A few weeks ago Angela Simmons tweeted a picture of her hair sans weave. This sparked a lot of discussion on BGLH about whether the fro was natural or not. I reached out to Angela to get an answer and was excited to discover that her hair is indeed natural. Check it out.

How long have you been natural? Are you a lifelong natural or is this something that you recently did?
I’ve been natural for like 3 years. When I get weaves in I just sew it up and leave it alone.

Why did you decide to stop perming it?
I just figured that I didn’t really need it. And I did notice that my hair was way thicker without the perm and it just seemed healthier without it and I just didn’t want to put any more chemicals in it. So I just left it alone.

Angela Simmons, Natural Hair
Angela’s natural hair, blown out

Would you ever consider having it huge and natural out in public?
You mean without flat-ironing it? No. [Weaves are] easier for me. I work out alot and I travel a lot. So to have my own hair out is a hassle for me. So I don’t do it.

When you tweeted that picture of your hair did you get any negative reaction?
It was pretty good. Nobody was negative. They just didn’t know I had so much hair underneath when I wear weaves.

So your hair grows pretty fast?
I guess. If I cut it it would probably grow back pretty quickly.

What are your tips for maintaining your hair, because it looks really healthy and really thick.
I just keep it braided up alot. For the most part I stay in the hair salon alot and get my hair done alot so I kind of lean on my hairdressers for that. So for the most part, when I go, I do deep conditioners and sit under a dryer or steamer. But other than that…

But I did something bad not too long ago. My front got all messed up. I had a blonde weave, you know I had that moment where I wanted to go blonde. And I bleached some of my hair and it broke off and that was a bad idea.

Photo Source: NecoleBitchie.com

So I don’t suggest that anyone bleach their hair. Overall my hair’s pretty healthy it’s just the front’s a little messed up so I’ve been doing whatever I can. Oh, and I do suggest Moroccan oil. It’s amazing.

How long do you keep the weaves in at a time?
Not that long because I change my hair so much. So, probably a month at the most. But I’m the girl who changes my hair a lot, so.

You have a new fashion line coming out soon.
Yeh, I’m really working on my designs and stuff, so not quite yet. I don’t have a date for you guys but I am working on it. That’s why I’m here at New York Fashion Week getting inspiration and all that stuff.

If you could describe the aesthetic of your line, what would it be?
It definitely has to represent me and how I dress and my sense of style but I would definitely say it’s Betsey Johnson meeting the Juicy Couture girl. In between that I feel like she’s not catered to, so that’s the girl I wanna find. It’s the girl who’s on her own and living for herself. That’s me.

With your sneaker line, Pastry, you’ve had a lot of success at a very young age. Did you think this was the path you would go down?
I’ve always wanted to know what I wanted to do. Since I was 9 I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer. So the path I’m on isn’t much of a shock to myself. I’ve worked pretty diligently to be where I’m at and I’m still working on perfecting my craft and what I do. I’m very excited and happy that everyone’s accepting me and that so many young girls say they have somebody that they can look up to. Now that I realize that I’m such an inspiration for young girls I think it’s amazing.

Thanks for setting the record straight, Angela!
You can find Angela on Twitter.

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I just wanted to give MY opinion on what natural means: Having natural hair/being natural when it comes to hair is something that transcends race – this goes for white, black, yellow, brown & everything in between. When you wear your hair in its NATURAL state (which is where the slang term of just plain ol’ “Natural” originates) – you don’t do ANYTHING to alter the NATURAL TEXTURE/LOOK of your hair – that is, you don’t straighten, bleach, relax, texlax, dye, fry, etc. – *TO ME* it means you leave YOUR hair in its NATURAL STATE. This is why some… Read more »

There’s definitely criticism about Angela’s styling, but I don’t think it’s just about Natural’s being territorial. I think her profile, in some ways, contradicts the spirit of BGLH, and it’s not wrong for people to observe that. That said I think we should just take the interview for what it is – a brief spotlight on a tv personality/designer.

And if anything, this re-opens the dialogue about weaves as a protective style. Naturals continue to turn their nose up at weaves, while they continue to be a proven and effective way to grow hair out. Online naturals really need to get over themselves. Because we’re talking this ish too far. And I’m all for more and more women accepting who they are naturally… and I definitely believe that we live in a Eurocentric society… but when it gets to the point that we can’t even allow in women who don’t fit our definition of what it is to be… Read more »

Angela, is that you?

