Hair that grows faster in the back than the front… A patch of hair in the cen­ter that’s short­er than the rest… One side of hair that has a looser curl and thus appears longer than the oth­er… Do you have hair that grows uneven­ly? And if so, what are your strate­gies for taming/styling the uneven­ness? Let us know!

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My hair is longer in the left and short­er on the right. The hair in the back appears short­er because the curls are much tighter than they are in the front. I’ve got­ten used to it though, it now looks like a funky bob hair­cut, but real­ly I have dif­fer­ent curl pat­terns.


For me, the front grows much faster than any­where else on my head. I actu­al­ly cut off an inch from the front and it grew back so fast I was aston­ished. The sides on the oth­er hand grow at a much slow­er rate and I have to be gen­tle with them. One thing I noticed though is that the right side appears to grow faster than the I don’t even let myself be both­ered to much with the “uneven­ness”. When I style my hair the dif­fer­ences aren’t too obvi­ous any­ways.

I have the same problem–it’s quite weird, there is a por­tion at the crown that is about .5 inches–I call it my stress spot (I tend to manip­u­late it more), every­where else is with­in an inch of the oth­er side. I have about 4 inch­es of hair but I wear a twa due to mas­sive shrinkage(thank God), I real­ly like it short and am con­sid­er­ing keep­ing it about this length or shorter–I can’t be both­ered to main­tain it real­ly. We’ll see in a few months but I like it at this length despite the uneven growth. I’ve been using the… Read more »
Cheri V

My locs are all dif­fer­ent lengths which (to me) is sheer and utter mad­ness see­ing as some of them are so dras­ti­cal­ly dif­fer­ent in length but I guess its the jour­ney of loc­ing, they all loc at dif­fer­ent times too… :( but i guess its just about hav­ing patience and enjoy­ing the ran­dom­ness.


Mine’s the oppo­site — crown and right side thrive while the back and left side don’t. Right side’s also straight while all the rest is curled. I’m con­vinced that it is due to the years of per­ming and straight­en­ing. I love the curls at the back but which they were longer. To even a fro, I tend to pat down the crown and sides to achieve sym­me­try.


Lord knows ! The right side of my hair is always longer than the left side of my hair !

Not dras­ti­cal­ly longer, but still it is longer. . I’ve learned to live with it ! But I’m con­tem­plat­ing

on get­ting it cut all one lenqth. Also , the back is WAY longer, and has such a looser curl .

My hair does crazy things = ) (Cel­e­brat­ing Black Beau­ty. Btw’ We’re hav­ing a GIVEAWAY! ! !)

I’m glad to see that I am not alone in this strug­gle. Nat­u­ral­ly the hair in the back of my head is fin­er than the rest of my hair. As a result it is more prone to break­age and is just over­all the most frag­ile area of my hair. Self-Inflict­ed: There (was) the issue of heat dam­age I had in the front (think bangs) sec­tion of my hair. I had a straight weave last win­ter and flat ironed the front of my hair dai­ly so that it would blend (can we say mis­take :-\) I have been bat­tling with the dual… Read more »

Mine doesn’t. If my ends are healthy then it grows out very uni­form­ly. I think that in the past when it seems to grow uneven­ly, it was b/c exter­nal fac­tors dam­aged the hair in that area…


Oh, but my only strat­e­gy for deal­ing with uneven hair is to cut it. It always grows back. Hair is great like that.

Kurly Kels
YES!! This has been one of the hard­est things for me to deal with. The back grew long fast with a loose curl pat­tern. The sides grow slow­ly and are a tighter kink. Talk about uneven! It looked like 80’s hair if I didn’t find an acces­so­ry to dis­guise the length dif­fer­en­tial. I’ve trimmed the back short recent­ly b/c I prefer shape to length in at this point(sick of headbands)…although, ulti­mate­ly I’d love to have long hair. Only time will tell if my trims were a good idea or not. I’m not cut­ting any­thing else for at least anoth­er 6… Read more »
The back of my hair grows ridicu­lous­ly fast com­pared to the rest of my hair so I always have an afro-mul­let. The left side of my hair grows faster than the right, the front grows at a snail’s pace and the crown is some­where in the mid­dle (no pun intend­ed) — not too fast and not too slow.  It took me three major cuts to final­ly real­ize that my hair grew uneven­ly; I’d always attrib­ut­ed the uneven length to the fact that I trim my own hair. I’ve given up cut­ting my hair in an attempt to even the length…I plan… Read more »

