A few weeks ago Angela Simmons tweeted a picture of her hair sans weave. This sparked a lot of discussion on BGLH about whether the fro was natural or not. I reached out to Angela to get an answer and was excited to discover that her hair is indeed natural. Check it out.

How long have you been natural? Are you a lifelong natural or is this something that you recently did?
I’ve been natural for like 3 years. When I get weaves in I just sew it up and leave it alone.

Why did you decide to stop perming it?
I just figured that I didn’t really need it. And I did notice that my hair was way thicker without the perm and it just seemed healthier without it and I just didn’t want to put any more chemicals in it. So I just left it alone.

Angela Simmons, Natural Hair
Angela’s natural hair, blown out

Would you ever consider having it huge and natural out in public?
You mean without flat-ironing it? No. [Weaves are] easier for me. I work out alot and I travel a lot. So to have my own hair out is a hassle for me. So I don’t do it.

When you tweeted that picture of your hair did you get any negative reaction?
It was pretty good. Nobody was negative. They just didn’t know I had so much hair underneath when I wear weaves.

So your hair grows pretty fast?
I guess. If I cut it it would probably grow back pretty quickly.

What are your tips for maintaining your hair, because it looks really healthy and really thick.
I just keep it braided up alot. For the most part I stay in the hair salon alot and get my hair done alot so I kind of lean on my hairdressers for that. So for the most part, when I go, I do deep conditioners and sit under a dryer or steamer. But other than that…

But I did something bad not too long ago. My front got all messed up. I had a blonde weave, you know I had that moment where I wanted to go blonde. And I bleached some of my hair and it broke off and that was a bad idea.

Photo Source: NecoleBitchie.com

So I don’t suggest that anyone bleach their hair. Overall my hair’s pretty healthy it’s just the front’s a little messed up so I’ve been doing whatever I can. Oh, and I do suggest Moroccan oil. It’s amazing.

How long do you keep the weaves in at a time?
Not that long because I change my hair so much. So, probably a month at the most. But I’m the girl who changes my hair a lot, so.

You have a new fashion line coming out soon.
Yeh, I’m really working on my designs and stuff, so not quite yet. I don’t have a date for you guys but I am working on it. That’s why I’m here at New York Fashion Week getting inspiration and all that stuff.

If you could describe the aesthetic of your line, what would it be?
It definitely has to represent me and how I dress and my sense of style but I would definitely say it’s Betsey Johnson meeting the Juicy Couture girl. In between that I feel like she’s not catered to, so that’s the girl I wanna find. It’s the girl who’s on her own and living for herself. That’s me.

With your sneaker line, Pastry, you’ve had a lot of success at a very young age. Did you think this was the path you would go down?
I’ve always wanted to know what I wanted to do. Since I was 9 I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer. So the path I’m on isn’t much of a shock to myself. I’ve worked pretty diligently to be where I’m at and I’m still working on perfecting my craft and what I do. I’m very excited and happy that everyone’s accepting me and that so many young girls say they have somebody that they can look up to. Now that I realize that I’m such an inspiration for young girls I think it’s amazing.

Thanks for setting the record straight, Angela!
You can find Angela on Twitter.

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[…] are taking the approach of weaving aggressively while hiding their natural tresses. (Remember my Angela Simmons interview last year?) My question is, what do you think of this? Is it a step forward for natural hair (they are, after […]

[…] Our 2011 interview with Angela Simmons, who has a massive afro under a shiny head of weave, sparked major debate. Some felt that Ms Simmons, who didn’t know much about managing her natural hair (outside of seeing a stylist) was not qualified to be featured on a natural hair blog. But an increasing number of women are transitioning from relaxers via weaves, while keeping their natural kinks and curls hidden underneath. Some don’t yet have the courage to rock their natural hair out in public, and others find that weaves — which can withstand significantly more manipulation and heat… Read more »

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I just don’t get why people have to be so judgmental about other peoples hair. Like, is the hair growing out of YOUR head? Do you know her life? Are you Angela Simmons? I’m guessing not…so why do people feel the need to dictate what’s right and wrong for her or why she hasn’t given a lot of info. Maybe this really is all she does to her hair and should you care? No. For me the main reason behind going natural is to embrace and love it how you want to love it. There is not a natural hair… Read more »

it’s a matter of identity, a non-Eurocentric one. But i dont expect you to understand with your apparent slave mentality…

I will never understand the need for women to not wear their real hair because they ‘work out’ or ‘have a busy lifestyle’. When it gets to a certain length 1braid down the back can be striking,so can a loose bun, a loose ponytail, etc. even a few braids/twists put I @ night will leave you with fresh luscious waves in the morning as soon as you take them down (with proper moisture of course). Why fork over our hard earned money to others when we are capable of growing a head full of hair? Sure, you may not be… Read more »

[…] the way, for the skeptics, we know for a fact that Angela Simmons is natural. She spoke to us about it a couple years […]


It’s been about 16 months for me…No PERM, thank God! I’ve been braiding my hair every 3 to 4 weeks and wearing wigs. My hair has really grown a lot! I’m eager to see how longer its going to get. My scalp recently broke out, I guess from all that pulling when my hair is braided…My question to Angela is: how often should I was my hair and do you think that not washing my hair every time I get it braided, is the reason why my scalp broke out?? Btw, thanks for Moroccan Oil tip.

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I did love this post because of how we really harped on the word natural. It was interesting and appalling all at once. In the end I think you are what you say you are, and who really should tell you anything different.