Seriously. Are you her cousin or something. You sure seem so passionate to defend Angela Simmons.


If you want to spend your afternoon/day/evening raging against this, enjoy.


Third. It’s exhausting watching her and the similarly named Jazmin hi five each other as they rail against the odd negative comment towards Simmons. Most of the negative, disheartening comments come from those two. It’s wrong to slate Simmons but ok to make ASSumptions about the commenters and readers of BGLH. Good luck with that.

Annie L.

2nd Rosie, LoL!


The “spirit of BGLH” is in its title: “Black Girl with Long Hair: Celebrating the Dopeness of Natural Hair.”

Right now I’m looking at a woman with natural, long, beautiful hair.

So what’s the issue?


the about page of BGLH:

“Black Girl with Long Hair is a website dedicated to the ever-growing community of black, Latina and multi-racial women who choose to wear their hair naturally β€” with minimal or no use of chemicals, heat, weave or extensions.”

pay attention to the minimal part.Angela is constantly using heat and weaves so she does not fit the BGLH ideal.


wow…idk i think people need to take a break from discussing natural hair…it’s just constantly so heated….and tiring…wow.

Wow, really?

The comments on this blog are atrocious. This “you can be apart of this club but you can’t” reeks of the paper brown test. How dare you!!! EVERYONE has the right to wear their hair the way they want to wear it. This “you aren’t really natural because you don’t wear an afro or you use heat” bulls**t is so stupid and shows the immaturity and judgmental attitudes of so many women.


I agree. This site is becoming like those chicks over at Nappturality. A site I don’t even bother visiting anymore.


Right? I’ve been seeing this more often then I would like. I have to laugh at some of the natural hair police sometimes. I’m finding myself wanting to distance myself from a lot of this.

Back to the actual topic, I think Angela’s hair looks gorgeous! Thanks for the interview BGLH.

She’s a pretty girl and I’m happy for her success…. but uhhm, no I am not really feeling this interview as well. There seemed to be some sort of disconnect. To me personally I take “natural” as anything representing your natural hair texture. It’s the difference in texture that has caused afro-haired-black women to alter their hair with chemicals or hide it under wigs that are not similar to their own. Technically wearing any sort of weave wouldn’t be natural. BUT when we get into discussions about the discrimination Afro-hair faces, the beauty standards that Afro-hair fails to meet, and… Read more »

ICAM. You hit the nail on the head but it will be ignored and cries of militant natural police will be chanted, the usual go to deflection ploy.


+1 billion!




I am not judging anybody for relaxing or weaving, but please don’t expect me to call them natural if all they do is hide their natural hair. What makes flat ironing and wearing weaves 24-7 more natural than relaxing? So, they do everything they can to have straight hair EXCEPT relax? Big deal.

I am about to go on a rant because this really bothers me. Angela, I completely agree with you! As a community, we really need to redefine what it means to be “natural.” It really disappoints me when people limit the definition of natural to just hair that is “chemical free.” In my opinion, there’s so much more to it. On a physical level, being natural is about maintaining one’s hair in its UNALTERED, NATURAL STATE OF TEXTURE (more on this later). But most importantly, being “natural” is a state of mind. It’s not just about a cessation of using… Read more »

Co-sign 100%! You nailed it.
You are NOT natural if the hair that you present to the world 24/7 is 100% Yaki or straight hair from the head of an Indian woman! There is too much nonsensical bandwagon jumping going on. If you wear weave, then good for you. But spare everyone the delusional nonsense that you are natural, when you never wear out the hair that grows naturally out of your scalp!

Monday's Baby

Yes. Yes to all of this.

Cher Nikki

The obviously your definition is more than just the meaning that hair is not chemically treated. It is like Black people that question someone’s blackness because they have beliefs that differ from a large portion of the group. Still Black by definition. Doesn’t matter what you wanna call them. You are deciding who is in or out based on a standard that you created and is not what the term means.



You know what… a lot of you commenters/observers either have short term or selective memory. Because I remember when BGLH initially posted the picture of Angela Simmons’ natural hair and was CRUCIFIED because many of you said that a.) the hair might not be natural or b.) flat out that the hair was NOT natural. Remember?? http://bglhonline.com/2011/08/angela-simmons-reveals-her-massive-natural-hair/ Now you wanna complain that the interview is uninspiring. SMH. For me, I’m glad that it’s been cleared up that Angela Simmons IS IN FACT natural underneath the weave. And even though she might not be at a point where she’s walking up… Read more »

I know that I’m more surprised about her responses than if she wears it out or not.


