I absolute­ly LOVE this!! Angela Sim­mons tweet­ed;

Just took my weave out.. Look how long my hair grew. Its so thick !!

This is par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing because we recent­ly had a dis­cus­sion about nat­u­rals’ hes­i­tance to embrace weave as a pro­tec­tive style.

What are your thoughts on Angela’s hair??

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Rudy Huxtable hair. Prob­a­bly more “Nat­ur­al” celebri­ties out there than we real­ize but it’s hid­ing under a weave. Not much of a celebri­ty but New York (Tiffany Pol­lard) has a lot of nat­ur­al hair, too when she takes the weave down. Not just for “neo” soul singers any­more (and some of them are straight­en­ing their hair).


I love it, it would look nice if she wore some nat­ur­al styles.
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WOW!!!!!!! Gor­geous I am so sur­prised! I real­ly would like to know if her hair is nat­ur­al or if she is tran­si­tion­ing?!


Love her hair!


you know read­ing some of the com­ments was fun­ny to me. Hon­est­ly I nev­er knew Angela was “nat­ur­al” not that I care weath­er she is or is not, that’s a HUGE FRO! lol
Maybe some of the con­de­scen­sion is whether the title of the post is accu­rate and hope­ful­ly not over the fact that if by chance she is not nat­ur­al she shouldn’t be on bglh… because if the lat­ter is true then that’s just plain pre­pos­ter­ous. We nat­u­rals cant pos­si­bly take our­selves that seri­ous­ly. And if you do, I don’t.
GO ON Angela!!! you and this pic are too cute!




ummmmm.…some of the “nat­ur­al” on here sound very judg­men­tal! geesh! looove her hair whether its nat­ur­al or not. Stop Hat­ing!!!!!! lol


Can we not be so got-damned cat­ty? I mean, c’mon… Sheesh. 

Ang looks great!




lol +1


she has great hair


Sweet Jesus look at all that hair!

I hope she is nat­ur­al. That’d be cool :-)  BUT whether nat­ur­al or permed-bushy-blown out, do you hon­ey. But, I must admit, it’s sooooo nice to see women not afraid to show big, poofy, ‘untamed’ hair. To not be afraid to post a pic of them­selves with­out per­fect­ly coifed, slick hair, full on make­up, lash­es, stilet­tos, glit­ter, mak­ing sexy faces, etc. Ya know? Some women would be more upset about THIS pho­to than a leaked nude shot with them all dolled up. lol. I wish more women would embrace them­selves with­out all the extra stuff, and feel con­fi­dent enough to show it off…







Nat­ur­al or not, that’s still amaz­ing. Geeeeeze, why does it even mat­ter? Big hair is big hair, ha.


It does mat­ter because this site is sup­posed to sup­port nat­ur­al hair.


Yeah we are cel­e­brat­ing the “dope­ness” of nat­ur­al hair, but *healthy* hair is great too and we don’t put down peo­ple with relax­ers and weaves.


… Okay?
Why are you get­ting so upset over whether or not her hair is nat­ur­al?
Above, it says that she just took out her weave, so, know­ing that, at least part of her hair is nat­ur­al. I’m seri­ous­ly not under­stand­ing your hos­til­i­ty.


I knew Angela in college…it would­nt sur­prise me that her hair is permed. No it does­nt mat­ter if it is or not. Just dont pre­tend to be some­thing ur not for the sake of per­son­al gain. Thats called fake. But again how­ev­er ppl want to live their lives they can and should. I come on this site to be encour­aged and to see naturalista’s alike.… not to see impos­tors. Some­times hon­esty can sound hos­tile, id rather that then sweet smelling fak­e­ness any day


exactly…SHE nev­er said she was natural..all she said was she took her weave out, and it had got­ten big,Which all seems to be true..when i had perms I would wear my hair like this bc I admired the big hair and loved how it looked that way.relaxed or not I think her hair is gor­geous. My whole point in going nat­ur­al was because MY hair was­nt able to reach is high­est lev­el of health with relax­er. So to those who can perm and still have healthy hair..more pow­er to you..

No Prob to the permed women out there. All im say­ing is stay in your lane! When I was permed I researched Permed hair styles, web­sites and alike. Yes Angela did say she was nat­ur­al. Do your research. Nev­er the less, As some­one wrote below, Why come on a nat­ur­al hair site and you may or may not be nat­ur­al??? No one but Angela will ever know. Pos­si­bly she just wants some fame or some­thing. Hav­ing said that, The nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty is not a cult (to the wise per­son out there lol) it is a com­mu­ni­ty of Black women who… Read more »

Who said she pre­tend­ing to be any­thing?

Coley Cole





She looks great! It’s huge! I can­not wait for my hair to get that big! Maybe I should invest in a weave (more like wig!).


Well…since folks are asking(and I was tired of pack­ing) I googled it and it appears her nat­ur­al hair was blown out…Makes me want to wear my hair out today. But it’s been loose for a few days and it’s half twist­ed so that’s aight…lol


Absolute­ly love it!


Wow…I won­der how long it was before she put the weave in, whether she is relaxed or nat­ur­al that’s a lot of hair


that’s cool if she is
if she isn’t then oh well, not that big a deal dang!

lovely hair

Not sur­prised at all! My clients start off as a lil Afro and after wear­ing it for a year the hair grows long and healthy! All I can say is their hus­bands are mad because they feel like their hair is long and healthy why do they still wear at this point its about the con­ve­nience and being able to work out and have no worries…I’ve put mine up so mine can do the same! Oh Yeah if its done prop­er­ly then there should b no hair loss!


