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I am currently on a quest which I hope your readers will be able to help me with. I have gotten to the point where I want to use more “organic/natural” leave-ins in my hair. I currently use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Lotion. It makes my hair soooo soft and gives it a nice shine, but I realized that it contains petrolatum ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ and I suspect this may be the reason why my scalp was always so itchy. I have tried the Giovanni Direct Leave In which has an incredible amount of moisture, but seemed to evaporate as soon as I added it to my hair. For me, it definitely lacked slip. I have started to do some research on leave-ins, but there are soo many out there that I am a little overwhelmed. So my question to readers is this: In your experience, which leave-ins have a great balance between moisture and slip? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Great question! This ties in a bit with the question yesterday about how to moisturize protective styles. What are your thoughts ladies?

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I swear by Kinky Curly Knot Today. I use it as a conditioner and a leave-in. It smells great, no build up and a little bit goes a loong way.

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Two things that help me. Aloe Mint Spritz is great for my hair. Softens, refreshes, detangles. For my DIY mix, I mix Sikakai, Amla, Glycerin, a little conditioner and warm water in a spray bottle.

From Broadway

I’ve used chi silk infusion for a while and love it!


You could try cocktailing. Especially if you are looking to go more natural with ingredients. Kimmaytube has this recipe:1 oz Knot Today Leave-In (or 2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred leave-in)
2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional. I sometimes do without it)
2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil
Mix well.

You could try coconut oil or maybe veggie glycerin (depending on the weather where you live). Experimentation might be necessary.


Also if the giovanni direct seemed to evaporate as soon as you put it in your hair, maybe your hair needs a higher humectant content to its products. Humectants will continue to bring moisture out of the air and into the hair. I would defs try to find a leave in with vegetable gylcerin or get one and add the gylcerin to it.


My hair is 4b/4c so moisture and slip in a leave in just does not exist for me in a creamy leave in. I would try making a leave in conditioning spritz with water and glycerin as the two go to ingredients. I would then consider adding a nice conditioner (a tablespoon or two) and some nice oils. This should condition the hair as well as provide slip.

take care and happy hunting!

Jo Somebody

Erm, hellooo! But some slippery elm or marshmallow root, brew it, add it to your fave moisturising leave-in. Voila! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jo Somebody


Antoinette Stewart

I’m not an extreme product expert. I just recently threw out a lot of my leave-ins. I was using the same hair lotion as you were and experiencing the itchies. Thanks to AfricanExport & for providing it, her signature leave-in conditioner provides everything I need! Extra slip, extra moisture, and a perfect starter before i slap on my oils. My hair texture would be defined as pen spiral curls, with cottony sides – but very very very coarse!


Kinky Curly Knot Today is a great leave-in with tons of slip, but it’s too heavy for my hair. I have 2 bottles, one half used and one never used if anyone wants them?


I do!!!


I would love them! I love that stuff.


my email is


14 May 2011 at 7:04 pm
Kinky Curly Knot Today is a great leave-in with tons of slip, but itโ€™s too heavy for my hair. I have 2 bottles, one half used and one never used if anyone wants them?

YES!!! I would love to get them!


Ill take the kinky curl not today since I never tried it. Not sure if youll get this, thx!


Wow. Thanks for all the input ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚


KinkyCurly Knot Today has incredible slip & is very moisturizing.
Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia is very moisturizing, leaves my hair incredibly soft. It has amzing ingredients too. All natural. It’s light so I love it in the summer.
I also love Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer. It’s thicker, so its wonderful in the winter. It smells nice, is all natural, very moisturizing, long lasting, and has slip.

Personally, I don’t use leave-in conditioners because they are way too light for my hair. I prefer to leave rinse-out conditioners in my hair. I end up with better looking hair that is moisturized. As for natural conditioners, I love Aubrey’s Honeysuckle Rose, Aubrey’s White Camellia, Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner, and Nature’s Gate Organic Aloe & Lavender Conditioner. All of these conditioners are natural and free of paraben, petrol, and silicone, but they all help to detangle my hair and provide moisture. If I need a little more moisture, I might add a bit of coconut oil or vatika oil… Read more »
MJ Labonte
I have type 4 hair, about shoulder length stretched out and the best leave-in conditioner for me ( I accidentally discovered this a few weeks ago) after I wash and condition is mixing equal parts of Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Conditioning Hair Milk + Kinky Curly Knot today and applying in sections. OMG! detangling is a breeze with this in my hair. I typically include olive oil + H20 spritz but last weekend, the weather warmed up quite a bit so I left out the olive oil just to see and it stayed moisturized for a good 4 days. Perhaps… Read more »

I use kimmaytube’s leave in using kinky curly knot today,olive oil, aloe vera juice,black castor oil, and about 5 drops of jane carters scalp nourishing serum

I remember looking for a good quality, fairly cheap leave-in for a long time after I went natural. I found something my hair loves, Alba Botanica Leave-In. It comes in 7 oz, has some great ingredients, great slip and keeps my hair really moisturized and it’s unscented, so If I want to use a styler it doesn’t clash. Honestly usually after I wash my hair this is all I use in my hair and then style for the week. Keeps my hair moisturized for 3-4 days before I usually reapply. I have been using this as my only leave-in for… Read more »

I like this leave-in too! Your review was spot on.

