I absolutely LOVE this!! Angela Simmons tweeted;

Just took my weave out.. Look how long my hair grew. Its so thick !!

This is particularly interesting because we recently had a discussion about naturals’ hesitance to embrace weave as a protective style.

What are your thoughts on Angela’s hair??

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140 Comments on "Angela Simmons Reveals her Massive Natural Hair!"

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Rudy Huxtable hair. Probably more “Natural” celebrities out there than we realize but it’s hiding under a weave. Not much of a celebrity but New York (Tiffany Pollard) has a lot of natural hair, too when she takes the weave down. Not just for “neo” soul singers anymore (and some of them are straightening their hair).


I love it, it would look nice if she wore some natural styles.
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WOW!!!!!!! Gorgeous I am so surprised! I really would like to know if her hair is natural or if she is transitioning?!


Love her hair!

you know reading some of the comments was funny to me. Honestly I never knew Angela was “natural” not that I care weather she is or is not, that’s a HUGE FRO! lol Maybe some of the condescension is whether the title of the post is accurate and hopefully not over the fact that if by chance she is not natural she shouldn’t be on bglh… because if the latter is true then that’s just plain preposterous. We naturals cant possibly take ourselves that seriously. And if you do, I don’t. GO ON Angela!!! you and this pic are too… Read more »



ummmmm….some of the “natural” on here sound very judgmental! geesh! looove her hair whether its natural or not. Stop Hating!!!!!! lol


Can we not be so got-damned catty? I mean, c’mon… Sheesh.

Ang looks great!




lol +1


she has great hair


Sweet Jesus look at all that hair!

I hope she is natural. That’d be cool 🙂 BUT whether natural or permed-bushy-blown out, do you honey. But, I must admit, it’s sooooo nice to see women not afraid to show big, poofy, ‘untamed’ hair. To not be afraid to post a pic of themselves without perfectly coifed, slick hair, full on makeup, lashes, stilettos, glitter, making sexy faces, etc. Ya know? Some women would be more upset about THIS photo than a leaked nude shot with them all dolled up. lol. I wish more women would embrace themselves without all the extra stuff, and feel confident enough to… Read more »







Natural or not, that’s still amazing. Geeeeeze, why does it even matter? Big hair is big hair, ha.


It does matter because this site is supposed to support natural hair.


Yeah we are celebrating the “dopeness” of natural hair, but *healthy* hair is great too and we don’t put down people with relaxers and weaves.


. . . Okay?
Why are you getting so upset over whether or not her hair is natural?
Above, it says that she just took out her weave, so, knowing that, at least part of her hair is natural. I’m seriously not understanding your hostility.


I knew Angela in college…it wouldnt surprise me that her hair is permed. No it doesnt matter if it is or not. Just dont pretend to be something ur not for the sake of personal gain. Thats called fake. But again however ppl want to live their lives they can and should. I come on this site to be encouraged and to see naturalista’s alike…. not to see impostors. Sometimes honesty can sound hostile, id rather that then sweet smelling fakeness any day


exactly…SHE never said she was natural..all she said was she took her weave out, and it had gotten big,Which all seems to be true..when i had perms I would wear my hair like this bc I admired the big hair and loved how it looked that way.relaxed or not I think her hair is gorgeous. My whole point in going natural was because MY hair wasnt able to reach is highest level of health with relaxer. So to those who can perm and still have healthy hair..more power to you..

No Prob to the permed women out there. All im saying is stay in your lane! When I was permed I researched Permed hair styles, websites and alike. Yes Angela did say she was natural. Do your research. Never the less, As someone wrote below, Why come on a natural hair site and you may or may not be natural??? No one but Angela will ever know. Possibly she just wants some fame or something. Having said that, The natural community is not a cult (to the wise person out there lol) it is a community of Black women who… Read more »

Who said she pretending to be anything?

Coley Cole





She looks great! It’s huge! I cannot wait for my hair to get that big! Maybe I should invest in a weave (more like wig!).


Well…since folks are asking(and I was tired of packing) I googled it and it appears her natural hair was blown out…Makes me want to wear my hair out today. But it’s been loose for a few days and it’s half twisted so that’s aight…lol


Absolutely love it!


Wow…I wonder how long it was before she put the weave in, whether she is relaxed or natural that’s a lot of hair


that’s cool if she is
if she isn’t then oh well, not that big a deal dang!

lovely hair

Not surprised at all! My clients start off as a lil Afro and after wearing it for a year the hair grows long and healthy! All I can say is their husbands are mad because they feel like their hair is long and healthy why do they still wear at this point its about the convenience and being able to work out and have no worries…I’ve put mine up so mine can do the same! Oh Yeah if its done properly then there should b no hair loss!


