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I pro­tec­tive style on and off and I’ve been nat­u­ral for about 3 years. Here’s the thing; my ends are help­less­ly dry and rat­ty look­ing! I’ve had to chop 2 inch­es off TWICE in the past 8 months. I know that your read­ers might not be able to specif­i­cal­ly diag­nose why MY ends are dry, but I’m hop­ing that, in hear­ing their expe­ri­ences, I might be able to pick up on some things that I’m not doing right. So my ques­tion is;

Have you ever strug­gled with dry ends? If so, what was the cause? And what did you change to achieve smooth and mois­tur­ized ends?

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I have the same prob­lem with dry ends. What I usu­al­ly do is deep con­di­tion my hair once a week. If I am pro­tec­tive styling then I wait. I usu­al­ly just co-wash, but late­ly I have been sham­poo-ing with­out the pre-poo. That’s also some of the rea­sons for my prob­lem with dry ends. Also, The LOC method helps me. I also seal my hair with evoo or coconut oil after I wash or co-wash my hair. May­be this would help.

Brandy shae

I also live in CO and I have 3b hair. I use a sul­fate free sham­poo once a week and ALWAYS pre­poo with either olive/coconut/grape seed or sweet almond oil. And I deep con­di­tion once a week using the bag­gie method. When I do this I usu­al­ly just bag the ends of my hair to keep the itchy scalp at bay lol. Or some­times I bag my hair with noth­ing but water this works well as an overnight steam treat­ment.


I used to have this same prob­lem. My solu­tion was in seal­ing my ends with oil after I mois­tur­ized my hair. I like jojoba oil. If I’m wear­ing my hair loose, I will spritz with water, put my fav hair milk in, then put a lit­tle jojoba oil on my ends as a fin­ish­ing step. I find that my ends with remain soft all day. I also make sure to use a sat­in scarf when I go to bed. Going to bed on a cot­ton pil­low­case is a no-no for my hair!


In this Video Kim­may talks about con­trol­ing the PH Bal­ance of your hair, to main­tain mois­turised ends and hair, this may help you :-)


I have been nat­u­ral going on 2yrs aug 19 I suf­fered dried ends until I began using kim­may­tube leave in mix. I recent­ly starte using the shea moister line, between the hair milk and the curl enhanc­ing smooth­ie I am able to man­age per­fect­ly soft end in california’s 80–100° weath­er.



Prod­ucts with water, and deep con­di­tion week­ly works for me.

What I learned about my hair which is 4b: - It’s high­ly porous. — Aloe dries it out — humec­tants can be the ene­my as dew points/humidity are not high where I am. Things like glyc­er­ine pull mois­ture from my hair. — It hates coconut oil — it results in dry brit­tle hair. — Being high­ly porous, it los­es mois­ture quick­ly but poros­i­ty con­trol does not help. — I have hard water which plays absolute hav­oc on my hair and is the main cul­prit in my reg­u­lar­ly split/brittle ends. what helps? - pro­tein for my poros­i­ty and frag­ile fine strands. — bal­anc­ing mois­ture and pro­tein.… Read more »

Thank you for this
‘- Pro­tec­tive styles – if it weren’t for my tight shrink­age prone tex­ture I would not do this as I feel it aggra­vates dry­ness’

I thought i was the only one who expe­ri­ences this, but unfor­tu­nate­ly with my 4b/4c 6inch­es hair, wash ‘n’ gos are not real­ly an option.

Is your hair very tiny Os?

