A few weeks ago Angela Sim­mons tweet­ed a pic­ture of her hair sans weave. This sparked a lot of dis­cus­sion on BGLH about whether the fro was nat­ur­al or not. I reached out to Angela to get an answer and was excit­ed to dis­cov­er that her hair is indeed nat­ur­al. Check it out.

How long have you been nat­ur­al? Are you a life­long nat­ur­al or is this some­thing that you recent­ly did?
I’ve been nat­ur­al for like 3 years. When I get weaves in I just sew it up and leave it alone.

Why did you decide to stop perming it?
I just fig­ured that I didn’t real­ly need it. And I did notice that my hair was way thick­er with­out the perm and it just seemed health­i­er with­out it and I just didn’t want to put any more chem­i­cals in it. So I just left it alone.

Angela Simmons, Natural Hair
Angela’s nat­ur­al hair, blown out

Would you ever con­sid­er hav­ing it huge and nat­ur­al out in pub­lic?
You mean with­out flat-iron­ing it? No. [Weaves are] eas­i­er for me. I work out alot and I trav­el a lot. So to have my own hair out is a has­sle for me. So I don’t do it.

When you tweet­ed that pic­ture of your hair did you get any neg­a­tive reac­tion?
It was pret­ty good. Nobody was neg­a­tive. They just didn’t know I had so much hair under­neath when I wear weaves.

So your hair grows pret­ty fast?
I guess. If I cut it it would prob­a­bly grow back pret­ty quick­ly.

What are your tips for main­tain­ing your hair, because it looks real­ly healthy and real­ly thick.
I just keep it braid­ed up alot. For the most part I stay in the hair salon alot and get my hair done alot so I kind of lean on my hair­dressers for that. So for the most part, when I go, I do deep con­di­tion­ers and sit under a dry­er or steam­er. But oth­er than that…

But I did some­thing bad not too long ago. My front got all messed up. I had a blonde weave, you know I had that moment where I want­ed to go blonde. And I bleached some of my hair and it broke off and that was a bad idea.

Pho­to Source: NecoleBitchie.com

So I don’t sug­gest that any­one bleach their hair. Over­all my hair’s pret­ty healthy it’s just the front’s a lit­tle messed up so I’ve been doing what­ev­er I can. Oh, and I do sug­gest Moroc­can oil. It’s amaz­ing.

How long do you keep the weaves in at a time?
Not that long because I change my hair so much. So, prob­a­bly a month at the most. But I’m the girl who changes my hair a lot, so.

You have a new fash­ion line com­ing out soon.
Yeh, I’m real­ly work­ing on my designs and stuff, so not quite yet. I don’t have a date for you guys but I am work­ing on it. That’s why I’m here at New York Fash­ion Week get­ting inspi­ra­tion and all that stuff.

If you could describe the aes­thet­ic of your line, what would it be?
It def­i­nite­ly has to rep­re­sent me and how I dress and my sense of style but I would def­i­nite­ly say it’s Bet­sey John­son meet­ing the Juicy Cou­ture girl. In between that I feel like she’s not catered to, so that’s the girl I wan­na find. It’s the girl who’s on her own and liv­ing for her­self. That’s me.

With your sneak­er line, Pas­try, you’ve had a lot of suc­cess at a very young age. Did you think this was the path you would go down?
I’ve always want­ed to know what I want­ed to do. Since I was 9 I’ve want­ed to be a fash­ion design­er. So the path I’m on isn’t much of a shock to myself. I’ve worked pret­ty dili­gent­ly to be where I’m at and I’m still work­ing on per­fect­ing my craft and what I do. I’m very excit­ed and hap­py that everyone’s accept­ing me and that so many young girls say they have some­body that they can look up to. Now that I real­ize that I’m such an inspi­ra­tion for young girls I think it’s amaz­ing.

