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After spending the first few years of my natural journey fighting shrinkage, I’m not vowing to embrace it. But the shrinkage is just… so much! My shrunken fro is just a few inches off my head… but flat-ironed, my hair is solidly chin to armpit length. Sometimes I will take the time to full dry and stretch my hair so that the length is obvious. But my hair is super thick so this is not always possible. Sometimes I just have to style my hair damp (which leads to shrinkage) and let it be.

I was wondering if your readers could share how much shrinkage they get. It might help me to feel more “normal”, lol.

Great question Vanessa. And yes, for most naturals shrinkage is a NORMAL thing. So ladies, please share, how much is your shrinkage?!

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juniper rules 008
pretty sure mine is about 80%. my curls are extremely tight and my hair is quite dense so it’s quite hard for stretching techniques to work and stick, twists don’t work all that much. braids are ok, but braids with extensions seems to be the only thing that lets me see my full stretched out potential – however this only lasts for a while. my hair shrinks up even with cold air so by the end of the day im rocking bigger than usual twa 😀 – it’s a laugh. obv there are other options like blow drying and straightening… Read more »

Hahahaha, shrinkage. Over the weekend I co-washed my hair and did not have time to to stretch it out so I wore a tightly shrunken TWA. It looked like I had about 2 inches of when I actually have chin length hair (8- 10 inches). So, I’m still trying to figure out how to show length without the long process of twisting or braiding and drying…


I was in a similar situation this weekend, went out of town and decided to wear my fro out at a club. The club was soo hot that by the time we left, my 10 inch fro had shrunken to 2 inches lol. It was amazing to see what humidity can to my head. I was in shock but didn’t care since I know what my hair looks like at a short length.


So I would say my shrinkage is about 85%-90% when wet and around humidity. I’m trying to embrace it rather than change it. It is what is it.

I definitely get major shrinkage :). I have at least 8 inches of hair maybe more and my hair can probably shrink to about 2 inches. Now that my hair is longer I rarely allow it to fully shrink(for detangling’s sake). After washing I put it in twists, braids, ponytails or clips and let it dry that way. The next day I undo and style as desired. If I did my job with moisturizing my hair then I’m bound to get some shrinkage but most of the time my fro shrinks to a size I’m pleased with. Last year I… Read more »