Read­er Jan­ice says;

I am cur­rent­ly on a quest which I hope your read­ers will be able to help me with. I have got­ten to the point where I want to use more “organic/natural” leave-ins in my hair. I cur­rent­ly use Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Hair Lotion. It makes my hair soooo soft and gives it a nice shine, but I real­ized that it con­tains petro­la­tum :( :( and I sus­pect this may be the rea­son why my scalp was always so itchy. I have tried the Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In which has an incred­i­ble amount of mois­ture, but seemed to evap­o­rate as soon as I added it to my hair. For me, it def­i­nite­ly lacked slip. I have start­ed to do some research on leave-ins, but there are soo many out there that I am a lit­tle over­whelmed. So my ques­tion to read­ers is this: In your expe­ri­ence, which leave-ins have a great bal­ance between mois­ture and slip? Thank you and I look for­ward to hear­ing from every­one! :)

Great ques­tion! This ties in a bit with the ques­tion yes­ter­day about how to mois­tur­ize pro­tec­tive styles. What are your thoughts ladies?

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It’s appro­pri­ate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be hap­py. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to sug­gest you some inter­est­ing things or advice. Per­haps you could write next arti­cles refer­ring to this arti­cle. I wish to read more things about it!


I swear by Kinky Curly Knot Today. I use it as a con­di­tion­er and a leave-in. It smells great, no build up and a lit­tle bit goes a loong way.

wood house

thanks for valu­able guide­lines and sim­ply excel­lent infor­ma­tion


Two things that help me. Aloe Mint Spritz is great for my hair. Soft­ens, refresh­es, detan­gles. For my DIY mix, I mix Sikakai, Amla, Glyc­erin, a lit­tle con­di­tion­er and warm water in a spray bot­tle.

From Broadway

I’ve used chi silk infu­sion for a while and love it!


You could try cock­tail­ing. Espe­cial­ly if you are look­ing to go more nat­ur­al with ingre­di­ents. Kim­may­tube has this recipe:1 oz Knot Today Leave-In (or 2 table­spoons of YOUR pre­ferred leave-in)
2 table­spoons of (Whole leaf ver­sion) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 tea­spoons of Cas­tor Oil (option­al. I some­times do with­out it)
2 tea­spoons of Jojo­ba Oil
Mix well.

You could try coconut oil or maybe veg­gie glyc­erin (depend­ing on the weath­er where you live). Exper­i­men­ta­tion might be nec­es­sary.


Also if the gio­van­ni direct seemed to evap­o­rate as soon as you put it in your hair, maybe your hair needs a high­er humec­tant con­tent to its prod­ucts. Humec­tants will con­tin­ue to bring mois­ture out of the air and into the hair. I would defs try to find a leave in with veg­etable gyl­cerin or get one and add the gyl­cerin to it.


My hair is 4b/4c so mois­ture and slip in a leave in just does not exist for me in a creamy leave in. I would try mak­ing a leave in con­di­tion­ing spritz with water and glyc­erin as the two go to ingre­di­ents. I would then con­sid­er adding a nice con­di­tion­er (a table­spoon or two) and some nice oils. This should con­di­tion the hair as well as pro­vide slip.

take care and hap­py hunt­ing!

Jo Somebody

Erm, hel­looo! But some slip­pery elm or marsh­mal­low root, brew it, add it to your fave mois­tur­is­ing leave-in. Voila! :-)

Jo Somebody


Antoinette Stewart

I’m not an extreme prod­uct expert. I just recent­ly threw out a lot of my leave-ins. I was using the same hair lotion as you were and expe­ri­enc­ing the itchies. Thanks to AfricanEx­port & for pro­vid­ing it, her sig­na­ture leave-in con­di­tion­er pro­vides every­thing I need! Extra slip, extra mois­ture, and a per­fect starter before i slap on my oils. My hair tex­ture would be defined as pen spi­ral curls, with cot­tony sides — but very very very coarse!


