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I know you did a post on this last year, but I’d love if read­ers could give their updat­ed pref­er­ences. What are the best sham­poos and cleansers for clean­ing buildup off of the hair and scalp, with­out strip­ping it? Also, I’ve been look­ing for a shampoo/cleanser that leaves the hair pH bal­anced. If your read­ers know of a pH bal­anced cleanser, that’s a plus!

Ladies, let us know. What is your shampoo/cleanser of choice, and why do you love it?

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treadmill doctor

I savor, lead to I found exact­ly what I used to be tak­ing a look for. You’ve end­ed my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


African black soap! The best for me, I can use it for my skin, it is very cheap and it last longer than oth­er soaps.


Where do you get your black soap from? When I see it, it’s NEVER cheap. The main rea­son I haven’t pur­chased it is because of the expen­sive price. How much do you spend on it for what size?


Nature’s Shea pric­ing is not too bad, and shea mois­ture line is a bit high­er but its a big bar


You can find some from your local beau­ty sup­ply store, shouldn’t cost more than $5.

I use a mix­ture of things. When I want to clar­i­fy (every 6 weeks/every 3 wash­es) I use a bak­ing soda and water mix and add in ppm­nt and rose­mary essen­tial oils. For my reg­u­lar wash­es I use cha­grin val­ley soap bars. So far i have only used the ayurvedic bar. The­se bars last soo long!! I chopped my bar into 6 small pieces and it looks like the pieces will last at least 10 wash­es a piece! I also pur­chased sam­ple sizes of marsh­mal­low and babasau, olive and babasau, beer, egg, and hon­ey, and coconut milk sham­poo bars. Looks… Read more »

Elas­ta QP Cre­me Con­di­tion­ing Sham­poo! Its It’s cheap, sul­phate free and works won­ders (:


Hel­lo! I’ve been nat­u­ral for about 8 months, and I try to avoid sul­fates, but my hair appar­ent­ly smells if I don’t use my nor­mal Aus­si sham­poo (has sul­fates and is not organ­ic). I’m pret­ty active, and I sweat a lot, so that might be the rea­son why it smells when I use the non-sul­fate, organ­ic sham­poo. Does this hap­pen to any­one else?


If any­thing, you can always dilute your Aus­si sham­poo with water. Anoth­er tip is to only apply the sham­poo to your scalp, and when rins­ing it will fall down to your ends. But I don’t know if your hair is long enough. but still dilute your sham­poo or find a bet­ter sul­fate free sham­poo. Shea Mois­ture has good reviews, I just bought mines but didn’t use it yet. Good Luck to you.


i’ve been using Jamaica Man­go and Lime prod­ucts for a while now. I’ve used ORS hair may­on­naise it works well too but i dont use it too often in my reg­i­men. i will how­ev­er since now im lock­ing my hair again is try the acv to cleanse my roots when i dont want to sham­poo as often. it sounds quite inter­est­ing.


The best con­di­tion­er I’ve ever used is Aubrey Organ­ics Hon­ey­suck­le Mos­tur­iz­ing con­di­tion­er. Made my hair feel so soft and man­agable. I don’t use sham­poo a lot but the best on I’ve ever used is Jason’s Nat­u­ral Biot­in Sham­poo. Still on the first bot­tle.


I use my own mix­ture of African black soap, dis­tiller water, raw hon­ey and grape seed oil to poo my hair. Then, I rin­se my hair with a mix­ture of apple cider and water.


When you say you rin­se with apple cider vine­gar, is that your final rin­se or do you rin­se our the vine­gar? What are the por­tions for rins­ing with ACV and water?

Cal Lypso

Coconut oil Pre poo fol­lowed As I am coconut cow­ash =but­ter soft hair