Does your hair grow unevenly?

Hair that grows faster in the back than the front… A patch of hair in the center that’s shorter than the rest… One side of hair that has a looser curl and thus appears longer than the other… Do you have hair that grows unevenly? And if so, what are your strategies for taming/styling the unevenness? Let us know!

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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69 thoughts on “Does your hair grow unevenly?

  1. wow,I thought it was just me with wonky hair! My hair is long and naturally curly/wavy and when I leave it to dry on its own it goes into loose curls which I love especially on the right, however there is one part of hair, at the left to the front that NEVER curls! It drives me insane, and I always wear my hair up or clip it back because of it when really i want to wear my hair down. I have tried using heat to make it match, but my curls just cant be recreated no matter how hard I try and I have now given up. I rarely use heat styling or blow dry my hair, i just wash it, add mousse (as it is quite thin) and scrunch it into a bun until it is mostly dried because i dont like walking around with wet hair. Anyone have any solutions for me without having to style my hair everyday?

    • I would suggest going with another texture beside curls or just clipping that prt back, like behind your ear or something. Twist out, braid out, or even roller sets can make all the textures match verses just making the one prt of the hair match everything else.

  2. Im 2 1/2 months natural…My hair type is 4c…and its qrowing uneven, like into a cone shape or something. lol The middle patch in my head seem like its qrowinq faster then the sides….

    do i need to qet my hair cut aqain.? =(( I use qood shampoo and oils;; this is also my first time qoinq natural….

  3. Right before I started school I wanted a new hair do, and I cut my hair. I didnt like it, plus I’m natural so at every party and on hot days my hair sweat out quick and I didnt want to flat iron it everyday. So I began to get weaves. I love weaves and my hair is growing back longer than it was before I cut it, but now my right side is about an inch and a half longer than my left side and when I wear my hair flat iron it looks foolish lol. Anyone know what I can do to help the other side get with the program?!

  4. I don’t understand myself. every time my hair grows out. This is like my 8 time growing my hair from it being shaved. Right now the top of my hair is a little over 1inch but the back of my head is just a little shorter then that. Also the hair around my ears is shorter then expected. I’m not sure what to do its fraustrating.

  5. so all year my hair has been growing EXCEPT for in the middle & its very irritating, I don’t want to cut all my hair to be the same length as the middle because it will be short but I hate how it is now, it looks like a bob somewhat, any tips on how to get it to grow like the rest of my hair?

  6. OK so here’s my story: I was walking home one night with my friends. My hair was curled with dark brown hair dye in my head. I got it done by one of my co-workers from work.As I got in the mirror the curls were fading and the color.I didn’t like it so I washed it until my real color was shown. I blow-dried it and flat iron it.Finally I was done.I looked in the mirror brushing it because it was so soft.Then I separated it and brought it to my shoulders. Then I realized something…IT IS UNEVEN! I tried soaking the uneven parts of my hair with warm water and olive oil, I’ve tried messaging and I’ve even tried hair growth products.I did everything I could to achieve straight,Even,and long hair. What could’ve been the problem. Now my hair is long because of a product called “Super Grow HD”

  7. I need help too,the middle of my hair is ridiculously short,should I cut the front to make it even? I really don’t want to cut my hair again, any other solutions?

  8. Hi, My name is Mercedes and i have 4h hair in the back of my head and like 4c in the front is my hair growing slower in the back than in the front because its tighter in the back i usually wear my hair up because before my hair would break off from rubbing against my clothes. Also I have only be moisturizing my hair with water then sealing it with olive oil or coconut oil, but I think the coconut oil is drying out my scalp but is okay on just my hair. I like using just water because I very rarely get that gross nasty white stuff in my hair from product build up. I’m just trying to get the back of my hair to grow a little more because I still think its breaking off even though i wear it up


  9. My hair grows un even and it’s been like that since childhood. My mothers is the same in a way and she never had this problem before in her childhood. She said that it runs in the family and it has a lot to do with diet and nutruistion. I can understand it now. My hair keeps breaking off even after I waited a whole year without getting it relaxed. Something is wrong.

  10. My hair is a year and six months old,my back hair has only grown to my neck length n,my side hair a bit below my jawbone,my front hair is jst at my eye leght.people also tell me that my hair does not grow appears my back hair is longer than my every other part,n it gives me this kinda sytle when ever I braid it.I want to know why its like there anything I should do about it?

  11. My hair growth is very strange, the hair around my entire hair line wont grow more then 2 inch’s but the rest of my hair is like 8 inch’s long. I’m a white girl so my hair is fine and more then wavy but less then curly. It doesn’t matter if I flat iron or leave my hair curly you can really see the length difference. It’s not so bad when I wear my hair down but when I wear it us it’s far to short to make it in to a pony tail or a clip I need to use a ton on gel and hair spray to get it to stay in and like I said I’m a white girl so when I use a crap load of products it just makes my hair look dirty. I don’t know what to do with my hair but cut it all 2 inches long.