The back of my hair is redicu­lous­ly short very short and is packed down to my head and the top i-s bout 6inch­es the is not even an inch when I try to straight­en or perm my hair the back sticks out when I try to put it into a pony­tail :(##what­di you think I should do head­ed to the 7th grade I don’t want anoth­er hairable year:(

yup! i agree Yemi. my left side of my hair grows soooo much faster and annoy­ing­ly longer than my right. Because i am so fussy, it both­ers me more, and my left side just always looks health­ier than my right?? in terms of bet­ter vol­ume and able to hold oils bet­ter with­out look­ing weighed down com­pared to my right side.. Any­way, like you, done trims, cuts and even for the 1st time, trimmed my ends yes­ter­day think­ing i had split ends when lat­er found out on line it was sin­gle strand knots!! VERY COMMON IN BLACK HAIR..SHAME! lol, but i’ve… Read more »

btw, i cant upload pics… any­body else hav­ing a prob­lem?

the front of my hair has always grown slow­er than the rest, and i made the mis­take of cut­ting bangs into my relaxed hair a cou­ple of years before i even­tu­al­ly decid­ed to go nat­u­ral. albeit, they were very cute bangs, but its now almost four years lat­er and i STILL have an entire sec­tion of hair in the front thats short­er than the rest. the front reach­es a few inch­es below my chin while the rest of my hair is APL. ver­ryy frus­trat­ing, because its too long to wear as curly bangs, so i tend to just push the… Read more »

I did a trim a few months back and I acci­den­tal­ly cut my hair so that it is lop­sid­ed. Ha. It’s not notice­able unless I wear afro puffs… which I usu­al­ly don’t.


I did the same thing. Haha It’s not very notice­able and doesn’t both­er me at all.

My back always grew faster then the front so i have stopped cut­ting it even and just let it grow that way.I have anoth­er prob­lem and i was won­der­ing if some­one can help me. I’ve been doing pro­tec­tive styles in my hair for 8 months now two strand twist.I recent­ly dis­cov­ered that i have 3 short spots two In the front and one on the side the weren’t there before.I don’t know how this hap­pened and I’m won­der­ing if i should just cut the­se parts o off? My hair is about 8 to 9 inch­es and those parts are about… Read more »
angie lopes

My mid­dle sec­tion grows a lot slow­er than the sides and i think i find the solu­tion to it by just pay­ing more aten­tion to that area and mak­ing sure that my pro­tec­tive styles are not too tight in that area. My hair now is final­ly get­ting even


how did yu do it i cut tge mid­dle part nnd now its grow­ing slow b cuz it was bristly nbd dty so now its real short i can bare­ly put it in a pony­tail..


i believe most hair grows uneven­ly. when i was relaxed, the crown of my hair grew faster. now that i am nat­u­ral, the back and sides seem to thrive much more­so than the crown does. but i don’t stress over it too much. i wear my hair out and can’t real­ly tell; it’s not like one area is more than 2 inch­es longer than any oth­er.


how did yu do it…like treat it cuz my mid­dle i cut it b cuz it was bristly nnd dry nnd now its grow­ing slow so wat can i do to make it grow


Okay when I did my bc almost 10 months ago I shaved my head bald and it has grown in pret­ty even­ly all over EXCEPT…there is this one lit­tle spot in the crown of my head that is like an inch while the hair every­where else is between 4–4 1/2 inch­es!

Why this is I have no idea and it is not vis­i­ble at all thank God because of all the oth­er hair that just swal­lows it up, I dont even notice it all the time unless I am sec­tion­ing my hair and hap­pen to grab that tiny sec­tion LOL!

Kurly Kels

Sim­i­lar­ly I have a rebel­lious spot that is short­er than the rest. I remem­ber get­ting a bad scalp burn there a few realx­ers before my very last relax­er. The only thing I can think is may­be I damamged the hair fol­li­cals per­me­nant­ly from the chem­i­cals. It’s still grow­ing, but the growth is def­i­nite­ly stunt­ed in that one lit­tle spot.


thats so freaky…my hair does exact­ly that. i wear my hair in a puff 99% of the time so its not that notice­able. but i would love to know what oth­ers are doing about it.

the right side of my hair def­i­nite­ly grows longer than my left side. so far, i’m con­tent with get­ting my ends trimmed every six months (last trim in novem­ber), but when i’m stretch­ing my hair, i can def­i­nite­ly see the dif­fer­ence in length. the great thing is unless my hair is flat ironed (which i do only dur­ing the trim), it looks the same length.  as far as taming/styling? since i don’t wear my hair straight often, so there’s noth­ing real­ly for me to do. my right side has always grown quick­er than the left, so i guess that’ll always… Read more »