Read­er TJ says;

I am a new read­er of your blog, fan­tas­tic infor­ma­tion as I am hooked. My burn­ing ques­tion to oth­er nat­u­rals is regard­ing steam­ers. How ben­e­fi­cial is hav­ing one in your hair jour­ney? I’m new­ly nat­ur­al, 8 months post relax­er and won­dered if there is any sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence in using one in your reg­i­men. The only heat I cur­rent­ly have been using is cour­tesy of my deep con­di­tion­ing cap week­ly. Does using a steam­er have any effect or bear­ing (pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive) on nat­ur­al hair growth and/or length reten­tion? How often do you use it? If you do use a steam­er, do you pre­fer to use it at cer­tain times of the year and/or sea­son as opposed to oth­ers? Any sug­ges­tions for an afford­able brand should I take the plunge and want to pur­chase one? Accord­ing to YouTube, I’ve heard the Hueti­ful steam­er works won­ders.

Thanks in advance for your feed­back.

Alright ladies, do you use hair steam­ers? How have they worked for you? Feel free to share pho­tos :)

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I’m glad to see a more recent post as most are from 2011 — 2013. A year ago, I pur­chased a hair steam­er from It doesn’t have the brand on it, but if you check it out online, they have two brands that look iden­ti­cal. I pur­chased one that looks like those. At any rate, I used it dur­ing the win­ter months and decid­ed to give my hair a break dur­ing the sum­mer months. It worked real­ly well for my hair. My hair was soft and man­age­able. I’ve been gear­ing up and try­ing to set aside time to re-start my… Read more »
@Wanda Being that this is well past your appt date, you prob­a­bly already had your hair trimmed. Any­who, I would say its a com­bo of all three. Your hair was used to those steam treat­ments so it suf­fered when you stopped for such an extend­ed peri­od of time. Being that the ends of your hair is the old­est part of your hair, they dry out eas­i­ly any­way. So to go from extra hydra­tion to min­i­mal was pret­ty dev­as­tat­ing. You should have kept the steam­er in your reg­i­men, but decreased how often. Maybe alter­nat­ing 1 steam treat­ment per 2 deep con­di­tion­ing… Read more »

I’ve been hear­ing a lot of peo­ple say they were skep­ti­cal until they tried it, but I just can’t get past the price tag. If I was able to test one out and com­pare vs more tra­di­tion­al meth­ods, I might be inclined to buy one based on results. How­ev­er, as it stands, I think I’ll just have to keep my lit­tle mon­ey and kick it old school.


Eli, hi i do not have a Hueti­ful Steam­er but i do have a “Secu­ra 0 Facial and Hair Steam­er”. Yes, mines does work the same and looks very very sim­i­lar to the Hueti­ful. I pur­chased my steam­er from Ama­zon for new at the price of $81


I think dis niger­ian hair styl­ist don’t under­stand wat steam­ing of hair means.I had in an annoy­ing state after ask­ing for hair steam­ing.


I have recent­ly bought a microwav­able heat cap online for about $40 it is won­der­ful you stick it in the microwave for a minute and then put the cap on your head. Since it uses steam to give you awsome curls I put my deap con­di­tion­er in instead of curlers with a show­er cap over it. Then I used my heat cap over it all. It works Won­ders, it is portable, and it only took about five min­utes.



I have been research­ing the steam­er and hon­est­ly I can’t see myself mak­ing that type of invest­ment but if I had it then I would def­i­nite­ly get it. I used to get steam treat­ments at my old domini­can salon and they were awe­some for my roller sets and blow outs. If you live in a harsh cli­mate, then go for it cause your hair will thank you. But if not, then just take the time to DC and go old school with hot tow­els and show­er caps.

2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
I just googled “hair steam­er vs hood­ed dry­er” and end­ed up here. I don’t do much with my hair. After my grand­moth­er stopped hot comb­ing it for me, my hair pret­ty much lost it’s only friend. 11years lat­er, I went to a salon because my hair need­ed a trim and a deep con­di­tion and I was inter­est­ed in see­ing what they’d do to my hair and if I could do it myself. They steamed it. I fig­ure I can do that and Assum­ing I ever think about going to a salon ever again, own­ing a steam­er will save me the… Read more »
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?

