Yarn Braids: Would you rock them?

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Source: Yagazie Emezi on Tumblr

Yarn braids are becoming increasingly popular among naturals. Not quite as defined as braid or twists extensions they look a lot like locs, exuding an earthy, stylish look. What are your thoughts, ladies? Would you rock them?

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119 thoughts on “Yarn Braids: Would you rock them?

  1. Hey guys I just took out my poetic justice box braids today I was disappointed because I thought it would last longer but my hair grew so fast and it did not age as gracefully as I hoped…but anyways I want to.put in yarn twists next and I like that they age more beautifully …how long should I wait become getting these done?

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  2. Hi. I wanted to know, where can I get them done in Chicago? I have been wanting to get them for a while but I don’t know how to do them. Thanks.

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