WOW!!! to be honest While wacthing Daddy’s girls, I didn’t even realise that she had a weave!!lol. she is beautiful and her hair is absolutely healthy and georgeous


yesss, Cher Nikki. You couldnt have said the words better.. I totally agree:0)


some are taking this hair thing to seriously. This girl is not putting any harsh chemicals in her hair to permanently change the texture. So is she Natural? hell yes. If she chooses to wear weaves as protective styling, then kudos to her because from the looks of it, it’s working..what is the problem? i don’t get it.

Cher Nikki
I feel like people are being hard on the Angela. Particularly with their description of natural. Natural is simply the state of the hair…is it chemically processed or not. How she decides to where it (covered up or braided or out) is a personal decision. I find it odd that people are saying she is not natural if she doesn’t embrace her hair. I feel like embracing you hair is different for everyone. People get on Kimmytube because 90% of the time she wears her hair twisted up and pinned back. Kizzy twist are often used to describe what she… Read more »
Patricia Kayden

Good comment, Cher.

Right now I wear wigs so that my natural hair can grow to a length where I can blow or flat iron it out. That’s my choice. I completely understand how Angela feels. Perhaps she just doesn’t like the way her hair looks when it is curly and prefers a straight style.

No biggie.


How “natural” are you really if all you ever do is hide your natural hair under weaves or flat iron it? There is more to being natural than not relaxing.


No theirs not. If you don’t have chemicals in your hair. You’re natural. bottom line. It doesn’t matter if she hides it all the time, she still is natural.


+1,000,000 THANK YOU Jazmin! There’s a difference between being natural and being part of this online natural hair community.

Being natural simply means being chemical free. No ifs, ands or buts. Angela Simmons is natural because she doesn’t alter the texture of her hair.

But as far as being part of this online natural hair community… hmm… that’s a whole nother story. There’s a whole set of rules and regulations to that.


Jasmine, can you please provide me with a manual about these “rules and regulations” in regards to being a part of the online natural hair community?


No there really isn’t. Most agree with the idea that natural is just chemical free unaltered hair. It goes no deeper than that for many. Of course there are some that feel natural hair should carry certain caveats and regulations but these are truly in the minority. You come across as someone who has a very negative view of the online element of the natural hair community. It shouldn’t affect you as much as it does or anyone else for that matter. If I were you, i’d leave it alone. Being on here complaining seems futile.



I think some people fail to realize that, a weave, is not a chemical. It’s not about “hiding” your hair (for some it may be), it’s simply an easy hair choice that equally protects your hair strands. You don’t have to jump around proclaiming how natural you are, wearing T-shirt’s, etc. It’s just hair, just like relaxed hair! We’re all here for the same purpose, protecting, growing and keeping our hair healthy! JS.

+1 I couldn’t agree more. We’ve gotten way off the path and have started “policing” what natural is. Yea she wears weaves all the time but she is a natural. Sheesh. I do agree with others though that her interview was and wasn’t inspiring. It was in that it shows protective styles like weaves give your hair rest so it can grow and retain uninterrupted if taken care of properly. It wasn’t inspiring because on BGLH, we want to see what women are doing to their hair to keep it thriving and looking good and since she doesn’t do her… Read more »



Interesting hair design πŸ™‚


I understand 24/7 protective styling for those in the entertainment industry. While I don’t take much issue with her not wearing her own hair out, I wonder if she would (or has) worn weaves that resemble her natural texture? Anyways, I wasn’t exoecting much from the interview on Angela’s end; from the little that I know about her, she seems like a run-of-the-mill vapid industry gal.

I really love this blog and I usually don’t post, but the Angela Simmons topics are really eating at me. As someone who wears weaves and interlocking as protective styles, I can certainly attest to the growth and health of my natural hair now vs. when I was wearing my natural hair out in twists or other styles. I am not Angela Simmons and I don’t have her genetic makeup or hair type, but I have a gorgeous head of natural hair that I love, a texture that I happily embrace and a hair length that I want to retain… Read more »
i agree with you Moon but i think what people are trying to say is that Angela seems very indifferent towards the whole hair topic.. alot of us who visit the site went natural for different reasons and know how much time and care we put into our hair ( i mean thats why we read the blog) so we were interested in seeing her routine or reasons, not just o my hair dresser does it i just didnt see the point in perm. I wear weaves and protect my hair but the reason i protect it is because im… Read more »

what is interlocking?


