Hair that grows faster in the back than the front… A patch of hair in the center that’s shorter than the rest… One side of hair that has a looser curl and thus appears longer than the other… Do you have hair that grows unevenly? And if so, what are your strategies for taming/styling the unevenness? Let us know!

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i kinda of deal with my hairs diff length & textures. my hair is looser on the left than on the right & crown of my head. I wear it in a puff or flat twist my hair and when the left side falls i use a hair pin to pull the left side up some. it actually looks like Peps (from salt & pepper) asymmetrical bob, only curly. LOL the downside is I do NOT wash & go b/c it looks CRAZY!!


My hair is longer in the left and shorter on the right. The hair in the back appears shorter because the curls are much tighter than they are in the front. I’ve gotten used to it though, it now looks like a funky bob haircut, but really I have different curl patterns.


For me, the front grows much faster than anywhere else on my head. I actually cut off an inch from the front and it grew back so fast I was astonished. The sides on the other hand grow at a much slower rate and I have to be gentle with them. One thing I noticed though is that the right side appears to grow faster than the I don’t even let myself be bothered to much with the “unevenness”. When I style my hair the differences aren’t too obvious anyways.

I have the same problem–it’s quite weird, there is a portion at the crown that is about .5 inches–I call it my stress spot (I tend to manipulate it more), everywhere else is within an inch of the other side. I have about 4 inches of hair but I wear a twa due to massive shrinkage(thank God), I really like it short and am considering keeping it about this length or shorter–I can’t be bothered to maintain it really. We’ll see in a few months but I like it at this length despite the uneven growth. I’ve been using the… Read more »
Cheri V

My locs are all different lengths which (to me) is sheer and utter madness seeing as some of them are so drastically different in length but I guess its the journey of locing, they all loc at different times too… 🙁 but i guess its just about having patience and enjoying the randomness.


Mine’s the opposite – crown and right side thrive while the back and left side don’t. Right side’s also straight while all the rest is curled. I’m convinced that it is due to the years of perming and straightening. I love the curls at the back but which they were longer. To even a fro, I tend to pat down the crown and sides to achieve symmetry.


Lord knows ! The right side of my hair is always longer than the left side of my hair !

Not drastically longer, but still it is longer. . I’ve learned to live with it ! But I’m contemplating

on getting it cut all one lenqth. Also , the back is WAY longer, and has such a looser curl .

My hair does crazy things = ) (Celebrating Black Beauty. Btw’ We’re having a GIVEAWAY! ! !)

I’m glad to see that I am not alone in this struggle. Naturally the hair in the back of my head is finer than the rest of my hair. As a result it is more prone to breakage and is just overall the most fragile area of my hair. Self-Inflicted: There (was) the issue of heat damage I had in the front (think bangs) section of my hair. I had a straight weave last winter and flat ironed the front of my hair daily so that it would blend (can we say mistake :-\) I have been battling with the… Read more »

Mine doesn’t. If my ends are healthy then it grows out very uniformly. I think that in the past when it seems to grow unevenly, it was b/c external factors damaged the hair in that area…


Oh, but my only strategy for dealing with uneven hair is to cut it. It always grows back. Hair is great like that.

Kurly Kels
YES!! This has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with. The back grew long fast with a loose curl pattern. The sides grow slowly and are a tighter kink. Talk about uneven! It looked like 80’s hair if I didn’t find an accessory to disguise the length differential. I’ve trimmed the back short recently b/c I prefer shape to length in at this point(sick of headbands)…although, ultimately I’d love to have long hair. Only time will tell if my trims were a good idea or not. I’m not cutting anything else for at least another 6… Read more »
The back of my hair grows ridiculously fast compared to the rest of my hair so I always have an afro-mullet. The left side of my hair grows faster than the right, the front grows at a snail’s pace and the crown is somewhere in the middle (no pun intended) – not too fast and not too slow. It took me three major cuts to finally realize that my hair grew unevenly; I’d always attributed the uneven length to the fact that I trim my own hair. I’ve given up cutting my hair in an attempt to even the length…I… Read more »