I have very dry ends also, but the­se things helped me. -Pre-poo -If your using a sul­fate sham­poo, either dilute or add it to a bot­tle with oil and con­cen­trate it on the scalp and let it run down to your ends. -use a leave-in/mixed with aloe vera juice and oils (see Kim­may­tube on you tube) to seal cuti­cles and pre­vent the feel­ing of dry ends — use a but­ter on top if need­ed for extra mois­ture -I know this can be given a bad rep but I seal with a sil­i­cone serum rather then just oils. -Then for extra mois­ture seal just… Read more »

I think your obsess­ing over your ends.
Quit cut­ting all the time and try the fol­low­ing:
Put con­di­tion­er on your hair and then look at your ends, and do this with just water as well. If the ends look health­ier or may­be coil up or curl up then your hair is just dry­ing dif­fer­ent­ly.
It may be due to the prod­ucts you’re using, what pH are they?
Sounds crazy but the pH plays a role in how your hair dries. I’ve noticed this in myself.
Check out kimmaytube’s chan­nel she talks about this in greater depth and detail.


What’s Hap­pen­ing i am new to this, I stum­bled upon this I have found It abut­sloe­ly help­ful and it has aid­ed me out loads. I am hop­ing to con­tribute & help oth­er cus­tomers like its aid­ed me. Good job.


Try wheat germ oil. It“s the only oil that keeps my hair very moist. The only down­sid­es are that it’s not cheap and it doesn’t have the most pleas­ant smell.


I dont bag­gy and I dont pro­tec­tive style very much, but my ends are soft. I think that this is because cas­tor oil (JBC) is a sta­ple in my reg­i­men. I also co-wash fre­quent­ly and rarely use sham­poo.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion

I stopped using scham­po and only wash my hair with cond­tion­er and deep cond­tion it once a week. And before wash­ing my hair I mas­sage my hair with olive oil( not on the hair­scalp) and leave it in for an hour before I wash my hair. When styling I use Curls Whipped cream and mas­sage it extra on my ends. I some­times use Red­ken Sleek Obi­di­ence. May­be you should trim your ends every 8th week to keep your hairends in good shape;)


PH BALANCE, your cuti­cle is prob­a­bly open and that might be why your expe­ri­enc­ing the ruff-ness. Try using a small spray bot­tle with aloe vera juice, water and a lit­tle leave in con­di­tion­er.

Miss Amma
I strug­gle with this issue too. I live in the South and the heat is out­ra­geous here. I tried oil rins­ing and I’m going to incor­po­rate it in my regi. After I sham­poo, I apply my fave oil (cas­tor & grape­seed mix), apply lib­er­al­ly thru the hair and leave it in for about 5 min. Rin­se it out with warm water thor­ough­ly until all oil is removed, then con­di­tion as usu­al. When I con­di­tion my hair, I add hon­ey and EVOO to my con­di­tion­er and I sit under the dry­er for about 45min to an hr on low heat. The… Read more »

What helps me is spritz­ing, adding a leave in and then seal­ing =)


Why don’t you start trim­ming your ends every 6 to 8 weeks? Take off about half of an inch to an inch every two months or so.…. Deep con­di­tion! Leave the con­di­tion­er in for an hour or two w/ strict empha­sis on the ends.… :)

Is the water where you live hard? Hard water can wreak hav­oc on nat­u­ral hair.… Invest in a water fil­ter sys­tem.…

Are you pro­tect­ing your ends from rub­bing again­st your clothes? 

Do you sleep with a sat­in or silk bon­net or scarf every night before going to bed? 

Hope this helped.…. ;) Best Wish­es!

I would sug­gest Roux Fer­modyl 619. I recent­ly had my ends trimmed…the fol­low­ing week I washed my hair and my ends felt dry. That’s when I remem­bered I hadn’t sprayed the Fer­modyl in my hair (it makes my ends feel silky smooth). I used to use it years ago when I was relaxed, but had total­ly for­got­ten about it..until hear­ing about it again from Mop­top Maven. It is a liq­uid leave-in that helps close the cuticles.…I believe she said it has some­thing to do with the lac­tic acid in it?  I put it in a mini spray bot­tle, to make it… Read more »

The main thing that pro­vid­ed results for me was to damp­en and/or co-wash my hair every day or every oth­er day, and to seal with a bit of oil every now and then. (I wear my hair in twists almost all the time, so it wasn’t incon­ve­nient to do that, as it might be for some­one who prefers twistouts/braidouts.) Before that I’d been try­ing to fight the dry­ness with oils alone, but what my hair real­ly need­ed was *water*.


