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Reader Anaya says;

I think it’s amazing that natural hair products are so accessible to us. Between Target, Walgreens and Whole Foods there are quite a few options! My question is;

Which natural hair brands do you pick up when you’re at Target, Walgreens or Whole Foods? Which ones are your favorites? Best quality for the money? Best on your hair?

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I can’t say what my fave products are because I still have not found the Holy Grail for my hair. However, I must say we have come a long way where we have so many choices for our various hair types. It makes me extremely happy to see so many black entrepreneurs who are filling the demand for great hair care products.


Jane Carter, twist & lock and her nourish & shine.


God, I would be so happy if there were Shops with good black hair care close to me. All i can buy around the corner are things like Oils and Sheabutter. I can buy good product only in the Internet.


Sometimes u have to really look in beauty supply stores even if the employee says they don’t carry the people on the floor usually aren’t the manager or the person who counts stock it can still be somewhere on a bottom shelf waiting to be used from target and kmart Liked giovanni, Shea moisture, and cantu butter


You know I’m german and i live in a small city here. African hair care is not available her that easy πŸ˜‰ In Hamburg are a lot of afro-shops but there is not so much “natural” Haircare. More relaxers and Wigs. Sometimes i just dont like the ingridents for my children (I’m white).So Internet is the best here for our “Natural hair Community”. in the moment I’m waiting for 2 packages from U.S and one from the Kingdom.


But i love the giovanni leave in. That product is great.The komaza cocounut curly spray and the curly q cocounut conditioner are the best products i ever use ( i love coconut products)
But i hate Fuzzy Duck πŸ™


I buy oils and aloe vera juice and gel at Whole Food, Trader Joe, or Mom’s Organic. I use Oyinhandmade leave-in and pomade so I buy those online and shop at Trader Joe for my basic shampoo and conditioner – alternate between Nourish Spa and Tea Tree Tingle.


Contrary to all others who have responded, my favorite product from Target is the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I love the results I get for my twist outs. After the CP, I love Kinky Curly’s Poo and Condish. I’ve tried most everything sold at Target, besides Twisted Sistas and Jane Carter (<–i hope to try soon); I enjoy SheaMoisture's shampoo and Curl Enhancing Smoothie, but don't really care for Curls line.

As far as Whole Foods, I just buy my rosewater glycerine mix and castor oil.

My fave brand at Target or Walgreens in Shea Moisture. The products are super moisturizing, have awesome ingredients and are affordably priced–What’s not to love?! It also warms my heart that the company is Black-owened. My fave products are the Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque (used as a leave-in). I stockpiled during the Walgreen’s BOGO so I have enough Shea Moisture for a loooong time! My fave brand at Whole Foods is Alaffia. It’s my fave in my head though–I haven’t got around to purchasing just yet. I love that the products are all natural, fair trade… Read more »

Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner @ Whole Foods is good too.

Kali/ Hip Hop Hard Body

Ditt about Alaffia. It smells heavenly too and the consistency seems perfect. I finally bought it last week, but havent used it yet. Bought the Curl-activating Shea butter leave-in Conditioner


Shea Moisture, definitely. It works, the ingredients
are great, and it’s affordable.

Everything else is a little too expensive, so I haven’t tried it…I almost had a heart attack when I saw the price of some of the Miss Jessie’s procucts, lol.


Yes, you can get sticker shock from Miss Jessie’s but you also get A LOT of product for the money. I’ve had a tub of her Curly Pudding for 7 months now and after several wash n go’s, braid-outs and twist-outs, I have barely scratched the surface. I don’t think I’ll be done with it for another year at a minimum. Mind you, I’m very aware of the ingredients and believe as long as I don’t use it every single day, my hair will be just fine. So far so good.


missjessies has buy one get one free after thanksgiving

Unfortunately, my Target doesn’t carry the brands that you all are mentioning (I live in a predominantly white suburb neighborhood that I am itching to get out of!). So, I’ve had to go elsewhere. The best thing I’ve found & took a risk on was Beautiful Curls. I just recently purchased their deep conditioner & their leave in. OH MY GOD, best stuff ever. The DC is *amazing* & the curl enhancing leave in makes my curls pop, moisturized, & frizz-free. I plan on using nothing else. I especially like Beautiful Curls because they’re fair trade (for life), & they… Read more »

White people are still prejudice about selling hair products for black hair.Why do black women fall for this crap. Most companies that sell you guys products are owned by white people. You’ll never, ever get it.