By the way, I’ve only had a relax­er three times. The first time was 16 years ago and the last time was 13 years ago because a cro­chet weave attacked me.…I’m not for­eign to nat­ur­al hair care. I just don’t like to deal with hair in gen­er­al. It’s like going to the gym. I just have to push myself to do it because I know I should. 

One more ques­tion. Does any­one use oil with their steam­er? Or just con­di­tion­ers?


@ perma­lik, You are so right. I believe its become an obses­sion and trend for black girls to go nat­u­al.


Im waaay late to this post. I pur­chased a Hueti­ful in the win­ter. I used it often. I wouldn’t swear by it, but do plan on using it again in the dry win­ter months. Now the facial attach­ment that comes with it??? CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! :)


My ques­tion is why is it that I only hear about Hueti­ful hair steam­ers? Aren’t there oth­er hair steam­ers out there? Does any­one else own a hair steam­er that is not Hueti­ful and if so does it work? Has any­one tried both? Is there a dif­fer­ence?? Are hueti­ful steam­ers sold in stores? Why is it so easy to find so much info on Hueti­ful hair steam­ers but no oth­ers?? Is this anoth­er mar­ket­ing trap??


Hi Eli, yes I own a KO:KOU hair steam­er and, I absolute­ly love it!!!


I’ve been won­der­ing these same things Eli! I can’t find any reviews on any oth­er steam­er brand oth­er than the Hueti­ful. And it seems that those with stand alone steam­ers aren’t get­ting the same results that those with the Hueti­ful has…


Secu­ra steamer…look it up on


I real­ize this is an old thread, but does poros­i­ty depends on whether or not the steam­er will work? My hair is high poros­i­ty, so even with a good deep con­di­tion­er, it would not work on my hair?


I have this and I feel that it does what it says it will do. It steams your hair.

Now, if this helps your par­tic­u­lar tex­ture, won­der­ful. I can’t tell the dif­fer­ence in the steam­ing my hair, or spritz­ing a fine mist all through my hair, putting on a plas­tic cap and doing a bunch of push-ups.

I think I could have saved myself $130 bucks.

How­ev­er, it is nice to sit under a dry­er for 20 min­utes and relax, but I’m sell­ing my steam­er ’cause I’d rather be mobile while my hair is con­di­tioned.


have you heard about the hot head d/c cap .…absolute­ly amaz­ing! you can find it on etsy!


Hel­lo Ladies:

I have recent­ly pur­chased a steam­er. I used it for the first time last week­end. I was won­der­ing if a steam­er can cause heat dam­age? As soon as I came from under the steam­er, I noticed that my hair was steam­ing.



At first I thought it was a lot of hype. I had my hair steamed for the first time in Octo­ber and LOVED it. It helped to seal in mois­ture and my hair felt total­ly dif­fer­ent!

I have main­ly 4b (with some 4a) hair and I have a Heuti­ful Hair Steam­er and a hood­ed dry­er that I rotate between every week­end. I honeslty can’t tell much of a dif­fer­ence. When I am lazy I opt for the hood­ed dry­er because it’s sim­pler to use and there is no clean up. The hair steam­er requires assem­bly which may be here nor there for some but I am always try­ing to find ways to cut down on my hair care time. In all hon­esty when I first puchased the steam­er I was dis­s­a­point­ed because I was look­ing for… Read more »

I recent­ly got the Hueti­ful steam­er and I have to say my hair loves it. I have 4a/3c hair but more impor­tant­ly, my hair is low poros­i­ty. I need the extra help in get­ting the cuti­cles on my hair shaft open. It has real­ly helped me to retain mois­ture. I could live with­out it, but it makes the over­all process of keep­ing my hair mois­tur­ized eas­i­er, which is the goal for me.

