Lauryn Hill performs at the LA Rising Festival one week after giving birth. Thanks Keisha for submitting these photos.

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very good post, i definitely love this website, keep on it


I would not say the look is to die for but she looks cute, better than she normally does, love her!!


Honestly, this just looks a mess! Lauryn is drop-dead BEAUTIFUL, but this blowout is not becoming.

I hate when we get into one of these debates about naturals hating straight hair and that is not the case. It’s so divisive. EG made the perfect analogy when comparing straightened to chemically straightened hair. Both may yield the same looks, but the long term affects differ. This is not about folks “fawning” over staright hair. I think most of us celebrate the diversity of natural black hair. The choices: to remain an unstraightened natural or to change up your style to suit you. There is not always political motivation behind a black woman’s choice to be natural. It’s… Read more »
Anna Renee

The look is pretty, but it looks like a perm not a blowout. And L Boogie is just as beautiful as always.

We naturals can admit that perms are pretty, that admission doesn’t have to mean we are saying that kinky or curly hair is ugly, because kinky and curly is BEAUTIFUL!!

And just because straight is pretty too, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for a kinky or curly sister. Straight is both beautiful AND HEALTHY when the sister has naturally straight hair.


Love this look!

Ain't I an African

She’s such a pretty woman!


I went “au naturale” in 2008. Didn’t do the “big chop”; just cut about 1/8 to 1/2 inch, as my hair grew out. Went to a 70’s party and instead buying an afro wig, I decided to blow out my own.

If I had a dollar for everyone (including family and friends) that asked, “Is that all you … when did you let your perm grow out (relaxer) … how do you comb and wash it?”

* sigh *

[img] afro 037 (2).jpg[/img]


now THAT looks like a blow out. Lauryn’s clearly looks like an attempt to press (straighten)


Her hair looks like my hair after a wash and go, everyone’s hair is different, my hair isn’t coily, or curly. Its a mix of wavy and kinky. the 2 textures didnt mix they just sit as their own on my head in different sections. If I did a blow out, it would look like a press b/c my hair left alone after washing looks like other peoples blow outs. Thats why people can’t make broad statements or assumptions about hair.
[imgcomment image[/img]

Viva Charlamagne

I think she looks amazing! I can’t wait for my hair to look like this as a result of a blow-out!

LaToya H.

I thinks she looks good. If she likes it, I love it. Sometimes we just need to let people be. Being natural doesn’t mean that you have to hate straight hair.


No one said anything about hating straight hair, some of us said it looks a hot mess.


Curious Girl, Amen! I do not get it at all. I think it’s just because it’s on Lauryn Hill because the hair is a total mess.

Curious girl
I never understand how naturals aren’t into relaxed hair anymore but will fawn all over pressed or blown out hair. Relaxed hair that looks like this and better is not unusual so why the over praise for this? Is it maybe that people are impressed that Lauren Hill is natural and her hair is healthy looking straightened? Is it just the overall look you’re impressed with or are people just fans and willing her to do well? I’ll be honest that I was baffled by the claps and platitudes but now I’m guessing it’s just showing love and support for… Read more »
Yeah, I don’t understand it either actually. How can one be so negative about one form of hair relaxation/straightening but then give so much praise to another when they’re both essentially the same thing? The only difference is that one is done through chemicals and the other is done through heat. Either way, it’s still hair manipulation and they are both damaging to our natural hair. Like you said, I guess because it’s Lauryn Hill people will overlook it and praise her for it. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, I just still find it odd though how we… Read more »

Relaxed hair is noticeably finer/ thinner than flat ironed natural hair or a blow out, and it is usually lacking in texture. I doubt you can get a look like longhairdontcare2011’s by relaxing. Furthermore, it’s not about the effect of the relaxer (straightness) that many hate, it’s the process. It can’t be reversed, you can’t get your curls back. I’m sorry but you can’t compare Sodium Hydroxide to a little bit of heat… When people marvel at straightened natural hair, they are gushing about the versatility of natural hair and not because it is able to be straight per se.

I’m sorry but I disagree with the both of you. Equating relaxers to a blow out is like equating a motorcycle to a bicycle. They both have 2 wheels, they both take you to point A to B, so why do guys fawn over a motorcycle but not a bicycle? Just because there are similarities between things does not mean that they are equal. I will fawn over a blowout because I consider it a treat. My regimen is to get a blowout once a year to see how my hair has grown and to get a trim. Blowouts are… Read more »

I’m also not feeling it; her ends look ragged.


Not feeling it. Looks like a hot mess press! Why like this and not the look of badly relaxed hair?

Agreed. This is a prime example of “She’s natural so her hair automatically looks awesome”. I love my natural curly hair. I love seeing other people with natural curly hair. BUT if you are going to attempt to straighten your hair you better do it right. You either go all the way, or you don’t do it at all. This does not look like a blow out. This looks like an attempt to actually get the hair straight, rather than fuller and bigger. It’s the pic of her reaching out to the audience that gives the hair shape, likely do… Read more »

not all blow outs have to b bone straight and sleek etc… mine never is… but i like it big and full… i guess to each its own lol.


I guess I’m in the minority on this one. I think her hair looks dry and fried. Blow-outs usually look sleek and polished, this one….not at all. Still love Lauren, but not the hairstyle.


Don’t worry, you are not alone. It doesn’t look finished to me. None-the-less, she’s still gorgeous

Joan B. in SC

I agree Angie. It looks like my relaxed hair did before the curling iron got to it. Not saying that’s bad or anything.




I agree theres something odd about it. It looks like its stiff.


for some reason im not really diggin it. It looks a little rough to me for some reason, I love the shape of it and the style but i dont like how the ends of her hair are. SHE looks very pretty though and the shape and style are cute. I looked like a hobo after having my son she is fly for just having a baby!


Yeah she looks good, and just had the baby like what 2 or 3wks ago, and her body bounced back in shape really good.

****Oh did you ladies here the news of Fantasia Barino the singer ex off of the Idol Show that she is pregnant?

Yahlah Yisrael

I noticed this, just wondering –What are these three nodules embedded in her chest??
[imgcomment image[/img]


They look like raised scars or keloids to me, not entirely sure though.


wow is that a bandeau top? lauryn showing skin? i like it!


Those look like very intentional body mods to me. The kind where you have surgical grade metal embedded under your skin.

Chizzy D

she should have a lipcolor line.




agreed! beeb tryin to find the lipsticks she wears from all the way back in the 90s n all! she still got it lol


Love it! And that jacket is super cute too:)


I am so rooting for lauryn! She looks great, love the hair and the makeup!

Sidenote: the ad on the side about straightening your hair with no chemicals states “free your hair”… it in bondage when not straightened?? What the heck does that mean..think they could have chosen a better tagline.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.


I am getting an ad for Indian Remy hair. Ha!


She looks amazing, and she just had a baby, she looks great!

jenna marie christian

yes lauryn yes…love her


How I love Lauryn

She is gorgeous!


i like her hair. she sorta looks like Oprah here.


Co -sign hint of




I was thinking the same thing : )

Curly Film Chick

I really love the way she looks here…the hair and the make up…