For most nat­u­rals, being mul­ti-tex­tured comes part and par­cel with the nat­ur­al hair expe­ri­ence. Today we want to know; How many dif­fer­ent tex­tures do you have? Where are the locat­ed on your head? And how do you deal with the mad­ness :)

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I have about three to four dif­fer­ent tex­tures in my head. at the nape of my head my hair is very soft, fine, and curls are loose, 2-C. as you go up to the top of my head the tex­ture gets more coarse and the curls are tight, like a 4-A; its also like on the side towards my ears. at the crown, the tex­ture is soft and thick. and the curls are tight but defined, 3-C. at first i was only doing twist-outs for about 2 months until i could fig­ure out some­thing to do with it, but then… Read more »

@Nefertete you are my hair twin!! Wow! So great to know I’m not the only one with mul­ti­ple per­son­al­i­ty hair!! The major­i­ty of my hair in the mid­dle of my head is 4a. But then the sides are 3-some­thing and patch­es here and there are 4b! So weird and annoy­ing! But less of a prob­lem now that I’m locked up!!


i think i have about 3 dif­fer­ent tex­tures at least… not real­ly into nam­ing very much 4,3, a,b etc… so idk about all of that.

What i find real­ly weird is that I have thick strands and real­ly fine strands as well. as the hair becomes longer its not an issue… but with my twa that i have now, i get all of these long straight strands stick­ing out of my nap­py lit­tle afro… cant wait till my hair is a manageable/ sty­lable length again.


I think I have 3 dif­fer­ent tex­tures, but I’m not sure because hair typ­ing sort of con­fus­es me. 

3c, 4a and some 4b.


I have about 3 dif­fer­ent tex­tures. 3c around the perime­ter, 4a in the crown and 4b in the nape…

mixed beans
i think i have about 4 dif­fer­ent curl pat­terns and maybe 3 dif­fer­ent tex­tures. — from the back to about a third way up, it’s very loose curls, size of 3b curls, the strands are medi­um and not very porous, and my scalp is some­what greasi­er back there too. — My edges on both sides are 3c curls and the hair strands are fine and silky. — The crown of my hair has the finest strands, and iron­i­cal­ly also the coars­est strands almost in equal pro­por­tion. I think it’s 4b in terms of curl pat­tern, as it will only curl with lots… Read more »
I believe my tex­ture has changed over the past 3 years. When I first went nat­ur­al I had real­ly soft baby soft hair. But now I have some very defined curls in spots, and then it is very dry and kinky in oth­er spots. The mid­dle of my hair is fair­ly dry and kinky, it tends to be the hard­est sec­tion to detan­gle. Some­times my scalp hurts because this is the tough­est sec­tion of my head. The front, I am not sure because it is much more straighter than the oth­er areas. And the back clos­est to my neck, is… Read more »

Your twist out is absolute­ly beau­ti­fuL!

a MILLION! lol, jk…but there are a lot. The front of my hair has a slight wave at best (from years of heat dam­age) and always needs mois­ture because the area is prone to dry­ness. I sus­pect because of the heat dam­age as well. The hair at the crown of my head has soft,THICK s-shaped curls and is my favorite sec­tion! Theres so much of it and I love it! The area that caus­es most of my frus­tra­tion is at the back of my head. This sec­tion has rough­ly the same curl pat­tern as the crown, but its much more… Read more »

My hair is 3a/3b in the back and at the nape of my neck. It is coily and dense at the sides and in the front I have per­fect, boing boing 4a curls. 

I get a lit­tle frus­trat­ed at my hair because there is no con­sis­ten­cy for wash and gos– and the back of my hair hangs in a whol­ly dif­fer­ent way than the front and sides, but I rock what I got. It’s all good and it’s all me. :)


mine is the same but no 3a-just a loose 3b in the back


All around my hair­line and a good por­tion of the back of my head is 4b/c and the cen­ter crown of my head is 3c. Iron­i­cal­ly, I fight with the 3c hair because that weird sec­tion nev­er holds braid­outs, coils or twists as long or quite as nice­ly as the 4b/c areas. Well, it’s all about work­ing with what you’re giv­en.


