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I am a new reader of your blog, fantastic information as I am hooked. My burning question to other naturals is regarding steamers. How beneficial is having one in your hair journey? I’m newly natural, 8 months post relaxer and wondered if there is any significant difference in using one in your regimen. The only heat I currently have been using is courtesy of my deep conditioning cap weekly. Does using a steamer have any effect or bearing (positive or negative) on natural hair growth and/or length retention? How often do you use it? If you do use a steamer, do you prefer to use it at certain times of the year and/or season as opposed to others? Any suggestions for an affordable brand should I take the plunge and want to purchase one? According to YouTube, I’ve heard the Huetiful steamer works wonders.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Alright ladies, do you use hair steamers? How have they worked for you? Feel free to share photos 🙂

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I’m glad to see a more recent post as most are from 2011 – 2013. A year ago, I purchased a hair steamer from It doesn’t have the brand on it, but if you check it out online, they have two brands that look identical. I purchased one that looks like those. At any rate, I used it during the winter months and decided to give my hair a break during the summer months. It worked really well for my hair. My hair was soft and manageable. I’ve been gearing up and trying to set aside time to re-start… Read more »
@Wanda Being that this is well past your appt date, you probably already had your hair trimmed. Anywho, I would say its a combo of all three. Your hair was used to those steam treatments so it suffered when you stopped for such an extended period of time. Being that the ends of your hair is the oldest part of your hair, they dry out easily anyway. So to go from extra hydration to minimal was pretty devastating. You should have kept the steamer in your regimen, but decreased how often. Maybe alternating 1 steam treatment per 2 deep conditioning… Read more »

I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they were skeptical until they tried it, but I just can’t get past the price tag. If I was able to test one out and compare vs more traditional methods, I might be inclined to buy one based on results. However, as it stands, I think I’ll just have to keep my little money and kick it old school.


Eli, hi i do not have a Huetiful Steamer but i do have a “Secura 0 Facial and Hair Steamer”. Yes, mines does work the same and looks very very similar to the Huetiful. I purchased my steamer from Amazon for new at the price of $81


I think dis nigerian hair stylist don’t understand wat steaming of hair means.I had in an annoying state after asking for hair steaming.


I have recently bought a microwavable heat cap online for about $40 it is wonderful you stick it in the microwave for a minute and then put the cap on your head. Since it uses steam to give you awsome curls I put my deap conditioner in instead of curlers with a shower cap over it. Then I used my heat cap over it all. It works Wonders, it is portable, and it only took about five minutes.



I have been researching the steamer and honestly I can’t see myself making that type of investment but if I had it then I would definitely get it. I used to get steam treatments at my old dominican salon and they were awesome for my roller sets and blow outs. If you live in a harsh climate, then go for it cause your hair will thank you. But if not, then just take the time to DC and go old school with hot towels and shower caps.

2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
I just googled “hair steamer vs hooded dryer” and ended up here. I don’t do much with my hair. After my grandmother stopped hot combing it for me, my hair pretty much lost it’s only friend. 11years later, I went to a salon because my hair needed a trim and a deep condition and I was interested in seeing what they’d do to my hair and if I could do it myself. They steamed it. I figure I can do that and Assuming I ever think about going to a salon ever again, owning a steamer will save me the… Read more »
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?

By the way, I’ve only had a relaxer three times. The first time was 16 years ago and the last time was 13 years ago because a crochet weave attacked me….I’m not foreign to natural hair care. I just don’t like to deal with hair in general. It’s like going to the gym. I just have to push myself to do it because I know I should.

One more question. Does anyone use oil with their steamer? Or just conditioners?


@ permalik, You are so right. I believe its become an obsession and trend for black girls to go natual.


