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So I have been natural for a little over two years now. After my BC I wore my hair in braids for about a year till it grew out a bit. The moment I took out the braids and decided to wear my natural hair, I was horrified! My hair just looked awful! I have the toughest type of hair to deal with, type 4a/b! Also, my hair is very thin. This might be due to constantly relaxing since I was about 3 years old. I felt extremely ugly with my natural hair and even emailed a popular natural hair blogger for advice.

The email response didn’t help and after some searching I realized that there is a lack of blogs that deal with type 4 hair. Many natural hair bloggers have absolutely beautiful and easy to manage hair. They make it look effortless. Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have really difficult hair and can’t seem to get help from these natural blogs??

I actually think there are quite a few blogs and vlogs helmed by women with type 4 hair. A few of my favorites are The Natural Haven, SofullSista, A Grl Can Mac, Sera25 and KimmayTube. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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I tend to frequent blogs/vlogs of those who have the similar hair types (4 a/b) and I don’t much trouble finding them. I especially like glamazini as well as Nikkimae and prettydimples because they all have great hairstyle tutorials.

A Simple Thing

Personally, I feel the term ‘difficult hair’ is a bit of a subjective element. I can look after my hair, but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to look after my friends’ straighter, wavier hair, though she thinks protective styling makes looking after my hair a breeze (she’s right).

Eh. I think there are actually a lot of bloggers and vloggers with ‘type 4 hair’ ¬_¬ From what I see anyway. Maybe I’m just not looking close enough. There are an abundance of sites that would cater to Chinyele’s needs, methinks.

A Simple Thing

Also, forgot to add that bloggers don’t tend to post up their mistakes, only what goes right. I do, but I don’t really have much shame.
If you want personal advice tailored to you, have you tried hair forums?

The Natural Haven
Well said A Simple Thing!! Honestly I think that 4b is so maligned when it is some pretty cute hair IF you take care of it. Yes it shrinks and yes it breaks but once you learn to respect it and learn how it behaves you can alleviate these issues. Thanks for the mention L! The Natural Haven is about science and hair however I am a type 4abcxyz and I am totally in love with my hair……….yes totally totally in love. The biggest issue Chinyelu has right now is not really the hair. I can pretty much say the… Read more »

A round of applause for Jc. Thanks for clearly and concisely stating what some of us need to hear and accept. I have 4b over my ears, 3c at the crown, and 4a everywhere else (okay, God, I accept that)so I have defined curls everywhere except the ear region. LOL. Oh well, the rules still apply!


you are a truth teller


In the words of a true Nigerian “you too talk true!!”


Absolutely love this post! Especially number 3. I had friends tell me to try the gel and brush method for curls. It didn’t work at all! I am still learning to like my 4b hair, but with continued patience and great resources like this one I think I am on the right path.

^^Jc done preached! Let the church say AMEN! My hair is 4b, no sign of uniform coils or curls to be popped here. For me it became easy to manage once I got the basics down – moisturising, DCing regularly, protecting my hair, lubricating before manipulation with combs/brushes, SECTIONING, and PATIENCE! I love my hair! All I had to do was decide to learn what it needs to thrive. I think there are more Type 4 bloggers/vloggers emerging, but definitely truly accepting your hair for what it is, is the first step. Comparing your hair to others is ALWAYS counterproductive.… Read more »

I think you need to be more careful about identifying the key ways to style type 4 hair. That could be what works for you. If I only styled my hair at its shrunken length, I’d have tons of knots. Strecthing it through plaits, twist outs is the best thing because it avoids this.

The Natural Haven

Leena I did not say do not stretch your hair, what I did say is accept that 50-80% of the full length post styling is good enough. Don’t push your hair to where it does not want to go.

I advocate for careful stretching where you do not yank the hair and end up causing mid strand splits.


Preach JC! Another thing is to listen to your hair! Over manipulation and stress can stunt hair growth and increase damage. I had to learn that the hard way and now I have to start over again.

“1. Quit yanking the hair to make it look as long as it really is. Accept that shrinkage is part of life and style it to 50-80% of its actual length. 3. Quit expecting your hair to clump in curls. Seriously Quit it. If you want curls do a knot out, twist out or roller set. Forget that nonsense about gel and combing and brushing……if you have 4b hair, it ain’t happening!” YES. I think this is the most important above all else. It all comes down to being satisfied and happy with your texture and not wishing it was… Read more »

I have to agree with that last point. EVERY type of hair has it’s pros and cons. Every hair type from bone straight to the tiniest coils has its versatility and its limitations.


Well stated Jc!!!! I agree 150%

Look, I know what you mean about a real lack of active, popular, type 4 blogs. You’ll often be pointed in the direction of uninspiring youtubes and blogs that may or may not interest. Natural Haven is more about hair science than inspiration. You may have to start your own blog and be a part of change. It’s all very well feeling tighter coils or difficult journeys aren’t heavily represented on blogs but what are you going to do about it? You’re going to have to learn your hair for yourself, its likes and dislikes, how to handle it. Before… Read more »

Thank you so much for the compliment we are so glad you find our site useful. UrbanBushBabes loves BGLH such an inspirational site!

I agree with everything Gully said. You have to learn your hair for yourself. I have type 4 hair, but have learned many things just don’t work for me that others may embrace as their Holy Grail product or Go-To style. Just take care of your hair, above all else. Make sure it is healthy. And like Gully said, you may need to be the voice for people with type 4 hair. What did we do before BGLH, Natural Haven, and the other blogs. We learned for ourselves what worked and what didn’t. Somebody had to do it. Good luck… Read more »

Yeah I agree, it can be frustrating having 4B hair especially of it is short and thin like mine. The bloggers/vloggers who helped me the most to embrace my hair type are Carlyne of and Naomi of ForSeeNatural on Youtube.


wow I never saw anyone’s name spelled to close to mines 🙂 Karlyne