When I stopped _______, I started seeing less hair in my comb!

Kind of an odd title, I know, but this is a fill in the blank! What did you stop doing to your hair that resulted in less hair balls in your comb and around your bathroom?!

For me, it was when I stopped doing wash and go’s every day, and cut it down to every 4 days. Also, when I stopped using so much shampoo and started exploring alternatives like co-washing, and cleansing with bentonite clay.

What about you?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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86 thoughts on “When I stopped _______, I started seeing less hair in my comb!

  1. When I finally, FINALLY stopped using high alkaline (pH9+) shampoo and conditioner bars and liquids, I started seeing less hair in my comb.

    They made my hair soft but it was coming out in clumps! I had to BC 4 times and for years I thought it was diet, stress or illness. But the problem was that my cuticle was over-exposed and stripped bare and no DT, DC, HOT, protein or oil did anything to help.

    Now I wash with a neutral pH 7 mud (my favorite!) and finish with a pH 6 vinegar rinse (another favorite). If I don’t have those then I use a pH 4-6 shampoo and conditioner, diluting alkaline ones with vinegar if I need to, my pH strips are my weapon!

    It made all the difference in the world and changed my hair in one afternoon, I went from mushy, breaking, see-through strands to super strong thick hair hair. I have so little hair fall – washing, combing, styling, sleeping – that I’m surprised when I see it now. I’m just sorry it took me so long to realize, but maybe this can help someone else.

  2. When I started Researching black hair care techniques and applying them to my life, I stop seeing hair on the floor! Ayurveda hair techniques are a life saver!

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