Kinky Curly Knot Today is a great leave-in with tons of slip, but it’s too heavy for my hair. I have 2 bot­tles, one half used and one nev­er used if any­one wants them?


14 May 2011 at 7:04 pm
Kinky Curly Knot Today is a great leave-in with tons of slip, but it’s too heavy for my hair. I have 2 bot­tles, one half used and one nev­er used if any­one wants them?

YES!!! I would love to get them!


Ill take the kinky curl not today since I nev­er tried it. Not sure if youll get this, thx!


I would love them! I love that stuff.


my email is


I do!!!


Wow. Thanks for all the input ladies! :)


Kinky­Curly Knot Today has incred­i­ble slip & is very mois­tur­iz­ing.
Karen’s Body Beau­ti­ful Sweet Ambrosia is very mois­tur­iz­ing, leaves my hair incred­i­bly soft. It has amz­ing ingre­di­ents too. All nat­ur­al. It’s light so I love it in the sum­mer.
I also love Bee Mine Lus­cious Bal­anced Cream Mois­tur­iz­er. It’s thick­er, so its won­der­ful in the win­ter. It smells nice, is all nat­ur­al, very mois­tur­iz­ing, long last­ing, and has slip.

Per­son­al­ly, I don’t use leave-in con­di­tion­ers because they are way too light for my hair. I pre­fer to leave rinse-out con­di­tion­ers in my hair. I end up with bet­ter look­ing hair that is mois­tur­ized. As for nat­ur­al con­di­tion­ers, I love Aubrey’s Hon­ey­suck­le Rose, Aubrey’s White Camel­lia, Desert Essence Coconut Con­di­tion­er, and Nature’s Gate Organ­ic Aloe & Laven­der Con­di­tion­er. All of these con­di­tion­ers are nat­ur­al and free of paraben, petrol, and sil­i­cone, but they all help to detan­gle my hair and pro­vide mois­ture. If I need a lit­tle more mois­ture, I might add a bit of coconut oil or vati­ka oil… Read more »
MJ Labonte
I have type 4 hair, about shoul­der length stretched out and the best leave-in con­di­tion­er for me ( I acci­den­tal­ly dis­cov­ered this a few weeks ago) after I wash and con­di­tion is mix­ing equal parts of Shea Mois­ture Coconut Hibis­cus Con­di­tion­ing Hair Milk + Kinky Curly Knot today and apply­ing in sec­tions. OMG! detan­gling is a breeze with this in my hair. I typ­i­cal­ly include olive oil + H20 spritz but last week­end, the weath­er warmed up quite a bit so I left out the olive oil just to see and it stayed mois­tur­ized for a good 4 days. Per­haps… Read more »

I use kimmaytube’s leave in using kinky curly knot today,olive oil, aloe vera juice,black cas­tor oil, and about 5 drops of jane carters scalp nour­ish­ing serum

I remem­ber look­ing for a good qual­i­ty, fair­ly cheap leave-in for a long time after I went nat­ur­al. I found some­thing my hair loves, Alba Botan­i­ca Leave-In. It comes in 7 oz, has some great ingre­di­ents, great slip and keeps my hair real­ly mois­tur­ized and it’s unscent­ed, so If I want to use a styler it doesn’t clash. Hon­est­ly usu­al­ly after I wash my hair this is all I use in my hair and then style for the week. Keeps my hair mois­tur­ized for 3–4 days before I usu­al­ly reap­ply. I have been using this as my only leave-in for… Read more »

I like this leave-in too! Your review was spot on.