Hi ladies, its Janice. All your suggestions are greatly appreciated and I will be doing research on these! :))) It seemed as if some people cringe at the whole idea of using natural products. My hair isn’t very picky to tell you the truth, but my scalp is and that’s where the problem lies. Its not cool when your hair is soft and shiny but your scalp is constantly itchy. I have tried two natural leave ins and my scalp has been behaved but I needed the slip that my original leave in gives which is why I asked this… Read more »

Try Bear Fruit Hair’s African Export Leave-In Conditioner. It gives great moisture, great slip and has a great price! You can even use it as the creamy base for the Kimmaytube leave-in (ironic as that might be, it works great). Here is a link to the product: Happy researching!


cantu shea butter leave-in: moisturizing, has slip, inexpensive, readily available, creamy crack that my hair has to have lol


Yes, Cantu leave in really defines my curls.


herbal essences long term relationship leave in.

Miss B

YES!! This stuff is great. It also plays well with other things I use like coconut oil. And its CHEAP!!!

I would definitely recommend that you all try this. If you don’t like it you’re only out about $3 and if you love it, you’ll be glad you tried it!!! This is a staple for me now.

Just as I am

Me too!
I can’t say enough about it!
I just tried it for the sake if trying it, because it was on sale, not thinking it’d be anything special and it’s been a miracle for me.
I hate that the scent has changed, but it still works, so I’ll still use it.
Also, Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth Products Protective Mist Bodifyer.
Those two products are the TRUTH.

I say this: If it works for you; use it. I use a combo of “natural” and “non-natural” products, and I love them all. Whatever my hair tells me works the best, gets used. Don’t get hung up on the fact that some of your fav products may have mineral oil, sulfates, or cones in them….if your hair likes it; try to like it too. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW-Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment (Smells like bubble gum which is strange to me) was AMAZING for my hair. After I got past the smell-I realized my twists were so lush and shiny. I… Read more »
Emily Bazemore
I am a minority owner and Chief Formulator with 17 years experience in hair and skin care product development. If you could list the ingredients on the product, I can tell you what each ingredient does and also, I donโ€™t think the Petrolatum is the culprit in your itchy scalp. It could be a combination of the ingredients. There are a lot of Leave-in to address the conditioning, slip and shine properties. However, all are not equal in doing so. I formulate for relaxed and natural hair so I may discuss synthetic and natural, and naturally derived ingredients here. Dry… Read more »

I just purchased Taliah Wajiid’s Protective Mist Bodifier and this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I’ ve heard people comparing it to KCKT, but it’s definitely worth a try:) Hope this helps!!!!!!
BTW I have kinky curly hair and to some it would be considered 4a/4b, but I don’t even entertain that at all, it’s silly to me, but TWPMB is a great product for me:)


u can try ORS carrot does not have petroleum nor mineral oil in’s the best i’ve ever used


I used my version of kimmaytube leave in . But also when i used Giovanni’s direct leave it, I also add castor oil to it, and it gives me the slip that I need.

Kali/ Hip Hop Hard Body

i do the same with the Giovanni Leave In, castor oil combo/;ayering. I came into it by accident, cool to see someone else does the same.


hmmm….maybe I’ll try that.


I came across it by accident too. In fact my hair felt like it was missing a little something which I tried to figure out what it could be. I then tried the castor oil and believe me, It really leaves my hair very soft and moisturized.


I still can’t believe people fall so hard for “organic” and “all natural” labels on *everything*.
People can call a product whatever they want. Read the ingredients before you read the product name; the ingredients are all that matter.


Amen! Silicone that ish up, if it works, it works. The organic label for me does not give advantage…

Hello,Janice here. Just wanted to let you know that when I started using the organic root stimaltor hair lotion,I wasn’t conscious about taking care of my hair AND scalp, I was only concerned with having manageable hair. Someone suggested it to me and I tried it. It was never anything about the actual name. Of course now I believe that healthy hair and scalp go hand in hand and I need to try something new. No I am not uptight about natural or organic products but I find that MY SCALP respond better to them. I have sensitive skin. And… Read more »


Let people know, lolz!


i love the afro detangler leave in and oyin honey dew. i also like shea moisture deep treatment masque (which i use as a leave in/styler) but sometimes the super strong smell is just too much for me. i scrunch these in on wet hair then follow but scrunching in an oil or pomade type prodcut to seal. my hair is MUCH better


I love the afro detangler leave-in also. I add a little to the hard to work out tangles and the hair slips out using my fingers. Love it.


You should try Alaffia Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Hair Lotion.

Also Oyin Handmade Juices and berries.

