Today we want to know: What is your favorite styling gel?! If you’ve tried different kinds, please tell us how they stack up against each other 🙂

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aloe vera 100%%


eco-styler really works well for me. It defines my curls and holds my hair. My only issue is my hair feels rock solid afterwards. Am i the only one?



I got the same results until I mixed it with Hawaiian Silky and EVOO. The combination of those 3 give me the BEST twist outs EVER!


Nope! I gave it up just for that. Who wants rocks on their head? ;)I prefer IC Fantasia, but am still on the hunt for something that defines well withouth the crunch.


Queen Helene hard-to-hold gel works well for smoothing and definition for me. To combat hardness, I use a pomade.

When I want a softer feel and hold, I use Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

When I used to do the coils, I loved using Long Aid activator gel. That gave my coils some swing.


Sorry my second video was messed up. Here it is:



I like using my homemade Flaxseed Gel it’s very good for the hair and natural. Also like using Long Aid Activator Gel as well to do my twists,hair is left both feeling moisturized from both of these products.


Could you give us a recipe please? 🙂

Camille in Slovenia

naptural85 has a great tutorial on youtube.



Thanks for that Camille you read my mind because that is the recipe that I used lol.. So I hope that you will definitely try it Kimmy because it’s good stuff.


Thanks guys!! I am definitely going to try this 🙂


I love Aloe Vera Gel 🙂


Eco Styler Pink!!!!


Kinky Curly Custard…it really makes my curls pop, defined yet still wild and untamed.


Kiss My Face Upper Managment Styling Gel! It has nice natural ingredients, smells like grapefruit and provides a soft medium hold. It dosen’t give me cruncy hair or contribute to bulid up. It’s perfect for me.

I use it over shea butter when tieing down fuzzes while in a bun. I sometimes use it for braid outs and bantu knot outs along with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque.


My edges are my issue. I love EcoStyler with Aloe and I have also fell in love with Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control, it works wonders.


The EcoStyler Olive Oil one is best. The first day it is a little crunchy but days 2-7 are great once i break up the cruncyness I LOVE it! I can then style my hair in various ways once the crunchyness is gone and its fluffy.


Yea I have the same experience with it. I like that it will go on smoothly over conditioners or moisturizers. Because of that and putting a light oil over it, I haven’t had an issue with dryness


Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturizing Jelly


I’m a Kinky Curly fan. The gel leaves my hair with great hold, while being soft at the same time. I’ve just switched to EcoStyler. It gave me great hold, but it has a more dryer feel than Kinky Curly. After day three some of my curls dissappeared. I now see why KC charges so much for the product, but I will add some leave in conditioner and oils when using EcoStyler…. I have to save some pennies 🙂


i tried to get on the EcoStyler bandwagon too. it gave me the most stringy curls 🙁
then i re-upped on KCCC and was kissing the jar for ever thinking i could choose another.


Hahahaha…. I understand, and am trying to fight temptation. But KCCC keeps calling me!


KCCC is the business!!!!


Curls Goddess Curl gel. It gives great definition with NO crunchiness. I use it to get super soft, defined twist outs.

Aloe Vera gel works well for my edges.

Eco Styler Olive Oil gel has given me the best definition out of all the products I’ve tried, but it also made my hair dry and very crunchy.


I used to use Eco Styler gel(olive oil) but it has a tendency to dry out and flake. So now I use IC Fantasia, the clear one, and it works great. Definition, shine, no flakes, aloe(and my hair loves aloe). It’s a keeper!


Kinky-Curly Curling Custard


Does KCCC make your hair crunchy? It works fine for me, but my hair hard afterwards. Do you re-style daily? When I use it on my TWA, I feel like I have to re-style daily because the curl definition doesn’t last more than 24 hours.


KCCC does great on my TWA!!! I love the product however one of my friends say that it dries her hair out and doesn’t make her curls pop. I guess it depends on your hair texture.


I love darcys botanicals natural coils curling jelly. It doesnt make my hair crunchy, my curls are poppin, and it smells like heaven 🙂

Beale Street Chick

100 percent aloe vera gel (no specific brand)