Interlocking is another term for crochet braids.


oh ok. thanks!


I agree with the comments made, this isn’t really an inspiring interview. She’s got a gorgeous head of hair on her, it would be nice to see more of it.

I don’t think her going natural seemed like too much of a choice, like she said.. there was no point in perming .. especially if its under a weave the whole time… duuh!


I understand that natural hair is diverse and you can do so much with it in the sense of style(twist-out, weaves, straighten, etc.). Women can do whatever they want with their hair but something about this interview just rubbed me the work way. Is it really embracing the beauty of natural hair if the person isn’t willing to wear their natural hair out sans flat iron?

Heck I use to wear nothing but weaves so there was no need for a relaxer does that mean I embraced my natural texture? No.


I agree. I was like what’s the point of being a natural if you’re not rocking the natural hair…ever?


“Is it really embracing the beauty of natural hair if the person isn’t willing to wear their natural hair out sans flat iron?”

I totally agree with you. While various styling options are fantastic, the inability to leave the house without flat-ironing speaks volumes.

Nevertheless, I do believe that she will inspire many to take care of their hair while it’s weaved (especially if money is no major concern)and I hope that she may be inspired to learn, for there is power and freedom in this, to take care of her own hair.



Annie L.

Beautiful woman, I wish her continued success. The interview was my least favorite on BGLH though, for either her hair care tips, her design inspiration or career history and motivation. Every answer seemed so general, uninformed and worst of all boring. Despite all that I love the diversity of interviewees and the great questions!

Ms. M

I agree that her answers were pretty general and she seemed rather disinterested. But she was probably just doing the interview because it’s free publicity and she can plug her fashion line(s). I don’t know if it’s my least favorite interview, but it wasn’t really inspiring or informative to me.

Not in reply to Annie L.- I can’t agree that just because she only wears her hair straightened or in a weave that it’s not “really natural.” As long as she doesn’t have a relaxer, it’s still natural.

lilkunta (to MsM)

MsM: Angela’s hair is natural yes.
What we see day to say inst natural.


Her hair is gorgeous and thick, it was my least favourite interview as well…she answered the questions like yeah its just whatever anything goes I guess smh umm really, oh ok…


well maybe there’s link between her nonchalant attitude and her length retention. she doesn’t fuss with it and so its allowed to grow uninhibited…


Ha Ha! Your so right. She’s young though, so I’ll give her a pass. That’s my girl though I dig her a lot πŸ™‚



I couldn’t agree more.
But hey at least she was completely honest about what she does with her hair which isn’t that much.


Um… Why are you being a hater?? BGLH has no control over the responses celebrities give to the questions.

#icant with some commenters.


How is she a “hater”(gosh I hate that word)? She’s stating HER opinion . Annie clearly stated that the questions asked was great clearly she knows that BGLH has no control over responses.She just did not like Angela’s reply to said questions, what’s wrong with that?

Why even say “The interview was my least favorite on BGLH”. Who says that? Why take shots at BGLH if Angela is the problem. But I’m not a fan of the BGLH comment box. There’s a lot of passive aggression and outright nastiness that goes on here. And check the end of this comment thread for my other response. When BGLH initially posted the pic of Angela Simmons’ hair, people were upset, and swore up and down that a.) it wasn’t real or b.) it wasn’t natural. To me, this interview silenced those accusations that were probably leveled by some… Read more »
lilkunta( to jasmine)
lilkunta( to jasmine)

jasmine: YOU are the hater. Annie posted her opinion which many of us agree with. Angela has no adivce bc she doesnt take care of her hair herself. Then when was talking about her shoes PASTRy)overpriced chit IMO) and her new clothes lines, more genral stufff. ARe she/her sis really involved or are they just figureheads?

jasmine, u aint the moderator or the thought police.
So YOU JASMINE sit down and shutup.