Im waaay late to this post. I purchased a Huetiful in the winter. I used it often. I wouldn’t swear by it, but do plan on using it again in the dry winter months. Now the facial attachment that comes with it??? CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! 🙂


My question is why is it that I only hear about Huetiful hair steamers? Aren’t there other hair steamers out there? Does anyone else own a hair steamer that is not Huetiful and if so does it work? Has anyone tried both? Is there a difference?? Are huetiful steamers sold in stores? Why is it so easy to find so much info on Huetiful hair steamers but no others?? Is this another marketing trap??


I’ve been wondering these same things Eli! I can’t find any reviews on any other steamer brand other than the Huetiful. And it seems that those with stand alone steamers aren’t getting the same results that those with the Huetiful has…


Secura steamer…look it up on


Hi Eli, yes I own a KO:KOU hair steamer and, I absolutely love it!!!


I realize this is an old thread, but does porosity depends on whether or not the steamer will work? My hair is high porosity, so even with a good deep conditioner, it would not work on my hair?


I have this and I feel that it does what it says it will do. It steams your hair.

Now, if this helps your particular texture, wonderful. I can’t tell the difference in the steaming my hair, or spritzing a fine mist all through my hair, putting on a plastic cap and doing a bunch of push-ups.

I think I could have saved myself $130 bucks.

However, it is nice to sit under a dryer for 20 minutes and relax, but I’m selling my steamer ’cause I’d rather be mobile while my hair is conditioned.


have you heard about the hot head d/c cap ….absolutely amazing! you can find it on etsy!


Hello Ladies:

I have recently purchased a steamer. I used it for the first time last weekend. I was wondering if a steamer can cause heat damage? As soon as I came from under the steamer, I noticed that my hair was steaming.



At first I thought it was a lot of hype. I had my hair steamed for the first time in October and LOVED it. It helped to seal in moisture and my hair felt totally different!

I have mainly 4b (with some 4a) hair and I have a Heutiful Hair Steamer and a hooded dryer that I rotate between every weekend. I honeslty can’t tell much of a difference. When I am lazy I opt for the hooded dryer because it’s simpler to use and there is no clean up. The hair steamer requires assembly which may be here nor there for some but I am always trying to find ways to cut down on my hair care time. In all honesty when I first puchased the steamer I was dissapointed because I was looking for… Read more »

I recently got the Huetiful steamer and I have to say my hair loves it. I have 4a/3c hair but more importantly, my hair is low porosity. I need the extra help in getting the cuticles on my hair shaft open. It has really helped me to retain moisture. I could live without it, but it makes the overall process of keeping my hair moisturized easier, which is the goal for me.

My hair is primarily 4A with some 4B lurking in the distance. I have a Huetiful Hair Steamer, which I got for Christmas as a gift. I live in Chicago & we all know how harsh winter can be. It has definitely proven to be a great help to combat winter dryness. I’ve started to use it weekly & can see an improvement in my hair. I’m noticing less breakage and my twistouts last much longer. I’ve become able to do a 5-7 day run with a twistout. I don’t believe that’s solely because of the steamer; I believe it’s… Read more »
i’m sorry but black women need to stop obsessing over hair. from excessive product use to expensive hair “tools” like this steamer to five hour detangling sessions, it is really bizarre to see black women put so much (too much) into hair. seriously, it’s kinda crazy. also, most of the girls on youtube were GIVEN that steamer by the people who sell it so i don’t trust their reviews at all. i can think of other things to do with $125. you can have great hair without this steamer. sometimes i wonder if the obsession with getting natural hair “right”… Read more »
I’m a lurker and never posted and have to cosign this comment! I’ve had natural hair for over two years, but only started taking care of it myself sans braids extensions myself only a few months ago and while i’ve seen great improvements using tips from here and other sites, I’m starting to worry that I’m falling into a mild obsession over my hair fueled by sites like this. I’ve bought products while nice but absolutely not THAT necessary, (though I think switching to natural products over commercial has helped). however, i probably spend an hour tops washing and conditioning… Read more »

I’m kinda hair obsess but there is no way I’m paying $125 for a got damn steamer for one thing my heat cap has done me so well that deep conditioning only takes 15 minutes. Secondly as you stated all of the reviews on YT about this product is by ppl who were given this product for free.

