First she amazed the BGLH com­mu­ni­ty back in Novem­ber with her gor­geous fro, now she’s amaz­ing the world! Aevin Dugas was recent­ly rec­og­nized as hav­ing the world’s largest afro!! Check out the sto­ry from the Guin­ness World Records web­site:

Aevin Dugas a 36 year-old social work­er from New Orleans, USA, is the proud own­er of the largest nat­ur­al afro in the world with a cir­cum­fer­ence mea­sur­ing an incred­i­ble 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m).

The hair­style that has tak­en over 12 years to grow can at times be prob­lem­at­ic.

“It’s always get­ting caught in trees, and one time I even slammed my hair in the car door! And I hate it when peo­ple touch it with­out ask­ing my per­mis­sion first!” , she admits.

How­ev­er Aevin has no regrets over her choice of hair­style: “As a woman you’re told that straight hair is beau­ti­ful hair. This is crazy. The afro is my nat­ur­al hair­style and there can’t be any­thing more beau­ti­ful than that”.

Aevin trims her afro three times a year, and uses up to five con­di­tion­ers at once when she wash­es it.

“You want to know the best thing about my hair?” Aevin says with a smile: “It pro­vides the per­fect pil­low. I sleep very well.”

The hair is larg­er than a dis­co ball! Aevin’s hair­style is so large she could fit the world’s short­est man inside!

Con­grats Aevin!! Check out her style icon pro­file here.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I love the fact that her hair stands up. I don’t have an afro as big as hers, but it still is a BAA. Even after I cut it, my hair stood up for a short peri­od then it grew out again, but it doesn’t stand up. I sim­ply admire the fact her hair doesn’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly split down the mid­dle of her head like mine. ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS! Regard­ing oth­ers who sup­pos­ed­ly have a big­ger afro than hers, they can con­tact the Guin­ness Book of World Records to chal­lenge her record next year. In the mean­time Ms. Aevin Dugas can keep… Read more »

Aevin, your hair is gor­geous, I am so proud of u. My hair was almost that huge when I was wear­ing the Afro. I love it, I’m going to print ur pic and put it on my desk at work. Not only is your hair beau­ti­ful so are you.

BlackAngel Playah

She has my DREAM fro! LoL! As far as Guin­ness they take what you give them. If that lady’s fro was real if she didn’t enter it, they won’t con­sid­er it. Like the woman with the longest locs. I’ve seen tribes men with longer locs- not to men­tion a lot THICKER. BUT they didn’t enter them, so she won. Just a bit of info. I wel­come some­one to cor­rect me. :) I won’t be mad at cha. :p



Why did her put her in a club next to a dis­co club? Is it only me who felt that was kin­da throw­ing her back to the 1970s?


that a per­son can have so a big full afro, love­ly


Her hair is so BIG!!! I love it.

Does any­one else think it’s weird that she “owns” the world’s largest afro?


There’s a hair­styl­ist named Nameea whose on fel­low youtu­ber “Alexan­drabond” video who has an Gigan­tic afro :). Check her out at stamp code 13:02 to see the hair.




Yeah, her hair is amaz­ing and total­ly gor­geous!


Beau­ti­ful hair! I won­der if she gets knots, tan­gles, SSKs, etc from wear­ing it out…


Pret­ty hair, I’m envi­ous, but what about that lady in France? Remem­ber her, some­one said she was mad?


Do you mean this lady? 

[imgcomment image[/img]

I thought of her imme­di­ate­ly, too, when I saw this. I’m not sure if she’s in France, but the license plates on the cars look Euro­pean. Also, I hadn’t heard that she was men­tal­ly ill. I just remem­ber this pho­to going around a few months back and saved it because I loooove her ‘fro. I don’t know for sure, but I like to think that her hair is real, because I NEED to believe it’s pos­si­ble. She has my dream afro– RIDICULOUSLY huge!


I saw this on a nat­ur­al hair web site on fb.. And it was said that this lady in Europe fro wasn’t real… Come on think about it.. If it were real she would have won and not Aevin.. I mean don’t cha think? Go Aevin… <3


You have to enter for Guin­ness, so Aevin would’ve won because she has the biggest afro out of all the peo­ple who chose to enter. Maybe more peo­ple out there will learn about the cat­e­go­ry from this sto­ry (I know this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it) and decide to enter next year because they think they have an even big­ger afro than Aevin’s, uh, Aefro… 

I hope we’ll get to see even more big, beau­ti­ful ‘fros next time around!


This was post­ed on here. Some­one in France where she lives said that it wasn’t real and the woman had men­tal health issues. Not sure if that’s true but it’s what was said.

She reminds me of Yuba­ba in Spir­it­ed Away for some rea­son, must be the shape.

I also read that you need to put your­self for­ward for the GBOR to be includ­ed. It was rea­soned that she may have been the per­son with the longest hair to put her­self for­ward at the time.

Aevin’s hair looks love­ly.


The size of it is unbe­liev­able. But…I want to believe! I won­der, how does any­one who has seen her in per­son know for sure that it isn’t real? I mean, where could you even get an afro wig or weave THAT big and long? And, um, do they ship to the U.S.??? Just kiddin…kind of…


Con­grat­u­la­tions to her, the fro is FIERCE!!!!!


Beau­ti­ful. Almost as long as I am tall lol


Bossi­est fro ever! I love it!


Woot woot! Go Aevin!!


Soooooo Beau­ti­ful­l­l­ll!!!! Con­grat­u­la­tions!


Wow! I won­der if she wears her hair in oth­er styles.


On this site straw­ber­ri­curls she has added more pics with oth­er styles that she puts it in as well hope this helps.


I won­dered that too. She obvi­ous­ly takes real­ly good care of her hair. Con­grats!


it’s so beau­ti­ful *weeps*. my god, i can only imag­ine the detan­gling process lol.…get it girl!

Von­nie of


Her hair is gor­geous, and I com­plain about my detan­gling time. Wow now that is alot of hair drool­ing :).lol.…

lady jaye

Way to go Aevin! Con­grats!

Vida Starr

I want that!!


Wow this makes me so hap­py on so many lev­els.


I LOVE IT!!! You FRO girl!


+1 and Con­grats!!!


I love it… it’s so volu­mi­nous!!