Hi ladies, its Jan­ice. All your sug­ges­tions are great­ly appre­ci­at­ed and I will be doing research on these! :))) It seemed as if some peo­ple cringe at the whole idea of using nat­ur­al prod­ucts. My hair isn’t very picky to tell you the truth, but my scalp is and that’s where the prob­lem lies. Its not cool when your hair is soft and shiny but your scalp is con­stant­ly itchy. I have tried two nat­ur­al leave ins and my scalp has been behaved but I need­ed the slip that my orig­i­nal leave in gives which is why I asked this… Read more »

Try Bear Fruit Hair’s African Export Leave-In Con­di­tion­er. It gives great mois­ture, great slip and has a great price! You can even use it as the creamy base for the Kim­may­tube leave-in (iron­ic as that might be, it works great). Here is a link to the prod­uct: Hap­py research­ing!


can­tu shea but­ter leave-in: mois­tur­iz­ing, has slip, inex­pen­sive, read­i­ly avail­able, creamy crack that my hair has to have lol


Yes, Can­tu leave in real­ly defines my curls.


herbal essences long term rela­tion­ship leave in.

Miss B

YES!! This stuff is great. It also plays well with oth­er things I use like coconut oil. And its CHEAP!!!

I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend that you all try this. If you don’t like it you’re only out about $3 and if you love it, you’ll be glad you tried it!!! This is a sta­ple for me now.

Just as I am

Me too!
I can’t say enough about it!
I just tried it for the sake if try­ing it, because it was on sale, not think­ing it’d be any­thing spe­cial and it’s been a mir­a­cle for me.
I hate that the scent has changed, but it still works, so I’ll still use it.
Also, Tal­i­ah Waajid’s Black Earth Prod­ucts Pro­tec­tive Mist Bod­i­fy­er.
Those two prod­ucts are the TRUTH.

I say this: If it works for you; use it.  I use a com­bo of “nat­ur­al” and “non-nat­ur­al” prod­ucts, and I love them all. What­ev­er my hair tells me works the best, gets used.  Don’t get hung up on the fact that some of your fav prod­ucts may have min­er­al oil, sul­fates, or cones in them.…if your hair likes it; try to like it too. :)  BTW-Miss Jessie’s Super Sweet­back Treat­ment (Smells like bub­ble gum which is strange to me) was AMAZING for my hair. After I got past the smell-I real­ized my twists were so lush and shiny. I kind of use it… Read more »
Emily Bazemore
I am a minor­i­ty own­er and Chief For­mu­la­tor with 17 years expe­ri­ence in hair and skin care prod­uct devel­op­ment. If you could list the ingre­di­ents on the prod­uct, I can tell you what each ingre­di­ent does and also, I don’t think the Petro­la­tum is the cul­prit in your itchy scalp. It could be a com­bi­na­tion of the ingre­di­ents. There are a lot of Leave-in to address the con­di­tion­ing, slip and shine prop­er­ties. How­ev­er, all are not equal in doing so. I for­mu­late for relaxed and nat­ur­al hair so I may dis­cuss syn­thet­ic and nat­ur­al, and nat­u­ral­ly derived ingre­di­ents here. Dry… Read more »

I just pur­chased Tal­i­ah Wajiid’s Pro­tec­tive Mist Bod­i­fi­er and this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I’ ve heard peo­ple com­par­ing it to KCKT, but it’s def­i­nite­ly worth a try:) Hope this helps!!!!!!
BTW I have kinky curly hair and to some it would be con­sid­ered 4a/4b, but I don’t even enter­tain that at all, it’s sil­ly to me, but TWPMB is a great prod­uct for me:)


u can try ORS car­rot does not have petro­le­um nor min­er­al oil in’s the best i’ve ever used


I used my ver­sion of kim­may­tube leave in . But also when i used Giovanni’s direct leave it, I also add cas­tor oil to it, and it gives me the slip that I need.


hmmm.…maybe I’ll try that.


I came across it by acci­dent too. In fact my hair felt like it was miss­ing a lit­tle some­thing which I tried to fig­ure out what it could be. I then tried the cas­tor oil and believe me, It real­ly leaves my hair very soft and mois­tur­ized.