Thanks for set­ting the record straight, Angela!
You can find Angela on Twit­ter.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I just want­ed to give MY opin­ion on what nat­ur­al means: Hav­ing nat­ur­al hair/being nat­ur­al when it comes to hair is some­thing that tran­scends race — this goes for white, black, yel­low, brown & every­thing in between. When you wear your hair in its NATURAL state (which is where the slang term of just plain ol’ “Nat­ur­al” orig­i­nates) — you don’t do ANYTHING to alter the NATURAL TEXTURE/LOOK of your hair — that is, you don’t straight­en, bleach, relax, texlax, dye, fry, etc. — *TO ME* it means you leave YOUR hair in its NATURAL STATE. This is why some white… Read more »

There’s def­i­nite­ly crit­i­cism about Angela’s styling, but I don’t think it’s just about Natural’s being ter­ri­to­r­i­al. I think her pro­file, in some ways, con­tra­dicts the spir­it of BGLH, and it’s not wrong for peo­ple to observe that. That said I think we should just take the inter­view for what it is — a brief spot­light on a tv personality/designer.

And if any­thing, this re-opens the dia­logue about weaves as a pro­tec­tive style. Nat­u­rals con­tin­ue to turn their nose up at weaves, while they con­tin­ue to be a proven and effec­tive way to grow hair out.  Online nat­u­rals real­ly need to get over them­selves. Because we’re talk­ing this ish too far. And I’m all for more and more women accept­ing who they are nat­u­ral­ly… and I def­i­nite­ly believe that we live in a Euro­cen­tric soci­ety… but when it gets to the point that we can’t even allow in women who don’t fit our def­i­n­i­tion of what it is to be nat­ur­al, then… Read more »

Angela, is that you?

Seri­ous­ly. Are you her cousin or some­thing. You sure seem so pas­sion­ate to defend Angela Sim­mons.


If you want to spend your afternoon/day/evening rag­ing against this, enjoy.


Third. It’s exhaust­ing watch­ing her and the sim­i­lar­ly named Jazmin hi five each oth­er as they rail against the odd neg­a­tive com­ment towards Sim­mons. Most of the neg­a­tive, dis­heart­en­ing com­ments come from those two. It’s wrong to slate Sim­mons but ok to make ASSump­tions about the com­menters and read­ers of BGLH. Good luck with that.

Annie L.

2nd Rosie, LoL!


The “spir­it of BGLH” is in its title: “Black Girl with Long Hair: Cel­e­brat­ing the Dope­ness of Nat­ur­al Hair.”

Right now I’m look­ing at a woman with nat­ur­al, long, beau­ti­ful hair.

So what’s the issue?


the about page of BGLH:

“Black Girl with Long Hair is a web­site ded­i­cat­ed to the ever-grow­ing com­mu­ni­ty of black, Lati­na and mul­ti-racial women who choose to wear their hair nat­u­ral­ly — with min­i­mal or no use of chem­i­cals, heat, weave or exten­sions.”

pay atten­tion to the min­i­mal part.Angela is con­stant­ly using heat and weaves so she does not fit the BGLH ide­al.


wow…idk i think peo­ple need to take a break from dis­cussing nat­ur­al hair…it’s just con­stant­ly so heated.…and tiring…wow.

Wow, really?

The com­ments on this blog are atro­cious. This “you can be apart of this club but you can’t” reeks of the paper brown test. How dare you!!! EVERYONE has the right to wear their hair the way they want to wear it. This “you aren’t real­ly nat­ur­al because you don’t wear an afro or you use heat” bulls**t is so stu­pid and shows the imma­tu­ri­ty and judg­men­tal atti­tudes of so many women.


I agree. This site is becom­ing like those chicks over at Napp­tural­i­ty. A site I don’t even both­er vis­it­ing any­more.


Right? I’ve been see­ing this more often then I would like. I have to laugh at some of the nat­ur­al hair police some­times. I’m find­ing myself want­i­ng to dis­tance myself from a lot of this.

Back to the actu­al top­ic, I think Angela’s hair looks gor­geous! Thanks for the inter­view BGLH.

