Can Jheri Curl Juice Moisturize Natural Hair?

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I have been watching alot of videos, and have run across a handful of naturals saying that they use curl activator moisturizers in their hair. Back in the day I knew a curly and I told her that I was trying to go natural but my hair always looked dry and frizzy. I admired her pretty, long, “juicy” looking coils so much and wanted the secret to her hair greatness! She simply looked at me and said “Right on Curl“. I said “What???” How could something that is used to moisturize a Jheri curl, help my natural hair?

Over two years ago, I bought the yellow and orange bottle but didn’t use it because I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of it working on natural hair. When I was about 13 years old I had a Jheri Curl. My hair grew alot while I had one. I didn’t start suffering from breakage until the dreaded relaxer! With me putting 2 and 2 together, I figured that it might have been the moisturizer that prevented my hair from getting extremely dry, and stopped my hair from breaking off.

To sum it up, I started to finally use the product and was pleasantly surprised to see how soft and pliable my hair was after using it! It had a great sheen that lasted ALL day. I have been using it for a little over a month now and I love it!!! I haven’t had any breakage so far and I will continue to update everyone on my progress with this product. As curlies, we experiment with different products and hairstyles to compliment our journey. I think I have found one part of my moisture problem.

Has anyone else heard of someone, knew some one, or tried this product too?   Please weigh in and tell me what you think.

Ladies, what do you think? Have you tried using curl activator? How did it work out?
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97 thoughts on “Can Jheri Curl Juice Moisturize Natural Hair?

  1. I as a child myself wore a jerri curl!! It never shredded or anything and it grew very long!! I started using it on my natural hair as an adult and my hair stays so moisturized!! I love it

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  4. I myself thouggt of this about 3 weeks ago, using the carefree products. I also purchased for my dauhter who has really curly hair.and I have noticed for both of us. The shine stays in without the greasy look. I also switched shampoo n conditioner to Main n Tail. Love them all. But ill notice more given 3-6 months on growth.

  5. I forgot my hair products and went on a short trip. Most of my hair products are expensive so I decided to spend 3 bucks on some leisure curl spray hoping it would moisturize for the short period I was out of town. I love it. My hair looks better than when I was using kinky curly and most of all, it stays moisturized for days at a time with one application.

  6. I used the carefree moisturizer spray and it made my scalp itch. I was using the S curl moisturizer spray and it worked but it didn’t last a full day. Now I’m trying the sta fro spray and cream moisturizer. It moisturizes well but it takes my curls away and makes it more of a fro and it doesn’t mix well with certain products.

  7. I have been a user of leisure curl products for many years. The original is no longer found. A great product that promotes growth, sheen and manageable bility. One of the greatestproduct ever invented. Please help me. I need original. Thank you

  8. I need the original leisure curl moisturizing Scalp spray. this is one of the greatest products ever invented for black hair. Sense we no longer can get ahold of the original product, there is a lot of suffering amongst the black hair. Especially for me. Please help me. Thank you

  9. I remeber the popular jheri curl resulted in hair growth. I figured the reasons were 1. the hair was kept moist, and 2. combing and brushing were no nos if you wanted well defined curls. Moisture and very little manipulation. If you search the internet and read some of the information on the sites dedicated to Black hair care, moisture and reduced manipulation are key elements to healthy black hair. My favorite product is Carefree Curl activator and moisturizer. I’ve used them for more than 20 years with or without a curly perm. I have very short hair. It grows and breaks. I keep it dyed white blonde. I notice most sisters with white blonde hair keep it short like mine. I realize that is because the hair is severly damaged and just will not realize any growth because it constantly breaks off.

    I guess I am a product junkie because my bathroom looks like a beauty supply. If they make it, I have it. lol Even though Carefree is my favorite. What I was doing was using multiple products, but not consistently and not properly. I tried the Jesse’s Curl products and was totally disappointed that the result was not soft moist hair. It was crunchy as usual. So I started researching on the internet and I came across LOC, liquid, oil, cream. Pretty much what I was doing, but sporadically without focus. I discovered that one can purchase pure glycerin and I have long known that whatever glycerin was, it was the ingredient in Carefree products that created the magical hair growth.

