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So I have been nat­u­ral for a lit­tle over two years now. After my BC I wore my hair in braids for about a year till it grew out a bit. The moment I took out the braids and decid­ed to wear my nat­u­ral hair, I was hor­ri­fied! My hair just looked awful! I have the tough­est type of hair to deal with, type 4a/b! Also, my hair is very thin. This might be due to con­stant­ly relax­ing since I was about 3 years old. I felt extreme­ly ugly with my nat­u­ral hair and even emailed a pop­u­lar nat­u­ral hair blog­ger for advice.

The email respon­se didn’t help and after some search­ing I real­ized that there is a lack of blogs that deal with type 4 hair. Many nat­u­ral hair blog­gers have absolute­ly beau­ti­ful and easy to man­age hair. They make it look effort­less. Does any­one else feel this way? Does any­one have real­ly dif­fi­cult hair and can’t seem to get help from the­se nat­u­ral blogs??

I actu­al­ly think there are quite a few blogs and vlogs helmed by wom­en with type 4 hair. A few of my favorites are The Nat­u­ral Haven, Sofull­Sis­ta, A Grl Can Mac, Ser­a25 and Kim­may­Tube. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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I tend to fre­quent blogs/vlogs of those who have the sim­i­lar hair types (4 a/b) and I don’t much trou­ble find­ing them. I espe­cial­ly like glamazini as well as Nikki­mae and pret­ty­dim­ples because they all have great hair­style tuto­ri­als.

A Simple Thing

Per­son­al­ly, I feel the term ‘dif­fi­cult hair’ is a bit of a sub­jec­tive ele­ment. I can look after my hair, but I wouldn’t have the slight­est clue how to look after my friends’ straighter, wavier hair, though she thinks pro­tec­tive styling makes look­ing after my hair a breeze (she’s right).

Eh. I think there are actu­al­ly a lot of blog­gers and vlog­gers with ‘type 4 hair’ ¬_¬ From what I see any­way. May­be I’m just not look­ing close enough. There are an abun­dance of sites that would cater to Chinyele’s needs, methinks.

A Simple Thing

Also, for­got to add that blog­gers don’t tend to post up their mis­takes, only what goes right. I do, but I don’t real­ly have much shame.
If you want per­son­al advice tai­lored to you, have you tried hair forums?

The Natural Haven
Well said A Sim­ple Thing!! Hon­est­ly I think that 4b is so maligned when it is some pret­ty cute hair IF you take care of it. Yes it shrinks and yes it breaks but once you learn to respect it and learn how it behaves you can alle­vi­ate the­se issues. Thanks for the men­tion L! The Nat­u­ral Haven is about sci­ence and hair how­ev­er I am a type 4abcxyz and I am total­ly in love with my hair.….…..yes total­ly total­ly in love.  The biggest issue Chinyelu has right now is not real­ly the hair. I can pret­ty much say the great­est… Read more »

A round of applause for Jc. Thanks for clear­ly and con­cise­ly stat­ing what some of us need to hear and accept. I have 4b over my ears, 3c at the crown, and 4a every­where else (okay, God, I accept that)so I have defined curls every­where except the ear region. LOL. Oh well, the rules still apply!


you are a truth teller


In the words of a true Nige­ri­an “you too talk true!!”


Absolute­ly love this post! Espe­cial­ly num­ber 3. I had friends tell me to try the gel and brush method for curls. It didn’t work at all! I am still learn­ing to like my 4b hair, but with con­tin­ued patience and great resources like this one I think I am on the right path.

^^Jc done preached! Let the church say AMEN!  My hair is 4b, no sign of uni­form coils or curls to be popped here. For me it became easy to man­age once I got the basics down — mois­tur­is­ing, DCing reg­u­lar­ly, pro­tect­ing my hair, lubri­cat­ing before manip­u­la­tion with combs/brushes, SECTIONING, and PATIENCE! I love my hair! All I had to do was decide to learn what it needs to thrive.  I think there are more Type 4 bloggers/vloggers emerg­ing, but def­i­nite­ly tru­ly accept­ing your hair for what it is, is the first step. Com­par­ing your hair to oth­ers is ALWAYS coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. Seek… Read more »

I think you need to be more care­ful about iden­ti­fy­ing the key ways to style type 4 hair. That could be what works for you. If I only styled my hair at its shrunk­en length, I’d have tons of knots. Strec­thing it through plaits, twist outs is the best thing because it avoids this.

The Natural Haven

Leena I did not say do not stretch your hair, what I did say is accept that 50–80% of the full length post styling is good enough. Don’t push your hair to where it does not want to go.

I advo­cate for care­ful stretch­ing where you do not yank the hair and end up caus­ing mid strand splits.


Preach JC! Anoth­er thing is to lis­ten to your hair! Over manip­u­la­tion and stress can stunt hair growth and increase dam­age. I had to learn that the hard way and now I have to start over again.

“1. Quit yank­ing the hair to make it look as long as it real­ly is. Accept that shrink­age is part of life and style it to 50–80% of its actu­al length. 3. Quit expect­ing your hair to clump in curls. Seri­ous­ly Quit it. If you want curls do a knot out, twist out or roller set. For­get that non­sense about gel and comb­ing and brushing……if you have 4b hair, it ain’t hap­pen­ing!” YES. I think this is the most impor­tant above all else. It all comes down to being sat­is­fied and hap­py with your tex­ture and not wish­ing it was… Read more »

I have to agree with that last point. EVERY type of hair has it’s pros and cons. Every hair type from bone straight to the tini­est coils has its ver­sa­til­i­ty and its lim­i­ta­tions.


Well stat­ed Jc!!!! I agree 150%

Look, I know what you mean about a real lack of active, pop­u­lar, type 4 blogs. You’ll often be point­ed in the direc­tion of unin­spir­ing youtubes and blogs that may or may not inter­est. Nat­u­ral Haven is more about hair sci­ence than inspi­ra­tion. You may have to start your own blog and be a part of change. It’s all very well feel­ing tighter coils or dif­fi­cult jour­neys aren’t heav­i­ly rep­re­sent­ed on blogs but what are you going to do about it? You’re going to have to learn your hair for your­self, its likes and dis­likes, how to han­dle it. Before the… Read more »

Thank you so much for the com­pli­ment we are so glad you find our site use­ful. Urban­Bush­Babes loves BGLH such an inspi­ra­tional site!

I agree with every­thing Gul­ly said. You have to learn your hair for your­self. I have type 4 hair, but have learned many things just don’t work for me that oth­ers may embrace as their Holy Grail pro­duct or Go-To style. Just take care of your hair, above all else. Make sure it is healthy. And like Gul­ly said, you may need to be the voice for peo­ple with type 4 hair. What did we do before BGLH, Nat­u­ral Haven, and the oth­er blogs. We learned for our­selves what worked and what didn’t. Some­body had to do it.  Good luck on… Read more »

Yeah I agree, it can be frus­trat­ing hav­ing 4B hair espe­cial­ly of it is short and thin like mine. The bloggers/vloggers who helped me the most to embrace my hair type are Car­lyne of and Naomi of ForSeeNat­u­ral on Youtube.


wow I nev­er saw anyone’s name spelled to close to mines :) Kar­lyne