She’s a pret­ty girl and I’m hap­py for her suc­cess.… but uhhm, no I am not real­ly feel­ing this inter­view as well. There seemed to be some sort of dis­con­nect. To me per­son­al­ly I take “nat­ur­al” as any­thing rep­re­sent­ing your nat­ur­al hair tex­ture. It’s the dif­fer­ence in tex­ture that has caused afro-haired-black women to alter their hair with chem­i­cals or hide it under wigs that are not sim­i­lar to their own.  Tech­ni­cal­ly wear­ing any sort of weave wouldn’t be nat­ur­al. BUT when we get into dis­cus­sions about the dis­crim­i­na­tion Afro-hair faces, the beau­ty stan­dards that Afro-hair fails to meet, and the… Read more »

ICAM. You hit the nail on the head but it will be ignored and cries of mil­i­tant nat­ur­al police will be chant­ed, the usu­al go to deflec­tion ploy.


+1 bil­lion!




I am not judg­ing any­body for relax­ing or weav­ing, but please don’t expect me to call them nat­ur­al if all they do is hide their nat­ur­al hair. What makes flat iron­ing and wear­ing weaves 24–7 more nat­ur­al than relax­ing? So, they do every­thing they can to have straight hair EXCEPT relax? Big deal.

I am about to go on a rant because this real­ly both­ers me.  Angela, I com­plete­ly agree with you! As a com­mu­ni­ty, we real­ly need to rede­fine what it means to be “nat­ur­al.” It real­ly dis­ap­points me when peo­ple lim­it the def­i­n­i­tion of nat­ur­al to just hair that is “chem­i­cal free.” In my opin­ion, there’s so much more to it. On a phys­i­cal lev­el, being nat­ur­al is about main­tain­ing one’s hair in its UNALTERED, NATURAL STATE OF TEXTURE (more on this lat­er). But most impor­tant­ly, being “nat­ur­al” is a state of mind. It’s not just about a ces­sa­tion of using harsh… Read more »

Co-sign 100%! You nailed it.
You are NOT nat­ur­al if the hair that you present to the world 24/7 is 100% Yaki or straight hair from the head of an Indi­an woman! There is too much non­sen­si­cal band­wag­on jump­ing going on. If you wear weave, then good for you. But spare every­one the delu­sion­al non­sense that you are nat­ur­al, when you nev­er wear out the hair that grows nat­u­ral­ly out of your scalp!

Monday's Baby

Yes. Yes to all of this.

Cher Nikki

The obvi­ous­ly your def­i­n­i­tion is more than just the mean­ing that hair is not chem­i­cal­ly treat­ed. It is like Black peo­ple that ques­tion someone’s black­ness because they have beliefs that dif­fer from a large por­tion of the group. Still Black by def­i­n­i­tion. Doesn’t mat­ter what you wan­na call them. You are decid­ing who is in or out based on a stan­dard that you cre­at­ed and is not what the term means.



You know what… a lot of you commenters/observers either have short term or selec­tive mem­o­ry. Because I remem­ber when BGLH ini­tial­ly post­ed the pic­ture of Angela Sim­mons’ nat­ur­al hair and was CRUCIFIED because many of you said that a.) the hair might not be nat­ur­al or b.) flat out that the hair was NOT nat­ur­al. Remem­ber?? http://bglhonline.com/2011/08/angela-simmons-reveals-her-massive-natural-hair/ Now you wan­na com­plain that the inter­view is unin­spir­ing. SMH. For me, I’m glad that it’s been cleared up that Angela Sim­mons IS IN FACT nat­ur­al under­neath the weave. And even though she might not be at a point where she’s walk­ing up… Read more »

I know that I’m more sur­prised about her respons­es than if she wears it out or not.


