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Okay… So for some time now I have been buying expensive butters to (in the words of Diddy) “moisturize my situation”… or should I say, “seal my situation.” But the other day — horror of horrors — I unexpectedly ran out. The only way for me to get the butter I want is to order online. So I was left with a tough choice — have dry hair, or use raw shea butter. I chose the latter. I had never used just raw shea butter to seal. So I was apprehensive. I melted some down… applied it to my hair and, HOLY MOLY it worked like MAGIC!! To the point that I think I’m going to retire my “butter budget”. It made me wonder why expensive butters even exist, when you can just use some raw shea.

So I thought I’d ask your readers… If you choose not to use raw shea butter, why is that? What is your rationale? Before I make this switch I want to make sure I’m not missing something…

Interesting! Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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I don’t ever use Shea butter alone. Just doesn’t go with my skin nor hair. Let us not even talk about coconut oil. I use butters such as mango, macadamia and my three favourites coffee, illipe and Kokum butter. I love hemp during the summer money ha because it’s very light and I think is considered a dry oil. But hemp butter has a short shelf life.


I tried using Shea Butter. Ian actually like the texture, smell and the price. BUT, it left my hair dry. I have a big tub of it and not ready to get rid of it. But I need to cuz I can’t use it.


use it instead on your skin

Anna Marie

Shea butter is my bestfriend! I often wet my hair apply shea butter (white), seal it will olive oil and twist or braid my hair. It leaves my hair moist and not greasy. I have type 4 hair so my hair stay dry. I love using my shea butter and olive oil because it allows me to apply multiple time w/0 product build up!


I use mango butter where I buy it from they both cost the same .


Shea butter is great for transitioning, straight or natural hair. I truly enjoyed its benefits during my natural journey.
I would recommend it for short hair or on the ends. The smell can be a little nutty/earthy for me. A self-blended version it is not so bad -smell wise- and can even be put on the hair near the roots! The natural shine is amazing!

Mellisa Vezina

I just enjoy experimenting with other butters … cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe butter, babassu oil, cupuacu butter, sal butter, luckily my hair enjoys it all so far … sometimes it just a question of body chemistry … something works for so long then suddenly doesn’t work … I find for me switching up prevents that


i use raw cocoa butter whipped with coconut oil. shea butter is just too sticky and greasy for my hair


I think in addition to Shea butter we should explore murumuru butter it seems lush and really good.


I tried the cantu leave in,and guess what? It broke me out,so thats the end of that.Will not being using Shea for a long time. I might buy it raw,to see if it makes a difference.


I can’t use shae butter or anything with shae butter in it because it doesn’t absorb into my hair.


Same for me it just lays on top of hair for hours


I don’t use Shea or products with shea for one important reason…I’m allergic to it. I can’t even smell it without having a reaction.


I can’t take the smell of the Shea Butter by itself so I have to mix it with something.

Shea Butter is my favourite. Most of the ones sold in hair stores are mixed with some other products. You will know if you can get real ones and compare. Real ones look very fluffy (kinda like cake, not really but kinda). I love it. I use it to seal my ends and my hair remains soft for 2 weeks. The key to avoid the grease is to use as little as possible. A little goes a long way. People pack it on and expect no grease. Of course just like any product, use too much and your hair is… Read more »
lilly Moore

Not all butters are greasy rather you add a little or alot!


Shea butter…..absolutely love it. It keeps my hair very moist and is fantastic for a gorgeous twist out with water. It is however pretty greasy but that disappears over a few days as the hair absorbs it. Shea butter also helps with growth, well it works for me 🙂 give it a shot Carissa… you have nothing to loose. Everyone has their own preferences so why not give it a try and see how it serves you.
Hope this helps……

Enjoy 😉


I love Shea butter! Especially quality Shea butter. A lot of the Shea that people but is not of the best quality. There are different grades of butter and I prefer to use grade A which can also be eaten.

Shea butter is a wonder in my hair and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love the nutty smell and how well it keeps you hair moisturized .


The smell alone turns me off; yes, I will really not use a product, even a good one, if I don’t like how it smells. Secondly, the greasy feeling. I’m really peculiar about the products I put it my hair. My sister, however, uses it & swears by it!

Aisa @ ForUsNaturals

I have literally never just used plain shea butter. I have a huge block of it but I always blend it. Gonna try it melted. I’ve been on an avocado butter kick for a while now. I can only sae that shea butter is hard so it’s can be sticky feeling as first.


Shea butter so far has not been for me. It sits on top of my hair making it brittle and dry, when I apply it to my skin I’m ashy in literally an hour. It doesn’t work for me and my body doesn’t recieve it in at all.


Shea butter left white flakes in my hair =( I even switched products to see if it wasn’t mixing well with my other products but it still left flakes

ayishatu molini
I have known Shea butter all my life. It has been used by my mum on my skin ,my hair ,for cooking practically everything from the day i was born, till i could afford to buy my own body lotion…..Am from Ghana, and in Ghana there is Shea butter everywhere. I still use Shea butter for my hair, But is not the best butter that has ever hit my hair in terms of moisture, softness and less greasy feel. I have 4c very, very dry hair. I have tried many different types of butters in it pure and organic state… Read more »