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Yarn braids are becoming increasingly popular among naturals. Not quite as defined as braid or twists extensions they look a lot like locs, exuding an earthy, stylish look. What are your thoughts, ladies? Would you rock them?

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St. Mary

Yes, but I don’t want to take them down, lol.


I want some now. I want to figure out how to put them in.


I love that girl’s blog! My hair locks up after a few days in 2 strand twists so I’m paranoid that I’ll never be able to get the yarn out!

Shelli Gillis

My hair doesn’t lock up, but I’m afraid of the same thing! They are gorgeous, I love the look. But, I feel like they would rob my hair of moisture, despite my best efforts to prevent it and that they would be a nightmare to remove, resulting in damage from the takedown. However, you girls who rock them look awesome!!