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I love the new com­mu­ni­ty pro­duct review fea­ture on your site! I want­ed to ask about Komaza Care prod­ucts. I know they’ve been out for some years now, but I’ve nev­er tried them and I’m curi­ous — espe­cial­ly about the Coconut Hair Pud­ding. Can your read­ers share their expe­ri­ence with the line. And what they think of price, smell, how long the pro­duct lasts, etc.

Alright ladies, share your Komaza Care expe­ri­ences!

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I’m so glad that peo­ple are review­ing this line! I’ve been curi­ous for a long time. 

*waits patient­ly*


Love the cal­i­fia pud­ding, got 4 day hair could have got 5, very defined curls, smells good too

I LOVE the Komaza prod­ucts. All of them didn’t work for my hair — I didn’t respond well to the Coconut line at all, which I was upset about because I liked the smell — but the Cal­i­fia line is right up my alley. I use the Leave-in Mois­tur­iz­ing Spray (which, like anoth­er com­menter above I thought was like water until I noticed what a great dif­fer­ence it made in my hair), fol­lowed by the pud­ding (light hand, ladies!), fol­lowed by coconut oil and (final­ly) aloe vera gel and I get the BEST results. I use the Cal­i­fia Mois­tur­iz­ing cream… Read more »
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Can peo­ple tak­ing med­ica­tion not for high blood pres­sure use the nour­ish­ment oil ?


I LOVE this line! Their Shea But­ter Lotion is my only sta­ple for mois­ture.


Their Deep Con­di­tion­er is my go to, it’s the best one i have tried. I got the coconut curl milk or some­thing like that and it didn’t do any­thing for my hair at all :/ my mom bought the sham­poo and con­di­tion­er, and i do not like the smell of either. HOWEVER. The pre­poo pro­duct is the BOMB!


do not like it


hate it!


i used komazas shea but­ter hair lotion, but it was too heavy for my fine 3b/c hair and some how made my hair feel sticky and crispy… simul­ta­ne­ous­ly :s

I tried sev­er­al prod­ucts in this line and what I liked was the shea but­ter lotion,it was a good leave in. I did not like the coconut hair pud­ding and fig­ured I would prob­a­bly need the cal­i­fa line for my wash and go. I liked the coconut curl leave in spray though. I like the fact that you can sam­ple the pro­duct lines so you can test it out before you com­mitt to a full size pro­duct. My rec­om­men­da­tion would be to by the sam­ple packs. I also liked their deep con­di­tion­ing treatment,the one that is mois­ture and pro­tein not… Read more »
My sis­ter just ordered two of the Komaza prod­ucts. I learned about this pro­duct from my mom, who learned about it from a mem­ber of her church. This wom­an has gor­geous, long black nat­u­ral hair (bra strap lent­gth), and she swears by it. She uses the hair nour­ish­ment­ment and the scalp treat­ment. She may just be one of those whose hair grows, but her hair is beau­ti­ful! One thing that I found inter­est­ing is that for the hair treat­ment, it gives a warn­ing for any­one who has high blood pressure/uses med­ica­tion. They are sup­posed to be a black and Chris­tian… Read more »

The Cali Leave in con­di­tion­er is my HG alongside the mois­tur­is­ing cream! Real­ly mois­turis­es my hair,which is not greasy just nice & soft! Didn’t real­ly like the wash out condish and didn’t try the Sham­poo! But yup leave in wise this pro­duct has hit the spot 4 esp with this hor­ri­ble UK weath­er!


I love Komaza, they are pret­ty much the only prod­ucts that I use. I like their coconut curl line. It mois­tur­izes my hair with out leav­ing residue. I like both of the pud­dings. I use the coconut curl pud­ding for my edges and the Cal­i­fia pud­ding for twists and twist outs. I love them because they don’t weigh my hair down. Ive used almost every­thing that they have offered and the only thing that I didn’t like was the Cal­i­fia but­ter, and that was because its too heavy for my hair type.


Hat­ed every­thing about this line of hair care prod­ucts. I went hard and bought the con­di­tion­er, sham­poo, and hair pud­ding and even­tu­al­ly threw it all away. Nei­ther the con­di­tion­er nor sham­poo did what I want­ed them to do, which was detan­gle, leave mois­tur­ized, and clean. The curly pud­ding crap was too too heavy and seemed like grease to me. Over­all, my hair hat­ed the stuff, but hope­ful­ly it works for whomev­er else bought it so they won’t waste their mon­ey…

I am sor­ry to say but I whole­heart­ed­ly con­cur with this review. I had such a ter­ri­ble expe­ri­ence with this pro­duct line that I basi­cal­ly gave it away to anoth­er friend of mine, who actu­al­ly did end up hav­ing a good expe­ri­ence with it. I came to the con­clu­sion that part of the rea­son it didn’t work for me was because the red palm oil that include in almost all of their prod­ucts was so high on the list of ingre­di­ents that it was com­plete­ly and utter­ly use­less in mois­tur­iz­ing my hair. I think that the own­er of the com­pa­ny… Read more »

I have only tried the cal­i­fia mois­tur­is­ing spray and felt it was like water. It also made my hair dry and straw­like when it dried sealed or not. I couldn’t stand the caramel/butterscotch smell either. My main prob­lem with it was that it offered no mois­ture and for a nat­u­ral pro­duct, the smell wasn’t very appeal­ing. Nev­er bought any­thing else and nev­er will since my hair hates all things coconut oil.

I am seri­ous­ly think­ing about this line, and I’m not a pro­duct junkie by any means. For those of you who have tried it, is this real­ly the Holy Grail? I like the line because it uses nat­u­ral prod­ucts, plus I’ve “redis­cov­ered” shea but­ter recent­ly. I even tried doing my own mix­es. One shea mix came out OK. The oth­er, last night, come out a HOT MESS! #Fail! Quite frankly, I can be cheap, but I will pay for qual­i­ty prod­ucts if they give decent results for I and my two daugh­ters (we all have dif­fer­ent tex­tures). I’ve read tes­ti­mo­ni­als… Read more »

I love the cal­i­fa care leave in con­di­tion­er and con­di­tion­er. I had to dilute the sham­poo because was way to strong


This isn’t a pro­duct review but I don’t under­stand why I’ve sent 2 emails about “Sub­mis­sions”, one 2 months ago & one 2 weeks ago & I didn’t even receive an email with the acknowl­edge­ment of receipt. If it’s not pub­lished on the site, that’s A-okay but at least let me know that you’ve received it. The read­er who sub­mit­ted this “ques­tion” obvi­ous­ly JUST sent the email bc it’s about a fea­ture that’s new on the site. It’ s kind of rude to not even acknowl­edge the receipt of the email.


I loved Komaza’s Shea But­ter Hair lotion at one point. The price was rea­son­able and it was lighter than raw shea but­ter and I need­ed that for my fine tress­es. I switched to Kinky Curly Knot Today though!


I love the cal­i­fa care mois­turis­er. It’s my HG of mois­turis­ers. I quit Qhemet after find­ing this gem! Plus it’s hard to get a hold of Qhemet here in the UK, and Komaza care is an amaz­ing replace­ment. 5 stars! :)

Kinky Chic

Hadn’t heard of this line, but thanks for fea­tur­ing it–I might try it out the next time I’m at Tar­get!