Today’s style icon Neytiri men­tioned a home made con­coc­tion for twist outs that works bet­ter than any store-bought pro­duct she’s tried. So today I want to know, do any of you have con­coc­tions that work just as well — or even bet­ter — than sim­i­lar com­mer­cial prod­ucts? Let us know!

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Crisco Iused it for my skin then heard if was good for the hair. I use a small dab dai­ly. It keep­my hair moist­butm­light and not heavy and it is cheap.

Commercial Water Softener

I do trust all the ideas you’ve pre­sent­ed on your post. They are real­ly con­vinc­ing and will def­i­nite­ly work. Still, the posts are very short for novices. Could you please length­en them a lit­tle from next time? Thanks for the post.


i absolute­ly LOVE home­made recipes. My hair is thriv­ing on the­se — i could exist sole­ly on mix­es from herbs, herbal pow­ders, plants, oils, and but­ters.

some of favourite mix­es (and very pop­u­lar) are my recipes for deep con­di­tion­ers — you can check it out on my blog

how­ev­er, my favorite ever mois­turis­er is my home-made leave. The vid i made is below

home made recipes rock!!!

You know what I real­ly real­ly love — Apple Cider Vine­gar as a cleanser. No I don’t juice the apples, add the cul­tures and fer­ment with my own lov­ing hands (lol), so it is not a home con­coc­tion, but it is using a pro­duct from my kitchen in a may it wasn’t intend­ed to be used (by me) and it does the very BEST job of clean­ing my scalp and remov­ing build up from my hair. In addi­tion, it makes my hair real­ly real­ly soft. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the smell is so atro­cious that I have to make sure to rin­se very… Read more »
This past win­ter I tried mix­ing more or less equal parts jojoba oil and coconut oil togeth­er. The coconut oil was not melt­ed when I used it, but I just used my index fin­ger to scoop it out, smoosh it, and mix it into the jojoba oil until it was creamy. The result was a mix that had a but­tery con­sis­ten­cy and worked every well as a sealant. I don’t like the heav­ier oils such as cas­tor and olive, and this made my hair nice and soft with­out weigh­ing it down or gunk­ing it up too much. I often emul­si­fied… Read more »
I have two home­ade con­coc­tions I like. My spritz is base on Kimmaytube’s leave in but I add a sub­stan­tial amount of water to it and Tal­i­jah Wajiid’s Body Mys­ti­fier. It gives awe­some slip and my twist outs are always defined, soft, and full of body. Before I put my con­di­tion­er on I put on a mix of coconut oil and shea but­ter. I add my con­di­tion­er on top of that and sit for at least an hour…I get the biggest health­i­est look­ing afro from that! I know that this is a kitchen thread but I found a new line called pooka pure… Read more »

i real­ized that my home­mades work so much bet­ter that com­mer­cial. The only com­mer­cial prod­ucts I use are Trader Joe’s Nour­ish Spa Con­di­tion­er & Eco Styler Gel.


i’ve just start­ed using a home­made loc moisturizing/retwisting pro­duct (since oth­ers have caused too much build-up, flakes, or just have a weak hold). it is made of aloe vera gel, cold-pressed cas­tor oil, w/ a few drops of pep­per­mint & laven­der oils. so far so good =.


It’s like you’re read­ing my mind. I was JUST con­sid­er­ing try­ing my own con­coc­tion. Thank you for the post. I’ve also got my pen­cil ready!


This is not home­made but can be used for an alter­nate use: Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie = Great body lotion! It doesn’t work for my hair but seems to be a good body but­ter.


Yes ! I def­i­nite­ly agree .
COconut Oil is my sav­ior , my hair suf­fers w/o it , 

I’ve stopped using alot of store bought prod­ucts . It’s just me and my nat­u­rals = ) (Cel­e­brat­ing Black beau­ty * Btw’ We’re hav­ing a Give­away)


I agree coconut oil is the best it leaves my hair so soft.


My recip­ies:
-End Sealant/Edge Pomade: 3 parts shea but­ter, 1 part aloe vera gel, 1 squirt of hon­ey
-ACV Rin­se: 1 part ACV, 3 parts herbal tea or water, 1 squirt of hon­ey, a cou­ple drops of EOs
-Hen­na Gloss: Hen­na, coconut milk, hon­ey

Here is a YouTube videos I found about a sim­ple DIY prod­ucts I’ll try to make in the future:




A lit­tle bit of Rose Scent­ed Aura Glow Oil (a mix of peanut, vit­man E and olive oils) mixed into Rose­wa­ter (Rose­wa­ter & glycerin)spritz bot­tle and a few drops of either jas­mine or laven­der essen­tial oil. Then two strand twist @ night with a lit­tle bit of Giovanni’s serum or Frizz ease. Then I take it out in the a.m.…voila! I have start­ed to get many com­pli­ments again.


i just tried adding some avo­cado to my mix­ture of heated/melted olive oil & shea butter…left my hair feel­ing soooo mois­tur­ized. some peo­ple may feel like it’s over-con­di­tioned though.