WOW!!! to be hon­est While wac­thing Daddy’s girls, I didn’t even realise that she had a weave!!lol. she is beau­ti­ful and her hair is absolute­ly healthy and geor­geous


yesss, Cher Nik­ki. You could­nt have said the words bet­ter.. I total­ly agree:0)


some are tak­ing this hair thing to seri­ous­ly. This girl is not putting any harsh chem­i­cals in her hair to per­ma­nent­ly change the tex­ture. So is she Nat­ur­al? hell yes. If she choos­es to wear weaves as pro­tec­tive styling, then kudos to her because from the looks of it, it’s working..what is the prob­lem? i don’t get it.

Cher Nikki
I feel like peo­ple are being hard on the Angela. Par­tic­u­lar­ly with their descrip­tion of nat­ur­al. Nat­ur­al is sim­ply the state of the hair…is it chem­i­cal­ly processed or not. How she decides to where it (cov­ered up or braid­ed or out) is a per­son­al deci­sion. I find it odd that peo­ple are say­ing she is not nat­ur­al if she doesn’t embrace her hair. I feel like embrac­ing you hair is dif­fer­ent for every­one. Peo­ple get on Kim­my­tube because 90% of the time she wears her hair twist­ed up and pinned back. Kizzy twist are often used to describe what she… Read more »
Patricia Kayden

Good com­ment, Cher.

Right now I wear wigs so that my nat­ur­al hair can grow to a length where I can blow or flat iron it out. That’s my choice. I com­plete­ly under­stand how Angela feels. Per­haps she just doesn’t like the way her hair looks when it is curly and prefers a straight style. 

No big­gie.


How “nat­ur­al” are you real­ly if all you ever do is hide your nat­ur­al hair under weaves or flat iron it? There is more to being nat­ur­al than not relax­ing.


No theirs not. If you don’t have chem­i­cals in your hair. You’re nat­ur­al. bot­tom line. It doesn’t mat­ter if she hides it all the time, she still is nat­ur­al.


+1,000,000 THANK YOU Jazmin! There’s a dif­fer­ence between being nat­ur­al and being part of this online nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty.

Being nat­ur­al sim­ply means being chem­i­cal free. No ifs, ands or buts. Angela Sim­mons is nat­ur­al because she doesn’t alter the tex­ture of her hair.

But as far as being part of this online nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty… hmm… that’s a whole nother sto­ry. There’s a whole set of rules and reg­u­la­tions to that.


Jas­mine, can you please pro­vide me with a man­u­al about these “rules and reg­u­la­tions” in regards to being a part of the online nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty?


No there real­ly isn’t. Most agree with the idea that nat­ur­al is just chem­i­cal free unal­tered hair. It goes no deep­er than that for many. Of course there are some that feel nat­ur­al hair should car­ry cer­tain caveats and reg­u­la­tions but these are tru­ly in the minor­i­ty. You come across as some­one who has a very neg­a­tive view of the online ele­ment of the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. It shouldn’t affect you as much as it does or any­one else for that mat­ter. If I were you, i’d leave it alone. Being on here com­plain­ing seems futile.



I think some peo­ple fail to real­ize that, a weave, is not a chem­i­cal. It’s not about “hid­ing” your hair (for some it may be), it’s sim­ply an easy hair choice that equal­ly pro­tects your hair strands. You don’t have to jump around pro­claim­ing how nat­ur­al you are, wear­ing T-shirt’s, etc. It’s just hair, just like relaxed hair! We’re all here for the same pur­pose, pro­tect­ing, grow­ing and keep­ing our hair healthy! JS.

+1 I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got­ten way off the path and have start­ed “polic­ing” what nat­ur­al is. Yea she wears weaves all the time but she is a nat­ur­al. Sheesh.  I do agree with oth­ers though that her inter­view was and wasn’t inspir­ing. It was in that it shows pro­tec­tive styles like weaves give your hair rest so it can grow and retain unin­ter­rupt­ed if tak­en care of prop­er­ly. It wasn’t inspir­ing because on BGLH, we want to see what women are doing to their hair to keep it thriv­ing and look­ing good and since she doesn’t do her… Read more »



Inter­est­ing hair design :)


I under­stand 24/7 pro­tec­tive styling for those in the enter­tain­ment indus­try. While I don’t take much issue with her not wear­ing her own hair out, I won­der if she would (or has) worn weaves that resem­ble her nat­ur­al tex­ture? Any­ways, I wasn’t exoect­ing much from the inter­view on Angela’s end; from the lit­tle that I know about her, she seems like a run-of-the-mill vapid indus­try gal.

