Read­er Tonia says;

I’m try­ing not to use brush­es any­more, because my edges are sen­si­tive. But I pre­vi­ous­ly used them to slick down my edges. I was won­der­ing how your read­ers keep their edges smooth. Also, my hair is coily… should I just come to terms with the fact that my edges will nev­er be smooth? Or are there healthy ways to achieve this.

Alright ladies, what is your advice?

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If you can’t find beau­ty prod­ucts in the stores, try online. Sally’s beau­ty sup­ply sells ORS Edge Con­trol, buy a few so that you won’t have to pay for the ship­ping each time you reorder.


I use a soft hair tooth brush or just recent­ly i used a baby brush (sor­ry baby cousin, your mom­my wasn’t using it..o_O)


hear me out ladies…Lusters Renu­tri­ents Slick Stick…DONE!!!! just rub this in and smooth it wont need any­thing’re wel­come : )


Where can I find this!? I’ve heard such good things, but can­not find it at the local BSS…I have how­ev­er seen ORS edge con­trol. Not sure how it com­pares though.


I got mine from Duane Reade…all i Know is even through my work­out my edges wont move and its not hard either still feels soft


Hey there! It’s avail­able at Sally’s. HTH :)


silk scarf


i looked high and low here in nyc for ORS “edge of con­trol” and haven’t found it. hop­ing some­one sug­gests some­thing good for edges. hmm, i might have to holler at some burnt sug­ar pomade again.


Duane Reade car­ries it in NYC.


ha, Duane Reade is on every cor­ner too…go fig­ure.


I use those lit­tle nail brush­es, the ones for keep­ing your nails clean. They aren’t as harsh as reg­u­lar brush­es, and with some pomeade and aloe vera gel it works. I wear a scarf over it to real­ly help it lay flat until I’m ready to leave the house.


I used Oyin’s Burnt Sug­ar Pomade, fol­lowed with a silk/polyester scarf. 

Black Aus­trail­ian Beeswax works won­ders as well and smells great!. It actu­al­ly goes on clear.


i spritz with water slap on the burnt sug­ar and tie my hair down as well…im guess­ing i have 4b/c hair and with­in 10–15 you can take down the scarf to smooth edges no brush­ing nec­ces­sary


You can achieve slick edges!!! LOL
I’ve been using ORS Edge Con­trol and it works very well on my 4b kinky and very coily hair.
I don’t brush it in at all because that’s just not nec­es­sary with this prod­uct … I just use my fin­gers to slick it on and it works!
Hope that helps!


I agree, its the truth!


I was just intro­duced to ORS Edge Con­trol and I absolute­ly LOVE it!!!