Lauryn Hill’s Blow Out

Lauryn Hill performs at the LA Rising Festival one week after giving birth. Thanks Keisha for submitting these photos.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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49 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill’s Blow Out

  1. The look is pretty, but it looks like a perm not a blowout. And L Boogie is just as beautiful as always.

    We naturals can admit that perms are pretty, that admission doesn’t have to mean we are saying that kinky or curly hair is ugly, because kinky and curly is BEAUTIFUL!!

    And just because straight is pretty too, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for a kinky or curly sister. Straight is both beautiful AND HEALTHY when the sister has naturally straight hair.

  2. I hate when we get into one of these debates about naturals hating straight hair and that is not the case. It’s so divisive. EG made the perfect analogy when comparing straightened to chemically straightened hair. Both may yield the same looks, but the long term affects differ. This is not about folks “fawning” over staright hair. I think most of us celebrate the diversity of natural black hair. The choices: to remain an unstraightened natural or to change up your style to suit you. There is not always political motivation behind a black woman’s choice to be natural. It’s hurtful when I hear my fellow natural sisters accuse other sisters with perms of “trying to be white”, “embracing that our ancestors were raped”, or “self-loathing.” I have been natural for several years now and would never, ever try to make someone feel that way. I like being natural and my reasons mostly lie behind wanting healthy, strong hair. It was not because I abhorred straight hair. I admit that when I clicked on the page to see Lauryn’s “blow out”, I DID expect to see something similar to what MeMe’s photo depicted.

    Nevertheless, Lauryn does look great and I’m loving the jacket, because a she has a lot of fashion misses since her comeback. The colors in her makeup work well with her skin tone as well.

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