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Recently Chrisette Michele switched up her look with a curly wig/weave. I personally love the look and it got me wondering — if you are a natural that uses wigs/weaves to transition or as a protective style do you find yourself gravitating towards curly/kinky wigs and sew-ins? Or do you still prefer the sleek look? Also, what are your thoughts on Chrisette’s new ‘do?

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I like big curly hair but I’m not a fan of this wig. It just doesn’t look right to me. It looks very similar to the 1st version of the big red curly wig Rihanna wore and I wasn’t too fond of that one either.


Love the color & the fact that it’s curly but the wig itself looks a mess! Poorly constructed in my opinion


i go through all different types of styles but i have noticed since I’ve been natural I tend to buy more curly wigs, or african american texture “blow dryed” looking wigs and weaves!!!


I don’t like it at all. I wear wigs some times but gurl HELL NO to this wig.

I don’t think I like this one in particular, but I loved Rihanna’s lol. Maybe it’s the color or how the layers are cut into this one, it’s making her look a little like Wendy Williams to me. But I love her lipstick though. And when I got a sew-in last fall I went for the straight look because I hadn’t worn my hair straight in forever, & I didn’t love it on me, the hair was too silky and too flat for me. I like how my own hair looks straight better. And if I went for a wig… Read more »

i’ve had the exact same experience with a straight sew-in. i totally go for the more bodied, curlier look when it comes to extension as well. straight hair just doesn’t do it for me anymore…
i think this change in attitude comes from the knowledge that straight hair is not the be-all, end-all definition of beauty and self-expression.


I don’t like it…I just think the wig is ugly….


I agree…


The wig is very cute, however, I love her with short hair dos, natural or otherwise – her features are remarkable with short hair! With this wig, you don’t see the vibrant Chrisette coming through.

Weave wise, I love different textures. First one I had was a straight, cleopatra style with a bang; the second was wet and wavy hair.


I like it,


I like it. Not sure about that shade of red, but I love the texture. I’m a fan of those types of wigs. If you have patches of hair that you are trying to grow out or protect, but you still want a natural look(something that is as close to your own hair texture as possible), then I don’t think anything is wrong with being versatile and wearing wigs/weaves.