I real­ly love this blog and I usu­al­ly don’t post, but the Angela Sim­mons top­ics are real­ly eat­ing at me. As some­one who wears weaves and inter­lock­ing as pro­tec­tive styles, I can cer­tain­ly attest to the growth and health of my nat­ur­al hair now vs. when I was wear­ing my nat­ur­al hair out in twists or oth­er styles. I am not Angela Sim­mons and I don’t have her genet­ic make­up or hair type, but I have a gor­geous head of nat­ur­al hair that I love, a tex­ture that I hap­pi­ly embrace and a hair length that I want to retain… Read more »
i agree with you Moon but i think what peo­ple are try­ing to say is that Angela seems very indif­fer­ent towards the whole hair top­ic.. alot of us who vis­it the site went nat­ur­al for dif­fer­ent rea­sons and know how much time and care we put into our hair ( i mean thats why we read the blog) so we were inter­est­ed in see­ing her rou­tine or rea­sons, not just o my hair dress­er does it i just did­nt see the point in perm. I wear weaves and pro­tect my hair but the rea­son i pro­tect it is because im… Read more »

what is inter­lock­ing?


Inter­lock­ing is anoth­er term for cro­chet braids.


oh ok. thanks!


I agree with the com­ments made, this isn’t real­ly an inspir­ing inter­view. She’s got a gor­geous head of hair on her, it would be nice to see more of it.

I don’t think her going nat­ur­al seemed like too much of a choice, like she said.. there was no point in perming .. espe­cial­ly if its under a weave the whole time… duuh!


I under­stand that nat­ur­al hair is diverse and you can do so much with it in the sense of style(twist-out, weaves, straight­en, etc.). Women can do what­ev­er they want with their hair but some­thing about this inter­view just rubbed me the work way. Is it real­ly embrac­ing the beau­ty of nat­ur­al hair if the per­son isn’t will­ing to wear their nat­ur­al hair out sans flat iron? 

Heck I use to wear noth­ing but weaves so there was no need for a relax­er does that mean I embraced my nat­ur­al tex­ture? No.


I agree. I was like what’s the point of being a nat­ur­al if you’re not rock­ing the nat­ur­al hair…ever?


“Is it real­ly embrac­ing the beau­ty of nat­ur­al hair if the per­son isn’t will­ing to wear their nat­ur­al hair out sans flat iron?” 

I total­ly agree with you. While var­i­ous styling options are fan­tas­tic, the inabil­i­ty to leave the house with­out flat-iron­ing speaks vol­umes.

Nev­er­the­less, I do believe that she will inspire many to take care of their hair while it’s weaved (espe­cial­ly if mon­ey is no major concern)and I hope that she may be inspired to learn, for there is pow­er and free­dom in this, to take care of her own hair.



Annie L.

Beau­ti­ful woman, I wish her con­tin­ued suc­cess. The inter­view was my least favorite on BGLH though, for either her hair care tips, her design inspi­ra­tion or career his­to­ry and moti­va­tion. Every answer seemed so gen­er­al, unin­formed and worst of all bor­ing. Despite all that I love the diver­si­ty of inter­vie­wees and the great ques­tions!

Ms. M

I agree that her answers were pret­ty gen­er­al and she seemed rather dis­in­ter­est­ed. But she was prob­a­bly just doing the inter­view because it’s free pub­lic­i­ty and she can plug her fash­ion line(s). I don’t know if it’s my least favorite inter­view, but it wasn’t real­ly inspir­ing or infor­ma­tive to me. 

Not in reply to Annie L.- I can’t agree that just because she only wears her hair straight­ened or in a weave that it’s not “real­ly nat­ur­al.” As long as she doesn’t have a relax­er, it’s still nat­ur­al.

lilkunta (to MsM)

MsM: Angela’s hair is nat­ur­al yes.
What we see day to say inst nat­ur­al.