My hair is pri­mar­i­ly 4A with some 4B lurk­ing in the dis­tance. I have a Hueti­ful Hair Steam­er, which I got for Christ­mas as a gift. I live in Chica­go & we all know how harsh win­ter can be. It has def­i­nite­ly proven to be a great help to com­bat win­ter dry­ness. I’ve start­ed to use it week­ly & can see an improve­ment in my hair. I’m notic­ing less break­age and my twistouts last much longer. I’ve become able to do a 5–7 day run with a twistout. I don’t believe that’s sole­ly because of the steam­er; I believe it’s… Read more »
i’m sor­ry but black women need to stop obsess­ing over hair.  from exces­sive prod­uct use to expen­sive hair “tools” like this steam­er to five hour detan­gling ses­sions, it is real­ly bizarre to see black women put so much (too much) into hair.  seri­ous­ly, it’s kin­da crazy. also, most of the girls on youtube were GIVEN that steam­er by the peo­ple who sell it so i don’t trust their reviews at all.  i can think of oth­er things to do with $125. you can have great hair with­out this steam­er. some­times i won­der if the obses­sion with get­ting nat­ur­al hair “right” or per­fect is mere­ly… Read more »
I think there is a bit of an obses­sion with the nat­ur­al hair prod­uct and appli­ances. I don’t know if it is dif­fer­ent from any oth­er group of peo­ple but folks do seem for­ev­er on the quest for hair soft­ness, per­fect prod­ucts, per­fect curls, prod­ucts for growth, etc. I think my big­ger ques­tion with the steam­er is the log­ic in how it works. Steam is water vapor that is cre­at­ed after boil­ing water. The claim of the appli­ance is that you stick your head in the steam­er and it can make the hair soft­er. I don’t under­stand why the results… Read more »
Frankly, I don’t think any­one here is “obsess­ing over hair”. Most of us prob­a­bly had a down moment in our day and got on the inter­net to check a hair-relat­ed blog that we like. Sue us. In fif­teen min­utes, I’ll go back to doing laun­dry and writ­ing papers. But why do you lim­it your state­ment to black women only? I can name plen­ty of Lati­na and White friends who LOVE try­ing and swap­ping prod­ucts and cre­at­ing dif­fer­ent styles. Its a girly thing. Some women love shoes, and read shoe-ded­i­cat­ed blogs and will spend $700 on shoes. Frankly, I think that’s… Read more »

bw are less than 10% of the pop­u­la­tion, yet we spend 80% more than oth­er women on “cos­met­ics,” accord­ing to essence. oth­ers say we spend bil­lions of dol­lars on hair stuff. 

that says we may have 80% more issues/insecurities that oth­ers. lol.

sor­ry, not the same as oth­er women. it just isn’t.

if you wan­na buy a hair steam­er, buy it. like oth­ers, i have an opin­ion. it hap­pens to run con­trary to yours.

2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
Did you real­ly quote essence mag­a­zine? How much do con­sumers spend on hair, food, cloth­ing, dec­o­ra­tions, trans­porta­tion, our pets every day? Too much accord­ing to one per­son and not enough accord­ing to anoth­er. It’s not a black woman thing to want to live com­fort­ably or hap­pi­ly and spend mon­ey doing it. It makes sense for some­one to be con­cerned with the health of their hair whether or not it’s kept in an “accept­able” style. You sim­ply have to take care of your hair the way your hair type requires. Could involve more or less prod­ucts than anoth­er hair type and… Read more »
I think you and Nomad are on the wrong forum. Its a nat­ur­al hair web­site so ofcourse we’re going to be dis­cussing nat­ur­al hair. Its not an obsses­sion, its just the forum for this type of dis­cus­sion. If you’re not inter­est­ed, then don’t read it or come to the web­site. The point of this par­tic­u­lar dis­cus­sion was to ver­i­fy whether get­ting a steam­er (not any par­tic­u­lar one, mind you), made more of a dif­fer­ence than a deep con­di­tion­ing cap or old fash­ioned meth­ods. Peo­ple are shar­ing their expe­ri­ences and should not be con­demned as “obssessed” or “try­ing to prove they’re… Read more »
part of the dis­cus­sion of nat­ur­al hair is the absolute crazy obses­sion over it.  it’s like total extrem­ism — going from weaves to hair steam­ers and the like. i mean, lots of the top­ics on this forum are not with­in the para­me­ters you’ve just drawn.  my point is to point out that being nat­ur­al does not stop black women from want­i­ng to con­tin­ue to spend gobs of mon­ey on hair.  please remem­ber, bw women (most­ly with straight­ened hair) spend more mon­ey than oth­er women hair. why? try­ing to fig­ure out all man­ner of ways to be accept­able. fig­ure how to make those kinks accept­able.… Read more »