Is she nat­ur­al? Has she said that some­where? My hair is down my back and relaxed and when I blow dry it can get this big. I just wasn’t sure if she was relaxed or not.


+1. Nat­ur­al or Not its big as beje­sus and just as gor­geous. Hair health is what’s impor­tant above all. :)


Thank you! Her hair is gor­geous and the title of this blog is Black girl with Long hair. Healthy hair is what its pro­mot­ing so idk know why there are peo­ple on here all up in arms won­der­ing whether she’s relaxed or not. But you can’t please every­body (kanye shrugs) I guess thats what it real­ly comes down to.


Exact­ly. A pre­sump­tion seems to have been made. Relaxed hair can look like that just tak­en out of braids or a weave with new growth. And, besides this, have we EVER seen her with nat­ur­al hair? It ain’t like she’s am ambas­sador or rep­re­sen­ta­tive or even an advo­cate of nat­ur­al hair, espe­cial­ly if you’re always rock­ing a weave or a press.

Hel­lo! Im glad to see that women know their hair :-)! IF you take out braids or in this case weaves… relaxed hair can look like Angela’s. Fur­ther more, I have been find­ing that some ppl think that not hav­ing weaves in or braids in means you have nat­ur­al hair. I was watch­ing the tyra show and when she took out her hair(weave) she said this is her nat­ur­al hair? Yet she said that it is permed. I think that it is a mis­con­cep­tion that just because you dont have a wig or weave or braids or some­thing else in… Read more »

i smell hair envy


I smell truth.

Yahlah Yisrael

Let’s stop bick­er­ing ladies. It is SO not worth it. No one is being “pre­sump­tu­ous”, “mil­i­tant”, or “con­de­scend­ing”. Angela Simmon’s hair is noth­ing to be so darn divid­ed over. She doesn’t care that much about our hair so why are we cut­ting each oth­er over a con­ver­sa­tion about her’s?? I’m just saying…we real­ly need to not get off on all of this fin­ger-point­ing type of stuff. In this case, hair real­ly is “just hair”.


Um, Nat­ur­al Hair Mil­i­tant much?? Does she not deserved to be fea­tured here because she’s not an “advo­cate”??


Lol. Now I am not one for enter­tain­ing this, but both you (Melis­sa) and Hairad­dict have a point. The pur­pose of this blog can be con­fus­ing some­times. Some­times it seems to ques­tion those who straight­en their nat­ur­al hair and the next minute they fea­ture Oprah’s “nat­ur­al”. Not say­ing there’s any­thing wrong with that but it will attract diffrent types of peo­ple to the blog.


Um… real­ly?

“It will attract dif­fer­ent types of peo­ple to the blog.”

What ‘types’ are you refer­ring to?? The relaxed ‘types’… basi­cal­ly what ALL of us were before we went nat­ur­al 2, 3, or 4 years ago??

I’m sor­ry, but you sound real­ly, REALLY con­de­scend­ing.


I meant peo­ple with dif­fer­ent opin­ions. I apol­o­gize for not mak­ing that clear to you..it seems you have some hang ups about hair types? This post isn’t even about that so.…


Sor­ry, I’ve been nat­ur­al most of my life. Every­one here is not a new­bie and does not need to be schooled.


I agree, not every­one “went nat­ur­al 2,3,4, yrs ago” that’s a huge and wrong assump­tion.




I won­der if she is nat­ur­al or has a relax­er with new growth?


dang angela…you bet­ta go girl!


Who is she?

jenna marie christian

Rev. Run’s daugh­ter


who is Rev. Run,sorry 2 b so dense I just don’t know.

Coley Cole

Rev Run is from RUN DMC, one of the first com­mer­cial­ly suc­cess­ful rap groups in the 80s and 90s. Also, Rev Run is Rus­sell Sim­mons broth­er.
[imgcomment image[/img]

Ooooh I love Angie’s hair. Reminds me of mine.


So she’s famous because she’s his daugh­ter? I still don’t under­stand how she’s hot ish.


Wow that is alot of hair, and it is so thick and gor­geous. I would be afraid to wear this out to often because of birds maybe want­i­ng to make a won­der­ful nest in it lol.…..j/k She’s prob­a­bly waist length if she ever does any flat iron styles :).
I saw this image while on naturasunshine.ning.org “Only you can define your own beau­ty”.
[imgcomment image[/img]


You sure did because I post­ed it last night. I’m glad you enjoyed it.




Prop­er weave care does this. No sur­prise here. I am an avid weave wear­er lol




Can you elab­o­rate on prop­er weave care? I would like to know more.


Absolute­ly gor­geous!


Her hair looks good but is she with­out a relax­er?

I can’t do weave per­son­al­ly and if some­one want to do that for a pro­tec­tive style, then do it. It’s just not for me.


Not sure either…hmmm last time I saw her in per­son she had pin straight hair. Looked like a relax­er. Yep I know good blow outs can achieve a straight look but not in wet humid weath­er! lol


It looks nice. I am hap­py weaves are work­ing for her, but I’ll hate not hav­ing access to my scalp.


Weaves and my hair don’t agree. My hair pops with a quick­ness and my hair­line tends to recede; add to that the lack of access to my scalp, I know I prob­a­bly won’t weave again. That said @ her hair: shut the front door!




me too!!


Love it, didn’t know she was nat­ur­al.


that’s unex­pect­ed…

Dee (Durelene)





Go girl!!