So, Solange Knowles is at it again, looking absolutely stunning in this yellow gown at a recent event for Rimmel London. It’s pretty clear that she’s enhancing her gorgeous coils with a natural wig. It made me curious, would you ever rock a natural wig? Or do you go against that idea on principle?

Would You Rock a Natural Wig?

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I wear one regularly and I love it. The style is one of my hair goals. My natural hair isn’t a protest againt relaxers or what anyone else chooses to do with their hair, its not a religion, I’m not flying the “hair flag” to promote natural hair, I’m not “stamping my foot” for people to accept it, its my hair which is part of my race and its also my choice – for me! Its Nari by Freetress!


Yes I would, in fact I got one on Saturday inspired by her look. It looks awesome, it feels strange but also confusing as it blends so well with my hair. Definitely something I’ll like to keep for a few weeks and maybe adopt as a protective style.


Yes I would, in fact I got one on Saturday inspired by her look. It looks awesome, it feels strange but also confusing as it blends so well with my hair. Definitely something I’ll like to keep for a few weeks and maybe adopt as a protective style.


I don’t need to wear a wig. My hair is that length already. Grow it out!


no one NEEDS to wear a wig, there are medium, and short, and pixie length wigs as well. Its about choice and versatility. smh


I didn’t want to say it goes against being natural… I just don’t like weave for myself. I’ve seen girls wear natural wigs and they look great, but I myself wouldn’t wear one.

Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick

I wouldn’t rock it, not because I think it goes against being natural though – do you, but rather because its just not me. That should be an option in the vote.

The Natural Haven

I didn’t vote because I would not rock a wig/weave because I generally dislike them not because they violate the rule of being natural

It is not against the principle of being natural to have fun or change things up. Weave it up, wig it up if you like it.


No I can’t pull it off and dislike fake hair on myself. It all looks good on Solange, yellow is her hero shade.


I love my natural wig!!! My bestfriend LaJay all day!!
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I don’t like the last option of the poll. I wouldn’t rock one, not because it goes against what it means to be natural but because i don’t feel comfortable wearing wigs (natural looking or not). I didn’t vote because of that…while the first two options didn’t have explanations attached to them, the last one did.) But Solange looks really amazing! love it!

Molly B

If I would look this fabulous, then hell yes! I have no idea where I would find one though. I never see wigs like this in beauty supply stores around me, just the straight ones. :/

Annie L.
Her hair, skin, posture and the fit, drape and color of that dress is classic glam, I feel she’s successfully redefining a classic look unlike other celebs who try it. The nude shoe and the orange/yellow nail are all perfect, and she does that shade of pink lip so darned well every time. I’ve used curly extensions; so they and wigs are fine by me. Others may feel differently, cool. I do however object to harmful ingredients used in synthetic hair, the lack of regulation in the industry and the use of poached Hindu temple offerings for the majority of… Read more »

I love wigs as my protective style in the winter and need whatever she has!!!

please track her down and ask her what weaves/wigs she rocks because Solange gets it right EVERY TIME

Vonnie of


She looks BEAUTIFUL! She’s channeling Dianna Ross in this pic! Gorgeous gorgeous! Who cares if its a wig?! She’s a celebrity, she was at an event and celebrities always do it big so what’s the beef?! I’m pretty sure it isn’t her everyday hair! Lol


OMG Solange looks absolutely FABOLOUS!!!!!

I am not a wig person but if I could find one that looked like this then I really would.

Le Le

Solange looks beautiful in that dress. Good color on her.

And I would wear a natural wig. I’d prefer a natural wig to a long, straight, flowing wig that looked too fake. I have not found a good natural wig, but I probably will look harder in the future. At this point in time, I’m not into wigs at all, mainly because I wore them daily for 6 months last year and got sick of them, but if I ever get the urge I will buy one.


I want to wear one so bad instead of getting a sew-in or braids this winter. But I’m afraid that it will fly off in the breeze, or I will take my hat off and the wig will go with it. But if I had one this cute (that stayed put) I would wear it everyday. lol


I would definitely rock a wig because it’s nice to change up the hair w/o having to manipulate the hair all the time.

Check out “Prettydimples01” wig that she did for her protective style, and I thought it was her own hair at first looks good.



She looks great!
Her wig reminds me of my Creta Girl wig it’s just a lot bigger.

I would rock a natural wig. In fact I have a half wig on right now. I did it myself and I used Bohyme Brazilian Curl which blends it perfectly with my hair, I would say my hair is 4a/4b. To me “being natural” is about texture more than it is about weave or hair color. When Solange wears her wig she is shunning the stigma of wearing your hair curly and kinky. If you feel that you can’t walk out the house without a wig, that’s another thing. But to enjoy the fabulousness of getting glammed up (and GLAM… Read more »
Annie L.

