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The praises of castor oil ring out loud and clear for all to hear. I heard about how beautifully moisturised it kept hair and how many women would exclusively use it alone as no other oil could match castor oil.  I finally bowed to the inner product junkie and purchased some.

Sadly I was disappointed, it was super thick, felt sticky and when applied to my hair, it just seem to sit there and do nothing except attract lint.

I finally asked for help on how to use it and was rewarded with a huge number of tips on how to conquer the thickness which you may also find useful if you have a bottle gathering dust in the corner.

1. Use It on Wet Hair

The most agreed on method was to use castor oil on wet hair. The water on the hair helps to ease down the thickness of the oil and allow it to spread easily. Most people used it before twisting or braiding hair as opposed to for a wash and go, but that is not to say it cannot be done.

The next agreed method was to use it only in specific areas like the edges of hair to help smooth down the hair and reduce frizz. This is as opposed to using it as a sealing oil all over after washing hair.

2. Use Less Oil

Castor oil is very thick and viscous and for many women is the ultimate oil when it comes to retaining moisture. The thickness of the oil means that you can get great results by using less of it. Using a lot of oil makes your hair the sticky lint trap that I previously described. Although it does not spread easily, it forms a thicker layer which makes up for the distribution problems.

3. Mix It Up

As with all natural oils, you can create a better texture by simply mixing them up. One lady describes a whipped castor oil mousse which she made by whipping shea butter, coconut and castor oil. Simpler mixes are also possible, where you simply add some olive or almond oil to the castor oil to make it easier to apply.

4. Use it for Something Else

If your hair simply is not in love with castor oil in any form then it is recommended  for facial cleansing (oil rinsing) and for dealing with hard skin on feet. Recycling the oil for another purpose is always an option instead of letting it occupy space or throwing it out. Have a mini spa day and use up that oil!

Have you tried any of these tips? Is castor oil a part of your regimen? What do you use it for?

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My parents always used it in my hair when I was younger. It’s a tradition in the Caribbean. Since I don’t have anymore shea butter these days, I use it to seal moisture after putting my conditioner. I insist on the ends. I also use a castor oil treatment that I apply after shampoo on damp hair and let it sit under a hot towel for 15 to 30 minutes depending on what my hair needs and it does wonders especially on my scalp which is prone to dandruffs and irritation.It makes my hair extra moisturized and soft. But castor… Read more »

I use castotr oil in my hair overnight. I simply saturate my hair in the oil and cover with a plastic cap which I tie down with a head wrap. This gives it a slow hot oil treatment overnight and an excellent pre-shampoo. After washing, the hair is moistured and has a new life


That sounds like something I might try! I’ve never pre-pooed w/ castor oil…usually a mix of Amla and Rosemary Olive Oil, but I’m sure castor oil would do the trick too! I might make a Rosemary Castor Oil infusion to try it!

I responded to Jc’s request for castor oil tips. I don’t know what I would do without it in my cabinet. I use it oil cleanse my face (mixed with an equal part jojoba oil), to oil rinse my hair (mixed with an equal part olive oil), and I recently bought some EXPENSIVE argan oil and plan to mix it with castor oil to use and stretch it out. The argan/castor mix leaves the hair very soft. The two consistencies mix well together (castor is thick, argaan is light) and it seems to really penetrate into the hair, adding shine… Read more »
I really like castor oil for shine, to lock in moisture, and it’s thickening properties. I use regular castor oil in my shea butter mix for my hair as well as alone to fluff out my braid-n-curl. I also add JBCO to my Amla pre-poo oil treatment (this way I can get the benefits of JBCO, w/o the lingering smell! Learned that the hard way!). Both work great for me, but once I tried to do a chunky twist out on a friend, who is a fervent wash and go bunn-er…I used castor oil to fluff her twist out…She reported… Read more »
W. Lotus
I have been using castor oil on my hair for about a year, ever since I discovered it was one of the main ingredients in a hair oil sample I used and loved. I have mixed castor oil and water in a spray bottle and spray it on my hair and scalp every day or so. I have to shake up the castor oil, because it is so thick compared to the water, but my hair seems to love the combo. At some point I am going to try mixing olive oil with it to thin out the castor oil… Read more »
Batches Of Beauty

I do the same thing except I use castor, olive and unrefined coconut oil. It’s not sticky at all


I love the castor oil and extra virgin olive oil mix. I make my hair feel and look healthy. Everyone loves my hair with it. I makes it super soft. I shake it up before I spray and all I can say again is I LOVE IT!

RE: At some point I am going to try mixing olive oil with it to thin out the castor oil a bit and make it easier to apply. That’s a great idea! I made a ‘super’ oil of equal parts olive and castor oils and fresh rosemary. I put a few sprigs of rosemary in a glass jar and poured the oils in the jar as well. Closed the jar tightly and put in a dark cabinet for 4 weeks. At least once a week, I shook the jar. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl let me tell you! 🙂 That mix is the business!… Read more »

i just add the essential oil of my choosing – clove, tangerine, rosemary, etc.


You could do that as well, but it is more cost effective, IMO, to just purchase the plant fresh and infuse it in the oil. I’m also a stickler about using my essential oils since the bottle is so small 🙂 Besides all that, I am a Kitchen Chemist and I love doing things from scratch.


I must ask Jc…did you end up revisiting the oil yourself? What were the results? I hoped it worked better for you this time around.

The Natural Haven

Not yet had a chance to because I’m still in swim mode and so I’m sticking to coconut oil. In about a week or so I will be undoing my hair so we’ll see how it goes! I’m going to try the apply to wet hair tip.


I LOVEEEEE castor oil…I’m actually running out but will most likely restock this wknd now that this post has reminded me. I definitely use it on my edges to keep them strong while I have my sew in #NoNaomi.


Hi! I did hear that castor oil was great for edges especially if they are thinning. Would you/anyone agree? I have never purchased castor oil, but have been considering for a while.


I’d agree! It has great thickening properties! Try JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) as well!