Annie L.
Q:”Why even say β€œThe interview was my least favorite on BGLH”” A: Because that was my RESPECTFULLY stated opinion. Q:”Why take shots at BGLH if Angela is the problem” A: I didn’t, if you read my post it went as follows: “Beautiful woman, I wish her continued success. The interview was my least favorite on BGLH though, for either her hair care tips, her design inspiration or career history and motivation. Every answer seemed so general, uninformed and worst of all boring. Despite all that I love the diversity of interviewees and the great questions!” Your reply to my comments… Read more »

Yours was the first negative comment I read on this post, and I don’t think she was taking shots at BGLH, because she only asked the questions, I think she was simply saying Angela was a boring interviewee.


Agree, Jasmine you came across like the thought police and appeared to be the only passive aggressive at this point in the comments. There were a lot of complimentary comments on the last AS post. Why do you read and post in the comments if your disposition is so delicate that you cannot handle opinions which are contrary to your own? This was a boring, strangely flat and nonchalant interview and I understand that the criticism was of the respondent’s lacklustre answers not Laila at all.

Cher Nikki

@Jasmine Co-sign


I agree with Annie. She didn’t seem like she had much to say. she doesn’t take care of her hair, her hair dressers do. So she wouldn’t have many tips on taking care of it, other than weaving it up.


I have mixed feelings about the interview too. I love her long, thick hair and it would have been nice to get some hair care tips besides paying money to let others do it or weaving. It works for her and her lifestyle (and budget!) so I wont throw shade…


that was a nice interview and I liked that she talked about her work and upcoming line. but for the life of me, I can never understand the concept of keeping your hair hidden under weave, wigs,braids and whatnot 100% of the time…I don’t understand WHEN these individuals enjoy their actual hair whether it is natural,realxed textlaxed etc.I guess there is just somekind of satisfaction in knowing your own hair is healthy and growing even though you almost never get to showcase it…


Lola, I hear ya, at least for the everyday girl, but if I were a celebrity I think I would do it to. The pressure to be camera ready 24-7-365 would put too much stress on my natural hair. In order to protect and preserve it I would probably wear lots of wigs and weaves. Many women I respect in the industry Oprah, Tyra, Beyonce use them liberally. I put Angela in the need-to-wear-weave group with them. But as for the rest of us, I think we can give it a rest already.


Wow, the need- to- wear category. That group would have to contain more than just celebrties right? Like busy working,studying & attending classess college students and the working 2 jobs, taking care of the kids single moms or can’t won’t and never will have hair women suffering from alopecia. In short we should strive to understand, support, encourage and lift one another as oppose to judging one another because you never really know who is in the “need to wear group” when you pass them on the street. Great article and very empowering.


exactly, many women are in the need-to-wear category. especially with all the talk of fitness and how our hair affects our ability to work out.


I am in the need-to-wear category, because I work out at least 4-5 times a week and a large part of that is cardio. I use wigs with my hair twisted up underneath. Wigs are best for me, because I need to have access to my hair daily for moisturizing, washing an so forth. It would be impossible for her as a loose-haired natural to wear her hair out for more than a couple days at a time (can we say tangles?) without inviting dryness and breakage. Low manipulation is what is best for my type 4 hair.


Well I’m not in the need-to-wear category, but I did wear wigs for 6 months straight leaving my hair in twists underneath (I’m a transitioner) and I saw HUGE progress in hair growth. But kimmaytube does have information on how to achieve the proper styles for things such as working out w/o having to wear wigs; her method is using neutral ph balanced products (6.0-for ex. water and oil) that stretches the hair and also makes it puffier. This enables one to sweat without having to worry about extreme frizz.


Proof that protective styling, weaves etc. are healthy for hair growth! (As long as you take care of it, that is!). I love the growth and the health of her hair. I understand with wanting to keep it in extensions, because natural hair can sometimes be a hassle. I’ve been on the brink of getting a weave!

Alas, she looks great. The picture of her hair straightened is to die for!


Proof indeed! True die hard weave and wig wearers MUST be 100% natural if they hope to see that kind of healthy growth. I’ve encouraged many to release the perm & coloring when wearing alternative hair and with patience and proper care growth happens

Amma Mama

Awwww nice interview!

Tiffany La'Sha

Love. Love. Love her. πŸ™‚
from fashion, hair and the way
she carries herself.
#teamANG/. πŸ™‚


pretty girl, epic hair πŸ™‚