7 Looks that Go Well with Natural Hair

One of the most fun aspects of having natural hair is building a look around it. There are several styles that go hand in hand with highly textured hair. Here are a few…


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84 thoughts on “7 Looks that Go Well with Natural Hair

  1. I’m seriously shocked at the negativity on this post. People will always try and take something positive and make it negative or find something negative to say about it. These are creative ideas for the women who look for such things you don’t like don’t sit here being a neg nancy & b about it.Goodness this is ridiculous I loved the post and sure many other women love it and appreciate it as well seriously get over yourselves.

  2. Um… just read some of the posts. Jeez louise. Conservative much. All fashion blogs and magazines always do posts like this. I absolutely adore the family on the front. They are hip- not clownish. I think the SUGGESTION is that natural hair can be freeing, style wise and creatively speaking. No one is saying you better run out and buy a big bow ASAP. Lighten up.

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