Helplessly dry ends

Keisha (not pictured) says;

I protective style on and off and I’ve been natural for about 3 years. Here’s the thing; my ends are helplessly dry and ratty looking! I’ve had to chop 2 inches off TWICE in the past 8 months. I know that your readers might not be able to specifically diagnose why MY ends are dry, but I’m hoping that, in hearing their experiences, I might be able to pick up on some things that I’m not doing right. So my question is;

Have you ever struggled with dry ends? If so, what was the cause? And what did you change to achieve smooth and moisturized ends?

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44 thoughts on “Helplessly dry ends

  1. PH BALANCE, your cuticle is probably open and that might be why your experiencing the ruff-ness. Try using a small spray bottle with aloe vera juice, water and a little leave in conditioner.

  2. I stopped using schampo and only wash my hair with condtioner and deep condtion it once a week. And before washing my hair I massage my hair with olive oil( not on the hairscalp) and leave it in for an hour before I wash my hair. When styling I use Curls Whipped cream and massage it extra on my ends. I sometimes use Redken Sleek Obidience. Maybe you should trim your ends every 8th week to keep your hairends in good shape;)

  3. I dont baggy and I dont protective style very much, but my ends are soft. I think that this is because castor oil (JBC) is a staple in my regimen. I also co-wash frequently and rarely use shampoo.

  4. Try wheat germ oil. It”s the only oil that keeps my hair very moist. The only downsides are that it’s not cheap and it doesn’t have the most pleasant smell.

  5. I think your obsessing over your ends.
    Quit cutting all the time and try the following:
    Put conditioner on your hair and then look at your ends, and do this with just water as well. If the ends look healthier or maybe coil up or curl up then your hair is just drying differently.
    It may be due to the products you’re using, what pH are they?
    Sounds crazy but the pH plays a role in how your hair dries. I’ve noticed this in myself.
    Check out kimmaytube’s channel she talks about this in greater depth and detail.

    • What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It abutsloely helpful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & help other customers like its aided me. Good job.

  6. I have very dry ends also, but these things helped me.
    -If your using a sulfate shampoo, either dilute or add it to a bottle with oil and concentrate it on the scalp and let it run down to your ends.
    -use a leave-in/mixed with aloe vera juice and oils (see Kimmaytube on you tube) to seal cuticles and prevent the feeling of dry ends
    – use a butter on top if needed for extra moisture
    -I know this can be given a bad rep but I seal with a silicone serum rather then just oils.
    -Then for extra moisture seal just the ends with castor oil
    Repeat last few steps every night.

  7. What I learned about my hair which is 4b:

    – It’s highly porous.
    – Aloe dries it out
    – humectants can be the enemy as dew points/humidity are not high where I am. Things like glycerine pull moisture from my hair.
    – It hates coconut oil – it results in dry brittle hair.
    – Being highly porous, it loses moisture quickly but porosity control does not help.
    – I have hard water which plays absolute havoc on my hair and is the main culprit in my regularly split/brittle ends.

    what helps?

    – protein for my porosity and fragile fine strands.
    – balancing moisture and protein.
    – eliminating glycerine, aloe and coconut oil and watching out for ‘danger’ ingredients.
    – Always DCing once a week
    – OIL RINSING – a must and so is:
    -Sealing moisture in with oil – castor based mainly.
    – Qhemet Biologics – Burdock Root cream. It contains glycerine but not so concentrated as to negatively affect my hair unlike other products with this substance included.
    – Self trimming – I try to go as long as I can but dust my ends i.e cut off the ends where splits tend to appear. It is not a big trim.

    Another possible culprit:
    – Protective styles – if it weren’t for my tight shrinkage prone texture I would not do this as I feel it aggravates dryness and notice the ends of my twists are extremely dry because moisture does not seem to penetrate the dense 4b strands easily. I am not at a length to abandon twists yet twists left hanging leads to split dry ends that do not help retention. catch 22. Loose hair is easier to moisturise.

    Not many DCS work for me to any great effect. I’m starting to conclude that my choice of ps (a result of a limited hair type texture)and my high porosity are the main causes of bad ends.

    I feel your pain OP, at one point I contemplated returning to some cone based products to coat my ends but decided that oil rinsing, moist and seal and trimming/dusting would suffice. I accept that my tightly coiled ends will never be entirely split free or non ragged.

    • Thank you for this
      ‘- Protective styles – if it weren’t for my tight shrinkage prone texture I would not do this as I feel it aggravates dryness’

      I thought i was the only one who experiences this, but unfortunately with my 4b/4c 6inches hair, wash ‘n’ gos are not really an option.

      Is your hair very tiny Os?

  8. I have been natural going on 2yrs aug 19 I suffered dried ends until I began using kimmaytube leave in mix. I recently starte using the shea moister line, between the hair milk and the curl enhancing smoothie I am able to manage perfectly soft end in california’s 80-100° weather.


  9. In this Video Kimmay talks about controling the PH Balance of your hair, to maintain moisturised ends and hair, this may help you :-)

  10. I used to have this same problem. My solution was in sealing my ends with oil after I moisturized my hair. I like jojoba oil. If I’m wearing my hair loose, I will spritz with water, put my fav hair milk in, then put a little jojoba oil on my ends as a finishing step. I find that my ends with remain soft all day. I also make sure to use a satin scarf when I go to bed. Going to bed on a cotton pillowcase is a no-no for my hair!

  11. I also live in CO and I have 3b hair. I use a sulfate free shampoo once a week and ALWAYS prepoo with either olive/coconut/grape seed or sweet almond oil. And I deep condition once a week using the baggie method. When I do this I usually just bag the ends of my hair to keep the itchy scalp at bay lol. Or sometimes I bag my hair with nothing but water this works well as an overnight steam treatment.

  12. I have the same problem with dry ends. What I usually do is deep condition my hair once a week. If I am protective styling then I wait. I usually just co-wash, but lately I have been shampoo-ing without the pre-poo. That’s also some of the reasons for my problem with dry ends. Also, The LOC method helps me. I also seal my hair with evoo or coconut oil after I wash or co-wash my hair. Maybe this would help.

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