Oils/butters on my ends attract dust/lint and lead to more tan­gles. If my ends feel dry, I add more of my mois­tur­iz­er to them and re-set my hair.

The Curly Rebel
Some­thing that works for me is my super hot oil treat­ment that goes like this: After sham­poo­ing… With my hair in 8 twists, I put a gen­er­ous amount of olive oil and coconut oil (fore­go the coconut oil if you are pro­tein sen­si­tive) near the end of each twist, and the apply my unpe­tro­le­um jel­ly (can be found on Lucky Vit­a­m­in or in Vit­a­m­in shoppe) to cre­ate a pro­tec­tive bar­ri­er. Then, I dip each twist in very hot water (Not SCALDING hot!)for about 3 sec­onds, and quick­ly slap con­di­tion­er on that twist, while the cuti­cles are open and ready for mois­ture.… Read more »

I also suf­fer from dry ends. I wear my hair straight most of the time. Any pro­duct or pro­ce­dure rec­om­men­da­tion on how to mois­tur­ize and keep hair from revert­ing. I use coconut oil, but won­der like anoth­er com­menter stated—maybe its the prob.

There are two main things you should make sure you are doing in order to com­bat this. MOisturize(with water itself or some­thing water based) your ends and seal with an oil that your hair likes. I love cas­tor oil, but can­not seal my ends with it. It is just too heavy for my fine strands. I find that my ends love jojoba and coconut oil, so find­ing an oil that makes your hair feels soft is cru­cial. Remem­ber to do BOTH (mois­tur­ize and seal) or your hair will either be dry or feel greasy but not soft. Also, sleep with a… Read more »
Electric Feel

Seal your ends with Jam­i­can Black cas­tor Oil.


using aloe vera gel on my hair to lay my cuti­cles down and mak­ing sure I find the right thing to seal my hair has made a dif­fer­ence. Seal­ing with an oil doesn’t work for every­one.


try seal­ing your ends with cocoa but­ter or cas­tor oil, I wash/style my hair once a week and add a but­ter or oil to the bot­tom 1 inch of my hair when I braid/twist


Deep con­di­tion every week

Mois­tur­ize and seal dai­ly FOCUSING on your ends

Deter­mine if you are pro­tein sen­si­tive. If you are don’t use coconut oil or pro­tein con­di­tion­ers

Use a heav­ier sealent like cas­tor oil on your ends.
Con­sid­er using a heavy but­ter like shea but­ter on your ends to seal as well.

Mois­tur­ize twice a day?


Love the com­ment! How would I deterem­ine if my hair is “pro­tein sen­si­tive”?


i total­ly agree with your method Mon­iso­la. I had the same issue of dry ends and when i added a reli­gious deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment to my rou­tine my hair com­plete­ly changed course. When­ev­er I wash my hair I use Jes­si­curl deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment (amaz­ing) and EVOO over it, bag­gy and sit with my heat cap for 30 min to an hour. I also added black cas­tor oil to my shea but­ter to seal.

side note: ACV rins­es are also good for this prob­lem, it helps smooth the cuti­cles.


BAGGY METHOD ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. it leaves my hair sooo soft in the morn­ing. my hair is real­ly able to take in the mois­ture i give it.


What is the bag­gy method?

Beneath The Clutter

Hey Jade.

The bag­gy method is a a form of extra con­di­tion­ing for your hair or ends by cov­er­ing hair with a plas­tic bag. It can be done sev­er­al ways but usu­al­ly requires one to mois­tur­ize hair, place a show­er cap over head or sand­wich bag over ends, and keep that way for an extend­ed time. This may be help­ful for more info:


I hate the bag­gy method. It makes my hair unnat­u­ral­ly soft which weak­en it but I guess what works for one doesn’t always work for anoth­er.