Kali/ Hip Hop Hard Body

i do the same with the Gio­van­ni Leave In, cas­tor oil combo/;ayering. I came into it by acci­dent, cool to see some­one else does the same.


I still can’t believe peo­ple fall so hard for “organ­ic” and “all nat­ur­al” labels on *every­thing*.
Peo­ple can call a prod­uct what­ev­er they want. Read the ingre­di­ents before you read the prod­uct name; the ingre­di­ents are all that mat­ter.

Hello,Janice here. Just want­ed to let you know that when I start­ed using the organ­ic root sti­mal­tor hair lotion,I wasn’t con­scious about tak­ing care of my hair AND scalp, I was only con­cerned with hav­ing man­age­able hair. Some­one sug­gest­ed it to me and I tried it. It was nev­er any­thing about the actu­al name. Of course now I believe that healthy hair and scalp go hand in hand and I need to try some­thing new. No I am not uptight about nat­ur­al or organ­ic prod­ucts but I find that MY SCALP respond bet­ter to them. I have sen­si­tive skin. And… Read more »


Let peo­ple know, lolz!


Amen! Sil­i­cone that ish up, if it works, it works. The organ­ic label for me does not give advan­tage…


i love the afro detan­gler leave in and oyin hon­ey dew. i also like shea mois­ture deep treat­ment masque (which i use as a leave in/styler) but some­times the super strong smell is just too much for me. i scrunch these in on wet hair then fol­low but scrunch­ing in an oil or pomade type prod­cut to seal. my hair is MUCH bet­ter


I love the afro detan­gler leave-in also. I add a lit­tle to the hard to work out tan­gles and the hair slips out using my fin­gers. Love it.


You should try Alaf­fia Shea & Vir­gin Coconut Enrich­ing Hair Lotion.

Also Oyin Hand­made Juices and berries. 

I spritz with juices and berries (like two or three pumps), then I use like a dime of hair lotion to detan­gle each sec­tion before I twist. They both make my hair real­ly slip­pery. Just go light on the Oyin because it can make the back of your neck/hands sticky.

You can actu­al­ly buy Alaf­fia at some Whole Foods but I got mine from Ama­zon. It’s the best hair lotion I’ve ever tried.


I agree Mary! Alaf­fia is AMAZING! I don’t use it alone though-I mix it with Can­tu Shea Leave-In, Aloe Vera, BB Pink Mois­tur­iz­ing Lotion, and Knot Today. It works great.

Integrated Memoirs

For my hair, Kinky Curly hands down! It’s the best thing ever :)

for me I detan­gle while deep condish so I dont have that prob­lem of detan­gling need­ed when it comes to set­ting (styling my hair). I dont use a leave in for slip­page at all. I use it for the con­di­tion­ing aspect only since the hair is near­ly tan­gle free at that point. I also use ORS and I have no prob­lems with it. Side note my scalp will itch if I have it part­ed in a style. For what­ev­er rea­son the expo­sure to the air will get this head of mines itch­ing with­in 2–3 days of wash­ing. If there is… Read more »

Kimmytube’s home­made con­di­tion­er is amazing–it’s the best leave-in I’ve ever used exact­ly because it’s mois­tur­iz­ing AND gives slip! 

See the recipe here:

It’s based on the Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in.


this didn’t start work­ing for me till I got s fil­ter for the hard water in my home…lawd did that make a dif­fer­ence!


I have a sim­i­lar goal to only use only nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents on my hair. I heart Kim­my­tube!!! It’s a great prod­uct; my hair is mois­tur­ized for a week. I wash once a week, I use Kimmytube’s home­made con­di­tion­er and Eco Styler gel and I’m good for the week. In the morn­ing I just spray my hair with water and then a home­made glyc­erin-mix (the mix every oth­er day). I do want to try and make my own flaxseed gel so I can omit the Eco Styler.


i was gonna say the same thing


I sec­ond that… stuff is awe­some — PLUS it makes my KCKT last 3 times as long :)


I agree with this. I used this leave-in with the Kinky Curly Knot today and I have mois­ture for many days. I can spritz my hair with water and not have to reap­ply prod­uct for just mist­ing. I can make the kim­may­tube leave-in or use KCKT alone.


