Lau­ryn Hill per­forms at the LA Ris­ing Fes­ti­val one week after giv­ing birth. Thanks Keisha for sub­mit­ting the­se pho­tos.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I would not say the look is to die for but she looks cute, bet­ter than she nor­mal­ly does, love her!!


Hon­est­ly, this just looks a mess! Lau­ryn is drop-dead BEAUTIFUL, but this blowout is not becom­ing.

I hate when we get into one of the­se debates about nat­u­rals hat­ing straight hair and that is not the case. It’s so divi­sive. EG made the per­fect anal­o­gy when com­par­ing straight­ened to chem­i­cal­ly straight­ened hair. Both may yield the same looks, but the long term affects dif­fer. This is not about folks “fawn­ing” over staright hair. I think most of us cel­e­brate the diver­si­ty of nat­u­ral black hair. The choic­es: to remain an unstraight­ened nat­u­ral or to change up your style to suit you. There is not always polit­i­cal moti­va­tion behind a black woman’s choice to be nat­u­ral. It’s… Read more »
Anna Renee

The look is pret­ty, but it looks like a perm not a blowout. And L Boo­gie is just as beau­ti­ful as always.

We nat­u­rals can admit that perms are pret­ty, that admis­sion doesn’t have to mean we are say­ing that kinky or curly hair is ugly, because kinky and curly is BEAUTIFUL!! 

And just because straight is pret­ty too, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for a kinky or curly sis­ter. Straight is both beau­ti­ful AND HEALTHY when the sis­ter has nat­u­ral­ly straight hair.


Love this look!

Ain't I an African

She’s such a pret­ty wom­an!


I went “au nat­u­rale” in 2008. Didn’t do the “big chop”; just cut about 1/8 to 1/2 inch, as my hair grew out. Went to a 70’s par­ty and instead buy­ing an afro wig, I decid­ed to blow out my own.

If I had a dol­lar for every­one (includ­ing fam­i­ly and friends) that asked, “Is that all you … when did you let your perm grow out (relax­er) … how do you comb and wash it?”

* sigh *

[img] afro 037 (2).jpg[/img]


now THAT looks like a blow out. Lauryn’s clear­ly looks like an attempt to press (straight­en)


Her hair looks like my hair after a wash and go, everyone’s hair is dif­fer­ent, my hair isn’t coily, or curly. Its a mix of wavy and kinky. the 2 tex­tures did­nt mix they just sit as their own on my head in dif­fer­ent sec­tions. If I did a blow out, it would look like a press b/c my hair left alone after wash­ing looks like oth­er peo­ples blow outs. Thats why peo­ple can’t make broad state­ments or assump­tions about hair.
[imgcomment image[/img]

Viva Charlamagne

I think she looks amaz­ing! I can’t wait for my hair to look like this as a result of a blow-out!

LaToya H.

I thinks she looks good. If she likes it, I love it. Some­times we just need to let peo­ple be. Being nat­u­ral doesn’t mean that you have to hate straight hair.


No one said any­thing about hat­ing straight hair, some of us said it looks a hot mess.


Curi­ous Girl, Amen! I do not get it at all. I think it’s just because it’s on Lau­ryn Hill because the hair is a total mess.

Curious girl
I nev­er under­stand how nat­u­rals aren’t into relaxed hair any­more but will fawn all over pressed or blown out hair. Relaxed hair that looks like this and bet­ter is not unusu­al so why the over praise for this? Is it may­be that peo­ple are impressed that Lau­ren Hill is nat­u­ral and her hair is healthy look­ing straight­ened? Is it just the over­all look you’re impressed with or are peo­ple just fans and will­ing her to do well? I’ll be hon­est that I was baf­fled by the claps and plat­i­tudes but now I’m guess­ing it’s just show­ing love and sup­port for… Read more »
Yeah, I don’t under­stand it either actu­al­ly. How can one be so neg­a­tive about one form of hair relaxation/straightening but then give so much praise to anoth­er when they’re both essen­tial­ly the same thing? The only dif­fer­ence is that one is done through chem­i­cals and the oth­er is done through heat. Either way, it’s still hair manip­u­la­tion and they are both dam­ag­ing to our nat­u­ral hair. Like you said, I guess because it’s Lau­ryn Hill peo­ple will over­look it and praise her for it. There’s noth­ing wrong with that of course, I just still find it odd though how we… Read more »

Relaxed hair is notice­ably finer/ thin­ner than flat ironed nat­u­ral hair or a blow out, and it is usu­al­ly lack­ing in tex­ture. I doubt you can get a look like longhairdontcare2011’s by relax­ing. Fur­ther­more, it’s not about the effect of the relax­er (straight­ness) that many hate, it’s the process. It can’t be reversed, you can’t get your curls back. I’m sor­ry but you can’t com­pare Sodi­um Hydrox­ide to a lit­tle bit of heat… When peo­ple mar­vel at straight­ened nat­u­ral hair, they are gush­ing about the ver­sa­til­i­ty of nat­u­ral hair and not because it is able to be straight per se.