I’m sor­ry, but everyone’s opin­ions and sit­u­a­tions are not the same. This steam­er has actu­al­ly saved me a lot of time in my hair reg­i­men and while it’s not a lit­tle bit of mon­ey, $125 is not an unrea­son­able price for me to pay for a hair tool. I’ve got­ten my $$$ back and then some. So, if it doesn’t seem fea­si­ble to you, then fine, but to say some­one is obsessed for buy­ing what you con­sid­er to be a too expen­sive hair tool is a bit much IMO.

Mer­ry I think for a lot of women the hair thing is like anoth­er hob­by of sorts. I remem­ber a lady wrote on anoth­er site that she real­ly enjoys spend­ing 2 hours “mas­sag­ing” oils into her hair. So while I wouldn’t take that much time in my reg­i­men, I respect that she does and she enjoys it and doesn’t find it exces­sive or obses­sive. I enjoy sewing and I have 2 sewing machines that cost waaay more than this hair steam­er lol. As i said in an ear­li­er post, I couldn’t jus­ti­fy the pur­chase because I don’t need and it… Read more »
You sound real­ly judge­men­tal and as though you have a great big chip on your shoul­der over what, I’m unsure. What does dis­cussing steam­ers have to do with an obses­sion over nat­ur­al hair? You and the lurk­er are on a site ded­i­cat­ed to hair dis­cus­sion and care, the clue is in the name so if you real­ly aren’t inter­est­ed in hair and think that peo­ple on here are too obses­sive K.I.M. How is con­cern over mois­ture lev­els, reten­tion and a desire to main­tain your hair try­ing to prove you are accept­able? To who? The only one who is talk­ing crazy… Read more »
I agree with PopJus­tice. My life does not revolve around my nat­ur­al hair…but this site does. So when I do log on I can expect to see pic­tures, prod­uct reviews, arti­cles about nat­ur­al hair, etc.  This so-called “obses­sion” isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly about being “right” or “per­fect,” (because let’s face it, if we cared THAT much about being accept­ed we wouldn’t be going nat­ur­al in the first place). It’s about hav­ing healthy hair, and I don’t know any woman (Black or non-Black) that doesn’t want that. Nobody is say­ing that the steam­er is a neces­si­ty. You can have per­fect­ly fine hair with­out it. How­ev­er,… Read more »

I’m kin­da hair obsess but there is no way I’m pay­ing $125 for a got damn steam­er for one thing my heat cap has done me so well that deep con­di­tion­ing only takes 15 min­utes. Sec­ond­ly as you stat­ed all of the reviews on YT about this prod­uct is by ppl who were giv­en this prod­uct for free.

I’m a lurk­er and nev­er post­ed and have to cosign this com­ment! I’ve had nat­ur­al hair for over two years, but only start­ed tak­ing care of it myself sans braids exten­sions myself only a few months ago and while i’ve seen great improve­ments using tips from here and oth­er sites, I’m start­ing to wor­ry that I’m falling into a mild obses­sion over my hair fueled by sites like this. I’ve bought prod­ucts while nice but absolute­ly not THAT nec­es­sary, (though I think switch­ing to nat­ur­al prod­ucts over com­mer­cial has helped).  how­ev­er, i prob­a­bly spend an hour tops wash­ing and con­di­tion­ing… Read more »
Love the post..My strands are medium..kinky, coily. Before using the Hueti­ful steam­er I would sit with the plas­tic bag on my hair all day…which took alot of time. Now that I have the Hueti­ful my hair time has been cut down by hours..and the my hair retains mois­ture more through the week and my scalp is also more mois­tur­ized. As a result ive noticed a sig­nif­i­cant amount of growth..and my hair is just respond­ing nice­ly. I steam every week..but I do put braids or twist in while i steam. I think a good alter­na­tive is to just get in the show­er and… Read more »
Alta Angel
I love my steam­er and I def­i­nite­ly believe that your poros­i­ty must be in check to gain the most ben­e­fits. I start­ed using Roux Poros­i­ty Con­trol about 1 year ago. I have been using my steam­er 1–2xs per week with a deep con­di­tion­er and plas­tic cap for about 1.5 years. Dur­ing the ear­ly part of my tran­si­tion it was o.k., but my hair still tan­gled after use. The more nat­ur­al hair I had, the bet­ter the my steam­er results. It is def­i­nite­ly part of my week­ly reg­i­men now. If I steam mid­week, I don’t rewash/cowash my hair. I just apply… Read more »