I hear what you’re saying but I think you’re confusing ‘green’ with Puritanism 🙂 I consider myself green: a vegan, I compost, I bike, upcycle damn near everything and use natural skin/hair/makeup ingredients but still spend hours in front of the mirror surrounded by an arsenal of eyeshadows, clothes and 60s magazines for curly style inspiration. I’m green but no style minimalist – unless of course it’s in season, Lol!

Earth Angel

I’m with you two Yuupp and Annie L.! I’m natural in just about everything—but I still rock my wigs, makeup, and awesome fashion to the hilt! 🙂 Who wants to be Jane anyway?—my name is Angel! LOL!

jenna marie christian

she looks fab…werk solange


she looks cute! i probably wouldn’t wear a wig because it’s very hot here a lot of the year and i sweat easily. plus my hair will mat and tangle easily so better to keep it out and work with what i have. i can see how stars would benefit from them for having different looks, etc but for my life i’ll just keep working with what i have and just vary my styles when i need a new look.


Wow.. she looks amazing! This is seriously the best I’ve ever seen her, IMO


Yes, I would rock a natural wig. There are a couple I have my eye on.


Yes, of course I would rock a natural wig. I just have not found any that look as good as the one she has. I appreciate any suggestions.

I love that color on her. As the saying goes, black goes with everything.


There’s a wig called French by Outre Quick Weave. It may be a contender.



*running to check it out*


Not feeling the wig but she looks freaking great. I need that dress.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Would you believe me if I said I had a dream about this wig (saw it on her yesterday) and honestly got mad in my dream, because she (Solange) wouldn’t tell me where to get it from? It’s true! I would so wear this wig in a heartbeat. I think it looks amazing on her, along with the blown-out look she was rocking a few months back. I love the big hair on her more so than the medium, though I love the short too. And not to mention, I love this dress and color on her. She’s really getting… Read more »

Just to caution you, Creta Girl is BIG! I mean Diana Ross big.


Krystal – That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Lol!


I don’t mind people wearing (well adjusted) wigs,weaves or extensions but this look is just not for me.Wearing any of these enhancements would make me feel fake and quite uncomfortable…I still can’t figure out why!!!
That beeing said,Solange looks fabulous!!!this dress color complements her skin perfectly and the larger than life fro just screams “Goddess!”


Solange looks stunning!

I wore a fake ponytail years ago and I was so self-conscious of it that I vow to never wear fake hair again. I thought that at any minute it would fall off and I would be “exposed”.

So, no fake hair for me.


This is my fear as well, hence I’d never wear one (someday I’ll put on my big gurl panties and woman up enough to give it a try). I do however love seeing all the options out there with wigs.


Love the dress and that pose is bringing the drama!! Love it! And yes indeedy tweety, I would certainly rock a wig that mimicked textured natural hair. I on occasion will rock a textured straight wig, but am currently searching for a “natural afro-textured” wig.

To the ladies that mentioned a wig or two, thanks. 🙂


No only WOULD I rock one, I DO rock one, from time to time. I have a few different ones (the “Drew” wig by Beshe is a popular choice), but my favorite is just a little $20 afro I got at a local beauty supply store. They’re great for when I want the look of wearing my hair out, but without having to deal with the tangling and other consequences that typically go with wearing my hair out.


really with the poll options?? hahaha!

i wouldn’t wear any kind of wig personally (not because i think it goes against being natural, so i didn’t vote in the poll). but she looks amazing! this is the best look i’ve seen of her as of late.


I would definitely rock a natural wig…. Infact, am on my way to pick my Lajay wig by Vanesssa Collection… It’s very natural looking and blends very well.. Its almost like the one she has on…

3 D.O.L.L.S.

That is definitely her color! She looks so beautiful! Oh and sure we would!


I sure would rock a natural wig! As a matter if fact I’m currently on the hunt for one =)


haha! Me too! Especially as my hair is misbehaving this week and would just be eager to see what i’d look like when i really get to that stage!


I’ve been looking for one for ages!!! All I find is the costumey ones and that’s really sad, especially after reading this post:


Vanessa “Miko”, It’s a Wig “Puffy”, Vanessa “LaEfrah”, “LaJenny” are all good choices!!

Vonnie of


+1 I’m getting one for the winter months

I love Solange’s wig on her and the yellow dress! Get it Solange!