Kind of an odd title, I know, but this is a fill in the blank! What did you stop doing to your hair that result­ed in less hair balls in your comb and around your bath­room?!

For me, it was when I stopped doing wash and go’s every day, and cut it down to every 4 days. Also, when I stopped using so much sham­poo and start­ed explor­ing alter­na­tives like co-wash­ing, and cleans­ing with ben­tonite clay.

What about you?

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Using Kinky Curly Knot Today as my detan­gler that stuff is the truth! Too expen­sive for my blood though so I’m going to pur­chase some Marsh­mel­low Root to add to a cheap­ie condish to get the same slip.


for me it cow­ash­ing everyday…and detan­gling every time i co-washed…and using a den­man or comb to detan­gle all the time…when i cut my wash­ing down to 1x a week, maybe an occa­sion­al cow­ash dur­ing the week, and pri­mar­i­ly using my fin­gers to detan­gle 1x a week on wet, condish soaked hair, every­thing was all good lol