just get in the show­er


I have a Hueti­ful steam­er and I like that I can sit under it for 20 min­utes and get the same results as I would after 1 hr under a dry­er or 2 hours with­out heat. I’ve only used it 4 times so far but my hair retains mois­ture well even after it air dries (it’s very soft but not greasy).

How­ev­er, I can live with­out it. I just got it as one of my Christ­mas presents but I prob­a­bly wouldn’t go out an buy one for myself.

I found a pret­ty good deal on a stand­ing steam­er in August, so I went ahead and got it. I don’t think it changed my (hair) life, and I’m not cer­tain I would repur­chase, if I knew then what I know now.  It’s nice to have a steam­er, but nowhere near nec­es­sary. I think I my hair does about the same just using my heat­ing cap or just leav­ing my con­di­tion­er in for longer. The steam­er cer­tain­ly did NOT answer my prayers of hav­ing tan­gle-free hair that doesn’t still need to be re-mois­tur­ized dai­ly. I have pen spring-sized coils, fine strands,… Read more »
I am a real­ly big fan of my steam­er. I have 4a/b hair and what i notice is that steam­ing real­ly allows what­ev­er con­di­tion­er i use to get into my hair. I will say the same for mois­tur­iz­ers. It has become a very crit­i­cal part of my hair reg­i­men. I steam week­ly. I don’t cov­er my hair with a cap or any­thing. I put my shea but­ter mix on and just sit under it. I have the same one pic­ture although I do intend to get anoth­er one that rolls soon. I feel like it would be safer.

Hi ladies,

I am the OP. Thank you for shar­ing your feed­back and expe­ri­ences. Please keep them com­ing. I do not want to rock the boat as my hair has been far­ing well. Knock on wood. I am some­where in the 4 range between A or B. I will keep the idea in mind as a gift request but not go out of my way to pur­chase unless I win the lot­tery first, lol. Best of luck to all of you ladies in your hair jour­ney.

West Indian Beauty

I’ve been mean­ing to review my steam­er. I’ve had it for the last 6 months…my hair care results would not skip a beat if I stopped using my steam­er. After much exper­i­men­ta­tion, I’ve found overnight DC is more effec­tive for me.


I don’t own a hair steam­er, but I do own a Caru­so steam roller set. I use them prob­a­bly about 2 times a week on my stretched-out nat­ur­al hair and love them. I feel like I’m adding mois­ture back into my hair as I’m styling it. That might be an option for the cash-strapped such as myself.


Wow Kwee­nie that is a great idea! As much as I love my hair, I just can’t jus­ti­fy the mon­ey and space for some­thing I know I would only use every so often since I’m not hav­ing mois­ture prob­lems in gen­er­al. Caru­so could fit under my sink, dou­ble as a face steam with a tow­el, and maybe give me some soft curls for my updos.


I sec­ond that


I been want­i­ng to get one because I heard a lot of raves and reviews about it espe­cial­ly from peo­ple with chron­ic dry hair/scalp but I don’t know the price tag is pret­ty hefty.


My moth­er in-law got me one as a Christmas/Graduation gift and I love it. So far I have only used it on my hair braids but I could tell a huge dif­fer­ence in the mois­ture lev­el of my scalp and roots. You can pos­si­bly achieve the same results with home­made steam­ing meth­ods but the ease of the using the Hueti­ful steam­er made this pur­chase will worth it. If she would not have got­ten the steam­er for me, I would have pur­chased it myself.

