For most nat­u­rals, being mul­ti-tex­tured comes part and parcel with the nat­u­ral hair expe­ri­ence. Today we want to know; How many dif­fer­ent tex­tures do you have? Where are the locat­ed on your head? And how do you deal with the mad­ness :)

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Love this post I was about to email you with pic­tures of my hair for advice. I showed my co-work­er who is also nat­u­ral and even she was like “Girl…I don’t know.” I don’t know the let­ters and num­bers, but my hair around the perime­ter is thick, tight­ly coiled, gets dry quick­ly (4c?). The rest of my hair is wavy, no curls, no spi­rals, no spring, just straight, wavy and THICK (3c?). The hair pro­duct that’s great for one set of hair, makes the oth­er hair rebel, either by going limp (too much oil or cream), or dry. I do braid… Read more »
Uh I think its 3. The­back of my head is lit­er­al­ly a mix between 3C/4A/4B.….. this is my favorite sec­tion because it holds my twist nd braids nd the out ver­sions of them so well. Then the perime­ter of my head frrom the out­side to about an inch in is around 4B/4C… it has the most shrink­age so its not nec­es­sar­i­ly my fav. The tope of my head is the thick­est part, has the loos­est curl nd the part I dis­like the most. It has to b braided/twisted small­er nd tighter then the oth­er sec­tion­ss or it will come loose.…… Read more »

I have 3a in the front and back, 3b/c in the mid­dle and 4a/b on the sides…it’s crazy to me because thats such a steep range.


The girl in the pic­ture is beau­ti­ful! Breath-tak­ing!


if I do remem­ber, she is a french elite mod­el

I have 3. The back half of my hair is easy — 4a with pen­spring sized coils and medi­um sized strands and takes forever to dry. It grows very quick­ly and is the hard­est to detan­gle. The front half gets com­pli­cat­ed. the mid­dle of the front from fore­head back is curly with curls the size of a fat pen and thick­er strands with a silky appear­ance. It holds mois­ture well and detan­gles like a dream. Its also ral­ly defined so I can mess with it as much as I want and still have curls there with lit­tle frizz. The sides of… Read more »

4A, 4B and 3C.

I have 4 dif­fer­ent tex­tures. It is split into sections,the back is 3a, half of the cen­ter towards the back is 4a, the oth­er half to the front of my head does­nt curl at all,just loose waves. Last­ly on the sides 3c. The fun­ny thing is that i find that some prod­ucts work well with the sides and the back of my hair but dont agree with the oth­er tex­tures and vice vera. The cen­ter of my hair seems to always be dry­er than the rest of my hair. It needs more care than the rest. I won­der why we… Read more »

tight ringlets in the crown, z pat­trn on the sides and front and loose ringlets on the side and back.. :)


I have may­be 3 tex­tures in my head : the front is real­ly lose and so is the left side some thing around 4b,
then the ride side wich I hate is real­ly harsh like 4c
and the back is of lil curls 3c-4a

Around the edges, the curl is less defined more like 4b. Just behind that and up to my crown, my hair tex­ture has more of a kinky wave — the first half inch lies close to my scalp and then it grows out from my scalp-more like 3c-4a. I have lots of lit­tle curls in the back of my head. My hair tends to get frizzy and hair strands range from thick/wiry/curly to medi­um and fine hairs. I knew this from when I was a teenage doing my own hair but couldn’t beleive it until I received con­fir­ma­tion some years… Read more »
My hair has been nat­u­ral for 2 years. I have 3 hair tex­tures. The back is a 3C tex­ture and very soft & easy to detan­gle. The crown (mid­dle im guess­ing) is more of a 4A/4B tex­ture and is semi easy to detan­gle and last but not least the front. . it is a tight­ly curled 4C tex­ture that requires alot more work when detan­gling than the oth­er 2 sec­tions of my hair. I love love love all 3 of my tex­tures but some­times it can get a lit­tle annoy­ing due to major SHRINKAGE. . I would love to be… Read more »

I have only 2 tex­tures. The left side of my hair is loose curls/silky and its a easy for me to do. But my right side is tight curled and being that’s its tight it makes it a lit­tle dif­fi­cult when wash­ing. But over­ral, my hair is actu­al­ly soft all over. So its not that much of a has­sle. I learned to be patient.

Darcus Williams

2a — 4a.…It’s from “When Masa Came Down From The Big House”(LOL)


or.…when granny’s grand­ma who was mayan and black met her indi­an (from india) fish­er­man hus­band in the caribbean. not every­one is a pro­duct of black & white


I stopped try­ing to fig­ure it out. Espe­cial­ly when I had my chil­dren. One if my lovlies has 3 dif­fer­ent kinds of tex­tures with 3 dis­tinct areas for each one. Did I men­tion she is also ten­der-head­ed. I have also learned as I get old­er my own tex­ture changes. Not includ­ing the beau­ti­ful grey but the rest of it needs gen­tler care and tons of mois­turis­er.


So far, I seem to have 4b smack dab in the mid­dle of my head, by far the “kinki­est”, the top of my hair seems to be wavier and soft­er (if that makes sense) i can get a good wave for­ma­tion when i brush back with my hands…the nape seems to be a mix.…i’m still try­ing to fig­ure out how to deal with it, still tran­si­tion­ing


Hey! We have sim­i­lar tex­tures. Near the end of my tran­si­tion­ing I did twist-outs. Alot of peo­ple thought I cut off my per­med ends when I did that style lol. About 3 weeks lat­er I bc’d. You should try flexi-rods as well. I recent­ly tried it with my hair. Although it wasn’t ful­ly dry (the mid­dle of my hair takes forever to dry) it worked in some parts and def­i­nite­ly around my edges. Hope this helps.


Oh one more thing. For the twist out I rod­ded the ends of the twists. That’s how I tricked every­one.

Patricia Ellis

I have 3b/c in the front and on the sides and 4a/b down the mid­dle from the crown to the nape of my neck. The 3b/c waves up real nice, espe­cial­ly when I do a wash/go or a twist out. the 4a/b hair does well in a wash/go, but not a twist out. Also the 3b/c hair grows real long, but the 4a/b stays real short and has a lot of shrink­age.
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Dominika Shelton

i have 4a tex­ture, and my hair, is EXTREMELY thick! short , course and thick, kin­da like my body type. lol


Hi Ladies…someone please tell me what is the­se num­bers and let­ter com­bos you are using 2a-4b, etc???????


I have 3 tex­tures of hair in my head. The front and crown is like 3c, the back is 3b and the sides are 4a, the rest is a mix­utre of 3c and 4a