I too was on the hunt for a more natural/organic leave-in, except I required one w/o pro­tein, cones, and coconut oil (due to allergy/sensitivity/preference). I found leav­ing in some of a great mois­tur­iz­ing condish pro­vides the best mois­ture and slip. Two that work well are Desert Essence Coconut Condish (for coco fans) and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab.


I have recent­ly tried DE Coconut Con­di­tion­er and I love it, too. It’s thick and very mois­tur­iz­ing.


I love and rec­om­mend Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in and detan­gler. A lit­tle bit goes along way with this!

Jo Somebody

I don’t get any long last­ing mois­ture from KCKT. Like Jet­black, I’m 4b/c. I need some­thing creami­er. I still love the stuff though.


Have you tried cock­tail­ing it? There is the Kim­may­tube recipe :1 oz Knot Today Leave-In (or 2 table­spoons of YOUR pre­ferred leave-in)
2 table­spoons of (Whole leaf ver­sion) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 tea­spoons of Cas­tor Oil (option­al. I some­times do with­out it)
2 tea­spoons of Jojo­ba Oil

Mix well.

You could also add coconut oil. I have 4b/c hair and I fol­lowed this recipe but instead of using KCKT I used Lush R and B hair mois­tur­iz­er. So far so good but I will see after a cou­ple more days. I might still need to play around with the recipe


Does any­one know if it makes a dif­fer­ence using the inner fil­let aloe vera juice vs the whole leaf ver­sion? I’ve done the Kim­may­tube leave in using Shea Mois­ture con­di­tion­ing milk, cas­tor oil, olive oil (as a sub for jojo­ba) and the aloe and I’ve got­ten very good results, but only once in awhile. I won­der if using the whole leaf ver­sion would make much more of a dif­fer­ence.


i agree with slip but not mois­ture if you are a 4b.. my hair is dry dry dry a day lat­er.


I just recent­ly tried Knot Today. Used it as a leave in and detan­gler for my braid out. Smells great, super easy to detan­gle wet hair, and I used sur­pris­ing­ly lit­tle on my thick 4a 13 inch­es of hair. I used cas­tor oil on my ends.
5 days since wash day and my hair still feels mois­tur­ized.


agreed. a lit­tle pricey but it last!


Agree with above. Would add if your hair does not like pro­tein, that the Gio­van­ni Direct has pro­tein and Kinky Curly Knot today does not. I put mine in a pump lotion-like bot­tle and it is great. Only 2–3 pumps per week.


I sec­ond the rec­om­men­da­tion for KCKT. How­ev­er, if your hair doesn’t like Gio­van­ni Direct it might not like KCKT since they both work the same for me (great slip and mois­ture).


Oops..Reading is fun­da­men­tal. I total­ly missed the part about leave-ins


Hmmm , Mois­ture AND Slip. Yes to Toma­toes Con gives me awe­some slip but not enough mois­ture when it dries. Aubrey Organ­ics Hon­ey Suck­le Rose is great for mois­ture but not enough slip. I’m inter­est­ed in the repons­es too. My fav con is Herbal Essences LTR iits not organ­ic but dang its good.


I sec­ond nomad sug­ges­tion!! That CJ Smooth­ing lotion is the absolute BEST leave in out there in my opin­ion


I only just got it but Curl Junkie Smooth­ing Lotion! A tiny bit through my hair and i can eas­i­ly slide my fin­gers through it and my hair is still soft two days after wash­ing (i only seal my ends and i haven’t remois­tur­ized)! It’s a bit pricey but I see it last­ing a hel­la long time



I LOVE this stuff! It smells great, has amaz­ing slip, and keeps my hair mois­tur­ized.