I love it! What are your thoughts ladies? Would you rock this? Do you think it can be modified for shorter lengths?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Dabbal Jnc

just me 🙂
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zed 10 fx

Hello, this is a great blog!


thanks for sharing my video and for all the compliments!


I love this braided loc updo….so creative. Natural hair ROCKS!!!!


I love this!! I tried the braided crown on my locs last week so now this is my next style. Can’t wait! And Chesca looks gorg in this video!


I’ll probably be rocking senegalese twists for the rest of the year, so this style idea is pretty hot!!!!


I did like the style…I may try it this weekend. I don’t now why I didn’t think about looking for videos on different hair styles for locs. I was a ponytail kinda girl as a kid so I was never into styling much but its nice to have a few up-dos on deck for when I go out.

Thanks for sharing!


I love Chesca! I’m not a fan of loc updos though, they just seem very heavy and bulky and over the top, but it looks amazing on her.


She’s gorg and with all of the that beautiful hair!! Thanks for posting


Cute style and very simple. I could definately work on shorter hair.


That came out gorgeous reminds me of my locs that I used to have :). The style looks really good on you, did a great job on it. I would definitely rock this style if I still had my locs.


On a side note check out this new video from YT “Prettydimples01” called ‘Diffusing’. I like this and had never thought of trying to dry my hair like this esp. after gel on it.


Zyaran, please stop posting unrelated pictures and videos to the topic at hand, it’s just odd. This post is about hair styles on locs and you post the albeit lovely Pretty Dimples01 diffusing her curls? Relevance anyone?


to each their own if I want to post something that I may think ladies may like as well.


anon is just saying that if you’re going to post a picture/video, post it when it’s relevant to the TOPIC. It is odd to post a clip about diffusing curls when the article is about loc styles. I’m sure people appreciate and like it when you post but is it really necessary or relevant to post a video about diffusing curls on a topic about loc styles? It’s not an issue of “to each their own” it’s just an issue of relevancy, that’s all!


thought this was an open forum…if it refers to natural hair it’s relevant but I guess not


Thank you! That’s really is all.


I think they both look great in the videos, and I don’t mind looking at other videos hum this just gave me an idea of a style to try on my hair. TGIF 🙂