7 Looks that Go Well with Natural Hair

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One of the most fun aspects of having natural hair is building a look around it. There are several styles that go hand in hand with highly textured hair. Here are a few…

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81 thoughts on “7 Looks that Go Well with Natural Hair

  1. I like the post. I thought I was the only one bugged by the multi-click posts I loooove this site but I travel very often and happen to be tuning in from Haiti. The connection is slow so it takes sooo painfully long for each single photo to load. I hope you’ll consider a one-click format.

  2. Thank you faye but I wouldnt bother some people get DEFENSIVE when they see Lovely Beautiful BLACK Women getting alot of attention here also as well as them selves, unlike the White Mags that only can go ever so shade of mixed race, or very light brown. Some people dont want to share the space with darker females on a regular Basis.look at TV shopping channels promoting shades of make up and saying they have foundation for Black skin, or products for Black womens hair then Wheels on a clearly clearly clearly mixed race woman. Bet theres no DEFENSIVE about that!!! I love this site that wonderfully supports all shades of black and Brown.

  3. I understand what the writer is trying to do here, but seriously? “looks that go with natural hair” you make it sound like natural hair is a trend. it is not, it is simply the hair that grows out of your head, so guess what, it goes with EVERYTHING!
    naturals tend to go overboard with the ” look at me, isn’t my hair so pretty like this, etc. ” that’s what makes it easy for others to bash natural ladies, we are constantly looking for validation. your hair is what it is, bold lips, prints, earrings or not, it would still be beautiful!

    • You are SOOOO right! and they make it seem like every natural is extroverted, out there, and attention seeking… natural hair goes with everything from a beautiful wedding gown…to basketball shorts and a tank… sheesh…

    • Yea u r so right..black girls r so used to the weaves and the sew-ins that they and the rest of the world think that ur god given hair is a trend..

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  5. Just coming to this site, lovely pics and being a natural black woman, myself, I appreciate other NBW out there and this site.

  6. Thank You for the Good ideas as my hair continues to grow in health I believe that I would use some of these ideas. Especially the lip stick and color love beautiful bright colors. Thanks Pam

  7. I agree, this post makes it seem like natural hair is some trend or accessory. I think most of the looks presented are “cute”, “fun”, and borderline clownish and certainly not classy or dignified. Why not show beautiful natural hair in a multitude of settings and on a wide range of ages/stages…. Natural hair “goes with” everything, because that’s the way it goes.

    • I totally agree with you. I will continue to wear what I’ve always worn. Didn’t know I needed a new wardrobe because I wear my hair natural.

  8. The African/Ethnic/Bohemian look is really what works now-a-days. Being natural with a ethnic look just goes hand in hand. I can rock turbans, long printed dresses anything with this look

  9. Hey y’all. I get your point that natural hair is not a trend and all, but to the rest of the world it kind of is. Well, not a trend, but it isnt the norm. For that reason it is different and therefore requires some kind of reason behind it. Most often it seems the person that is wearing the natural hair is out to make a statement, either that they are unique or beautiful or bold or proud or something. Most black girls( at least that I know ) don’t just go “hey just I’ll be natural just because” Most do it for a reason or because they just have that kind of personality. Now I am a black teen that wears her hair natural( and its quite large and attention grabbing). I’m not bold or fashionable and I’m not trying to make a statement, but people often look at me like they think I am. Furthermore, the very act of going against the norm – straight hair or weaves – is a statement in itself, I guess. Though I never purposely tried to make a point or difference by wearing my hair natural, I know that I am making a point by wearing my hair this way. especially since I am one of the only naturals at my high school. I’m constantly questioned: why do you wear your hair like that? why don’t you straighten it? sometimes i wanna get all political and what not but i don’t, just to sort of prove that i don’t need a reason to be natural

  10. Ladies, ya’ll can wear whatever you darn well please and it will ROCK. Don’t feel limited to those looks above. :)

  11. This post is ridiculous. So if your hair is relaxed or you have a weave good luck wearing bold prints or red lips. get out of here

  12. Well Im black and I relax my hair when i want and then if i want it thicker i grow out my perm and it transitions big deal hair is hair i hardly wear my hair anyways i dont want it out in this winter natural smatural hair is hair black ppl need to get over hair like its such a stresseddddd topic in only thissss group do w.e you want w.e best suit you w.e is convenient the end

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