The back of my hair up to about my ears is fine and the curls are loose, I think this would be 3c? The mid­dle of my head to the front is very curly and full, I guess about a 4a? The front of my hair and at my tem­ples is very coarse, I’m think­ing 4b/c? All the curls make an “S” shape except those edges, they are more “Z” shaped. I love it!!


My hair is also like this! its weird and i would pre­fer one tex­ture.


You’ve just described my head exact­ly. Lol!


mine too!

Camille in Slovenia

i was just think­ing about this yes­ter­day while detan­gling my (thick with fine strands) hair. i think i have at least three types:

- 3/4 of my head from my fore­head back is unde­fined won­der­ful­ly kinky hair, a lit­tle over 1/8 of my hair (all in the back) is a loos­er wavy curl, and then the rest (scat­tered all around my head) are these tiny lit­tle pen­cil spi­ral coils. kinky curly hair is amaz­ing!
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Pret­ty hair! Your descrip­tion is sim­i­lar to mine except the areas are dif­fer­ent and while I have tiny spi­rals when short they become waves when longer- most­ly its a patch of 3C in the front and nape, with the major­i­ty 4a with sprin­kles of 4 b inter­min­gled through out. I have one total­ly unde­fined frizzy part on the right back of my head. I have learned fair­ly recent­ly that if I want to blend that hair in I have to take a lit­tle extra time to damp­en it, apply some Oyin and set it on a spi­ral rod at night… Read more »

I have about 2 dif­fer­ent tex­tures. More loosly curled in the front, which is prob­a­bly due to excess strec­thing when pulling back into a pony­tail. I do occas­sion­aly press it, but the loose curls don’t affect the rest of my hair.
And it usu­al­ly becomes “mad­ness” when I want to wear it in two strand twist. With my reg­u­lar tex­ture being a curly twist and the tex­ture in front a straight twist. Can look pret­ty ridicu­lous. I just tuck em behind my ear though. No big­gie


4–3b (col­or dam­aged), 3c, 4a, 4b 

Alice in Nap­py­land




It’s all itsy-tiny but it’s con­sis­tent and I like it.

I was just telling my friend how I hate the front of my hair, the bang area might be either 3c or 4a and the strands there are most­ly medi­um sized or coarse, but the hair there just hangs limp. My hair at the name is very fine and its a lot thin­ner and is prob­a­bly 3c or 4a and its also limp but it doesn’t both­er me because it shows more of my length. The major­i­ty of my hair is 4a & 4b with most­ly medi­um and fine strands and it’s more springy. The crown of my head has… Read more »

Oops I meant to say “My hair at the nape of my neck is very fine,” in the first para­graph.


The back of my hair is loose, prob­a­bly a 3c. The front of my hair is tight­ly curled 4a/4b. The back is eas­i­er to detan­gle and soft­er. The front sec­tion is more dense, dri­er and requires more work when detan­gling.


Me too! The back is 3C with loose boun­cy curls & the front & crown is 4B and the periph­ery is 4A. It’s crazy but I love it :)


Yep, my hair is like that too lol


the front of my hair is 3c, but the sides are 4a and real­ly frizzy. the back is a clus­ter of tight, well defined and silky 4a pen­springs and the very back/nape is weird… it’s silky but inbe­tween 3c and 4a.


I have three dif­fer­ent tex­tures rang­ing from loose curls (3a)in the back, kinky curly at the crown which is the dif­fi­cult sec­tion because it gets dry so fast and then in the front part its curly. Some sec­tions require more or less prod­uct then oth­ers. Its an on going learn­ing expe­ri­ence


That’s exact­ly how my hair is! Because my coily curls are right on top of my loos­er curls, I find it dif­fi­cult to do wash and gos. My crown sticks out (lit­er­al­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly) while the bot­tom sec­tion lays flat. It is very very notice­able, I think. How do you or any­one else deal with this prob­lem if you wear your hair in a wash and go?