Today’s style icon Neytiri mentioned a home made concoction for twist outs that works better than any store-bought product she’s tried. So today I want to know, do any of you have concoctions that work just as well — or even better — than similar commercial products? Let us know!

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to make a great curl enhancing smoothie you need: any leave in I use ORS she butter leave in conditioner any gel I use eco styler agragan oil gel any oil I use my diy growth oil mixture and hair lotion(optional) i use the Lustrasilk mega moisture hair lotion 4 tbsp leave in 1 tbsp gel 1 tsp oil 1 tsp hair lotion combine all those ingredents and your DONE!!!! 🙂

Crisco Iused it for my skin then heard if was good for the hair. I use a small dab daily. It keepmy hair moistbutmlight and not heavy and it is cheap.

Commercial Water Softener

I do trust all the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for novices. Could you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.


i absolutely LOVE homemade recipes. My hair is thriving on these – i could exist solely on mixes from herbs, herbal powders, plants, oils, and butters.

some of favourite mixes (and very popular) are my recipes for deep conditioners – you can check it out on my blog

however, my favorite ever moisturiser is my home-made leave. The vid i made is below

home made recipes rock!!!

You know what I really really love – Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleanser. No I don’t juice the apples, add the cultures and ferment with my own loving hands (lol), so it is not a home concoction, but it is using a product from my kitchen in a may it wasn’t intended to be used (by me) and it does the very BEST job of cleaning my scalp and removing build up from my hair. In addition, it makes my hair really really soft. Unfortunately, the smell is so atrocious that I have to make sure to rinse very… Read more »
This past winter I tried mixing more or less equal parts jojoba oil and coconut oil together. The coconut oil was not melted when I used it, but I just used my index finger to scoop it out, smoosh it, and mix it into the jojoba oil until it was creamy. The result was a mix that had a buttery consistency and worked every well as a sealant. I don’t like the heavier oils such as castor and olive, and this made my hair nice and soft without weighing it down or gunking it up too much. I often emulsified… Read more »
I have two homeade concoctions I like. My spritz is base on Kimmaytube’s leave in but I add a substantial amount of water to it and Talijah Wajiid’s Body Mystifier. It gives awesome slip and my twist outs are always defined, soft, and full of body. Before I put my conditioner on I put on a mix of coconut oil and shea butter. I add my conditioner on top of that and sit for at least an hour…I get the biggest healthiest looking afro from that! I know that this is a kitchen thread but I found a new line… Read more »

i realized that my homemades work so much better that commercial. The only commercial products I use are Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner & Eco Styler Gel.


i’ve just started using a homemade loc moisturizing/retwisting product (since others have caused too much build-up, flakes, or just have a weak hold). it is made of aloe vera gel, cold-pressed castor oil, w/ a few drops of peppermint & lavender oils. so far so good =.


It’s like you’re reading my mind. I was JUST considering trying my own concoction. Thank you for the post. I’ve also got my pencil ready!


This is not homemade but can be used for an alternate use: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie = Great body lotion! It doesn’t work for my hair but seems to be a good body butter.


Yes ! I definitely agree .
COconut Oil is my savior , my hair suffers w/o it ,

I’ve stopped using alot of store bought products . It’s just me and my naturals = ) (Celebrating Black beauty * Btw’ We’re having a Giveaway)


I agree coconut oil is the best it leaves my hair so soft.


My recipies:
-End Sealant/Edge Pomade: 3 parts shea butter, 1 part aloe vera gel, 1 squirt of honey
-ACV Rinse: 1 part ACV, 3 parts herbal tea or water, 1 squirt of honey, a couple drops of EOs
-Henna Gloss: Henna, coconut milk, honey

Here is a YouTube videos I found about a simple DIY products I’ll try to make in the future:




A little bit of Rose Scented Aura Glow Oil (a mix of peanut, vitman E and olive oils) mixed into Rosewater (Rosewater & glycerin)spritz bottle and a few drops of either jasmine or lavender essential oil. Then two strand twist @ night with a little bit of Giovanni’s serum or Frizz ease. Then I take it out in the a.m….voila! I have started to get many compliments again.


i just tried adding some avocado to my mixture of heated/melted olive oil & shea butter…left my hair feeling soooo moisturized. some people may feel like it’s over-conditioned though.


Um, how is adding a few things on top of a commercial product a “homeade” concotion? I’m not sure that it proves that homeade items are better if you are just layering products, which a lot of people do (myself included). I’d just never suggest that I’m making anything at home b/c I add some oils or butters on top of it…
It’s like saying that you made homeade brownies b/c you added nuts and chips to a box of Duncan Hines…


thats funny


Good point!



i would call it “doctoring it up.” like people do with that gross ragu bottled sauce.


I have my whipped Shea butter mix of raw Shea butter, coconut milk, coconut oil, and aloe Vera gel. It makes my hair so soft and moisturized.


Do you leave this mixture in the refrigerator since there’s coconut milk in it? Do you buy any Aloe vera gel or do you make yours?


recipe pls


Do you use this as a daily moisturizer or deep condition? I’ve had my natural hair for about a year & a half, but I’m still learning how to care for it, and trying to keep it moisturized and get it to grow.


Recipie, please?


I make my own leave in conditioning spray. Purified water, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerine, a little bit of my favorite conditioner, and a few drops of essential oils for fragrance. Best leave in spray i ever had!


im gonna try this


I love shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil and conditioner added to hair before a braidout. It gives moisture, shine, and definition each time.

