How Many Textures Do You Have?

For most naturals, being multi-textured comes part and parcel with the natural hair experience. Today we want to know; How many different textures do you have? Where are the located on your head? And how do you deal with the madness :)

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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  1. Love this post

    I was about to email you with pictures of my hair for advice. I showed my co-worker who is also natural and even she was like “Girl…I don’t know.” I don’t know the letters and numbers, but my hair around the perimeter is thick, tightly coiled, gets dry quickly (4c?). The rest of my hair is wavy, no curls, no spirals, no spring, just straight, wavy and THICK (3c?). The hair product that’s great for one set of hair, makes the other hair rebel, either by going limp (too much oil or cream), or dry. I do braid outs most of the time and corkscrews. Wishing I had more style options.

  2. Uh I think its 3. Theback of my head is literally a mix between 3C/4A/4B…… this is my favorite section because it holds my twist nd braids nd the out versions of them so well. Then the perimeter of my head frrom the outside to about an inch in is around 4B/4C… it has the most shrinkage so its not necessarily my fav. The tope of my head is the thickest part, has the loosest curl nd the part I dislike the most. It has to b braided/twisted smaller nd tighter then the other sectionss or it will come loose…. I guess u could say its about 3A/3B
    Funny thing I was jus thinking abt all the textures in my head nd wondering how other ppl deal with it cuz I was jus so confused

  3. I have 3a in the front and back, 3b/c in the middle and 4a/b on the sides…it’s crazy to me because thats such a steep range.

  4. I have 3. The back half of my hair is easy – 4a with penspring sized coils and medium sized strands and takes forever to dry. It grows very quickly and is the hardest to detangle.
    The front half gets complicated. the middle of the front from forehead back is curly with curls the size of a fat pen and thicker strands with a silky appearance. It holds moisture well and detangles like a dream. Its also rally defined so I can mess with it as much as I want and still have curls there with little frizz.
    The sides of the front from the temples back are 4b, poorly defined, and have very fine strands. That part doesn’t hold moisture well and breaks very easily. I’ve decided to just not touch it. It can look weird right alongside the loosest curl sometimes but I like it just the way it grows

  5. I have 4 different textures. It is split into sections,the back is 3a, half of the center towards the back is 4a, the other half to the front of my head doesnt curl at all,just loose waves. Lastly on the sides 3c. The funny thing is that i find that some products work well with the sides and the back of my hair but dont agree with the other textures and vice vera. The center of my hair seems to always be dryer than the rest of my hair. It needs more care than the rest. I wonder why we have more than one texture…does anyone know?

  6. I have maybe 3 textures in my head : the front is really lose and so is the left side some thing around 4b,
    then the ride side wich I hate is really harsh like 4c
    and the back is of lil curls 3c-4a

  7. Around the edges, the curl is less defined more like 4b. Just behind that and up to my crown, my hair texture has more of a kinky wave – the first half inch lies close to my scalp and then it grows out from my scalp-more like 3c-4a. I have lots of little curls in the back of my head. My hair tends to get frizzy and hair strands range from thick/wiry/curly to medium and fine hairs. I knew this from when I was a teenage doing my own hair but couldn’t beleive it until I received confirmation some years later when I read that book by Andre (forgot last name) who styled Oprah Winfrey’s hair. Since then other books and people have come out to discuss this phenomena of black hair – I find it very interesting since my father was a darkbrown half Puerto-Rican/half Portuguese and my mother is African-American/Native American Indian/Jewish heritage with type 3a-3b hair.

  8. My hair has been natural for 2 years. I have 3 hair textures. The back is a 3C texture and very soft & easy to detangle. The crown (middle im guessing) is more of a 4A/4B texture and is semi easy to detangle and last but not least the front. . it is a tightly curled 4C texture that requires alot more work when detangling than the other 2 sections of my hair. I love love love all 3 of my textures but sometimes it can get a little annoying due to major SHRINKAGE. . I would love to be able to complete a wash-n-go without NEW naturals asking me “Oh so you finally decided to go natural eh?” lol. My hair shrinks almost 98.9% with any & I mean ANY type of moisture (Even the creamy Shea Butters and such)!!!! But I am so thankful for the EASY detangling that I can perform on ALL 3 sections of my hair.

    • I have only 2 textures. The left side of my hair is loose curls/silky and its a easy for me to do. But my right side is tight curled and being that’s its tight it makes it a little difficult when washing. But overral, my hair is actually soft all over. So its not that much of a hassle. I learned to be patient.

    • or….when granny’s grandma who was mayan and black met her indian (from india) fisherman husband in the caribbean. not everyone is a product of black & white

  9. I stopped trying to figure it out. Especially when I had my children. One if my lovlies has 3 different kinds of textures with 3 distinct areas for each one. Did I mention she is also tender-headed. I have also learned as I get older my own texture changes. Not including the beautiful grey but the rest of it needs gentler care and tons of moisturiser.

  10. So far, I seem to have 4b smack dab in the middle of my head, by far the “kinkiest”, the top of my hair seems to be wavier and softer (if that makes sense) i can get a good wave formation when i brush back with my hands…the nape seems to be a mix….i’m still trying to figure out how to deal with it, still transitioning

    • Hey! We have similar textures. Near the end of my transitioning I did twist-outs. Alot of people thought I cut off my permed ends when I did that style lol. About 3 weeks later I bc’d. You should try flexi-rods as well. I recently tried it with my hair. Although it wasn’t fully dry (the middle of my hair takes forever to dry) it worked in some parts and definitely around my edges. Hope this helps.

  11. I have 3b/c in the front and on the sides and 4a/b down the middle from the crown to the nape of my neck. The 3b/c waves up real nice, especially when I do a wash/go or a twist out. the 4a/b hair does well in a wash/go, but not a twist out. Also the 3b/c hair grows real long, but the 4a/b stays real short and has a lot of shrinkage.

  12. I have 3 textures of hair in my head. The front and crown is like 3c, the back is 3b and the sides are 4a, the rest is a mixutre of 3c and 4a

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