One of the funnest things about nat­ur­al hair is the way prod­ucts smell — hon­ey, pome­gran­ate, laven­der, man­go — there are ALL kinds of scents going on. This ques­tion is kind of just for fun… But today we want to know; Which nat­ur­al hair prod­uct is your favorite in terms of scent?

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I grav­i­tate to any­thing that has a long herbal ingre­di­ent sec­tion in its list of ingre­di­ents, and if it smells good, even bet­ter. That’s how I decid­ed to try Nature’s Gate Dai­ly Herbal con­di­tion­er. To me it has a rather exot­ic smell, and I like it as much for the scent as for the slip. When I made a mois­tur­iz­ing spritz last year dur­ing the sum­mer, I used this con­di­tion­er as one of the ingre­di­ents pure­ly for the scent. Mmm­m­mm, won­der­ful :-)!

Bonnie B

I like blend­ed Beau­ty Curyl Styling but­ter. And Miss Jessie’s baby but­ter

And some­thing about the mix­ture of rose­mary and laven­der get me going. That :herbaly” smell 



Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibis­cus line
I also mix some of my own prod­ucts too and one of the EOs I love is lemon­grass. Yum­my good­ness!


I cosign. Shea Mois­ture prod­ucts smell great. I’m now using the mois­ture reten­tion sham­poo and the curl enhanc­ing smooth­ie.


I actu­al­ly have a few hair stalk­ers- they fol­low the deli­cious scent of my hair.

The Curls Creme Brule leave-in and shea moisture’s coconut and hibis­cus line are the most pop­u­lar.

I also get a lot of com­pli­ments on my Healthy Sexy Hair Pump­kin leave-in, but it makes my hair crunchy.

I want to get some of this burnt sug­ar stuff peo­ple have been talk­ing about.

And I did love the smell of Car­ol Daugh­ters Black Vanil­la Spray, but it did noth­ing. I put a few drops of vanil­la extract and hon­ey in my water spritz and that’s close enough for me.


Hi, Jade! *waves*


Hi Efe! :)


I have to say my favorite is brown water in a bot­tle, aka Car­ols Daugh­ter Black Vanil­la Leave In Con­di­tion­er. Once I accept­ed the fact that it does absolute­ly noth­ing for my hair, I just start­ed using it for what I call puff per­fume. I mist my twistouts and wash n go’s before I leave the house and I am always com­pli­ment­ed on the scent. My boyfriend even com­ment­ed that the smell helps him sleep, its like hairo­mather­a­py! (cuz it dang sho aint a con­di­tion­er. lol)


LOLOL!! I think I’m gonna have to bor­row that one “brown water in a bot­tle”. It doesn’t do any­thing for my hair either, except make it smell nice. I have the Tui leave in…


I must say, Dar­cys Botan­i­cals Nat­ur­al Coils Curl­ing Jel­ly,
and the Oyin Hand­made Whipped pud­ding,
Then Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion,
THEN plain old coconut oil. Im a smeller lol.


Oyin Hand­made Whipped Pud­ding FOR THE WIN!!! Smells like gin­ger­bread (to me)… makes me amaz­ing­ly hun­gry though :(

BLT blacklovedandtransitioning
BLT blacklovedandtransitioning

Hel­lo hydra­tion! =] and car­ols daugh­ter leave in black vanil­la


I make and mix most of my prod­ucts, but I love lavan­dar.

Emma I hear you. Some peo­ple are real­ly sen­si­tive to scents and fra­grance oils. One nat­ur­al hair com­pa­ny that shall remain name­less had the most ter­ri­ble, smokey, cor­ner store incense smells to their prod­ucts. The prod­ucts weren’t bad, but the scents were so strong they were obvi­ous­ly using inex­pen­sive fra­grance addi­tives. Those can be irri­tat­ing for us with sen­si­tive skin, aller­gies, and noses! I vote for Oyin because to me they have pleas­ant, but very mild scents. Per­son­al­ly I don’t want to smell my hair all day. That would both­er me. Oyin is pleas­ant to put on, but the fra­grance fades… Read more »

well…i know Carol’s Daugh­ter prod­ucts stink to me. lol


Have to agree with you here. It def­i­nite­ly has an earthy waxy smell


Bee Mine: bee loved hair & scalp mois­tur­iz­er
Karen’s Body Beau­ti­ful Sweet Ambrosia in pomer­grante & gua­va scent
Trad­er Joe’s Nur­ish Spa Con­di­tion­er


I mixed water, veg­etable oil and vanil­la extract in a spray bot­tle. It’s my home­made moisturizer/refresher. Smells yum­my.