The back of my hair is rediculously short very short and is packed down to my head and the top i-s bout 6inches the is not even an inch when I try to straighten or perm my hair the back sticks out when I try to put it into a ponytail :(##whatdi you think I should do headed to the 7th grade I don’t want another hairable year:(

yup! i agree Yemi. my left side of my hair grows soooo much faster and annoyingly longer than my right. Because i am so fussy, it bothers me more, and my left side just always looks healthier than my right?? in terms of better volume and able to hold oils better without looking weighed down compared to my right side.. Anyway, like you, done trims, cuts and even for the 1st time, trimmed my ends yesterday thinking i had split ends when later found out on line it was single strand knots!! VERY COMMON IN BLACK HAIR..SHAME! lol, but i’ve… Read more »

btw, i cant upload pics… anybody else having a problem?

the front of my hair has always grown slower than the rest, and i made the mistake of cutting bangs into my relaxed hair a couple of years before i eventually decided to go natural. albeit, they were very cute bangs, but its now almost four years later and i STILL have an entire section of hair in the front thats shorter than the rest. the front reaches a few inches below my chin while the rest of my hair is APL. verryy frustrating, because its too long to wear as curly bangs, so i tend to just push the… Read more »

I did a trim a few months back and I accidentally cut my hair so that it is lopsided. Ha. It’s not noticeable unless I wear afro puffs… which I usually don’t.


I did the same thing. Haha It’s not very noticeable and doesn’t bother me at all.

My back always grew faster then the front so i have stopped cutting it even and just let it grow that way.I have another problem and i was wondering if someone can help me. I’ve been doing protective styles in my hair for 8 months now two strand twist.I recently discovered that i have 3 short spots two In the front and one on the side the weren’t there before.I don’t know how this happened and I’m wondering if i should just cut these parts o off? My hair is about 8 to 9 inches and those parts are about… Read more »
angie lopes

My middle section grows a lot slower than the sides and i think i find the solution to it by just paying more atention to that area and making sure that my protective styles are not too tight in that area. My hair now is finally getting even


how did yu do it i cut tge middle part nnd now its growing slow b cuz it was bristly nbd dty so now its real short i can barely put it in a ponytail..


i believe most hair grows unevenly. when i was relaxed, the crown of my hair grew faster. now that i am natural, the back and sides seem to thrive much moreso than the crown does. but i don’t stress over it too much. i wear my hair out and can’t really tell; it’s not like one area is more than 2 inches longer than any other.


how did yu do it…like treat it cuz my middle i cut it b cuz it was bristly nnd dry nnd now its growing slow so wat can i do to make it grow


Okay when I did my bc almost 10 months ago I shaved my head bald and it has grown in pretty evenly all over EXCEPT…there is this one little spot in the crown of my head that is like an inch while the hair everywhere else is between 4-4 1/2 inches!

Why this is I have no idea and it is not visible at all thank God because of all the other hair that just swallows it up, I dont even notice it all the time unless I am sectioning my hair and happen to grab that tiny section LOL!

Kurly Kels

Similarly I have a rebellious spot that is shorter than the rest. I remember getting a bad scalp burn there a few realxers before my very last relaxer. The only thing I can think is maybe I damamged the hair follicals permenantly from the chemicals. It’s still growing, but the growth is definitely stunted in that one little spot.


thats so freaky…my hair does exactly that. i wear my hair in a puff 99% of the time so its not that noticeable. but i would love to know what others are doing about it.

the right side of my hair definitely grows longer than my left side. so far, i’m content with getting my ends trimmed every six months (last trim in november), but when i’m stretching my hair, i can definitely see the difference in length. the great thing is unless my hair is flat ironed (which i do only during the trim), it looks the same length. as far as taming/styling? since i don’t wear my hair straight often, so there’s nothing really for me to do. my right side has always grown quicker than the left, so i guess that’ll always… Read more »