Angela Simmons just released a pic of the natural her, thats all. It doesnt even look like she has on make-up in that picture. I also think that people are jealous that she has all that hair whether they want to admit it or not. It is generally assumed that people who wear weave all the time have short hair, but ofcourse this is not true. Who knows, maybe Angela wanted people to see her real hair,…now they know she is not bald lol. Same thing with Tyra Banks. she showcased her real hair on Tv and she also has… Read more »
Virgos Very Own

great interview. used it on my blog. hope you don’t mind?

W-o-w, at some of the responses. My opinion…like someone else said, sound like Angela doesn’t have alot of natural hair tips, etc to share, she has the resources to have her hairdressers take care of her hair. It’s weaved up to protect her natural hair. I enjoyed the interview (not to say everyone else should) but how many tips can you expect her to give if she doesn’t even take care of her own hair ? and like someone else said BGLH reached out to her because of the tweeted pic with that gorgeous head of hair she has.
OMG, is it that much of a crime to not like every feature on here?!??! I like Angela(as much as you can “like” someone you don’t know) but did not like the interview. It was dull to some of us. Why does that bother so many people? Since when do we all have to like the same thing? Sheesh! This is the “if you don’t like something you are a hater” crap that gets on my last nerve. We read the same thing but some of us did not get much out of it. Does not mean those who do… Read more »
Her regimen is pretty basic even if she has hairstylist’s that actually ‘cares’ for her hair, it works for her and her lifestyle. So her answers to the questions were cut and dry big deal! She shared what she wanted to share even if it was straight and to the point, and how much can she share anyways when her hair is weaved up the majority of the time lol, the point is she shared what works for HER and obviously she doesn’t take her natural hair and the whole ‘natural hair movement’ too seriously, nothing wrong with that. I… Read more »

Actually, the person to ask about this particular woman’s hair care regimen would be her stylist since she’s the one that actually takes care of the hair, and not Miss Simmons. Therefore, we don’t know how simple or complicated the hair care regimen is, what products are applied, how the hair is detangled etc., simply based on this interview.


[…] In her interview she talks about her choice to go natural, Pastry shoe line, and the fashion line that she has in the works. You can read the entire article here. […]


I was afraid of getting a sew-in because I’d heard so many stories of traction alopecia and maintenance issues, but Angela Simmons definitely inspired me to look for a stylist who can do a sew in without messing up my natural hair. I’m so ready to try a new protective style!


[…] In her interview she talks about her decision on going natural amongst other things such as her new fashion line and of course the Pastry shoe line. You can read the article in its entireity here http://bglhonline.com/2011/09/angela-simmons-ive-been-natural-for-like-3-years-bglh-exclusive-interv… […]


I love Angela! She seems so cool and down to earth!


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Well this is what she had to say on Curlynikki as well she added a little bit more not much.



Hold up this girl goes to the hair stylist 2-3 times a week and ppl are saying we can learn about hair care from her? Protective styling is not what grew her hair out its having a stylish at her beck and call.

Cher Nikki
Once the hair is braided how would a stylist be doing anything to her natural hair. If she is going 2 – 3 times a week she is clearly having the weave styled while her natural hair is untouched. If she is wearing a weave for a month…then that means her hair is braided for a month. She could easily grow a 1/2 of hair because no one…even a stylist…is touching it. You sound judgmental because she has the money to afford to go to a stylist. I don’t think that has anything to do with the simple fact that… Read more »

Ummm no I’m not judgmental because she has money. I just don’t understand how a person who can afford stylist can give advice on natural hair to women who can’t afford that luxury so please take that ish somewhere else.


Also I don’t agree that weaves are a protective style for everyone especially women with fine hair which make up many black women. The thread from weave can destroy your strands.



Okay, it’s official: I have a trick computer. Before I get to why I say that, I would like to point out something that has been unnoted before now. While the words written to indicate Ms. Simmons’ responses read as lackluster to some of us, those words are all we have of her responses. We don’t have a visual of her face or the soundtrack of her voice to add any hint of emotion or to confirm any lack thereof. And if we’re honest, there have been any number of moments when some of us have expressed ourselves in such… Read more »

I saw all of that as well. I think most people made up their minds about her interview and decided to skip over all that. Or they were looking for a statement like “As black women today we are conditioned…” from her. Not every natural you see is going to be enlightened about their hair (especially one’s who have been natural their whole lives or decade veterans) and gush about it. Some just let it be hair and keep their day moving. And for her busy schedule, a weave seems fit for the occasion.

Cher Nikki
Excellent breakdown of the interview! I read it the same way you did. It seems clear that people made judgments without reading details and also based on their opinion of her from what they have seen on T.V. If we are just focusing on the interview and the information she provided I would agree that she provided information about protective styling, coloring, deep treatment, and health. Everyone is not doing their hair themselves. I have been natural since 2004 and up until last year I was regularly going to a stylist to have my hair done and treated. No shame… Read more »

Uh… no. I don’t even know who this woman is (other than what I’ve read here), so I did not make up my mind about her. Opinions that are different than yours does not automatically = buggin. I do like her name, though.

I tend to agree with you. T too have no idea who this woman is, and therefore might have liked to learn about her and her hair, since this is a forum for such enlightenment. I took her responses to mean that she really prefers not to discuss her hair for whatever reason, but prefers to discuss her fashion line. A fashion line I’ve never seen and know nothing about. I get that some folks like that those of us reading this interview negatively are being unkind, and in one case wrote a detailed diatribe to tell us just how… Read more »
Robin Nicole


You’re funny!