You should prob­a­bly go to a salon where they offer steam treat­ments to see if steam­ing is some­thing you would like to incor­po­rate into your reg­i­men. I didn’t do this myself (I live in Col­orado and win­ters here are super dry, so I knew I real­ly want­ed to get a steam­er). I have a hair steam­er (Hueti­ful) and I love it. I have fine, 4b hair and I’ve noticed more mois­ture reten­tion with the steam­er than with the hood­ed dry­er. My steam­er is still rel­a­tive­ly new (just got it in Octo­ber) and I plan to use it every week this… Read more »

Aisha­Said­It and Teach, I appre­ci­ate your posts. I’ve been won­der­ing if it would be a great ben­e­fit to have one of these, or if it would be more of a lux­u­ry, some­thing I’d like as a gift. This may not be the best anal­o­gy, but it’s sort of like a Snug­gie. My mom bought me one as a gift (leop­ard print… grrrr), but I would not have bought that for myself. And it’s nice and warm, but I am okay not wear­ing it every night. And my hus­band is ok with that, too.


I think it would be a very nice gad­get­ty gift because you can deep con­di­tion your hair in so many oth­er ways. A neces­si­ty to me is some­thing like a sham­poo free of sul­fate or my Jami­la Hen­na. If I was out of town and I didn’t bring my steam­er, I wouldn’t crum­ble I would just go back to the old school.

Does sit­ting under a reg­u­lar hood­eed with a show­er cap pro­duce the same results as a hair steam­er? Has any­one tried both? Can you share your experieces? I’m just ask­ing because I deep con­di­tion my hair every 5 days and I just throw a plas­tic cap on and sit under my hood­ed dry­er for 20–30 min­utes. Of course I’d rather not spend moeney on one and find out it doesn’t work for me, but if it works won­ders I can use all the help I can get con­di­tion­ing my 4b/c frag­ile hair. My hair can always use some extra mois­ture!


i brought my steam­er 2 years ago and it was worth every dime. I hydrate twice a week and my hair is soft, silky and it makes its own oil. I wear my hair straight and i nev­er have to put oil on my hair. I love my steam­er, i get com­pli­ments on my hair all the time.

Chris­tine — As far as I know dryer=dry heat, steamer=moist heat. Peo­ple claim that the dry­er just dries the hair out, the steam­er is mois­ture that allows con­di­tion­er to pen­e­trate the hair bet­ter. There are peo­ple who swear by the hood­ed dry­er and peo­ple who swear by the steam­er. If the hood­ed dry­er works for you then why spend more on a new item and loose more space in the home? There is a boot­leg ver­sion of a steam treat you can use that involves a microwave, plas­tic caps, hot water and microfiber tow­els to see if you’d like a… Read more »

Please excuse all the hor­ri­ble spelling errors…that’s what hap­pens when you hit sub­mit and for­get to dou­ble check what you just wrote!


If there was a race between the steam­er and the hood­ed dry­er giv­en the same time allot­ment the steam­er would win every time.

It depends on your hair. I find that it’s more ther­a­peu­tic for me than it is use­ful to my hair. I have 4b hair and a stand­alone steam­er. My hair is fine, dense, spongy, dry, tight­ly coiled and frag­ile. While oth­ers report soft­er hair, eas­i­er detan­gling, bet­ter mois­ture reten­tion, I think that there are more things to con­sid­er when using and ben­e­fit­ting from a steam­er. I def­i­nite­ly notice that my hair is weird feel­ing (too cloud-like and mushy) and also when it dries, it is crispy dry after a steam ses­sion. I think my poros­i­ty could be the prob­lem. When… Read more »

You’re right, your hair is very porous, so that’s why it feels mushy and dries crisp. You might want to cut back on the steam­ing, and when you do steam, use a lit­tle coconut oil to seal in the mois­ture and close your cuti­cle.


Thank you. I’ve been won­der­ing. I think I will start a sol­id Roux PC rou­tine as that clos­es the cuti­cle and try to rinse on the coolest temp pos­si­ble. I do not know why my poros­i­ty is so out of whack though.

I have the Hueti­ful steam­er and I like it. I use it once a week. The end result is my hair is as soft as when I would con­di­tion and wear a plas­tic bag all day. Twen­ty min­utes under the steam­er and I’m done. Which is great on my long Hen­na days. But on anoth­er note I don’t want to encour­age get­ting all wrapped up in buy­ing the “new and shinys”. I do it for fun. Just like get­ting a facial, I love the results but I could sur­vive on wash­ing my face at home. All and all, yes it… Read more »