Dry Twist Out

Big Chop

Where do you live?
I cur­rent­ly reside in Louisiana. So I guess you could say I rep the “Dirty South”, lol. I am a Plant Engi­neer, but on my spare time I enjoy vlog­ging.

Why did you go nat­u­ral?
I am very ver­sa­tile when it comes to my hair, but my styling options ran out. I found myself in a hair rut. I would relax one week, put in a pho­ny pony the next week, wig it the third and fourth week and repeat. Aside from that, I always want­ed long hair, and for some rea­son my hair nev­er grew past a cer­tain length any­way.

I grew bored of my rou­tine and des­per­ate­ly want­ed to try some­thing dif­fer­ent. Most of my styles, aside from my relax­er wraps, con­sist­ed of curly doo’s. I always leaned towards adding vol­ume and LOVED big hair. The only alter­na­tive I’d nev­er ven­tured into yet was nat­u­ral hair. My fam­i­ly was very sup­port­ive of my deci­sion and with the help of the world wide web, I was able to find answers to any and every ques­tion about going nat­u­ral. I was due to relax after vaca­tion in May but skipped my appoint­ment and nev­er looked back.

I tran­si­tioned from May to Sep­tem­ber 2010 using wigs and pho­ny ponys. Every­thing was going fine until I got to my sec­ond mon­th and real­ized I was not going to be patient enough to tran­si­tion for a year, as I had orig­i­nal­ly planned. I devel­oped a case of hand in hair dis­ease ear­ly on (lol) and after the third mon­th, I couldn’t take the sus­pense any­more. I woke up one morn­ing and decid­ed today is the day. I did my own big chop on Sep­tem­ber 11th. After­ward, I felt a sigh of relief, hav­ing no more antic­i­pa­tion, and was hap­py with the results imme­di­ate­ly.

In what ways (if any) has going nat­u­ral affect­ed you?
I always adored my late father’s hair. It was usu­al­ly cut in a low ceasar but was curly and jet black and he nev­er dyed it. When I big chopped I looked in the mir­ror and saw my fathers hair! I couldn’t (and still can’t) stop star­ing at it and touch­ing it. I hear alot of new nat­u­rals say they wish they would have cut it soon­er, but I guess I’m oppo­site. I’m glad that I wait­ed because now I can real­ly appre­ci­ate what God gave me and have the tools and knowl­edge to take care of it prop­er­ly.

My going nat­u­ral has also affect­ed those around me. My super­vi­sor decid­ed she was done with relax­ers after see­ing my 2 inch fro. She said she always want­ed to go nat­u­ral, and big chopped 7 weeks lat­er. I catch my mom and sis­ter smil­ing at my hair and my hub­by loves to play in it. I haven’t got­ten any neg­a­tive feed back thank­ful­ly. For the most part I get com­pli­ments and some­times ques­tions from oth­ers look­ing to big chop them­selves.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair tex­ture is coarse and tight­ly coiled. My hair grows in curls like tiny corkscrews. My curls down the mid­dle of my head are a lit­tle looser than the sides. But for the most part if I had to cat­e­go­rize it in a box, I’d say it was 4a. I hon­est­ly haven’t had any bad hair days or prob­lems with my hair, except for over­com­ing ini­tial dry­ness through deep con­di­tion­ing. I detan­gle using my fin­gers only, as I con­di­tion, and at 7 months post relax­er, it still works for me.

What’s your reg­i­men?
I sham­poo week­ly with Organ­ic Excel­lence Mint Sham­poo and deep con­di­tion week­ly with Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Replen­ish­ing Con­di­tion­er. With each wash, I alter­nate con­di­tion­ers between Herbal Essence Total­ly Twist­ed, Tre­sem­me Flaw­less Curls, and VO5 Mois­ture Milks. I add a bit of extra vir­gin olive oil to my con­di­tion­ers. After each wash, I use Herbal Essence None of your Friz­zness leave in and seal with my oil mix­ture which con­sists of extra vir­gin olive oil, coconut, avo­cado, and cas­tor oil. For styling I use Care­free Curl Gold for fluffy twistouts. For wash n go’s or fin­ger coils I use LA acti­va­tor gel, IC Fan­tasia styling gel(Clear) or Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Smooth n’ Hold Pud­ding. To refresh between styles I rotate Palmers Coconut Oil hair milk lotion, my oil mix, or water.

What mis­takes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
So far I have only made one mis­take and that was using a may­on­naise pro­duct I used when I was relaxed and not read­ing ingre­di­ents. It left my hair hard and dry with frizzy ends. I had to redust my ends because of a sim­ple mis­take that could have been pre­vent­ed if I would have just read the label.

What’s the best/most effec­tive thing you do for your hair?
Leave it alone. Less is more with my hair when it comes to prod­ucts and manip­u­la­tion. How­ev­er, my biggest issue is touch­ing and play­ing with my coils, know­ing that’s how I cause fairy knots, lol. It’s still so new to me. I’m not very fond of pro­tec­tive styles because I always want my hair out, but I under­stand why they are some­times nec­es­sary, main­ly for peo­ple like me.

Is there a blog/web page where we can find you?
You can find me on Youtube.

Any­thing else you want to add?
Don’t get con­sumed by the define your curl mad­ness. If your hair nat­u­ral­ly grows curly, guess what, it’s already God­ly defined. Just focus on tech­niques and prod­ucts that will main­tain the health of your hair type and every­thing else will fall into place.

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[imgcomment image[/img]

You look like Chris­sy Lamp­kin. Very Gor­geous!! I love your hair . I’m tran­si­tion­ing and and i start­ed to do Ban­tu knots in my hair to give it the big curly affect. last night I decid­ed i would big chop in a cou­ple weeks!! I’m so excit­ed!! good luck with your jour­ney!!!


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She looks more gor­geous with the nat­u­ral hair to me. The long hair was hid­ing her beau­ty.


wow! We can real­ly see your face with that new doo. Love­ly :-)


You look more stun­ning than you did with a perm. Well done!


I absolute­ly love your hair and your youtube videos. You are one of my favorites.


Your hair is beau­ti­ful but your smile is gor­geous. It all looks good on you!


I am also from Louisiana and­sis is soo good to see oth­er wom­en in the “dirty south” going nat­u­ral. You are def­i­nite­ly work­ing your style well.


Is it wrong to stare? The short style real­ly works for your face, skin and eyes. Def­i­nite­ly worth keep­ing and shin­ing. Love­ly.

Dee (Durelene)

you are rock­ing the heck out that TWA girl you look absolute­ly FAB!


Pret­ty, pret­ty, pret­ty! Great skin, Awe­some hair!


the big chop is bang­ing on you!
bang­ing! :)


That’s my friend rep­pin’ the “Dirty South”, LOL! Great arti­cle. Love the hair!


Thanks Laila!


I don’t usu­al­ly com­ment on post. But you look so beat­i­ful.


Thank you ladies!


Aww you are so pret­ty! That short hair is adorable too.


Can I just say that you are too pret­ty.. your nat­u­ral hair shows off your beau­ti­ful face


Very pret­ty, love her hair as well!!

Kurly Kels

I agree, defin­ing curls is over­rat­ed. Go BIG (hair) or go home ;)
I love your hair — it’s love­ly!

Tonya NewNaturalista

Wow she’s beau­ti­ful and her nat­u­ral hair just brings out her fea­tures.