!