Is she natural? Has she said that somewhere? My hair is down my back and relaxed and when I blow dry it can get this big. I just wasn’t sure if she was relaxed or not.


+1. Natural or Not its big as bejesus and just as gorgeous. Hair health is what’s important above all. 🙂


Thank you! Her hair is gorgeous and the title of this blog is Black girl with Long hair. Healthy hair is what its promoting so idk know why there are people on here all up in arms wondering whether she’s relaxed or not. But you can’t please everybody (kanye shrugs) I guess thats what it really comes down to.


Exactly. A presumption seems to have been made. Relaxed hair can look like that just taken out of braids or a weave with new growth. And, besides this, have we EVER seen her with natural hair? It ain’t like she’s am ambassador or representative or even an advocate of natural hair, especially if you’re always rocking a weave or a press.

Hello! Im glad to see that women know their hair :-)! IF you take out braids or in this case weaves… relaxed hair can look like Angela’s. Further more, I have been finding that some ppl think that not having weaves in or braids in means you have natural hair. I was watching the tyra show and when she took out her hair(weave) she said this is her natural hair? Yet she said that it is permed. I think that it is a misconception that just because you dont have a wig or weave or braids or something else in… Read more »

i smell hair envy


I smell truth.

Yahlah Yisrael

Let’s stop bickering ladies. It is SO not worth it. No one is being “presumptuous”, “militant”, or “condescending”. Angela Simmon’s hair is nothing to be so darn divided over. She doesn’t care that much about our hair so why are we cutting each other over a conversation about her’s?? I’m just saying…we really need to not get off on all of this finger-pointing type of stuff. In this case, hair really is “just hair”.


Um, Natural Hair Militant much?? Does she not deserved to be featured here because she’s not an “advocate”??


Lol. Now I am not one for entertaining this, but both you (Melissa) and Hairaddict have a point. The purpose of this blog can be confusing sometimes. Sometimes it seems to question those who straighten their natural hair and the next minute they feature Oprah’s “natural”. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that but it will attract diffrent types of people to the blog.


Um… really?

“It will attract different types of people to the blog.”

What ‘types’ are you referring to?? The relaxed ‘types’… basically what ALL of us were before we went natural 2, 3, or 4 years ago??

I’m sorry, but you sound really, REALLY condescending.


I meant people with different opinions. I apologize for not making that clear to you..it seems you have some hang ups about hair types? This post isn’t even about that so….


Sorry, I’ve been natural most of my life. Everyone here is not a newbie and does not need to be schooled.


I agree, not everyone “went natural 2,3,4, yrs ago” that’s a huge and wrong assumption.




I wonder if she is natural or has a relaxer with new growth?


dang angela…you betta go girl!


Who is she?

jenna marie christian

Rev. Run’s daughter


who is Rev. Run,sorry 2 b so dense I just don’t know.

Coley Cole

Rev Run is from RUN DMC, one of the first commercially successful rap groups in the 80s and 90s. Also, Rev Run is Russell Simmons brother.
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Ooooh I love Angie’s hair. Reminds me of mine.


So she’s famous because she’s his daughter? I still don’t understand how she’s hot ish.


Wow that is alot of hair, and it is so thick and gorgeous. I would be afraid to wear this out to often because of birds maybe wanting to make a wonderful nest in it lol……j/k She’s probably waist length if she ever does any flat iron styles :).
I saw this image while on naturasunshine.ning.org “Only you can define your own beauty”.
[imgcomment image[/img]


You sure did because I posted it last night. I’m glad you enjoyed it.




Proper weave care does this. No surprise here. I am an avid weave wearer lol




Can you elaborate on proper weave care? I would like to know more.


Absolutely gorgeous!


Her hair looks good but is she without a relaxer?

I can’t do weave personally and if someone want to do that for a protective style, then do it. It’s just not for me.


Not sure either…hmmm last time I saw her in person she had pin straight hair. Looked like a relaxer. Yep I know good blow outs can achieve a straight look but not in wet humid weather! lol


It looks nice. I am happy weaves are working for her, but I’ll hate not having access to my scalp.


Weaves and my hair don’t agree. My hair pops with a quickness and my hairline tends to recede; add to that the lack of access to my scalp, I know I probably won’t weave again. That said @ her hair: shut the front door!




me too!!


Love it, didn’t know she was natural.


that’s unexpected…

Dee (Durelene)





Go girl!!