Tyra Banks’ “Type F” Website Pushes Bad Natural Hair Advice?


First let me say that I am generally a huge fan of Tyra. But I was a bit surprised at this video from the YouTube channel for her new Type F website. It amazes me that in an age of so many amazing online natural hair resources, content like this is still produced. Blogger Cassidy of the Natural Selection wrote the following open letter to Type F. Check it out:

Dear TypeF—

A friend sent me one of your recently launched videos by stylist JoAnn Robertson on how to style and care for natural hair.  The first video I watched “How To Lay Your Afro Down” was pretty innocuous at first, but then the stylist-vlogger whipped out a paddle brush to “smooth” her hair and I cringed as I watched her brush the surface of her dry, kinky hair.


Because one of the most basic practices of quality natural hair care is that the detangling and smoothing of natural hair should be done with extreme care, using a specific type of tool (preferably a wide tooth comb or a specific type of brush), on well moisturized hair so as not to break and damage the hair.

Highly textured natural hair needs to be treated with with particular attention in an effort to minimize any potential damage.  Unfortunately your videos preach the exact opposite.  I know this because I just sat at watched many of them on both on your YouTube channel and your TypeF website.  I sat in absolute shock as I watched your stylist put direct heat on her hair with a curling iron for a recommended “60-seconds”, use a fine-tooth comb to tease her hair to cover up a “noticeable part”, and completely ignore all fundamental mention of moisturizers, conditioners, and protecting the integrity of natural hair.

As a hair blogger and vlogger, I spend a lot of my personal time dedicated towards educating people about natural hair care, specifically QUALITY natural hair practices.  Unfortunately your video series on “afro hair” -featuring a stylist who has obvious hair damage to begin with along her edges, which is likely caused by longterm wearing of weaves, braids, and wigs- is seriously misguided in providing quality education to a growing community.  What is more is that your videos could actually be extremely detrimental to those attempting to learn about natural hair care because many of the practices demonstrated in them could cause serious, irreparable damage to the hair.

I strongly suggest you to pull the videos, educate yourselves about quality natural hair care, and re-shoot the series. There is a wonderfully wide world of high quality natural hair stylists, practiontioners, and manufacturers who could help you.  I would personally be happy to connect and guide you to key individuals in the natural hair community who could assist you in creating a quality production.



Founder + Editor


If you want to encourage TypeF to REMOVE-RESHOOT-REPOST these natural hair videos copy and paste the below text to the TypeF Youtube Channel!

REMOVE your afro hair videos -RESHOOT the videos with quality content – REPOST the new vids and ensure that the #naturalhair community is as healthy as it can be!

Better yet— leave your own comment if you feel so inspired that lets TypeF that we deserve better content and know they can deliver!

Ladies, what are your thoughts on all this?
For more of Cassidy’s writings, check out her website Natural Selection.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

189 thoughts on “Tyra Banks’ “Type F” Website Pushes Bad Natural Hair Advice?

  1. I’d like to add some comments in the hope that the Type F staff is paying any attention at all.

    I’m a white hairstylist. I was lucky enough to have a black instructor for part of my schooling and learned more than most white people about african-american hair. Though I was too late to see any of Joann Robertson’s videos, I read enough comments to be horrified at what she did to her hair.

    As I continued reading comments and articles, I watched some of the other videos that are available on the Type F website, for both caucasion and african american hair. If you have anything other than stick straight hair, a paddle brush is NOT your friend…..

    These videos leave a lot to be desired. At best the videos are only ok. At worst, the videos are embarrassing and horrifying.

    To the staff at Type F, you need to reconsider your contract with Demand Media. The videos posted to your website, even the Signature Series, leave much to be desired. As a hairstylist, these videos appear to me to be a hasty and ill-advised way to draw in web traffic from keyword searches rather than to offer any meaningful or genuinely helpful information. Too many of the videos show professional stylists using the wrong tools for the type of hair involved or the desired style. Too many of the videos (apparently especially the ones removed) show stylists doing all the wrong things to hair (even white hair) that can cause serious and irreversible damage. It would be better to have fewer videos providing meaningful help than to have thousands of videos with very little beneficial content.

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  3. [img]http://blackgirllonghair.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ThePearlNecklace.jpg[/img]
    I enter a horrifying relationship (mentally/physically/verbal). I had my first child at the time. I ran away from the abuser. I noticed right away, I started to lose my hair rapidly. Today, I do not have any hair. It is upsetting. But, I have my life. And, I do whatever, it takes to make myself look like a Model. I have been happily married to a gentleman, kind, loveable, great provider and loves to dance. Now, I never think about the loss of my hair. Because, I have found my husband, who loves me for ME…..THE BAY AREA.

    • You’re just BEATIFUL!
      Not only the way you look, but that you bravely escaped an unacceptable situation, welcomed a good man into your life, and, instead of letting hair loss crush you, you made adjustments and kept it moving!
      You’re happy. That’s inspiring.
      I’m glad I read your post.
      God bless you and your family.

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