I spritz with juices and berries (like two or three pumps), then I use like a dime of hair lotion to detangle each section before I twist. They both make my hair really slippery. Just go light on the Oyin because it can make the back of your neck/hands sticky.

You can actually buy Alaffia at some Whole Foods but I got mine from Amazon. It’s the best hair lotion I’ve ever tried.


I agree Mary! Alaffia is AMAZING! I don’t use it alone though-I mix it with Cantu Shea Leave-In, Aloe Vera, BB Pink Moisturizing Lotion, and Knot Today. It works great.

Integrated Memoirs

For my hair, Kinky Curly hands down! It’s the best thing ever ๐Ÿ™‚

for me I detangle while deep condish so I dont have that problem of detangling needed when it comes to setting (styling my hair). I dont use a leave in for slippage at all. I use it for the conditioning aspect only since the hair is nearly tangle free at that point. I also use ORS and I have no problems with it. Side note my scalp will itch if I have it parted in a style. For whatever reason the exposure to the air will get this head of mines itching within 2-3 days of washing. If there is… Read more »

Kimmytube’s homemade conditioner is amazing–it’s the best leave-in I’ve ever used exactly because it’s moisturizing AND gives slip!

See the recipe here:

It’s based on the Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in.


I second that… stuff is awesome – PLUS it makes my KCKT last 3 times as long ๐Ÿ™‚


I agree with this. I used this leave-in with the Kinky Curly Knot today and I have moisture for many days. I can spritz my hair with water and not have to reapply product for just misting. I can make the kimmaytube leave-in or use KCKT alone.


i was gonna say the same thing


I have a similar goal to only use only natural ingredients on my hair. I heart Kimmytube!!! Itโ€™s a great product; my hair is moisturized for a week. I wash once a week, I use Kimmytubeโ€™s homemade conditioner and Eco Styler gel and Iโ€™m good for the week. In the morning I just spray my hair with water and then a homemade glycerin-mix (the mix every other day). I do want to try and make my own flaxseed gel so I can omit the Eco Styler.


this didn’t start working for me till I got s filter for the hard water in my home…lawd did that make a difference!


I too was on the hunt for a more natural/organic leave-in, except I required one w/o protein, cones, and coconut oil (due to allergy/sensitivity/preference). I found leaving in some of a great moisturizing condish provides the best moisture and slip. Two that work well are Desert Essence Coconut Condish (for coco fans) and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab.


I have recently tried DE Coconut Conditioner and I love it, too. It’s thick and very moisturizing.


I love and recommend Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in and detangler. A little bit goes along way with this!


I just recently tried Knot Today. Used it as a leave in and detangler for my braid out. Smells great, super easy to detangle wet hair, and I used surprisingly little on my thick 4a 13 inches of hair. I used castor oil on my ends.
5 days since wash day and my hair still feels moisturized.


I second the recommendation for KCKT. However, if your hair doesn’t like Giovanni Direct it might not like KCKT since they both work the same for me (great slip and moisture).


agreed. a little pricey but it last!


Agree with above. Would add if your hair does not like protein, that the Giovanni Direct has protein and Kinky Curly Knot today does not. I put mine in a pump lotion-like bottle and it is great. Only 2-3 pumps per week.


i agree with slip but not moisture if you are a 4b.. my hair is dry dry dry a day later.

Jo Somebody

I don’t get any long lasting moisture from KCKT. Like Jetblack, I’m 4b/c. I need something creamier. I still love the stuff though.

Have you tried cocktailing it? There is the Kimmaytube recipe :1 oz Knot Today Leave-In (or 2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred leave-in) 2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5 2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional. I sometimes do without it) 2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil Mix well. You could also add coconut oil. I have 4b/c hair and I followed this recipe but instead of using KCKT I used Lush R and B hair moisturizer. So far so good but I will see after a couple more days. I might still need… Read more »

Does anyone know if it makes a difference using the inner fillet aloe vera juice vs the whole leaf version? I’ve done the Kimmaytube leave in using Shea Moisture conditioning milk, castor oil, olive oil (as a sub for jojoba) and the aloe and I’ve gotten very good results, but only once in awhile. I wonder if using the whole leaf version would make much more of a difference.


Oops..Reading is fundamental. I totally missed the part about leave-ins


Hmmm , Moisture AND Slip. Yes to Tomatoes Con gives me awesome slip but not enough moisture when it dries. Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose is great for moisture but not enough slip. I’m interested in the reponses too. My fav con is Herbal Essences LTR iits not organic but dang its good.


I second nomad suggestion!! That CJ Smoothing lotion is the absolute BEST leave in out there in my opinion


I only just got it but Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion! A tiny bit through my hair and i can easily slide my fingers through it and my hair is still soft two days after washing (i only seal my ends and i haven’t remoisturized)! It’s a bit pricey but I see it lasting a hella long time



I LOVE this stuff! It smells great, has amazing slip, and keeps my hair moisturized.