Barbara of
[img] in green inset-2.jpg[/img]


for a daily spritz I do 60-70% aloe vera juice, 40-30% rosewater and then some drops of glycerin. as for shea mixtures…the only reason i keep buying jane carter’s nourish & shine is that i’m too lazy to order/find illipe, mango and kokum butter to add to the shea! lol plus one jar can last me at least 8 months.

Urban Sista

I use an aloe vera juice and rosewater mix as a nightly moisturizing spritz, but I’ve never added glycerin… what does that add to the mix? I’m going home to put a couple of drops in my spray bottle! Love this post and all the comments!


I am NOT a mixtress lol. Every time i try to do something in my kitchen it never turns out right. I prefer to buy products with all natural ingredients because even though i didn’t mix them up myself, all the ingredients are 100% natural (purabody naturals, oyin, taliah waajid, e’tae) & they have been working well for me.


To retwist my loc:
Aloe gel, castor oil, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil

Daily moisturizing spritz:
Aloe juice, olive oil (or canola) and a tiny drop of china rain body oil (cause it smells so clean and fresh).

That’s it. It’s inexpensive. It works.

My deep conditioner mix of aubrey organics honey suckle rose, a tea spoon of honey, a table spoon of olive oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil, is the BEST deep conditioner. I detangle with it, after it has softened my hair under a cap for an hour…detangling takes me about an hour to do gently, so it is left on my hair for about two hours. Can someone tell me what kind of hair neeeds vegetable glycerin to thrive? If I don’t use Vegetable glycerin, it does not matter how much giovanni direct, aloe vera juice or shea butter… Read more »

Good to know it’s not only me 🙂 I make our hair cream for my 3 daughters and I that not only works better, it also is cheaper and last longer than any other product that I’ve tried. I love the results so much that I’ve started making my own facial moisturizer, lol!


Since i’m natural i always used Shea Butter! one day i decided to try the R&b moisturizer from Lush ,it didn’t work as well so i’m back to raw shea butter! it’s the best!

Annie L.

I really like Lush’s branding and kookiness and wander around their stores but the products have too many no-nos for me 🙁


yip! they put the focus on their products being hand-made so the consumers naturally assumes well that it’s natural and ultimately ‘better’ than processed/manufactured products, but in actuality they use some pretty harmful and to-be-avoided-at-all-costs chemicals and ingredients. Great branding (and smell too);not so great ingredients!


I agree, one of their deep conditioners had sodium lauryl sulphate in it, i’m not an ingredients person but i certainly don’t want that in my conditioner.


Castor oil, jojoba oil and a few drops rosemary essential oil for the scalp, works better than anything I’ve bought. I don’t measure out proportions, just mix into an applicator bottle.

Leo the Yardie Chick

*gets notebook + pen* Bring on the knowledge, ladies!


LOL right?! I literally had a pen and notebook out before I saw your comment. =P


Good question! I prefer my shea butter whips and spritz over any others on the market! it is like taylor made for my hair becaue ive learned, through trial and error, exactly what my hair likes and dislikes. its great:)


lol. yep i agree


Kimmaytube’s leave in recipe is the best leave in I’ve tried so far…it’s just a mix of a creamy leave in (I use Giovanni Direct Leave In),jojoba oil, castor oil, and aloe vera juice.

It provides hold and shine to my bantu knot outs and is light but very moisturizing!


Would it still be effective if you took out the main ingredient which seems to be a store bought/online conditioner whether it’s Giovanni or Kinky Curly? I don’t think it counts because it is not a complete kitchen/home grown product.


Concurring! I use Kinky Curly Knot Today like she does, and in addition to the full recipe, I add half a teaspoon of sulfur powder to the mix and shake it up well. The kinkier your hair, the less sulfur bonds you have, which provide strength. Random breakage is at an all time low for me since I started adding sulfur powder to the mix.


Actually the kinkier your hair is the MORE sulfur bond your hair has. The sulfur bonds in the amino acid cysteine is what causes hair to curl and kink. Hair kinks when sulfur bonds occur on amino acids that are far apart.


where can you find sulfur powder?


google sulfur powder.

there are lots of sources selling it, including merchants on amazon.

you can probably find it at a health food store too.


Thanks for that sulfur tip. I used to use sulfur in some growth type mixture on saw online a few months after I bc’d.


I meant I saw online


I use a similar mix…water, Giovanni Direct Leave In, aloe vera juice, olive oil and some orange extract for scent. I use it as a leave in and as a spritz to refresh my style. Works better than any other spritz I’ve tried!


Child my bottle of cooking oil is in my hair on a weekly basis and it does WONDERS!



Me too! Soybean oil(cooking oil) moisturizes my hair better than any other oil I’ve tried thus far.

A Simple Thing

I find that any and all of my home made DC’s work better than those in the shop – which I usually have to soup up with something to get decent effects from!
Caramel DC:
I use coconut oil instead of wheatgerm, and using molasses WILL result in something like it crawled out of the bog. But when I use it on wet hair, my hair feels loely and it totally saved me from a protein overdose.
Or, if I need a little protein, I just whip up an egg with some oil and I’m sorted!


co-sign. my coconut cream and full fat Greek yogurt DC is better than anything i’ve bought in a store. adding banana baby food or avocados to the mix will only up the ante.

DIY Hair Care

Most whipped shea butter concoctions work just as well as store brought creams. Coconut oil, shea butter & carrier oils for shine is usually a winner.