You sound really judgemental and as though you have a great big chip on your shoulder over what, I’m unsure. What does discussing steamers have to do with an obsession over natural hair? You and the lurker are on a site dedicated to hair discussion and care, the clue is in the name so if you really aren’t interested in hair and think that people on here are too obsessive K.I.M. How is concern over moisture levels, retention and a desire to maintain your hair trying to prove you are acceptable? To who? The only one who is talking crazy… Read more »
I agree with PopJustice. My life does not revolve around my natural hair…but this site does. So when I do log on I can expect to see pictures, product reviews, articles about natural hair, etc. This so-called “obsession” isn’t necessarily about being “right” or “perfect,” (because let’s face it, if we cared THAT much about being accepted we wouldn’t be going natural in the first place). It’s about having healthy hair, and I don’t know any woman (Black or non-Black) that doesn’t want that. Nobody is saying that the steamer is a necessity. You can have perfectly fine hair without… Read more »

I’m sorry, but everyone’s opinions and situations are not the same. This steamer has actually saved me a lot of time in my hair regimen and while it’s not a little bit of money, $125 is not an unreasonable price for me to pay for a hair tool. I’ve gotten my $$$ back and then some. So, if it doesn’t seem feasible to you, then fine, but to say someone is obsessed for buying what you consider to be a too expensive hair tool is a bit much IMO.

Merry I think for a lot of women the hair thing is like another hobby of sorts. I remember a lady wrote on another site that she really enjoys spending 2 hours “massaging” oils into her hair. So while I wouldn’t take that much time in my regimen, I respect that she does and she enjoys it and doesn’t find it excessive or obsessive. I enjoy sewing and I have 2 sewing machines that cost waaay more than this hair steamer lol. As i said in an earlier post, I couldn’t justify the purchase because I don’t need and it… Read more »
I think you and Nomad are on the wrong forum. Its a natural hair website so ofcourse we’re going to be discussing natural hair. Its not an obssession, its just the forum for this type of discussion. If you’re not interested, then don’t read it or come to the website. The point of this particular discussion was to verify whether getting a steamer (not any particular one, mind you), made more of a difference than a deep conditioning cap or old fashioned methods. People are sharing their experiences and should not be condemned as “obssessed” or “trying to prove they’re… Read more »
part of the discussion of natural hair is the absolute crazy obsession over it. it’s like total extremism – going from weaves to hair steamers and the like. i mean, lots of the topics on this forum are not within the parameters you’ve just drawn. my point is to point out that being natural does not stop black women from wanting to continue to spend gobs of money on hair. please remember, bw women (mostly with straightened hair) spend more money than other women hair. why? trying to figure out all manner of ways to be acceptable. figure how to… Read more »
Frankly, I don’t think anyone here is “obsessing over hair”. Most of us probably had a down moment in our day and got on the internet to check a hair-related blog that we like. Sue us. In fifteen minutes, I’ll go back to doing laundry and writing papers. But why do you limit your statement to black women only? I can name plenty of Latina and White friends who LOVE trying and swapping products and creating different styles. Its a girly thing. Some women love shoes, and read shoe-dedicated blogs and will spend $700 on shoes. Frankly, I think that’s… Read more »

bw are less than 10% of the population, yet we spend 80% more than other women on “cosmetics,” according to essence. others say we spend billions of dollars on hair stuff.

that says we may have 80% more issues/insecurities that others. lol.

sorry, not the same as other women. it just isn’t.

if you wanna buy a hair steamer, buy it. like others, i have an opinion. it happens to run contrary to yours.

