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I’m trying not to use brushes anymore, because my edges are sensitive. But I previously used them to slick down my edges. I was wondering how your readers keep their edges smooth. Also, my hair is coily… should I just come to terms with the fact that my edges will never be smooth? Or are there healthy ways to achieve this.

Alright ladies, what is your advice?

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I use Hairveda’s Almond Glaze or simple Aloe Vera gel and a scarf to hold it down for about 10 minutes…


If you can’t find beauty products in the stores, try online. Sally’s beauty supply sells ORS Edge Control, buy a few so that you won’t have to pay for the shipping each time you reorder.


I use a soft hair tooth brush or just recently i used a baby brush (sorry baby cousin, your mommy wasn’t using it..o_O)


hear me out ladies…Lusters Renutrients Slick Stick…DONE!!!! just rub this in and smooth it wont need anything’re welcome : )


Where can I find this!? I’ve heard such good things, but cannot find it at the local BSS…I have however seen ORS edge control. Not sure how it compares though.


I got mine from Duane Reade…all i Know is even through my workout my edges wont move and its not hard either still feels soft


Hey there! It’s available at Sally’s. HTH 🙂


silk scarf


i looked high and low here in nyc for ORS “edge of control” and haven’t found it. hoping someone suggests something good for edges. hmm, i might have to holler at some burnt sugar pomade again.


Duane Reade carries it in NYC.


ha, Duane Reade is on every corner too…go figure.


I use those little nail brushes, the ones for keeping your nails clean. They aren’t as harsh as regular brushes, and with some pomeade and aloe vera gel it works. I wear a scarf over it to really help it lay flat until I’m ready to leave the house.


I used Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade, followed with a silk/polyester scarf.

Black Austrailian Beeswax works wonders as well and smells great!. It actually goes on clear.


i spritz with water slap on the burnt sugar and tie my hair down as well…im guessing i have 4b/c hair and within 10-15 you can take down the scarf to smooth edges no brushing neccessary


You can achieve slick edges!!! LOL
I’ve been using ORS Edge Control and it works very well on my 4b kinky and very coily hair.
I don’t brush it in at all because that’s just not necessary with this product … I just use my fingers to slick it on and it works!
Hope that helps!


I agree, its the truth!


I was just introduced to ORS Edge Control and I absolutely LOVE it!!!