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After spend­ing the first few years of my nat­ur­al jour­ney fight­ing shrink­age, I’m not vow­ing to embrace it. But the shrink­age is just… so much! My shrunk­en fro is just a few inch­es off my head… but flat-ironed, my hair is solid­ly chin to armpit length. Some­times I will take the time to full dry and stretch my hair so that the length is obvi­ous. But my hair is super thick so this is not always pos­si­ble. Some­times I just have to style my hair damp (which leads to shrink­age) and let it be. 

I was won­der­ing if your read­ers could share how much shrink­age they get. It might help me to feel more “nor­mal”, lol.

Great ques­tion Vanes­sa. And yes, for most nat­u­rals shrink­age is a NORMAL thing. So ladies, please share, how much is your shrink­age?!

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juniper rules 008
pret­ty sure mine is about 80%. my curls are extreme­ly tight and my hair is quite dense so it’s quite hard for stretch­ing tech­niques to work and stick, twists don’t work all that much. braids are ok, but braids with exten­sions seems to be the only thing that lets me see my full stretched out poten­tial — how­ev­er this only lasts for a while. my hair shrinks up even with cold air so by the end of the day im rock­ing big­ger than usu­al twa :D — it’s a laugh. obv there are oth­er options like blow dry­ing and straight­en­ing… Read more »

Haha­ha­ha, shrink­age. Over the week­end I co-washed my hair and did not have time to to stretch it out so I wore a tight­ly shrunk­en TWA. It looked like I had about 2 inch­es of when I actu­al­ly have chin length hair (8- 10 inch­es). So, I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out how to show length with­out the long process of twist­ing or braid­ing and dry­ing…


I was in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion this week­end, went out of town and decid­ed to wear my fro out at a club. The club was soo hot that by the time we left, my 10 inch fro had shrunk­en to 2 inch­es lol. It was amaz­ing to see what humid­i­ty can to my head. I was in shock but didn’t care since I know what my hair looks like at a short length.


So I would say my shrink­age is about 85%-90% when wet and around humid­i­ty. I’m try­ing to embrace it rather than change it. It is what is it.

I def­i­nite­ly get major shrink­age :). I have at least 8 inch­es of hair maybe more and my hair can prob­a­bly shrink to about 2 inch­es. Now that my hair is longer I rarely allow it to ful­ly shrink(for detangling’s sake). After wash­ing I put it in twists, braids, pony­tails or clips and let it dry that way. The next day I undo and style as desired. If I did my job with mois­tur­iz­ing my hair then I’m bound to get some shrink­age but most of the time my fro shrinks to a size I’m pleased with. Last year I… Read more »