I’m sor­ry but I dis­agree with the both of you. Equat­ing relax­ers to a blow out is like equat­ing a motor­cy­cle to a bicy­cle. They both have 2 wheels, they both take you to point A to B, so why do guys fawn over a motor­cy­cle but not a bicy­cle? Just because there are sim­i­lar­i­ties between things does not mean that they are equal. I will fawn over a blowout because I con­sid­er it a treat. My reg­i­men is to get a blowout once a year to see how my hair has grown and to get a trim. Blowouts are tem­po­rary,… Read more »

I’m also not feel­ing it; her ends look ragged.


Not feel­ing it. Looks like a hot mess press! Why like this and not the look of bad­ly relaxed hair?

Agreed. This is a prime exam­ple of “She’s nat­u­ral so her hair auto­mat­i­cal­ly looks awe­some”. I love my nat­u­ral curly hair. I love see­ing oth­er peo­ple with nat­u­ral curly hair. BUT if you are going to attempt to straight­en your hair you bet­ter do it right. You either go all the way, or you don’t do it at all.  This does not look like a blow out. This looks like an attempt to actu­al­ly get the hair straight, rather than fuller and big­ger. It’s the pic of her reach­ing out to the audi­ence that gives the hair shape, like­ly do to… Read more »

not all blow outs have to b bone straight and sleek etc… mine nev­er is… but i like it big and full… i guess to each its own lol.


I guess I’m in the minor­i­ty on this one. I think her hair looks dry and fried. Blow-outs usu­al­ly look sleek and pol­ished, this one.…not at all. Still love Lau­ren, but not the hair­style.


Don’t wor­ry, you are not alone. It doesn’t look fin­ished to me. None-the-less, she’s still gor­geous

Joan B. in SC

I agree Ang­ie. It looks like my relaxed hair did before the curling iron got to it. Not say­ing that’s bad or any­thing.




I agree theres some­thing odd about it. It looks like its stiff.


for some rea­son im not real­ly dig­gin it. It looks a lit­tle rough to me for some rea­son, I love the shape of it and the style but i dont like how the ends of her hair are. SHE looks very pret­ty though and the shape and style are cute. I looked like a hobo after hav­ing my son she is fly for just hav­ing a baby!


Yeah she looks good, and just had the baby like what 2 or 3wks ago, and her body bounced back in shape real­ly good.

****Oh did you ladies here the news of Fan­tasia Bari­no the singer ex off of the Idol Show that she is preg­nant?

Yahlah Yisrael

I noticed this, just won­der­ing –What are the­se three nod­ules embed­ded in her chest??
[imgcomment image[/img]


They look like raised scars or keloids to me, not entire­ly sure though.


wow is that a ban­deau top? lau­ryn show­ing skin? i like it!


Those look like very inten­tion­al body mods to me. The kind where you have sur­gi­cal grade met­al embed­ded under your skin.

Chizzy D

she should have a lip­col­or line.




agreed! beeb try­in to find the lip­sticks she wears from all the way back in the 90s n all! she still got it lol


Love it! And that jack­et is super cute too:)


I am so root­ing for lau­ryn! She looks great, love the hair and the make­up!

Side­note: the ad on the side about straight­en­ing your hair with no chem­i­cals states “free your hair”.….is it in bondage when not straight­ened?? What the heck does that mean..think they could have cho­sen a bet­ter tagline.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.


I am get­ting an ad for Indi­an Remy hair. Ha!


She looks amaz­ing, and she just had a baby, she looks great!

jenna marie christian

yes lau­ryn yes…love her


How I love Lau­ryn

She is gor­geous!


i like her hair. she sor­ta looks like Oprah here.


Co -sign hint of




I was think­ing the same thing : )

Curly Film Chick

I real­ly love the way she looks here…the hair and the make up…