Her hair is gor­geous and thick, it was my least favourite inter­view as well…she answered the ques­tions like yeah its just what­ev­er any­thing goes I guess smh umm real­ly, oh ok…


well maybe there’s link between her non­cha­lant atti­tude and her length reten­tion. she doesn’t fuss with it and so its allowed to grow unin­hib­it­ed…


Ha Ha! Your so right. She’s young though, so I’ll give her a pass. That’s my girl though I dig her a lot :)



I couldn’t agree more.
But hey at least she was com­plete­ly hon­est about what she does with her hair which isn’t that much.


Um… Why are you being a hater?? BGLH has no con­trol over the respons­es celebri­ties give to the ques­tions.

#icant with some com­menters.


How is she a “hater”(gosh I hate that word)? She’s stat­ing HER opin­ion . Annie clear­ly stat­ed that the ques­tions asked was great clear­ly she knows that BGLH has no con­trol over responses.She just did not like Angela’s reply to said ques­tions, what’s wrong with that?


Why even say “The inter­view was my least favorite on BGLH”.

Who says that? Why take shots at BGLH if Angela is the prob­lem.

But I’m not a fan of the BGLH com­ment box. There’s a lot of pas­sive aggres­sion and out­right nas­ti­ness that goes on here.

And check the end of this com­ment thread for my oth­er response.

When BGLH ini­tial­ly post­ed the pic of Angela Sim­mons’ hair, peo­ple were upset, and swore up and down that a.) it wasn’t real or b.) it wasn’t nat­ur­al.

To me, this inter­view silenced those accu­sa­tions that were prob­a­bly lev­eled by some of the same women com­ment­ing now.

lilkunta( to jasmine)
lilkunta( to jasmine)

jas­mine: YOU are the hater. Annie post­ed her opin­ion which many of us agree with. Angela has no adi­vce bc she does­nt take care of her hair her­self. Then when was talk­ing about her shoes PASTRy)overpriced chit IMO) and her new clothes lines, more gen­ral stufff. ARe she/her sis real­ly involved or are they just fig­ure­heads?

jas­mine, u aint the mod­er­a­tor or the thought police.
So YOU JASMINE sit down and shut­up.

Annie L.
Q:“Why even say “The inter­view was my least favorite on BGLH”” A: Because that was my RESPECTFULLY stat­ed opin­ion. Q:“Why take shots at BGLH if Angela is the prob­lem” A: I didn’t, if you read my post it went as fol­lows: “Beau­ti­ful woman, I wish her con­tin­ued suc­cess. The inter­view was my least favorite on BGLH though, for either her hair care tips, her design inspi­ra­tion or career his­to­ry and moti­va­tion. Every answer seemed so gen­er­al, unin­formed and worst of all bor­ing. Despite all that I love the diver­si­ty of inter­vie­wees and the great ques­tions!” Your reply to my com­ments weren’t… Read more »

Yours was the first neg­a­tive com­ment I read on this post, and I don’t think she was tak­ing shots at BGLH, because she only asked the ques­tions, I think she was sim­ply say­ing Angela was a bor­ing inter­vie­wee.


Agree, Jas­mine you came across like the thought police and appeared to be the only pas­sive aggres­sive at this point in the com­ments. There were a lot of com­pli­men­ta­ry com­ments on the last AS post. Why do you read and post in the com­ments if your dis­po­si­tion is so del­i­cate that you can­not han­dle opin­ions which are con­trary to your own? This was a bor­ing, strange­ly flat and non­cha­lant inter­view and I under­stand that the crit­i­cism was of the respondent’s lack­lus­tre answers not Laila at all.

Cher Nikki

@Jasmine Co-sign


I agree with Annie. She didn’t seem like she had much to say. she doesn’t take care of her hair, her hair dressers do. So she wouldn’t have many tips on tak­ing care of it, oth­er than weav­ing it up.