Um, how is adding a few things on top of a com­mer­cial pro­duct a “home­ade” con­co­tion? I’m not sure that it proves that home­ade items are bet­ter if you are just lay­er­ing prod­ucts, which a lot of peo­ple do (myself includ­ed). I’d just nev­er sug­gest that I’m mak­ing any­thing at home b/c I add some oils or but­ters on top of it…
It’s like say­ing that you made home­ade brown­ies b/c you added nuts and chips to a box of Dun­can Hines…


thats fun­ny


Good point!



i would call it “doc­tor­ing it up.” like peo­ple do with that gross ragu bot­tled sauce.


I have my whipped Shea but­ter mix of raw Shea but­ter, coconut milk, coconut oil, and aloe Vera gel. It makes my hair so soft and mois­tur­ized.


Do you leave this mix­ture in the refrig­er­a­tor since there’s coconut milk in it? Do you buy any Aloe vera gel or do you make yours?


recipe pls


Do you use this as a dai­ly mois­tur­iz­er or deep con­di­tion? I’ve had my nat­u­ral hair for about a year & a half, but I’m still learn­ing how to care for it, and try­ing to keep it mois­tur­ized and get it to grow.


Recip­ie, please?


I make my own leave in con­di­tion­ing spray. Puri­fied water, aloe vera juice, veg­etable glyc­er­ine, a lit­tle bit of my favorite con­di­tion­er, and a few drops of essen­tial oils for fra­grance. Best leave in spray i ever had!


im gonna try this


I love shea but­ter, coconut oil, and olive oil and con­di­tion­er added to hair before a braid­out. It gives mois­ture, shine, and def­i­n­i­tion each time. 

Bar­bara of
[img] in green inset-2.jpg[/img]


for a dai­ly spritz I do 60–70% aloe vera juice, 40–30% rose­wa­ter and then some drops of glyc­er­in. as for shea mixtures…the only rea­son i keep buy­ing jane carter’s nour­ish & shine is that i’m too lazy to order/find illipe, man­go and kokum but­ter to add to the shea! lol plus one jar can last me at least 8 months.

Urban Sista

I use an aloe vera juice and rose­wa­ter mix as a night­ly mois­tur­iz­ing spritz, but I’ve nev­er added glyc­er­in… what does that add to the mix? I’m going home to put a cou­ple of drops in my spray bot­tle! Love this post and all the com­ments!


I am NOT a mix­tress lol. Every time i try to do some­thing in my kitchen it nev­er turns out right. I prefer to buy prod­ucts with all nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents because even though i didn’t mix them up myself, all the ingre­di­ents are 100% nat­u­ral (pura­body nat­u­rals, oyin, tal­i­ah waa­jid, e’tae) & they have been work­ing well for me.


To retwist my loc:
Aloe gel, cas­tor oil, jojoba oil and laven­der essen­tial oil

Dai­ly mois­tur­iz­ing spritz:
Aloe juice, olive oil (or canola) and a tiny drop of chi­na rain body oil (cause it smells so clean and fresh).

That’s it. It’s inex­pen­sive. It works.

My deep con­di­tion­er mix of aubrey organ­ics hon­ey suck­le rose, a tea spoon of hon­ey, a table spoon of olive oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil, is the BEST deep con­di­tion­er. I detan­gle with it, after it has soft­ened my hair under a cap for an hour…detangling takes me about an hour to do gen­tly, so it is left on my hair for about two hours. Can some­one tell me what kind of hair neeeds veg­etable glyc­er­in to thrive? If I don’t use Veg­etable glyc­er­in, it does not mat­ter how much gio­van­ni direct, aloe vera juice or shea but­ter I… Read more »

Good to know it’s not only me :) I make our hair cream for my 3 daugh­ters and I that not only works bet­ter, it also is cheap­er and last longer than any oth­er pro­duct that I’ve tried. I love the results so much that I’ve start­ed mak­ing my own facial mois­tur­iz­er, lol!


