Type 4 Frustration

Reader Chinyelu (not pictured above) writes;

So I have been natural for a little over two years now. After my BC I wore my hair in braids for about a year till it grew out a bit. The moment I took out the braids and decided to wear my natural hair, I was horrified! My hair just looked awful! I have the toughest type of hair to deal with, type 4a/b! Also, my hair is very thin. This might be due to constantly relaxing since I was about 3 years old. I felt extremely ugly with my natural hair and even emailed a popular natural hair blogger for advice.

The email response didn’t help and after some searching I realized that there is a lack of blogs that deal with type 4 hair. Many natural hair bloggers have absolutely beautiful and easy to manage hair. They make it look effortless. Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have really difficult hair and can’t seem to get help from these natural blogs??

I actually think there are quite a few blogs and vlogs helmed by women with type 4 hair. A few of my favorites are The Natural Haven, SofullSista, A Grl Can Mac, Sera25 and KimmayTube. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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170 thoughts on “Type 4 Frustration

  1. I honestly understand the type 4 frustration. The first time I went natural I was so frustrated that my hair wasn’t like all these pretty haired icons n such. So after 6 months I relaxed it again. But I actually missed not having chemically altered hair later on and did it again and this time I actually know more about taking care of my hair and now it’s fine! I love my hair :) yes it’s not the easiest to care for but I bet naturals from all types have their struggles. I think it just takes time to realize your hair is your hair and not anyone else’s therefore you shouldn’t expect it to be like others and when you realize that it’s the first step to truly loving the hair you’re in <3

  2. Same… I’m also type 4b/c and when I first BC’ed I was horrified and discouraged. But as my hair grew out and I moisturized it religiously and got used to it, I began to truly love it. I’ve been working with it for about a year and now I wouldn’t want my hair any other way! As for 4a/b/c bloggers, I also recommend Naptural85, JustMeAnd4C, Jouelzy, and Nikki Mae. Something that really helped me was looking up all the BENEFITS of my hair type. I came upon one thread that reminded me that my 4b hair was BOMB. Look up methods of thickening hair, and focus on moisture… 4a/b hair DOES have some curl, and when moisturized properly it will POP. Find out what works for your hair.

  3. Hi I have been natural for a year and a half. It has been the most frustrating and discouraging experience. Though I had the rest of my relaxed hair cut off a month ago, my hair is still dry and difficult to manage. I am considering going back to relaxed hair as well. I have experienced more breakage, tangles, knots and hair loss than I did being relaxed. I have tried sooooo many different products for moisture. Nothing works! With the amount of money I have spent on products in the last year, I could have paid for relaxer at a salon several times over. I don’t know how my mother did this when I was growing up. I have to admit that I hate my natural hair. Nothing I use on it works.

  4. I have type 4 hair. I don’t know wether I am 4a4b or 4c. I have been natural a little over a year and i have good days with my hair and bad. I admit that I do not like the hair in the back of my head which is for me the most kinky part of my head. What has really helped me is doing the cherry lola treatment and maximum hydration method on my hair. It is not necessarily true that wash and go’s don’t work on type 4 hair.I am trying to learn to love the hair God gave me, yet and still I often toy with the idea of getting a texturizer.

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