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The prais­es of cas­tor oil ring out loud and clear for all to hear. I heard about how beau­ti­ful­ly mois­turised it kept hair and how many wom­en would exclu­sive­ly use it alone as no oth­er oil could match cas­tor oil.  I final­ly bowed to the inner pro­duct junkie and pur­chased some.

Sad­ly I was dis­ap­point­ed, it was super thick, felt sticky and when applied to my hair, it just seem to sit there and do noth­ing except attract lint.

I final­ly asked for help on how to use it and was reward­ed with a huge num­ber of tips on how to con­quer the thick­ness which you may also find use­ful if you have a bot­tle gath­er­ing dust in the cor­ner.

1. Use It on Wet Hair

The most agreed on method was to use cas­tor oil on wet hair. The water on the hair helps to ease down the thick­ness of the oil and allow it to spread eas­i­ly. Most peo­ple used it before twist­ing or braid­ing hair as opposed to for a wash and go, but that is not to say it can­not be done.

The next agreed method was to use it only in speci­fic areas like the edges of hair to help smooth down the hair and reduce frizz. This is as opposed to using it as a seal­ing oil all over after wash­ing hair.

2. Use Less Oil

Cas­tor oil is very thick and vis­cous and for many wom­en is the ulti­mate oil when it comes to retain­ing mois­ture. The thick­ness of the oil means that you can get great results by using less of it. Using a lot of oil makes your hair the sticky lint trap that I pre­vi­ous­ly described. Although it does not spread eas­i­ly, it forms a thick­er lay­er which makes up for the dis­tri­b­u­tion prob­lems.

3. Mix It Up

As with all nat­u­ral oils, you can cre­ate a bet­ter tex­ture by sim­ply mix­ing them up. One lady describes a whipped cas­tor oil mousse which she made by whip­ping shea but­ter, coconut and cas­tor oil. Sim­pler mix­es are also pos­si­ble, where you sim­ply add some olive or almond oil to the cas­tor oil to make it eas­ier to apply.

4. Use it for Something Else

If your hair sim­ply is not in love with cas­tor oil in any form then it is rec­om­mend­ed  for facial cleans­ing (oil rins­ing) and for deal­ing with hard skin on feet. Recy­cling the oil for anoth­er pur­pose is always an option instead of let­ting it occu­py space or throw­ing it out. Have a mini spa day and use up that oil!

Have you tried any of the­se tips? Is cas­tor oil a part of your reg­i­men? What do you use it for?

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I respond­ed to Jc’s request for cas­tor oil tips. I don’t know what I would do with­out it in my cab­i­net. I use it oil cleanse my face (mixed with an equal part jojoba oil), to oil rin­se my hair (mixed with an equal part olive oil), and I recent­ly bought some EXPENSIVE argan oil and plan to mix it with cas­tor oil to use and stretch it out. The argan/castor mix leaves the hair very soft. The two con­sis­ten­cies mix well togeth­er (cas­tor is thick, argaan is light) and it seems to real­ly pen­e­trate into the hair, adding shine… Read more »
I real­ly like cas­tor oil for shine, to lock in mois­ture, and it’s thick­en­ing prop­er­ties. I use reg­u­lar cas­tor oil in my shea but­ter mix for my hair as well as alone to fluff out my braid-n-curl. I also add JBCO to my Amla pre-poo oil treat­ment (this way I can get the ben­e­fits of JBCO, w/o the lin­ger­ing smell! Learned that the hard way!). Both work great for me, but once I tried to do a chunky twist out on a friend, who is a fer­vent wash and go bunn-er…I used cas­tor oil to fluff her twist out…She report­ed… Read more »
W. Lotus
I have been using cas­tor oil on my hair for about a year, ever since I dis­cov­ered it was one of the main ingre­di­ents in a hair oil sam­ple I used and loved. I have mixed cas­tor oil and water in a spray bot­tle and spray it on my hair and scalp every day or so. I have to shake up the cas­tor oil, because it is so thick com­pared to the water, but my hair seems to love the com­bo. At some point I am going to try mix­ing olive oil with it to thin out the cas­tor oil… Read more »

I love the cas­tor oil and extra vir­gin olive oil mix. I make my hair feel and look healthy. Every­one loves my hair with it. I makes it super soft. I shake it up before I spray and all I can say again is I LOVE IT!

RE: At some point I am going to try mix­ing olive oil with it to thin out the cas­tor oil a bit and make it eas­ier to apply. That’s a great idea! I made a ‘super’ oil of equal parts olive and cas­tor oils and fresh rose­mary. I put a few sprigs of rose­mary in a glass jar and poured the oils in the jar as well. Closed the jar tight­ly and put in a dark cab­i­net for 4 weeks. At least once a week, I shook the jar. Gii­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­irl let me tell you! :) That mix is the busi­ness! Mois­ture reten­tion… Read more »

i just add the essen­tial oil of my choos­ing — clove, tan­ger­ine, rose­mary, etc.


You could do that as well, but it is more cost effec­tive, IMO, to just pur­chase the plant fresh and infuse it in the oil. I’m also a stick­ler about using my essen­tial oils since the bot­tle is so small :) Besides all that, I am a Kitchen Chemist and I love doing things from scratch.


I must ask Jc…did you end up revis­it­ing the oil your­self? What were the results? I hoped it worked bet­ter for you this time around.

The Natural Haven

Not yet had a chance to because I’m still in swim mode and so I’m stick­ing to coconut oil. In about a week or so I will be undo­ing my hair so we’ll see how it goes! I’m going to try the apply to wet hair tip.


I LOVEEEEE cas­tor oil…I’m actu­al­ly run­ning out but will most like­ly restock this wknd now that this post has remind­ed me. I def­i­nite­ly use it on my edges to keep them strong while I have my sew in #NoNaomi.


Hi! I did hear that cas­tor oil was great for edges espe­cial­ly if they are thin­ning. Would you/anyone agree? I have nev­er pur­chased cas­tor oil, but have been con­sid­er­ing for a while.


I’d agree! It has great thick­en­ing prop­er­ties! Try JBCO (Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil) as well!