Angela Simmons, “I’ve Been Natural For Like 3 Years”

A few weeks ago Angela Simmons tweeted a picture of her hair sans weave. This sparked a lot of discussion on BGLH about whether the fro was natural or not. I reached out to Angela to get an answer and was excited to discover that her hair is indeed natural. Check it out.

How long have you been natural? Are you a lifelong natural or is this something that you recently did?
I’ve been natural for like 3 years. When I get weaves in I just sew it up and leave it alone.

Why did you decide to stop perming it?
I just figured that I didn’t really need it. And I did notice that my hair was way thicker without the perm and it just seemed healthier without it and I just didn’t want to put any more chemicals in it. So I just left it alone.

Angela Simmons, Natural Hair
Angela’s natural hair, blown out

Would you ever consider having it huge and natural out in public?
You mean without flat-ironing it? No. [Weaves are] easier for me. I work out alot and I travel a lot. So to have my own hair out is a hassle for me. So I don’t do it.

When you tweeted that picture of your hair did you get any negative reaction?
It was pretty good. Nobody was negative. They just didn’t know I had so much hair underneath when I wear weaves.

So your hair grows pretty fast?
I guess. If I cut it it would probably grow back pretty quickly.

What are your tips for maintaining your hair, because it looks really healthy and really thick.
I just keep it braided up alot. For the most part I stay in the hair salon alot and get my hair done alot so I kind of lean on my hairdressers for that. So for the most part, when I go, I do deep conditioners and sit under a dryer or steamer. But other than that…

But I did something bad not too long ago. My front got all messed up. I had a blonde weave, you know I had that moment where I wanted to go blonde. And I bleached some of my hair and it broke off and that was a bad idea.

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So I don’t suggest that anyone bleach their hair. Overall my hair’s pretty healthy it’s just the front’s a little messed up so I’ve been doing whatever I can. Oh, and I do suggest Moroccan oil. It’s amazing.

How long do you keep the weaves in at a time?
Not that long because I change my hair so much. So, probably a month at the most. But I’m the girl who changes my hair a lot, so.

You have a new fashion line coming out soon.
Yeh, I’m really working on my designs and stuff, so not quite yet. I don’t have a date for you guys but I am working on it. That’s why I’m here at New York Fashion Week getting inspiration and all that stuff.

If you could describe the aesthetic of your line, what would it be?
It definitely has to represent me and how I dress and my sense of style but I would definitely say it’s Betsey Johnson meeting the Juicy Couture girl. In between that I feel like she’s not catered to, so that’s the girl I wanna find. It’s the girl who’s on her own and living for herself. That’s me.

With your sneaker line, Pastry, you’ve had a lot of success at a very young age. Did you think this was the path you would go down?
I’ve always wanted to know what I wanted to do. Since I was 9 I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer. So the path I’m on isn’t much of a shock to myself. I’ve worked pretty diligently to be where I’m at and I’m still working on perfecting my craft and what I do. I’m very excited and happy that everyone’s accepting me and that so many young girls say they have somebody that they can look up to. Now that I realize that I’m such an inspiration for young girls I think it’s amazing.

Thanks for setting the record straight, Angela!
You can find Angela on Twitter.

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143 thoughts on “Angela Simmons, “I’ve Been Natural For Like 3 Years”

  1. I just don’t get why people have to be so judgmental about other peoples hair. Like, is the hair growing out of YOUR head? Do you know her life? Are you Angela Simmons? I’m guessing not…so why do people feel the need to dictate what’s right and wrong for her or why she hasn’t given a lot of info. Maybe this really is all she does to her hair and should you care? No. For me the main reason behind going natural is to embrace and love it how you want to love it. There is not a natural hair law that everyone must follow or you’ll go to natural hair jail. If Angela wants to go to the salon 2-3 times a week, then who cares? Maybe it’s been working for her and she can afford it. Can we all just live? (Needed to vent sorry lol).

    • it’s a matter of identity, a non-Eurocentric one. But i dont expect you to understand with your apparent slave mentality…

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