First let me say that I am generally a huge fan of Tyra. But I was a bit surprised at this video from the YouTube channel for her new Type F website. It amazes me that in an age of so many amazing online natural hair resources, content like this is still produced. Blogger Cassidy of the Natural Selection wrote the following open letter to Type F. Check it out:

Dear TypeF—

A friend sent me one of your recently launched videos by stylist JoAnn Robertson on how to style and care for natural hair.  The first video I watched “How To Lay Your Afro Down” was pretty innocuous at first, but then the stylist-vlogger whipped out a paddle brush to “smooth” her hair and I cringed as I watched her brush the surface of her dry, kinky hair.


Because one of the most basic practices of quality natural hair care is that the detangling and smoothing of natural hair should be done with extreme care, using a specific type of tool (preferably a wide tooth comb or a specific type of brush), on well moisturized hair so as not to break and damage the hair.

Highly textured natural hair needs to be treated with with particular attention in an effort to minimize any potential damage.  Unfortunately your videos preach the exact opposite.  I know this because I just sat at watched many of them on both on your YouTube channel and your TypeF website.  I sat in absolute shock as I watched your stylist put direct heat on her hair with a curling iron for a recommended “60-seconds”, use a fine-tooth comb to tease her hair to cover up a “noticeable part”, and completely ignore all fundamental mention of moisturizers, conditioners, and protecting the integrity of natural hair.

As a hair blogger and vlogger, I spend a lot of my personal time dedicated towards educating people about natural hair care, specifically QUALITY natural hair practices.  Unfortunately your video series on “afro hair” -featuring a stylist who has obvious hair damage to begin with along her edges, which is likely caused by longterm wearing of weaves, braids, and wigs- is seriously misguided in providing quality education to a growing community.  What is more is that your videos could actually be extremely detrimental to those attempting to learn about natural hair care because many of the practices demonstrated in them could cause serious, irreparable damage to the hair.

I strongly suggest you to pull the videos, educate yourselves about quality natural hair care, and re-shoot the series. There is a wonderfully wide world of high quality natural hair stylists, practiontioners, and manufacturers who could help you.  I would personally be happy to connect and guide you to key individuals in the natural hair community who could assist you in creating a quality production.



Founder + Editor

If you want to encourage TypeF to REMOVE-RESHOOT-REPOST these natural hair videos copy and paste the below text to the TypeF Youtube Channel!

REMOVE your afro hair videos -RESHOOT the videos with quality content – REPOST the new vids and ensure that the #naturalhair community is as healthy as it can be!

Better yet— leave your own comment if you feel so inspired that lets TypeF that we deserve better content and know they can deliver!

Ladies, what are your thoughts on all this?
For more of Cassidy’s writings, check out her website Natural Selection.

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Misha J

I posted so many comments on those videos! and I felt bad because i never like to post bad comments on videos but that was just terrible…theres a lot more people in the natural hair community that should have a license before her. I cant believe this it was hilarious but sad at the same time.


This is ridiculous! Its like some white woman that does not understand the texture of black hair made up!! INSANE!

Misha J

I think white women know more about black hair than her lol like seriously!


She is clearly not a Natural Hair Stylist!!!! My head hurts from watching, my strands are trying to run the other way from this.


Even the videos listed on Tyra’s site are horrible…nevermind. I think Im just missin the point of Zea’s post??? O_o


Ladies, If you look at the name for the youtube channel of the videos posted above, it says “Type F”… however, if you follow the link to Tyra’s “Type F” youtube page that’s provided in the first paragraph of this article, you’ll see that the name of that channel is “Signature Series”. SIGNATURE SERIES is the official name for Tyra’s Type F, but the Type F that is listed above is obviously some type of spoof that it trying to put the poor girl in a negative light.


If you go to the Type F website you will see that the above video (and lots more with that lady) is featured under Hair Care Videos.

Yolande Vicks

Okay, It’s you guys’ fault, you have NO SENSE OF HUMOR! This is satire. You know, we naturalistas, have a bad rep for being too serious about our hair, and our videos/blogs/advice. Tyra just wanted to bring some humor. Right?! Oh God, Please tell me, I’m Right! Right?!


Okay, my biggest pet peeves with jokes is when its POORLY EXECUTED. I would have loved to laugh at this, but where was the punch line? LOL. If people had to figure out whether it was a joke or not…then it was done poorly. I don’t feel like some of us don’t have a sense of humor. This joke just feel flat and over my head.


The post on using mayo mentions “smelling like a sandwich” as if using mayo is THE way to moisturize your hair. No to the lady with the orange weave telling folk how to do hair. That entire site just shows that Tyra has no clue in regards to hair care.


As my late Bahamian grandmother would have said of Cassidy, ‘Good for she’. I also love Tyra and believe she will do the right thing after reading Cassidy’s open letter.

