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I’m trying not to use brushes anymore, because my edges are sensitive. But I previously used them to slick down my edges. I was wondering how your readers keep their edges smooth. Also, my hair is coily… should I just come to terms with the fact that my edges will never be smooth? Or are there healthy ways to achieve this.

Alright ladies, what is your advice?

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Spray edges with spritz & Smooth edges with beeswax until kinda slick and u then use the end of a rat tailed comb and ur finger to add swoops if u want. Then tie It up.


My I use organic conditioner and a old toothbrush and a scarf and I’m good! (Pretty sure any thick-ish condish would work but that’s what I have on hand)

Tee'Jay Renae

i have had this problem forever i just fond the solution from another post all you need is some water and cantu shea butter leave in conditioner and some gorilla snot. You damp your hair brush the conditioner in then get a little bit of snot and a toothbrush and style. To make it better its super cheap snot 3$ at target and cantu is 4$ at target. So all for under 10$ and you get a lot of product.

Things you need: 1. Olive Oil/Castor Oil/Coconut Oil (depends on what you got) 2. Tooth brush 3. Spray bottle. 4. Plastic Cap/Headband/Plastic Bag (XD What? Sometimes you don’t have a cap or a head band.) 5. Bonnet/Headscarf First of all we need to spray the edges with water and massage the edges. Second we put some olive oil(or whatever oil you got boo) get out the tooth brush and brush them GENTLY! Now get your headband (rip the bag a little and tie it around you head like a headband or use the plastic cap..) place it directly over your… Read more »

Ecostyler and a satin scarf


You should apply a liquid moisturiser or some water to dampen your edges a little bit and then apply the edge control, after that tie it down for like 5 minutes. That’s what works for me but it’s worth a try I guess!


Burt’s Bees Hand Salve! I love it for slicking edges down. Plus it smells nice and is totally natural


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Tina Johnson

I will be trying one these products. I have the same problem with many edge control products as well as one of the other viewers. They seem to leave white residue and won’t stay lying for to long. Thanks BnReena be bless!!!