I love Beautiful Curls. Works very well for my fine-textured hair.


I have fine hair as well, Beautiful Curls is the best thing for me.


Say Yes to Cucumbers at Walgreens is my STAPLE conditioner.. that is the BEST conditioner I have ever used and I am somewhat of a product junkie…


At Target, I am all about Shea Moisture. The most affordable and it works. My favorite lines are the Yucca and Baobab and the Raw Shea Butter. I also love the Giovanni and Yes to Cucumbers/Carrots Conditioners. YTC can also be found at Walgreen’s, as can Shea Moisture. I don’t buy products from Whole Foods, because I want to have some money leftover for more than just hair.


I kno thats right,miss jesse is jus 2 expensive and won’t b brought.


is this Akua?


SheaMoisture products! I love their curl enhancing smoothie. I have also tried their black soap shampoo. While I am not a fan of the smell of the shampoo, it has definitely helped with dry scalp. I also like their restorative conditioner. I was glad to find products that worked well so that I am not continually playing a game of trial and error.


I just tried several items from Shea Moisture. I absolutely love the Purification Masque, I tried the Restorative Conditioner as my leave in and later in the week will try the Hibiscus smoothie for a dry twist out. So far, I’m pleased. I just may be hooked on the Purification Masque…it really soothed my scalp. I got all of these from the Walgreens by my job.


luv that purifiocation masque hair was soft and stopped my scalp it from me experimenting putting oils on my scalp.


Just went to Target yesterday and they had everything from the SheaMoisture line except for what I wanted–the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I was so saddened lol. Instead, I picked up their curly hair milk, hopefully I get good results!


i luv the the hair milk. i use it as a leave in and also use it after a taking a shower with a cap on. i just rub some on my chunky twists or twists out.


I like Sheamosture products alot and the Pantene Hydrating Curls Conditioner when I’m able to find it. Also check out this handsome 4yr old little boy that does kids modeling.

[file] cute.bmp[/file]


I’m on the SheaMoisture bandwagon. The Deep Treatment Masque in particular has been a wonderful multi-purpose product for me (3c-4a, porous, thick but fine). I use it for twists/braid outs, conditioning, and even as an occasional moisturizer. I’ve never tried Miss Jessie’s.


I have that masque…I need to try it for twist outs.

Robin Nicole

Twisted Sista (Target) smells good, and works pretty well but does not last long at all. I am thinking about trying Shea Moisture soon.

Monday's Baby

The only product/line that I use that’s sold at Target is Whipped Moisture by Curls. The Shea Moisture line absolutely does not work for my hair. From time to time, if pressed, I’ll buy oils at Whole Foods.


The only brand I’ve tried that is made specifically for Natural Hair is Shea Moisture. The other brands are often too expensive or not what I’m willing to pay. Shea Moisture is a great line and very affordable.


I’ve liked just about everything I’ve tried from Shea Moisture. I’ve only tried one thing from Curls and I wasn’t impressed. I refuse to buy Miss Jessies, and that Twisted Sista doesn’t look appealing to me.


I agree. Before people buy a product just because everyone else has use it, please read the ingredients. Miss Jessie has mineral oil in their product.


Shea Moisture is great!!! I am very happy its now in walgreens..


I LOVE Shea Moisture, it has become my brand of choice. Organic, natural and made for my coils love it!


Why won’t you buy Miss Jessies?


All of Miss Jessie’s products contain petroleum and mineral oil which are bad for your hair locking out any potenital moisture.


It’s ridiculously expensive for the ingredients.


I’m not paying that much money for hair products.