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Okay… So for some time now I have been buy­ing expen­sive but­ters to (in the words of Did­dy) “mois­tur­ize my sit­u­a­tion”… or should I say, “seal my sit­u­a­tion.” But the oth­er day — hor­ror of hor­rors — I unex­pect­ed­ly ran out. The only way for me to get the but­ter I want is to order online. So I was left with a tough choice — have dry hair, or use raw shea but­ter. I chose the lat­ter. I had nev­er used just raw shea but­ter to seal. So I was appre­hen­sive. I melt­ed some down… applied it to my hair and, HOLY MOLY it worked like MAGIC!! To the point that I think I’m going to retire my “but­ter bud­get”. It made me won­der why expen­sive but­ters even exist, when you can just use some raw shea.

So I thought I’d ask your read­ers… If you choose not to use raw shea but­ter, why is that? What is your ratio­nale? Before I make this switch I want to make sure I’m not miss­ing some­thing…

Inter­est­ing! Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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ayishatu molini
I have known Shea but­ter all my life. It has been used by my mum on my skin ‚my hair ‚for cook­ing prac­ti­cal­ly every­thing from the day i was born, till i could afford to buy my own body lotion.….Am from Ghana, and in Ghana there is Shea but­ter every­where. I still use Shea but­ter for my hair, But is not the best but­ter that has ever hit my hair in terms of mois­ture, soft­ness and less greasy feel. I have 4c very, very dry hair. I have tried many dif­fer­ent types of but­ters in it pure and organ­ic state and… Read more »

Shea but­ter left white flakes in my hair =( I even switched prod­ucts to see if it wasn’t mix­ing well with my oth­er prod­ucts but it still left flakes

Aisa @ ForUsNaturals

I have lit­er­al­ly nev­er just used plain shea but­ter. I have a huge block of it but I always blend it. Gonna try it melt­ed. I’ve been on an avo­cado but­ter kick for a while now. I can only sae that shea but­ter is hard so it’s can be sticky feel­ing as first.


Shea but­ter so far has not been for me. It sits on top of my hair mak­ing it brit­tle and dry, when I apply it to my skin I’m ashy in lit­er­al­ly an hour. It doesn’t work for me and my body doesn’t recieve it in at all.


The smell alone turns me off; yes, I will real­ly not use a pro­duct, even a good one, if I don’t like how it smells. Sec­ond­ly, the greasy feel­ing. I’m real­ly pecu­liar about the prod­ucts I put it my hair. My sis­ter, how­ev­er, uses it & swears by it!


I love Shea but­ter! Espe­cial­ly qual­i­ty Shea but­ter. A lot of the Shea that peo­ple but is not of the best qual­i­ty. There are dif­fer­ent grades of but­ter and I prefer to use grade A which can also be eat­en.

Shea but­ter is a won­der in my hair and I wouldn’t trade it for any­thing. I love the nut­ty smell and how well it keeps you hair mois­tur­ized .


Shea butter.….absolutely love it. It keeps my hair very moist and is fan­tas­tic for a gor­geous twist out with water. It is how­ev­er pret­ty greasy but that dis­ap­pears over a few days as the hair absorbs it. Shea but­ter also helps with growth, well it works for me :-) give it a shot Caris­sa… you have noth­ing to loose. Every­one has their own pref­er­ences so why not give it a try and see how it serves you.
Hope this helps.…..

Enjoy ;-)

Shea But­ter is my favourite.  Most of the ones sold in hair stores are mixed with some oth­er prod­ucts. You will know if you can get real ones and com­pare. Real ones look very fluffy (kin­da like cake, not real­ly but kin­da). I love it. I use it to seal my ends and my hair remains soft for 2 weeks.  The key to avoid the grease is to use as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. A lit­tle goes a long way. Peo­ple pack it on and expect no grease. Of course just like any pro­duct, use too much and your hair is going… Read more »
lilly Moore

Not all but­ters are greasy rather you add a lit­tle or alot!


I can’t take the smell of the Shea But­ter by itself so I have to mix it with some­thing.


I don’t use Shea or prod­ucts with shea for one impor­tant reason…I’m aller­gic to it. I can’t even smell it with­out hav­ing a reac­tion.


I can’t use shae but­ter or any­thing with shae but­ter in it because it doesn’t absorb into my hair.


Same for me it just lays on top of hair for hours


I tried the can­tu leave in,and guess what? It broke me out,so thats the end of that.Will not being using Shea for a long time. I might buy it raw,to see if it makes a dif­fer­ence.


I think in addi­tion to Shea but­ter we should explore muru­mu­ru but­ter it seems lush and real­ly good.


i use raw cocoa but­ter whipped with coconut oil. shea but­ter is just too sticky and greasy for my hair

Mellisa Vezina

I just enjoy exper­i­ment­ing with oth­er but­ters … cocoa but­ter, man­go but­ter, aloe but­ter, babas­su oil, cupuacu but­ter, sal but­ter, luck­i­ly my hair enjoys it all so far … some­times it just a ques­tion of body chem­istry … some­thing works for so long then sud­den­ly doesn’t work … I find for me switch­ing up pre­vents that


Shea but­ter is great for tran­si­tion­ing, straight or nat­u­ral hair. I tru­ly enjoyed its ben­e­fits dur­ing my nat­u­ral jour­ney.
I would rec­om­mend it for short hair or on the ends. The smell can be a lit­tle nutty/earthy for me. A self-blend­ed ver­sion it is not so bad –smell wise- and can even be put on the hair near the roots! The nat­u­ral shine is amaz­ing!


I use man­go but­ter where I buy it from they both cost the same .

Anna Marie

Shea but­ter is my best­friend! I often wet my hair apply shea but­ter (white), seal it will olive oil and twist or braid my hair. It leaves my hair moist and not greasy. I have type 4 hair so my hair stay dry. I love using my shea but­ter and olive oil because it allows me to apply mul­ti­ple time w/0 pro­duct build up!


I tried using Shea But­ter. Ian actu­al­ly like the tex­ture, smell and the price. BUT, it left my hair dry. I have a big tub of it and not ready to get rid of it. But I need to cuz I can’t use it.


use it instead on your skin


I don’t ever use Shea but­ter alone. Just doesn’t go with my skin nor hair. Let us not even talk about coconut oil. I use but­ters such as man­go, macadamia and my three favourites cof­fee, illipe and Kokum but­ter. I love hemp dur­ing the sum­mer mon­ey ha because it’s very light and I think is con­sid­ered a dry oil. But hemp but­ter has a short shelf life.

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