Ohh I for­got one. My friend uses Curls Creme Brule and it smells like heav­en! *swoons*


My fave smells are EVCO and my shea butter/aloe vera gel/honey mix. Some­times, I smell them for fun. :)


Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie didn’t real­ly work for me, but it smells amaz­ing!


I like Carol’s Daugh­ter Black Vanil­la Leave-in I love vanil­la.


Oyin Hand­made Juices and Berries, hands down. If all my hair prod­ucts smelled like this, I wouldn’t com­plain.

Ashley Machelle at UIS



I real­ly like that smell too. Reminds me of Fruity Peb­bles :)
I don’t like the prod­ucts though


YESSSSSSSS! coco lime EVERYTHING! hair milk, hair but­ter, LOVE!


I actu­al­ly don’t like scents. I use scent free hand wash, body wash, clothes deter­gent, dry­er sheets…scent free as much as I can!

so one day I hope that there is a scent-free hair line. idk If i’m a lon­er on this point, but I like to be odor­less. how­ev­er I like oth­ers to smell deli­cious! lol


I think you mean fra­grance free?
every­thing has a scent, i doubt you can avoid that.


yeah that’s what i meant. well, to be spe­cif­ic, low low lev­el of fra­grance or none added.


Or you can try mak­ing your own stuff using all nat­ur­al prod­ucts. Shea but­ter, aloe gel, sweet almond oil, veg­etable glyc­erin and cas­tor oil. All great nat­ur­al prod­ucts for hair with lit­tle to no scent at all. I have bad aller­gies so that’s what I do, and if I want scent, a few drops of lemon or laven­der essen­tial oils do it for me.


Try raw shea but­ter, very lit­tle to no scent. And that can be used as your mois­tur­iz­er and hair but­ter.


(Six year old voice)Cantu shea but­ter ah-duh!


um, welll I don’t use those prod­ucts but thanks. :-/


Coconut oil. Just plain ‘ol coconut oil– extra vir­gin, if you wan­na get fan­cy. Makes my mouth water every time.

vonnie curls milk­shake! so yum­m­m­m­my, smells like coconut cook­ies or some­thing


Hands down, Oyin Hand­made, espe­cial­ly the Burnt Sug­ar Pomade, Whipped Pud­ding, Hon­ey Hemp Con­di­tion­er, and Greg Juice (which I pre­fer over Juices and Berries, although nei­ther smells bad).

As far as things I can buy out the gro­cery store, coconut oil is the clear win­ner.


Coconut! I’m obsessed with the scent.


I love the smell of coconuts too! :)




Me four! From hair prod­ucts to body prod­ucts. I’m all about it!


Me five!!

Bitty Boss

Karen’s Body Beau­ti­ful Sweet Ambrosia (for­mer­ly Hair Milk) in Coco Man­go. The smell is h e a v e n l y.


I agree that the SheaMois­ture prod­ucts smell good. Same with MyHon­ey­Child prod­ucts, Fleurtzy’s Healthy Hair But­ter, and Dr. Wood’s Shea Vision Liq­uid Black Soap.


Just one?! lol Bee Mine Prod­ucts smell amaz­ing. I also love the smell of Kinky Curly Curl­ing Cus­tard, oh I CAN’T for­get Curls prod­ucts. Just to name a few. :)


i have to say SheaMois­ture smells good, much bet­ter then it actu­al­ly worked for me. Don­na Marie prod­ucts smell like cakey good­ness. and any­thing labelled Cocoa Man­go (i’m look­ing at you, Oyin) is a win­ner in my book.

naija loves bglh

same here too! shea mois­ture smelt 10x bet­ter than it worked 4 me


lol! :D


Shea Mois­ture Prod­ucts & Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly But­ter in Coconut (the only Bee Mine prod­uct I have … but I LOVE IT!)