I have mixed feel­ings about the inter­view too. I love her long, thick hair and it would have been nice to get some hair care tips besides pay­ing mon­ey to let oth­ers do it or weav­ing. It works for her and her lifestyle (and bud­get!) so I wont throw shade…


that was a nice inter­view and I liked that she talked about her work and upcom­ing line. but for the life of me, I can nev­er under­stand the con­cept of keep­ing your hair hid­den under weave, wigs,braids and what­not 100% of the time…I don’t under­stand WHEN these indi­vid­u­als enjoy their actu­al hair whether it is natural,realxed text­laxed etc.I guess there is just somekind of sat­is­fac­tion in know­ing your own hair is healthy and grow­ing even though you almost nev­er get to show­case it…


Lola, I hear ya, at least for the every­day girl, but if I were a celebri­ty I think I would do it to. The pres­sure to be cam­era ready 24–7-365 would put too much stress on my nat­ur­al hair. In order to pro­tect and pre­serve it I would prob­a­bly wear lots of wigs and weaves. Many women I respect in the indus­try Oprah, Tyra, Bey­once use them lib­er­al­ly. I put Angela in the need-to-wear-weave group with them. But as for the rest of us, I think we can give it a rest already.


Wow, the need- to- wear cat­e­go­ry. That group would have to con­tain more than just cele­br­ties right? Like busy working,studying & attend­ing classess col­lege stu­dents and the work­ing 2 jobs, tak­ing care of the kids sin­gle moms or can’t won’t and nev­er will have hair women suf­fer­ing from alope­cia. In short we should strive to under­stand, sup­port, encour­age and lift one anoth­er as oppose to judg­ing one anoth­er because you nev­er real­ly know who is in the “need to wear group” when you pass them on the street. Great arti­cle and very empow­er­ing.


exact­ly, many women are in the need-to-wear cat­e­go­ry. espe­cial­ly with all the talk of fit­ness and how our hair affects our abil­i­ty to work out.


I am in the need-to-wear cat­e­go­ry, because I work out at least 4–5 times a week and a large part of that is car­dio. I use wigs with my hair twist­ed up under­neath. Wigs are best for me, because I need to have access to my hair dai­ly for mois­tur­iz­ing, wash­ing an so forth. It would be impos­si­ble for her as a loose-haired nat­ur­al to wear her hair out for more than a cou­ple days at a time (can we say tan­gles?) with­out invit­ing dry­ness and break­age. Low manip­u­la­tion is what is best for my type 4 hair.


Well I’m not in the need-to-wear cat­e­go­ry, but I did wear wigs for 6 months straight leav­ing my hair in twists under­neath (I’m a tran­si­tion­er) and I saw HUGE progress in hair growth. But kim­may­tube does have infor­ma­tion on how to achieve the prop­er styles for things such as work­ing out w/o hav­ing to wear wigs; her method is using neu­tral ph bal­anced prod­ucts (6.0-for ex. water and oil) that stretch­es the hair and also makes it puffi­er. This enables one to sweat with­out hav­ing to wor­ry about extreme frizz.


Proof that pro­tec­tive styling, weaves etc. are healthy for hair growth! (As long as you take care of it, that is!). I love the growth and the health of her hair. I under­stand with want­i­ng to keep it in exten­sions, because nat­ur­al hair can some­times be a has­sle. I’ve been on the brink of get­ting a weave! 

Alas, she looks great. The pic­ture of her hair straight­ened is to die for!


Proof indeed! True die hard weave and wig wear­ers MUST be 100% nat­ur­al if they hope to see that kind of healthy growth. I’ve encour­aged many to release the perm & col­or­ing when wear­ing alter­na­tive hair and with patience and prop­er care growth hap­pens

Amma Mama

Awwww nice inter­view!

Tiffany La'Sha

Love. Love. Love her. :)
from fash­ion, hair and the way
she car­ries her­self.
#teamANG/. :)


pret­ty girl, epic hair :)