Clearer picture of Solange’s hair and outfit from Coco & Creme.


Source: NecoleBitchie.com

Solange at the 5th Annual DKMS Linked Against Leukemia Gala in New York City. One word: Gorgeous. Thoughts ladies?

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Rihanna said she wanted that style (Solange’s) in red.

Solange looks hawt…glad she is confident with her own natural hair!


YES! I lover her confidence. She is shining!


Wow, I’m super jealous! GORGEOUS!

Janie Hobbs

wow, can’t believe it’s gotten so long! awesome!


That is not her real hair!! Her hair has not grown that long in a couple of months?? its pretty though, i need to find out her stylist because beweaveable to yall!!..lol


Solange has been natural for over a year now,it quite possible depending on growth rate. In the past I have gone from shoulder length to Arm pit length in 4 months.


Wow her hair is growing out really fast. I love it! Can’t help but wonder what the other black celebs (Rhianna, Beyonce,etc) think about her hair?


Solange’s fro is goregous!!! Rock on my dear, rock on!!!!! 🙂


cosign! It would be so interesting to hear what they think of her hair. Do any of them have natural hair under the weave/wigs? Do they desire it? hmmm. And I always wonder what her sister’s hair looks like under the lacefronts. Maybe when she retires she’ll show her hair lol


Beyonce has been natural for like 8 or 9 yrs now. She wore it on the Today show when she was modeling her moms WalMart line and she wears it when her and Jay are on vacay.

So she probably likes natural hair.

lilkunta(to tahmeka)

Really? For 9 years. I m in disbeleif.
What today show appearance did she wear her real hair?
Bc for sure that would have blown up in the press.


Whenever I see pics of Beyonce lounging on vacation, she has a gigantic wig on (varying lengths and textures, although always long and always that dyed blond color).
Are you on vacation with them that you see the real hair, b/c she seems to always be camera ready even in “candid” street shots.
Personally, I’m surprised that no one has marketed hair pieces and wigs with her name on them, b/c she must have a whole warehouse full of high end wigs.


I agree! I would totally buy hair like that. Lol

curly sue

Ummm. That was really rude. Beyonce has said that her hair is natural to protect it from heat etc. There’s a way to disagree without tearing people down. Just saying! Chill out.

curly sue

I meant that for Tahmeka BTW


No, i’m not on vacation with them. Did I say something wrong??
Every vacay shot is not her real hair, but she’s shown it more than once, while on vacation. I take it that Bey could part her hair on live tv and rub her fingers through it and some ppl will still believe that every style that she wears is a weave or wig, though she does them wear them a LOT..

Also, what does Bey being camera ready all of the time have to do with her being natural? The two are not mutually exclusive.