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I love the new community product review feature on your site! I wanted to ask about Komaza Care products. I know they’ve been out for some years now, but I’ve never tried them and I’m curious — especially about the Coconut Hair Pudding. Can your readers share their experience with the line. And what they think of price, smell, how long the product lasts, etc.

Alright ladies, share your Komaza Care experiences!

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I’m so glad that people are reviewing this line! I’ve been curious for a long time.

*waits patiently*


Love the califia pudding, got 4 day hair could have got 5, very defined curls, smells good too

I LOVE the Komaza products. All of them didn’t work for my hair — I didn’t respond well to the Coconut line at all, which I was upset about because I liked the smell — but the Califia line is right up my alley. I use the Leave-in Moisturizing Spray (which, like another commenter above I thought was like water until I noticed what a great difference it made in my hair), followed by the pudding (light hand, ladies!), followed by coconut oil and (finally) aloe vera gel and I get the BEST results. I use the Califia Moisturizing cream… Read more »
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Can people taking medication not for high blood pressure use the nourishment oil ?


I LOVE this line! Their Shea Butter Lotion is my only staple for moisture.


Their Deep Conditioner is my go to, it’s the best one i have tried. I got the coconut curl milk or something like that and it didn’t do anything for my hair at all :/ my mom bought the shampoo and conditioner, and i do not like the smell of either. HOWEVER. The prepoo product is the BOMB!


do not like it


hate it!


i used komazas shea butter hair lotion, but it was too heavy for my fine 3b/c hair and some how made my hair feel sticky and crispy… simultaneously :s

I tried several products in this line and what I liked was the shea butter lotion,it was a good leave in. I did not like the coconut hair pudding and figured I would probably need the califa line for my wash and go. I liked the coconut curl leave in spray though. I like the fact that you can sample the product lines so you can test it out before you committ to a full size product. My recommendation would be to by the sample packs. I also liked their deep conditioning treatment,the one that is moisture and protein not… Read more »
My sister just ordered two of the Komaza products. I learned about this product from my mom, who learned about it from a member of her church. This woman has gorgeous, long black natural hair (bra strap lentgth), and she swears by it. She uses the hair nourishmentment and the scalp treatment. She may just be one of those whose hair grows, but her hair is beautiful! One thing that I found interesting is that for the hair treatment, it gives a warning for anyone who has high blood pressure/uses medication. They are supposed to be a black and Christian… Read more »

The Cali Leave in conditioner is my HG alongside the moisturising cream! Really moisturises my hair,which is not greasy just nice & soft! Didn’t really like the wash out condish and didn’t try the Shampoo! But yup leave in wise this product has hit the spot 4 esp with this horrible UK weather!


I love Komaza, they are pretty much the only products that I use. I like their coconut curl line. It moisturizes my hair with out leaving residue. I like both of the puddings. I use the coconut curl pudding for my edges and the Califia pudding for twists and twist outs. I love them because they don’t weigh my hair down. Ive used almost everything that they have offered and the only thing that I didn’t like was the Califia butter, and that was because its too heavy for my hair type.


Hated everything about this line of hair care products. I went hard and bought the conditioner, shampoo, and hair pudding and eventually threw it all away. Neither the conditioner nor shampoo did what I wanted them to do, which was detangle, leave moisturized, and clean. The curly pudding crap was too too heavy and seemed like grease to me. Overall, my hair hated the stuff, but hopefully it works for whomever else bought it so they won’t waste their money…

I am sorry to say but I wholeheartedly concur with this review. I had such a terrible experience with this product line that I basically gave it away to another friend of mine, who actually did end up having a good experience with it. I came to the conclusion that part of the reason it didn’t work for me was because the red palm oil that include in almost all of their products was so high on the list of ingredients that it was completely and utterly useless in moisturizing my hair. I think that the owner of the company… Read more »

I have only tried the califia moisturising spray and felt it was like water. It also made my hair dry and strawlike when it dried sealed or not. I couldn’t stand the caramel/butterscotch smell either. My main problem with it was that it offered no moisture and for a natural product, the smell wasn’t very appealing. Never bought anything else and never will since my hair hates all things coconut oil.

I am seriously thinking about this line, and I’m not a product junkie by any means. For those of you who have tried it, is this really the Holy Grail? I like the line because it uses natural products, plus I’ve “rediscovered” shea butter recently. I even tried doing my own mixes. One shea mix came out OK. The other, last night, come out a HOT MESS! #Fail! Quite frankly, I can be cheap, but I will pay for quality products if they give decent results for I and my two daughters (we all have different textures). I’ve read testimonials… Read more »

I love the califa care leave in conditioner and conditioner. I had to dilute the shampoo because was way to strong


This isn’t a product review but I don’t understand why I’ve sent 2 emails about “Submissions”, one 2 months ago & one 2 weeks ago & I didn’t even receive an email with the acknowledgement of receipt. If it’s not published on the site, that’s A-okay but at least let me know that you’ve received it. The reader who submitted this “question” obviously JUST sent the email bc it’s about a feature that’s new on the site. It’ s kind of rude to not even acknowledge the receipt of the email.


I loved Komaza’s Shea Butter Hair lotion at one point. The price was reasonable and it was lighter than raw shea butter and I needed that for my fine tresses. I switched to Kinky Curly Knot Today though!


I love the califa care moisturiser. It’s my HG of moisturisers. I quit Qhemet after finding this gem! Plus it’s hard to get a hold of Qhemet here in the UK, and Komaza care is an amazing replacement. 5 stars! 🙂

Kinky Chic

Hadn’t heard of this line, but thanks for featuring it–I might try it out the next time I’m at Target!