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I know you did a post on this last year, but I’d love if read­ers could give their updat­ed pref­er­ences. What are the best sham­poos and cleansers for clean­ing buildup off of the hair and scalp, with­out strip­ping it? Also, I’ve been look­ing for a shampoo/cleanser that leaves the hair pH bal­anced. If your read­ers know of a pH bal­anced cleanser, that’s a plus!

Ladies, let us know. What is your shampoo/cleanser of choice, and why do you love it?

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Urban Sista

Hen­na Sooq sham­poo bars — they are great and they don’t strip your hair. My favourite is the berhemp­su. I’m try­ing out Mor­roc­co Method mud cleansers — we’ll see how that goes.


I have come to looove Mor­roc­co Method cleanser, espe­cial­ly the Sea Essence one. They are not at all like tra­di­tion­al cleansers. The con­sis­ten­cy is like mud­dy water- they don’t lath­er and have no slip but, they leave your hair feel­ing nour­ished and (for lack of a bet­ter word) alive!


Where can i buy moroc­co method cleanser? I have a pet-peec about buy­ing stuff off the inter­net and I want­ed to know if there was a store or phar­ma­cy where i could buy it.


Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Sham­poo. Phew! Although I don’t believe there is any more than a drop of olive oil and aloe, the prod­uct does not strip my hair, it’s rea­son­ably priced, and can be bought at most stores.


Don’t use this sham­poo too’s a chelating/clarifying sham­poo. Before I went nat­ur­al I used it alot and my hair felt like straw…switched sham­poos and my hair went back to nor­mal. I still use it now but only once a month to clar­i­fy. If you keep using it and your hair does­nt dry out then you can prob keep using it just be care­ful.


Shea Mois­ture African Black Soap Sham­poo is my sta­ple cleanser. I use it for the health of my scalp. I find that it it cleans­es with out strip­ping. With that said, I always detan­gle w/ oil before sham­poo­ing so that may serve as a “pre-poo” or sorts.


Apple Cider Vine­gar, water, oil. I mix a 12 once spray bot­tle with a bit less than 2/3 water, a bit less than 1/3 ACV, and two table spoons of olive oil. It removes build up like no one’s business…without strip­ping the hair. The acid­i­ty of ACV smoothes the cuti­cle and pH bal­ances the hair. The oil keeps the hair from being tooo too squeeky clean and stripped. 

It is cheap, good for the hair and effec­tive


So is that a sham­poo or do use it after shampoo…do you rinse it out after­wards? and Then con­di­tion?


I use the mix­ture as my shampoo…i pre­poo overnight with some oil and hon­ey, get in the show­er, rinse my hair a bit with just plain water then spray on the ACV mixture…like i said before I use it as a sham­poo. Then i get out and let my hair air dry for like 10 mins/whenever it is damp not dry, and add my deep con­di­tion­ing mix­ture which I leave on for 3 hours.

i have 4b/4c hair, fine dense strands, just below colar bone length, poros­i­ty that is a lit­tle bit high.


Do you use raw unpas­teur­ized ACV or reg­u­lar? I got organ­ic but it’s pas­teur­ized. Can I ask what’s your deep con­di­tion­ing? Thanks for the info!


Poo bars! They’re awe­some!
I use Cha­grin Valley’s bars right now, but I want to try Oyin’s and J. R. Liggett’s next (just for a lil vari­ety). I don’t know if African black soap counts, but my hair loves it too. It gets the hair/scalp REALLY clean with­out feel­ing stripped/dry.
When I use sul­fate sham­poo (rarely), I use plain ol’ Iso­plus neu­tral­iz­ing sham­poo. I know that may sound crazy, but it gets my hair clean with no prob­lems.

Curly Film Chick

I real­ly like ben­tonite clay, Jes­si­curl Hair Cleans­ing Cream, and Cur­li­cious Curls Sham­poo. I’m not sure about their pH bal­ance but I know that when I wash with Jes­si­curl or Curls my hair is defined and feels clean after rins­ing.

Chantel Jones

To remove buildup, I use 100% Nat­ur­al African Black Soap. It lath­ers great, doesn’t tan­gle or strip my hair, and is avail­able as a bar and liq­uid. I pur­chase the bar from Coastal Scents. For ph bal­ance I do an ACV rinse, but am con­sid­er­ing pur­chas­ing this ACV Sham­poo Bar from Etsy:


can cane vine­gar be used as a sub­sti­tute for apple cider vine­gar?


Elas­ta QP Creme Con­di­tion­ing Sham­poo is my cleanser of choice at the moment. It oesn’t strip me hair and leaves it soft, no sul­fates too! ^^


@nap85 on Twit­ter, nap­tural85 on YT high­ly rec­om­mends Ter­ressen­tials which is a mud cleanser, I believe. Sounds too glam, but her hair is gor­geous­ly healthy, so I’m think­ing it must effec­tive in some way. She has a YT vid about how she came to start using it. Check it out!


I love sham­poo Bars. For the past year or so I’ve only used Ani­ta Grants Pep­per­mint or Amla sham­poo bar. Once those ran out I bought two sam­ples of Cha­grin val­ley sham­poo bars (Babas­su and Marsh­mal­low root and the Hon­ey But­ter Beer.) I love them both. My pri­mar­i­ly wash my scalp with the poo bars and even though some of my hair gets sudsy it nev­er feels stripped! I will nev­er use liq­uid sham­poo again.


Gio­van­ni TTT sham­poo. I have no clue about the ph. It leaves my hair feel­ing clean but not stripped. Plus im a tea tree oil freak and the Pep­per­mint smell is a plus.


I love Kinky-curly and Tal­i­ah Waajid’s Black Earth Sham­poo. I use the Kinky-curly when I need my hair deep cleansed. Also carol’s daugh­ter Tui sham­poo is real­ly nice, doesn’t strip your hair and detan­gles my hair great which is rare for a sham­poo.