Along with her new album, ‘Pieces of Me’, Ledisi has debut­ed a new look, pulling her locks into a gor­geous sig­na­ture updo. I got a chance to talk to Ledisi and her styl­ist, Michele Lon­don, about her new look, her slimmed down fig­ure and her music! Enjoy!

I LOVE your burgundy/red hair col­or. How did you decide on that?
I have anoth­er great hair­styl­ist from DC name Tika at Epiphany Hair Salon on U street, she came up with the hair col­or. When Michele can’t do my hair Tika does my hair and main­tains my col­or. She’s awe­some with col­or.

And how did you decide on this new look?
My hair­styl­ist Michele Lon­don made me stop hid­ing my face and gave me my hair­style. It was a hard tran­si­tion because I didn’t want peo­ple to see my face. Michele taught me how to cel­e­brate my cul­ture through my hair.

I read in an inter­view that your nat­u­ral hair tex­ture is very wavy and curly. Given how chal­leng­ing it can be to loc wavy hair, why did you decide on locs?
I decid­ed to loc because it felt nat­u­ral going that way. Michele has begged me to do oth­er nat­u­ral hair­styles. I will soon. I’ll prob­a­bly change it up dur­ing my tour.

Have you ever got­ten push­back from the music indus­try for rock­ing such a unique look?
Wow! (sigh) It’s fun­ny… when I wore my hair down nobody rec­og­nized me. Now that I wear it up they do. I love the fans who appre­ci­ate what Michele and I have offered to the world of locs and nat­u­ral hair. I think we have more we want to do. But there are some fans who have their image of what they want me to be.I can dig peo­ple hav­ing their opin­ions, but this is my image. I love who I have become and I’m not in this busi­ness because of my hair (laugh­ing) But… to answer your ques­tion… the music indus­try has been awe­some towards me.

In recent years you’ve slimmed down sig­nif­i­cant­ly, and you look great! What sparked the deci­sion to become more fit?
Wow, thank you… I’m just want­i­ng to be health­ier. It has noth­ing to do with image. I just stopped eat­ing cer­tain things and exer­cise more. I still have more I want to lose because I want to see myself a cer­tain way.

You’ve been in the indus­try for more than a decade. How do you think you’ve man­aged to thrive for so long?
My fans (like-mind­ed spir­its)… their sup­port has sus­tained me. My fam­i­ly has replen­ished me. Also prayer. God has been there when noone else came through.

One thing you men­tioned dur­ing your Chicago per­for­mance is how some of your fans think you’re “sell­ing out” because you have a new sound. Can you speak to that?
[They think I’m] more com­mer­cial in my tone of music. My old­er fans are used to me using live instru­ments and being more organ­ic in my approach to music. I can’t be what I was. I must be what I Am right now.

Ledisi per­form­ing ‘Shut Up’, a song ded­i­cat­ed to “haters”

What is one thing you wish your audi­ence knew about you?
I wish they knew that I always real­ly try to please every­one. I know I cant but I try so hard.

Your new album, Pieces of Me, debut­ed at num­ber 8 on the Bill­board 200. Con­grats!! What are your cur­rent and upcom­ing projects!
Thank you so much! I am going on tour this fall. My first head­lin­ing tour. I am so excit­ed about it. I love the ele­ment of sur­prise so I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I do next.

Michele and Ledisi look­ing fab

How long have you been doing Ledisi’s hair?
I’ve been doing her hair for two years. When I met her she was wear­ing an asym­met­ri­cal bob, and I thought her face and locs would be com­pli­ment­ed with an updo.

How did you come up with the updo that she rocks now?
She has such a pret­ty face and I thought the bob wasn’t doing it for her. I was inspired by Janelle mon­ae. But when I styled it, I soft­ened it up a bit so it can be a pom­padour or a Mohawk for an edgy look, or a curled updo. I like that it appeals to wom­en of all ages.

How do you keep her locs healthy, espe­cial­ly given that she has col­or in her hair.
Reg­u­lar hydrat­ing sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers are good for col­or treat­ed locs. Plen­ty of water and a good diet (for good cir­cu­la­tion) are real­ly key for healthy hair. Plus clear oils such as olive and tea tree keep locs mois­tur­ized and not heavy.

There’s a mind­set that locs can be left alone and they’ll still be healthy. Is that true?
Hair is like a plant, it needs air, mois­ture, and nutri­ents. Nat­u­ral hair has to be main­tained just like relaxed hair does. The dif­fer­ence is the time. Relaxed hair is dai­ly main­te­nance, nat­u­ral is week­ly or month­ly.

Do you gain style inspi­ra­tion from any nat­u­ral blogs or Youtu­bers?
Yes I do, chescalocs and Bronze­God­dess01 are inspir­ing. I want to do their main­te­nance, lol, but they are cre­ative.

Is there a blog or web­page where we can find you?
I don’t have a blog as yet, soon come. They can find me on Face­book and Twit­ter.

You can also find Ledisi on Twit­ter :) Show her some BGLH love!

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I’m so flat­tered to be con­sid­ered an inspi­ra­tion to such a tal­ent­ed hair­styl­ist! Michelle, if you’re ever in NY I’d love to meet up and get some main­te­nance tips! :)


Wow, I just met Michele Lon­don last year, she was a guest at the vow-renewal of my hair styl­ist that I coor­di­nat­ed. She is real­ly cool and down to earth!


I love Ledisi beyond words. I was at that Brook­lyn per­for­mance and she was greattttttttt. Keep shin­ing my sis.


She is one of few celebri­ties show­ing her nat­u­ral hair all the time, her locs are gor­geous!!!

Her voice is AMAZING, lov­ing her new cd!!!


I’ve seen Ledisi leave. She’s so freak­in adorable!!


Just beau­ti­ful!!! Ledisi is the TRUTH!!! Saw her years ago with Rachelle Fer­rell in D.C a few times…a voice and tal­ent anoint­ed by God..Congrats to her and on all her suc­cess! Lov­ing Michele’s whole vibe


Your voice is amaz­ing, and your style suits you.


I LOVE THIS!!! Ledisi is sooo under­rat­ed!!!


YES INDEED!!! I saw her in con­cert in Lon­don and what a per­for­mance!! The wom­an can MOVE and dont get me start­ed on that mag­nif­i­cant voice!!! I’m telling ya if you have not seen her live then DO!!
Her hair, her skin, everying…thank you BGLH, this inter­view is well over­due. Thanks again :)


Very cool, do you know if Michele is still at Duafe? Going to have to check her out if so and sor­ry if I missed that in the inter­view.

And Ledisi is so pret­ty can’t imag­ine her not want­i­ng to wear her hair up.


I LOVE her hair and I LOVE her voice!! It is so soul­ful. :) I think I may have to do a red­i­tion of this style on my loose nat­u­ral hair.