For most naturals, being multi-textured comes part and parcel with the natural hair experience. Today we want to know; How many different textures do you have? Where are the located on your head? And how do you deal with the madness 🙂

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I have about three to four different textures in my head. at the nape of my head my hair is very soft, fine, and curls are loose, 2-C. as you go up to the top of my head the texture gets more coarse and the curls are tight, like a 4-A; its also like on the side towards my ears. at the crown, the texture is soft and thick. and the curls are tight but defined, 3-C. at first i was only doing twist-outs for about 2 months until i could figure out something to do with it, but then… Read more »

@Nefertete you are my hair twin!! Wow! So great to know I’m not the only one with multiple personality hair!! The majority of my hair in the middle of my head is 4a. But then the sides are 3-something and patches here and there are 4b! So weird and annoying! But less of a problem now that I’m locked up!!


i think i have about 3 different textures at least… not really into naming very much 4,3, a,b etc… so idk about all of that.

What i find really weird is that I have thick strands and really fine strands as well. as the hair becomes longer its not an issue… but with my twa that i have now, i get all of these long straight strands sticking out of my nappy little afro… cant wait till my hair is a manageable/ stylable length again.


I think I have 3 different textures, but I’m not sure because hair typing sort of confuses me.

3c, 4a and some 4b.


I have about 3 different textures. 3c around the perimeter, 4a in the crown and 4b in the nape…

mixed beans
i think i have about 4 different curl patterns and maybe 3 different textures. – from the back to about a third way up, it’s very loose curls, size of 3b curls, the strands are medium and not very porous, and my scalp is somewhat greasier back there too. – My edges on both sides are 3c curls and the hair strands are fine and silky. – The crown of my hair has the finest strands, and ironically also the coarsest strands almost in equal proportion. I think it’s 4b in terms of curl pattern, as it will only curl… Read more »
I believe my texture has changed over the past 3 years. When I first went natural I had really soft baby soft hair. But now I have some very defined curls in spots, and then it is very dry and kinky in other spots. The middle of my hair is fairly dry and kinky, it tends to be the hardest section to detangle. Sometimes my scalp hurts because this is the toughest section of my head. The front, I am not sure because it is much more straighter than the other areas. And the back closest to my neck, is… Read more »

Your twist out is absolutely beautifuL!

a MILLION! lol, jk…but there are a lot. The front of my hair has a slight wave at best (from years of heat damage) and always needs moisture because the area is prone to dryness. I suspect because of the heat damage as well. The hair at the crown of my head has soft,THICK s-shaped curls and is my favorite section! Theres so much of it and I love it! The area that causes most of my frustration is at the back of my head. This section has roughly the same curl pattern as the crown, but its much more… Read more »

My hair is 3a/3b in the back and at the nape of my neck. It is coily and dense at the sides and in the front I have perfect, boing boing 4a curls.

I get a little frustrated at my hair because there is no consistency for wash and gos– and the back of my hair hangs in a wholly different way than the front and sides, but I rock what I got. It’s all good and it’s all me. 🙂


mine is the same but no 3a-just a loose 3b in the back


All around my hairline and a good portion of the back of my head is 4b/c and the center crown of my head is 3c. Ironically, I fight with the 3c hair because that weird section never holds braidouts, coils or twists as long or quite as nicely as the 4b/c areas. Well, it’s all about working with what you’re given.


The back of my hair up to about my ears is fine and the curls are loose, I think this would be 3c? The middle of my head to the front is very curly and full, I guess about a 4a? The front of my hair and at my temples is very coarse, I’m thinking 4b/c? All the curls make an “S” shape except those edges, they are more “Z” shaped. I love it!!


My hair is also like this! its weird and i would prefer one texture.


You’ve just described my head exactly. Lol!


mine too!

Camille in Slovenia

i was just thinking about this yesterday while detangling my (thick with fine strands) hair. i think i have at least three types:

– 3/4 of my head from my forehead back is undefined wonderfully kinky hair, a little over 1/8 of my hair (all in the back) is a looser wavy curl, and then the rest (scattered all around my head) are these tiny little pencil spiral coils. kinky curly hair is amazing!
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Pretty hair! Your description is similar to mine except the areas are different and while I have tiny spirals when short they become waves when longer- mostly its a patch of 3C in the front and nape, with the majority 4a with sprinkles of 4 b intermingled through out. I have one totally undefined frizzy part on the right back of my head. I have learned fairly recently that if I want to blend that hair in I have to take a little extra time to dampen it, apply some Oyin and set it on a spiral rod at night… Read more »

I have about 2 different textures. More loosly curled in the front, which is probably due to excess strecthing when pulling back into a ponytail. I do occassionaly press it, but the loose curls don’t affect the rest of my hair.
And it usually becomes “madness” when I want to wear it in two strand twist. With my regular texture being a curly twist and the texture in front a straight twist. Can look pretty ridiculous. I just tuck em behind my ear though. No biggie


4-3b (color damaged), 3c, 4a, 4b

Alice in Nappyland




It’s all itsy-tiny but it’s consistent and I like it.

I was just telling my friend how I hate the front of my hair, the bang area might be either 3c or 4a and the strands there are mostly medium sized or coarse, but the hair there just hangs limp. My hair at the name is very fine and its a lot thinner and is probably 3c or 4a and its also limp but it doesn’t bother me because it shows more of my length. The majority of my hair is 4a & 4b with mostly medium and fine strands and it’s more springy. The crown of my head has… Read more »

Oops I meant to say “My hair at the nape of my neck is very fine,” in the first paragraph.


The back of my hair is loose, probably a 3c. The front of my hair is tightly curled 4a/4b. The back is easier to detangle and softer. The front section is more dense, drier and requires more work when detangling.


Me too! The back is 3C with loose bouncy curls & the front & crown is 4B and the periphery is 4A. It’s crazy but I love it 🙂


Yep, my hair is like that too lol


the front of my hair is 3c, but the sides are 4a and really frizzy. the back is a cluster of tight, well defined and silky 4a pensprings and the very back/nape is weird… it’s silky but inbetween 3c and 4a.


I have three different textures ranging from loose curls (3a)in the back, kinky curly at the crown which is the difficult section because it gets dry so fast and then in the front part its curly. Some sections require more or less product then others. Its an on going learning experience


That’s exactly how my hair is! Because my coily curls are right on top of my looser curls, I find it difficult to do wash and gos. My crown sticks out (literally and figuratively) while the bottom section lays flat. It is very very noticeable, I think. How do you or anyone else deal with this problem if you wear your hair in a wash and go?