  12. Ok, so I didn’t really see any suggestions, lol. I have struggled with this same thing; I big chopped in Feb this year.
    Now suggestion time. Besides obvious damage one may do to their own head, the hair on your head has a mind of its own. It may seem like it’s growing unevenly, but at short lengths its hard to tell if it will continue growing that way. Allow the hair to run its course. If you’re someone concerned about length, do all you can to protect it or hide it away until it gets to a comfortable length for you to trim it. If it’s short to medium, try to incorporate satin scarves or cute hats into your hair care routine so you’re not distracted from the uneven length. I had to cut my hair twice bc of uneven lengths and I’m not even one yr natural yet.
    If length doesn’t bother you, go ahead and trim away, but I never suggest whopping it all off, you may be stunned by something so dramatic. Really as long as the hair is healthy and well nourished the lengths will fall into their own, just give it time to grow. So patience and tlc should help you not to be overly concerned with length. This has worked for me. Hope this helps, ladies!!

  13. A few years agoi would put a lot of mousse in my hair not knowing that it was damaging and drying my hair out. anyways one day i didnt bother to wash my hair out with water so i just combed through all the was TERRIBLE alot of my hair came out and it just never grew back out. The front of my hair is nice and long but the middle and back are super short. it sucks any suggestions?

  14. My hair is a bit uneven but not noticeably because it’s long. A trim does the trick to get it a consistent length for me although the front is still shorter from breakage. Naturally, it’s thick and wavy/curly and I’ve never really had much problem with what you guys are describing (hair short in the middle, long in other areas?)

    I suggest taking a look at how you style your hair -is it constantly parted in the same area, do you always put it up in the same spot? This could be weakening the hair and causing breakage there. Try moving your ponytail higher/lower or parting your hair on the side versus in the middle.
    Also find a good daily moisturiser, and deep condition it every so often. I like to use olive oil. Also try to drink lots of water and get the right nutrition so your hair can grow and repair itself. I’m not gonna say my diet is the most balanced but good nutrition won’t do you any harm that’s for sure. At least try taking vitamin supplements if you find your diet lacking… Oh and also be gentle with your hair! Detangle end to roots; no ripping through tangles!!
    And don’t sleep with your hair in a hair tie, or even out as this leaves it vulnerable to breakage. Put it in a plait or something instead.
    Hope some of this helps!

  15. The only parts of my hair thats growing now that I’m transitioning is the front, my Edges, and the nap of my neck, and the front middle of my hair the back middle of my hair is growing really slow. Does anyone know why its doing that or have a similar problem that they’ve found a way to fix?

  16. I have been natural for over 6 years. I have mix hair types 3a/b/c and its very thick and gets puffy everytime I am around humidity so my problem with my hair is at the crown (hair comes to my shoulder) is uneven with the hair on my nape (down my back) which is longer. I wear my hair straight so you can see the difference. anyone with this problem, what did you do? layer it, blunt cut or left it alone.

  17. I have the “appears uneven” problem. All of my hair when stretched and measured is even length (plus or minus an inch here or there). Unfortunately in its wash and go state, tiny defined pen spring coils dominate the majority of my head, while the center front is veeery loose and very frizzy – it barely waves, let alone curls. To make matters worse, it happens only on one side of my center part. It looks like heat damage but I don’t use heat, it just grew out that way! It could be follicle damage from years of seb-derm and ponytails while relaxed, but I doubt that b/c of the localization. Fixes for my very visible 3in difference in length? None that I love, but here goes: 1) Chop it off. Cut the looser curls even to the tighter ones, by a professional, Deva style (dry, curl by curl). Only do this if you’re doing wash and goes 95% of the time, lest you find yourself with uneven twistouts and roller sets. 2) Don’t chop and stick to only stretched styles. Again, great if you like wearing your hair stretched 95% of the time – obviously the uneven WNG problem remains. I like to switch it up but prefer the routine of WNGs, so I either lazily rock the “edgy” look, twist it and pin it to the side, or get fustrated and throw the whole thing into a huge puff. When I have time to set stetched styles, they are the easy cure for my situation. If you’re dealing with a less dramatic difference in length, simple finger coiling of looser curls can help them dry into tighter curls that can blend with the rest of your hair, or if you have mostly loose curls, the tight curls can be stretched or blow-dried at the roots to even them out to the rest of your hair. HTH!

  18. YES! I am currently transitioning and have been using silica to speed up my hair growth. so far it’s worked well but the front has now stopped growing for a bit and the back is growing out. I thought hair growth was fairly uniform and even, until now! My hair is in braids right now, but not sure what it’s going to be like dealing with that in a few weeks. uggh!

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