It does the same for me, it leaves my hair mushy and frag­ile.


I had this prob­lem until I start­ed using Care Free Gold Hair and Scalp spray. It was like a mir­a­cle! My dry, crunchy ends vanished…within a few hours!! I have used this pro­duct faith­ful­ly for almost a year and my ends have not been dry once in all this time.

I some­times expe­ri­ence dry ends for a num­ber of rea­sons. Rea­son #1: Too much pro­duct build-up. Rea­son #2: Dam­aged ends. Either heat dam­age or stress dam­age. I have also heard that too much sun can qual­i­fy as heat dam­age. Rea­son #3: Not pro­tect­ing my hair at night. Rat­ted ends some­times feel dry to me so I tie up my hair every night. Rea­son #4: I just need a trim. And how I fixed it…lots and lots of water. I stopped trust­ing in prod­ucts with water as the first ingre­di­ent. My hair needs more water than that. I used to think it was… Read more »
Beneath The Clutter
I have sim­i­lar issues with my hair–been nat­u­ral for 2 years. But, the iron­ic thing is, it’s grow­ing! So, I’m won­der­ing if my ends tru­ly are real­ly dry because I feel if it were dry and brit­tle it would break off more. My the­o­ry is that it has more to do with the curling at the ends of the hair that might make it feel more rough. My hair curls at the end and each hair is of vary­ing length, so when I rub my hands down the hair, it feels more rough at the ends. When I look at… Read more »

@Beneath. I just BC ear­lier this mon­th and I thought my ends were dry too. How­ev­er, I came to the same con­clu­sion as you with the vary­ing end lengths and curls. I kept snip­ping and snip­ping and they felt the same, which shouldn’t be because the rest of the shaft was fine, so in the­o­ry if I cut up to the part that was smooth the ends would feel smooth. Need­less to say I’ve stopped snip­ping!

Yes, I strug­gled with hor­ri­bly dry ends. And kept reap­ply­ing mois­ture, but by the end of the day they were crispy again. And then I fig­ured out the problem…it was coconut oil. My hair absolute hates it. Three months ago I trimmed my ends and slow­ly added things back into my regime, and my hair react­ed well to every­thing, but the min­ute I added coconut oil it dried my ends out. My hair hair holds on to pro­tein very well, I don’t even do pro­tein treat­ments. And coconut oil help in pre­vent­ing the loss of pro­tein in the hair. So, it could… Read more »
I have defi­nate­ly strug­gled with dry ends. Although part of my prob­lem is deal­ing with col­or which I have now opt­ed to stop all togeth­er. For me I use con­di­tion­ers geared towards dry or dam­aged hair, or extra mois­ture is key (exam­ples gar­nier length and strength, Shea Mois­ture Organ­ic Anti-Break­age Hair Masque Yuc­ca & Baob­ab, Aussie Moist are just a few) and I deep con­di­tion a lot now which seems to have helped my prob­lem, also twist­ing my hair each night in big twist have worked which keeps my hair from get­ting tan­gled. Hope every­thing works out I know how… Read more »

I am deal­ing with the same prob­lem. I live in Den­ver, CO and the dry­ness of the air hear is tak­ing a toll on my hair. I recent­ly chopped like 3 inch­es of my hair off. I am in des­per­ate need of advice as well.

Keisha Rae
Hey Jas­mine. I’m deal­ing with a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent cli­mate (Humid Hell, Miami) but you and I share the same issue: SAD ENDS! My par­tial solu­tion is trim, trim, trim. It sucks, espe­cial­ly in that mid­dle stage after the big chop, when you just want to not look like a boy, but if your ends are suf­fer­ing, it’s key. That said, I NEED to add this: I read the sec­tion on your pro­file about your reg­i­men and laughed because it sound­ed a lot like me years ago. I’m mulat­to so I often used the stuff my ‘white fam’ used. Herbal Essence, Suave,… Read more »