Slow Strut, Rouge Lips – Not Just a Fashion Blog


It’s a surprise that homegirl even has hair on her head. Poor hair! I too, had to learn the hard way…but at no point was I doing hair tutorials! I thank God that I found BGLH, I’m loving my journey!

Kelsey R

This is absolutely horrible. And I agree with JP23 I would never take advice from her. Her hair looks damaged and hearing the brush against the hair sounds like death. I weep for any woman who attempted to replicate this foolishness!


her edges ughhh! #yikes


::GASP:: I…can’t deal.


WOW…well, I don’t think it’s a joke. She’s clearly following her own advice…that’s why she doesn’t have any edges!! SMH!!!!!!!! How dumb…

Is she out of her mind?!? All the brushing, picking, raking she’s doing on her incredibly dry, damaged looking hair it’s accomplishing nothing but making her look like a fool. Her edges are so ragged they’re laughable. Those are some of the crappiest “hairstyles” I have ever seen. An amateur on youtube can do a mohawk a million times better. As for the scarf turban wrap thing a ma jiggy, if I wanna look like Aunt Jemima while cleaning up my house (cuz that’s the only place that ‘style’ would be going), I don’t need a video for that. If… Read more »

+1 @ your last statement, Erika!


OOMGGGGGGG this HAS to be a JOKE….all im hearing as she’s brushing is CRXXXX CRXXXX CRXXXXXXX!!!! im cringing thinking about my hair even being that dry and then attempting to brush it….LOOOOOOOOOL….


That paddle brush ish looks so painful I cringed. This has got to be a joke.


ummmmm….her brows are nice!! lol

I thought it was a joke too, so I went to Tyra’s website to see if the videos were uploaded there. They were. I looked at other videos on the page to see if all of the videos were supposed to be a joke and the other video I watched was completely normal. I saw three different black stylists talking about different hair. I only watched two of them but they were both RIDICULOUS. The black stylist that talks about relaxed hair had the worst weave I’ve ever seen. I thought the videos were hilarious because of how terrible they… Read more »
Carmel Stacks

This had an “In Living Color” ring to it.

Yolande Vicks

OMG!! I said the SAME EXACT THING! This looks like a clip from In Living color! Lol


Lmao, yes it did! As i sat looking trying go figure out why the heck she was chosen. her hair looks horribly dry and damaged and she has the audacity to do a video! The above commenter was right, she shoulda left the scarf on!


Did you see the one for going to a wedding? You would just be speechless. I guarantee it!

Tara Melissa

Wow. Ain’t that a shame.

Tara Melissa

Also, considering all of the hilarious comments at the fact that her videos are universally panned (look at the thumbs up/thumbs down ratio!) I would hope a fledgling natural would not see her as an expert in the field


Uuuhhh…. This looks like a joke. She cannot really be serious.

Pink Panties & Leopard Lipstick

The first video was enough! After watching her brush her hair and seeing the hairs on my arm stand up I COULD NOT bare anymore! This is just ridic!

I will def support this cause!

For shame Tyra! For shame!


I was cringing all trhu the first video…hearing the noise that brush was making while she was raking it thru her hair was just awful!! I refuse to watch other videos from that hair “stylist” b/c I am embarassed for her…smh


A hairstylist?!?! Come on! This has to be a joke. If not, Johane I officially fire you from You Tube. This is really really BAD advice.


And THAT my friends…is natural hair care on acid.

thank you.




ok i know this matter isnt funny AT ALL but i cannot help but keep laughing at all the comments under the videos on the website and well as here smh & LMFAO i truly hope TYPE F gets the message


I think this is supposed to be a joke or satire. It’s not real.


The before look was better than the end look O.o O-K. Epic fail!


GTFOH!!!!! this is a joke and they need to stop


she shoulda just left the scarf on her head….
her hair sounded so crispy when she was brushing it, i could feel its pain.


I went to the site and typed in “afro”……unreal. Im shocked.


I know right? Where the hell are they getting these people and why do they insist on wrecking their hair by dry styling? Seriously?!?!

I can just imagine now how some high end stylist is going to think this is what you do to black hair because they saw it on a Tyra video…


= (

gs, I could not stop watching these videos!!!! UGH at all of them, LOL


I watched a few of her videos and I’m still not 100% sure that this isn’t supposed to be some sort of joke.

Her hair looked the same in all of the videos.

I really hope no one takes her styling advice. Shame on you Tyra.


Why would you want to do that?


TYPE FAIL! Ok Im done!


This is so bad. Yes her hairline and hair do not scream “listen to my hair advice”. She had the nerve to pose at the end like she was doin it…unreal! “Put your afro down” lady, our hair isn’t a dog! This is beyond bad and Tyra has to do better. Im just mad because new naturals might stumble across this and damage their hair trying these “tips”….UGH!