    I acquired a gazillion bottles of glycering, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, and saffron oil. Today I am going to purchase advocado oil, and johoba oil. This is my process. I mix 25% glycerin, 25% aloe vera, and 50% water. That is my Liquid. I apply that first. Then I apply one of the pure Oils. That my Oil. And for the final step, I apply any one of the many commercial products sitting on my sink, Could be Jesse’s Curl, Carol’s Daughter, Shea Moisture, AfricCare, Curls, Taliah Waajid, One and Only Argon, Creme of Nature, you name it, as long as its white and creamy it can be my final step in the LOC regimen. The results have been instantanious. I have been religiously following this regimen for about 5 days. My hair is soft and supple and moist (and a little greasy, I’ll work that out as I go along) The real test has been today I have on a black shirt and there is not one single strand of hair on my shoulders (not that my hair is long enough to call what was breaking off a strand. lol) I am so excited I could cry. I get it. I get it. I get it. Moisture, moisture, moisture. LOC…liquid, oil, cream. I am going to have hair and more hair. I’m going to follow the LOC regimen with a weekly shampoo followed by a deep protein conditioner (anything commercial with an egg yolk and advocado whipped in) and continue bleaching my hair for the next three months. I expect to realize growth even with the bleaching, but if I don’t, I will surrender and allow my natural color to grow out. I’m on Facebook under Shalome Kim Felder. I shall report my journey here and there.

  10. I found my legion of Jheri Curl juice followers! Yay! It’s the glycerin and remember we also covered our hair in plastic caps at night – what is now known as the greenhouse effect. I know the guy that is the Jheri Curl pioneer in San Diego. He is aged but has nice long hair.

  11. OMG! I cannot believe I found a group of naturals on the Jheri curl product tip. Heyyyy Yall! I use Hawaiian Silky Moisture/protein activator. 14 in 1 as a leave in. Daily spray with Scurl. Now let me split yall wig with something I learned. This could be just my hair but it sure as hecked worked on my 3 daughters and 2 sisters who are all natural. We only do deep protein treatments. No deep moisturizing treatments needed. With theses products and wearing a bag at night, it can cause over moisturizing. That’s my thought. I figured this out by mistake. When I would use my deep moisture treatments I would get some breakage. So, I decided to my DC. Only the product that I bought was a protein DC. I had already put it my hair when I realized this. I was in a rush. Just figured I would throw some product in my hair and deal with it later. When I put that activator i and 14 in 1 in my hair after the protein DC, I could immediately tell it was balanced and needed nothing else. The breakage stopped immediately. So, I tried it a couple more times before I tried it on my daughters hair. Worked like a charm. I only use moisturizing conditioners when I clarify or co-wash. For twist outs I use Scurl (non-oily kind) followed by Lustrasilk twist spray. I never sleep without my plastic bag. Of course I cover it with a scarf. My man hates the sound of my bag. Contrary to what you may think, my hair is never dripping wet. YOu only put activator in once a week. After that, just spray as needed. I have been natural for 8yrs. It has been a struggle trying to keep up with all the trending products. The so-called best natural products was too darn high and didn’t work. Damaged my hair something terrible. I had to big chop 3x.Never got my hair past my shoulders. Now, it’s mbl. Won’t he do it! I finally thought about the jheri curl days. How everybody had hair. If you had a jheri curl you had at least shoulder length hair. Bald head scaly wags did not exist in those days. Why? I asked. I realized it was because we unknowingly moisturized (activator), sealed (spray), and conditioned every night(bagged @night). Moisture, moisture, moisture. Light bulb went off. Now I don’t like my hair wet like a jheri curl. H to the no. Depending on the season, I alter the amount of activator,14 in 1, and spray. HS activator w/Echo gel (green jar) will give you a shiny beautiful wash and go that will last for 2 weeks. You may have to spray it with worlds of curls spray every few days. Let me stop rambling. I am just so excited to find other naturals using the jheri curl products.

    • omg thank you sooo much for your post and all of this info! girl I was just researching jherri curl products for hydration and moisture… glad i came across your post…this will really help me big time…..thank you from one sis to another!!!

    • I just started using Curl Max moisturizing curl it, my hair was so dry and I spent so much money on products. I also mix a little with Tucumba butter(spelling is wrong) because I don’t like shea butter in my hair but this butter is great for hair and scalp, i also do plastic bag at night.. when I do my wash and go I use wett xtreme gel, don’t like echo styler gel at all

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