Leave-Ins with Moisture AND Slip

Reader Janice says;

I am currently on a quest which I hope your readers will be able to help me with. I have gotten to the point where I want to use more “organic/natural” leave-ins in my hair. I currently use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Lotion. It makes my hair soooo soft and gives it a nice shine, but I realized that it contains petrolatum :( :( and I suspect this may be the reason why my scalp was always so itchy. I have tried the Giovanni Direct Leave In which has an incredible amount of moisture, but seemed to evaporate as soon as I added it to my hair. For me, it definitely lacked slip. I have started to do some research on leave-ins, but there are soo many out there that I am a little overwhelmed. So my question to readers is this: In your experience, which leave-ins have a great balance between moisture and slip? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from everyone! :)

Great question! This ties in a bit with the question yesterday about how to moisturize protective styles. What are your thoughts ladies?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

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71 thoughts on “Leave-Ins with Moisture AND Slip

  1. I use kimmaytube’s leave in using kinky curly knot today,olive oil, aloe vera juice,black castor oil, and about 5 drops of jane carters scalp nourishing serum

  2. I have type 4 hair, about shoulder length stretched out and the best leave-in conditioner for me ( I accidentally discovered this a few weeks ago) after I wash and condition is mixing equal parts of Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Conditioning Hair Milk + Kinky Curly Knot today and applying in sections. OMG! detangling is a breeze with this in my hair. I typically include olive oil + H20 spritz but last weekend, the weather warmed up quite a bit so I left out the olive oil just to see and it stayed moisturized for a good 4 days. Perhaps the olive oil is needed for the winter months. Oh yes and I sealed my ends with Oyin Burnt sugar Pomade. Before the Oyin arrived I was using coconut oil.

    SM Shea Butter Conditioning Milk had alot of slip but I think needs a little more moisture and Knot Today on its own seems to have some slip (esp when used on damp hair but when it dries, my hair feels worse and acts very weird) but has a ton of moisture so combining those two have given me the perfect leave-in. You should try it Janice :) and they are also natural and I am sure will not irritate your scalp.

  3. Personally, I don’t use leave-in conditioners because they are way too light for my hair. I prefer to leave rinse-out conditioners in my hair. I end up with better looking hair that is moisturized. As for natural conditioners, I love Aubrey’s Honeysuckle Rose, Aubrey’s White Camellia, Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner, and Nature’s Gate Organic Aloe & Lavender Conditioner. All of these conditioners are natural and free of paraben, petrol, and silicone, but they all help to detangle my hair and provide moisture. If I need a little more moisture, I might add a bit of coconut oil or vatika oil to my ends. I control the frizz by adding a small amount of gel to my hair. That is it!

    I realize that everyone’s hair is different, so what may work for me may not work well for the next lady. Although, I hope some of my suggestions may work out well for someone.

  4. KinkyCurly Knot Today has incredible slip & is very moisturizing.
    Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia is very moisturizing, leaves my hair incredibly soft. It has amzing ingredients too. All natural. It’s light so I love it in the summer.
    I also love Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer. It’s thicker, so its wonderful in the winter. It smells nice, is all natural, very moisturizing, long lasting, and has slip.

  5. I’m not an extreme product expert. I just recently threw out a lot of my leave-ins. I was using the same hair lotion as you were and experiencing the itchies. Thanks to AfricanExport & BearFruitHair.com for providing it, her signature leave-in conditioner provides everything I need! Extra slip, extra moisture, and a perfect starter before i slap on my oils. My hair texture would be defined as pen spiral curls, with cottony sides – but very very very coarse!

  6. Erm, hellooo! But some slippery elm or marshmallow root, brew it, add it to your fave moisturising leave-in. Voila! :-)

  7. My hair is 4b/4c so moisture and slip in a leave in just does not exist for me in a creamy leave in. I would try making a leave in conditioning spritz with water and glycerin as the two go to ingredients. I would then consider adding a nice conditioner (a tablespoon or two) and some nice oils. This should condition the hair as well as provide slip.

    take care and happy hunting!

  8. Also if the giovanni direct seemed to evaporate as soon as you put it in your hair, maybe your hair needs a higher humectant content to its products. Humectants will continue to bring moisture out of the air and into the hair. I would defs try to find a leave in with vegetable gylcerin or get one and add the gylcerin to it.

  9. You could try cocktailing. Especially if you are looking to go more natural with ingredients. Kimmaytube has this recipe:1 oz Knot Today Leave-In (or 2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred leave-in)
    2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
    2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional. I sometimes do without it)
    2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil
    Mix well.

    You could try coconut oil or maybe veggie glycerin (depending on the weather where you live). Experimentation might be necessary.

  10. Two things that help me. Aloe Mint Spritz is great for my hair. Softens, refreshes, detangles. For my DIY mix, I mix Sikakai, Amla, Glycerin, a little conditioner and warm water in a spray bottle.

  11. I swear by Kinky Curly Knot Today. I use it as a conditioner and a leave-in. It smells great, no build up and a little bit goes a loong way.

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