2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
2 Steam or Not 2 Steam?
Did you really quote essence magazine? How much do consumers spend on hair, food, clothing, decorations, transportation, our pets every day? Too much according to one person and not enough according to another. It’s not a black woman thing to want to live comfortably or happily and spend money doing it. It makes sense for someone to be concerned with the health of their hair whether or not it’s kept in an “acceptable” style. You simply have to take care of your hair the way your hair type requires. Could involve more or less products than another hair type and… Read more »
I think there is a bit of an obsession with the natural hair product and appliances. I don’t know if it is different from any other group of people but folks do seem forever on the quest for hair softness, perfect products, perfect curls, products for growth, etc. I think my bigger question with the steamer is the logic in how it works. Steam is water vapor that is created after boiling water. The claim of the appliance is that you stick your head in the steamer and it can make the hair softer. I don’t understand why the results… Read more »
Love the post..My strands are medium..kinky, coily. Before using the Huetiful steamer I would sit with the plastic bag on my hair all day…which took alot of time. Now that I have the Huetiful my hair time has been cut down by hours..and the my hair retains moisture more through the week and my scalp is also more moisturized. As a result ive noticed a significant amount of growth..and my hair is just responding nicely. I steam every week..but I do put braids or twist in while i steam. I think a good alternative is to just get in the… Read more »
Alta Angel
I love my steamer and I definitely believe that your porosity must be in check to gain the most benefits. I started using Roux Porosity Control about 1 year ago. I have been using my steamer 1-2xs per week with a deep conditioner and plastic cap for about 1.5 years. During the early part of my transition it was o.k., but my hair still tangled after use. The more natural hair I had, the better the my steamer results. It is definitely part of my weekly regimen now. If I steam midweek, I don’t rewash/cowash my hair. I just apply… Read more »

just get in the shower


I have a Huetiful steamer and I like that I can sit under it for 20 minutes and get the same results as I would after 1 hr under a dryer or 2 hours without heat. I’ve only used it 4 times so far but my hair retains moisture well even after it air dries (it’s very soft but not greasy).

However, I can live without it. I just got it as one of my Christmas presents but I probably wouldn’t go out an buy one for myself.

I found a pretty good deal on a standing steamer in August, so I went ahead and got it. I don’t think it changed my (hair) life, and I’m not certain I would repurchase, if I knew then what I know now. It’s nice to have a steamer, but nowhere near necessary. I think I my hair does about the same just using my heating cap or just leaving my conditioner in for longer. The steamer certainly did NOT answer my prayers of having tangle-free hair that doesn’t still need to be re-moisturized daily. I have pen spring-sized coils, fine… Read more »
I am a really big fan of my steamer. I have 4a/b hair and what i notice is that steaming really allows whatever conditioner i use to get into my hair. I will say the same for moisturizers. It has become a very critical part of my hair regimen. I steam weekly. I don’t cover my hair with a cap or anything. I put my shea butter mix on and just sit under it. I have the same one picture although I do intend to get another one that rolls soon. I feel like it would be safer.

Hi ladies,

I am the OP. Thank you for sharing your feedback and experiences. Please keep them coming. I do not want to rock the boat as my hair has been faring well. Knock on wood. I am somewhere in the 4 range between A or B. I will keep the idea in mind as a gift request but not go out of my way to purchase unless I win the lottery first, lol. Best of luck to all of you ladies in your hair journey.

West Indian Beauty

I’ve been meaning to review my steamer. I’ve had it for the last 6 months…my hair care results would not skip a beat if I stopped using my steamer. After much experimentation, I’ve found overnight DC is more effective for me.


I don’t own a hair steamer, but I do own a Caruso steam roller set. I use them probably about 2 times a week on my stretched-out natural hair and love them. I feel like I’m adding moisture back into my hair as I’m styling it. That might be an option for the cash-strapped such as myself.


Wow Kweenie that is a great idea! As much as I love my hair, I just can’t justify the money and space for something I know I would only use every so often since I’m not having moisture problems in general. Caruso could fit under my sink, double as a face steam with a towel, and maybe give me some soft curls for my updos.


I second that


I been wanting to get one because I heard a lot of raves and reviews about it especially from people with chronic dry hair/scalp but I don’t know the price tag is pretty hefty.


