Mul­ti­ple tex­tures. It’s the bane of most nat­u­rals’ exis­tence; you have loose hair on one side, curly hair on the oth­er and kinky by the crown. For­tu­nate­ly high­ly tex­tured hair is extreme­ly ver­sa­tile, and there are many ways to cam­ou­flage mul­ti­ple tex­tures. Here are a few ideas

1. Buns

Pulling your hair up into a bun is one of the sim­plest ways to get a neat, uni­form look. Try a cinnabun if you’re feel­ing fan­cy. Click here for a cinnabun tuto­ri­al.

2. Updos

Updos are a great pro­fes­sion­al and for­mal option and the vari­a­tions are lim­it­less! See more looks from Nod­dy here.

3. Blowouts

Blowouts aren’t just good for length checks, they’re a great as a stand-alone style or as a base for stretched styles. Just keep in mind that blowdry­ing takes pre­cious mois­ture out of strands so be sure to re-mois­tur­ize. See more looks from Adaku here.

4. Defined Twist-Outs

Anoth­er option that works great on any length. Be sure to do the style on damp hair and seal with a heavy pro­duct to get more shine and def­i­n­i­tion. See more looks from Ebony here.

5. Rod and Straw Sets

Rod and straw sets are pop­u­lar among tran­si­tion­ers deal­ing with mul­ti­ple tex­tures. As a plus they look great on all hair lengths. See more looks from Gabrielle here.

6. Curlformers

Curl­form­ers are a high­ly pop­u­lar option among nat­u­rals. Not only do they smooth and stretch the cuti­cle, they cre­ate an adorable curl. And they’re also great at any length.

What do you think of our list? And what’s your favorite style for hid­ing mul­ti­ple tex­tures?

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i knew i shouldn’t have read the com­ments! tired of hear­ing peo­ple com­plain about some­thing with their hair.

I was intrigued by this arti­cle, but didn’t learn any­thing new. :( I have three dif­fer­ent hair types and of all the tech­niques out there, the only ones that con­sis­tent­ly work for me are ban­tu knot outs, twists and twist outs, loose twists and blow outs. I’ve also learned that my hair does not take to lots of pro­duct so I just stick to one. I can’t wear any oth­er styles w/o look­ing like a crazy fool. Sad­ly my fave hair tex­ture (tiny coils) is in the back with waves in the front and frizz on the sides. :( If… Read more »
Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

My tex­tures are almost the same on my head, except for the bot­tom lay­er which tends to be more straight. It’s not heat dam­age. It’s always been that way.

I love buns but like to do a twist out or braid out first in order to cre­ate a tex­tured bun.


If one has dif­fer­ent tex­tures, that is all the more rea­son to be con­scious of overuse of heat. Heat dam­age will add one more tex­ture to the three to four tex­tures you aleady have: straight.


Why hide mul­ti­ple tex­tures??? I let it all SHOW!!


Ini­tial­ly I agreed until I remem­bered how hor­ri­fic I looked try­ing to wear a wash and go, and try­ing shin­gling w/Shea Mois­ture and EcoStyle.

bint alshamsa

My daugh­ter has pret­ty curls all through­out her hair, but I have two VERY dif­fer­ent hair types. When my hair gets a bit longer, I’ll be able to try the­se styles. Right before Christ­mas, I had to cut off most of my hair, because my lupus flare-up caused big patch­es of it to fall off. *sigh*


Just did my Bc… need ideas..this is also my 1yr nat­u­ral!!!!


I have tried every­thing but the updo, and the straw sets or curl­form­ers. To get the best curl I’ve ever had that also hides my vary­ing tex­ture I do two big dry flat twists all the way to the back of my head and leave in for a cou­ple of days. I found out by acci­dent that I can get beau­ti­ful spi­ral curls that look like straw curls just by doing that because the hair on the crown of my head grows annoy­ing­ly straight


I have found that a mix­ture of braid outs/twist outs work best for my mul­ti­ple tex­tures. I start off braid­ing and then twist my ends on wet hair, leave it alone and voila, it looks cohe­sive lol


In order to blend my dif­fer­ent tex­tures, I have to real­ly fluff my hair after a twist/braid out. The left side of my hair is only slight­ly wavy, the right side has a pret­ty tight(3c/4a)curl. The back has a looser(3b/3c)curl, while the crown is a frizzy wavy pat­tern. They are very notice­able with my twa lol


The crown also has a few of those 4a’s sprin­kled in. I won­der will my tex­tures evolve as my hair gets longer as I often read ppl say­ing that the hair “changes” when it gets longer.

Alisha Anderson

I am Alisha Ander­son.
I have found your site not so long ago, but try to read every new arti­cle as i see your
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Alisha Ander­son


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Deneya Carter

My favorite hair­style is the define twist out. I’m think­ing about try­ing it out.


Don’t know if our var­ied tex­tures should be hid­den lol. I kin­da like the idea of mul­ti­ple tex­tures, although I appre­ci­ate that styling such can be a bit tricky.


Hi every­one. Thank you for think­ing of me with this arti­cle, lol. I love my hair, but it’s been a strug­gle try­ing to fig­ure out how to deal with my straight, curly, and what I called frizzy I’ve learned is actu­al­ly kinky mane. If those curl­form­ers work on even the straight parts of my hair, then I am forever indebt­ed to BGLH.


Such great tips. I real­ly like the updo with the braids and that video! So clev­er are the­se ladies!


My dif­fer­ent tex­tures ARE the bane of my “hair exis­tence.” I have very defined curls in the front, and no curl in the back. If I want to wash and go and don’t have a lot of time I tend to use a very curl defin­ing pro­duct (such as Carol’s Daugh­ter Hair Milk) so that the curls in the front real­ly pop, and then fin­ger curl the back. It tends to look very good.