Since i’m nat­u­ral i always used Shea But­ter! one day i decid­ed to try the R&b mois­tur­iz­er from Lush ‚it didn’t work as well so i’m back to raw shea but­ter! it’s the best!

Annie L.

I real­ly like Lush’s brand­ing and kook­i­ness and wan­der around their stores but the prod­ucts have too many no-nos for me :(


yip! they put the focus on their prod­ucts being hand-made so the con­sumers nat­u­ral­ly assumes well that it’s nat­u­ral and ulti­mate­ly ‘bet­ter’ than processed/manufactured prod­ucts, but in actu­al­i­ty they use some pret­ty harm­ful and to-be-avoid­ed-at-all-costs chem­i­cals and ingre­di­ents. Great brand­ing (and smell too);not so great ingre­di­ents!


I agree, one of their deep con­di­tion­ers had sodi­um lau­ryl sul­phate in it, i’m not an ingre­di­ents per­son but i cer­tain­ly don’t want that in my con­di­tion­er.


Cas­tor oil, jojoba oil and a few drops rose­mary essen­tial oil for the scalp, works bet­ter than any­thing I’ve bought. I don’t mea­sure out pro­por­tions, just mix into an appli­ca­tor bot­tle.

Leo the Yardie Chick

*gets note­book + pen* Bring on the knowl­edge, ladies!


LOL right?! I lit­er­al­ly had a pen and note­book out before I saw your com­ment. =P


Good ques­tion! I prefer my shea but­ter whips and spritz over any oth­ers on the mar­ket! it is like tay­lor made for my hair becaue ive learned, through tri­al and error, exact­ly what my hair likes and dis­likes. its great:)


lol. yep i agree


Kimmaytube’s leave in recipe is the best leave in I’ve tried so far…it’s just a mix of a creamy leave in (I use Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In),jojoba oil, cas­tor oil, and aloe vera juice.

It pro­vides hold and shine to my ban­tu knot outs and is light but very mois­tur­iz­ing!


Would it still be effec­tive if you took out the main ingre­di­ent which seems to be a store bought/online con­di­tion­er whether it’s Gio­van­ni or Kinky Curly? I don’t think it counts because it is not a com­plete kitchen/home grown pro­duct.


Con­cur­ring! I use Kinky Curly Knot Today like she does, and in addi­tion to the full recipe, I add half a tea­spoon of sul­fur pow­der to the mix and shake it up well. The kinkier your hair, the less sul­fur bonds you have, which provide strength. Ran­dom break­age is at an all time low for me since I start­ed adding sul­fur pow­der to the mix.


Actu­al­ly the kinkier your hair is the MORE sul­fur bond your hair has. The sul­fur bonds in the amino acid cys­teine is what caus­es hair to curl and kink. Hair kinks when sul­fur bonds occur on amino acids that are far apart.


where can you find sul­fur pow­der?


google sul­fur pow­der.

there are lots of sources sell­ing it, includ­ing mer­chants on ama­zon.

you can prob­a­bly find it at a health food store too.


Thanks for that sul­fur tip. I used to use sul­fur in some growth type mix­ture on saw online a few months after I bc’d.


I meant I saw online


I use a sim­i­lar mix…water, Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In, aloe vera juice, olive oil and some orange extract for scent. I use it as a leave in and as a spritz to refresh my style. Works bet­ter than any oth­er spritz I’ve tried!


Child my bot­tle of cook­ing oil is in my hair on a week­ly basis and it does WONDERS!



Me too! Soy­bean oil(cooking oil) mois­tur­izes my hair bet­ter than any oth­er oil I’ve tried thus far.

A Simple Thing

I find that any and all of my home made DC’s work bet­ter than those in the shop — which I usu­al­ly have to soup up with some­thing to get decent effects from!
Caramel DC:
I use coconut oil instead of wheat­germ, and using molasses WILL result in some­thing like it crawled out of the bog. But when I use it on wet hair, my hair feels loe­ly and it total­ly saved me from a pro­tein over­dose.
Or, if I need a lit­tle pro­tein, I just whip up an egg with some oil and I’m sort­ed!


co-sign. my coconut cream and full fat Greek yogurt DC is bet­ter than any­thing i’ve bought in a store. adding banana baby food or avo­ca­dos to the mix will only up the ante.

DIY Hair Care

Most whipped shea but­ter con­coc­tions work just as well as store brought creams. Coconut oil, shea but­ter & car­ri­er oils for shine is usu­al­ly a win­ner.