My mother in-law got me one as a Christmas/Graduation gift and I love it. So far I have only used it on my hair braids but I could tell a huge difference in the moisture level of my scalp and roots. You can possibly achieve the same results with homemade steaming methods but the ease of the using the Huetiful steamer made this purchase will worth it. If she would not have gotten the steamer for me, I would have purchased it myself.

You should probably go to a salon where they offer steam treatments to see if steaming is something you would like to incorporate into your regimen. I didn’t do this myself (I live in Colorado and winters here are super dry, so I knew I really wanted to get a steamer). I have a hair steamer (Huetiful) and I love it. I have fine, 4b hair and I’ve noticed more moisture retention with the steamer than with the hooded dryer. My steamer is still relatively new (just got it in October) and I plan to use it every week this… Read more »

AishaSaidIt and Teach, I appreciate your posts. I’ve been wondering if it would be a great benefit to have one of these, or if it would be more of a luxury, something I’d like as a gift. This may not be the best analogy, but it’s sort of like a Snuggie. My mom bought me one as a gift (leopard print… grrrr), but I would not have bought that for myself. And it’s nice and warm, but I am okay not wearing it every night. And my husband is ok with that, too.


I think it would be a very nice gadgetty gift because you can deep condition your hair in so many other ways. A necessity to me is something like a shampoo free of sulfate or my Jamila Henna. If I was out of town and I didn’t bring my steamer, I wouldn’t crumble I would just go back to the old school.

Does sitting under a regular hoodeed with a shower cap produce the same results as a hair steamer? Has anyone tried both? Can you share your experieces? I’m just asking because I deep condition my hair every 5 days and I just throw a plastic cap on and sit under my hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes. Of course I’d rather not spend moeney on one and find out it doesn’t work for me, but if it works wonders I can use all the help I can get conditioning my 4b/c fragile hair. My hair can always use some extra moisture!

Please excuse all the horrible spelling errors…that’s what happens when you hit submit and forget to double check what you just wrote!


If there was a race between the steamer and the hooded dryer given the same time allotment the steamer would win every time.

Christine – As far as I know dryer=dry heat, steamer=moist heat. People claim that the dryer just dries the hair out, the steamer is moisture that allows conditioner to penetrate the hair better. There are people who swear by the hooded dryer and people who swear by the steamer. If the hooded dryer works for you then why spend more on a new item and loose more space in the home? There is a bootleg version of a steam treat you can use that involves a microwave, plastic caps, hot water and microfiber towels to see if you’d like a… Read more »


i brought my steamer 2 years ago and it was worth every dime. I hydrate twice a week and my hair is soft, silky and it makes its own oil. I wear my hair straight and i never have to put oil on my hair. I love my steamer, i get compliments on my hair all the time.

It depends on your hair. I find that it’s more therapeutic for me than it is useful to my hair. I have 4b hair and a standalone steamer. My hair is fine, dense, spongy, dry, tightly coiled and fragile. While others report softer hair, easier detangling, better moisture retention, I think that there are more things to consider when using and benefitting from a steamer. I definitely notice that my hair is weird feeling (too cloud-like and mushy) and also when it dries, it is crispy dry after a steam session. I think my porosity could be the problem. When… Read more »

You’re right, your hair is very porous, so that’s why it feels mushy and dries crisp. You might want to cut back on the steaming, and when you do steam, use a little coconut oil to seal in the moisture and close your cuticle.


Thank you. I’ve been wondering. I think I will start a solid Roux PC routine as that closes the cuticle and try to rinse on the coolest temp possible. I do not know why my porosity is so out of whack though.

I have the Huetiful steamer and I like it. I use it once a week. The end result is my hair is as soft as when I would condition and wear a plastic bag all day. Twenty minutes under the steamer and I’m done. Which is great on my long Henna days. But on another note I don’t want to encourage getting all wrapped up in buying the “new and shinys”. I do it for fun. Just like getting a facial, I love the results but I could survive on washing my face at home. All and all, yes it… Read more »