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I have been watching alot of videos, and have run across a handful of naturals saying that they use curl activator moisturizers in their hair. Back in the day I knew a curly and I told her that I was trying to go natural but my hair always looked dry and frizzy. I admired her pretty, long, “juicy” looking coils so much and wanted the secret to her hair greatness! She simply looked at me and said “Right on Curl“. I said “What???” How could something that is used to moisturize a Jheri curl, help my natural hair?

Over two years ago, I bought the yellow and orange bottle but didn’t use it because I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of it working on natural hair. When I was about 13 years old I had a Jheri Curl. My hair grew alot while I had one. I didn’t start suffering from breakage until the dreaded relaxer! With me putting 2 and 2 together, I figured that it might have been the moisturizer that prevented my hair from getting extremely dry, and stopped my hair from breaking off.

To sum it up, I started to finally use the product and was pleasantly surprised to see how soft and pliable my hair was after using it! It had a great sheen that lasted ALL day. I have been using it for a little over a month now and I love it!!! I haven’t had any breakage so far and I will continue to update everyone on my progress with this product. As curlies, we experiment with different products and hairstyles to compliment our journey. I think I have found one part of my moisture problem.

Has anyone else heard of someone, knew some one, or tried this product too?   Please weigh in and tell me what you think.

Ladies, what do you think? Have you tried using curl activator? How did it work out?
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How do you ladies use it? On your ends? On your entire head? As a moisturizer when you do your twists? Always looking for tried and true ways to lock in moisture.

All of the above, Tomi, depending on the consistency of the product—or you can experiment with a few and see what works for you. One time, my hair freaked out from something I did to it, and for whatever reason, the Stay-Sof-Fro that I was using at the time had something to do with it. So, to finish up the bottle, I just used it as a finishing spray, spritzing over my finished style lightly and letting it sit. It worked very well that way. My hair is very porous, so if I were using those products now, I’d be… Read more »

I used Softee activator gel and I must say this is the ONLY stuff that moisturise my hair for days ! mY hAIR IS NOT GREASY , it’s soft contrary to others so called “natural moisturizers”.
I decided to let my soul glow sista XD!


My hair loves glycerin based products and s-curl is one of them.


Wow – I feel like I should have known this by now given that so many other people have tried it. Thanks for sharing! I might give it a try…


never had one, but i do know no matter what i try my hair hates glycerin products

Come On People

Wow, someone like me. My hair becomes one big knot with glycerin products.

Michelle Hubbard

I have tried “activator” as it has been called back in the made my hair super greasy,lots of shrinkage, and it looked just like a jherri curl because I have a coily pattern in my type 4 hair. It was awful. I’m not really into the whole curly hair look..especially if it looks wet.



I used Elasta QP moisturizer AND spray when I had a texurizer. Glossy curls for days! The secret is to use it on WET hair, then let it dry. No greasiness that way. I’d use the Fantasia gel on top of that for hold.

I still keep Elasta on hand, but I like Curlz Creme Brulee–it’s cheap and available at target. I may go back to the jheri juice after this thread. I am trying desperately trying to retain growth and moisture!
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Well I had a jheri curl as a child and that mess traumatized me. LOL. I remember doing somersaults on the gym mats and everybody knew when I had taken my turn cause there was a big ol grease spot on the mat!!! I recently bought some olive oil gel that smelled like activator gel and I gave it to my sister. I shall not walk around smelling like Soul Glo ever again!


I can’t stop laughing at the picture of the grease spot on the mat! I had a jheri curl too so I left more than my fair share of grease spots all over the place! Thanks for taking me back!


LOL’ing loudly at the gym mat story!!! i’ve been there girl! embarrassing at the time, but soooo funny now!!!


@ MissD, girl you are taking me back w/the grease spot…lol! I remember I was one of a few black girls that had the jheri curl in junior high in the San Fernando Valley in 1983 and it seemed that I was picked to be the jheri curl expert from all the questions I got from everyone but I don’t think it will be as traumatic as it was back then. Since I am natural now, I will just use a little of the product instead of saturating my hair. I will definitely not be a Soul Glo representative.


I luvs me some jerry curl juice!!! When I was relaxed I used it for unbelievable twist outs. Now as a natural it gives my hair lots of moisture!!


I used an activator for moisture after I first transitioned. I mix World of Curls Activator mixed with olive oil to lessen the crunchiness of I.C. Lites gel.


My bf uses S curl on his hair. I mocked him at first, but it really makes his curls clump and look so perfect. I use it in a pinch to moisturize my hair.


I have been using this stuff for awhile. Even when I had a relaxer I used it, and retained more length than ever. The ony issue I have with it, an all glycerin type products is that when I want to straighten my hair….it refuses to stay straight. Maybe I just need to clarify reallt well afterwards?

SCurl works for me. I was in Target and looked at the ingredients for a well known product that had water, glycerin….it was $10.99. Went to the good ‘ol “black hair product” area and got my SCurl activator with water and glycerin….for what I believe was no more than $5. When I have been picking products lately, glycerin is the key word for me. I think there is a lot of looks from people, because if you lived through the jheri curl generation, lets just say it was traumatic LOL. But with our hair in its natural state, the effect… Read more »
I admit I had a jheri curl back in the day and I hated the greasy residue, the extreme “wet” look, and wearing the plastic bag on my head at night. Yes, those were the days but my hair did grow a lot from having that hair style. I have been natural now for 15 months now and I have been looking for products to keep my hair moisturized. I think I will have to give the S-Curl or Long Aid activator a try again to see if that will work for me. I’m willing to do anything to get… Read more »

My mom uses it, and loves it (she is natural). I have a very sensitive nose, and I can’t smell it all that much when around her.


LOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ the picture of Randy Watson

Jheri Curl juice???? No! Hell, NO!!!! LOL


I’ve never used it, but I’ll definitely check it out.

{Will it let my soul glo? ;3}


I have used Smooth and Shine curl activator as well as Long Aid curl activator and both have been good to my hair….


These are the same two that I used in the last 2 years. My hair grew tremendously without much breakage at all. I do regularly clip my ends too, but I love using them.


Is it greasy? I had a Jheri Curl back in the day as well. I loved how thick my hair got but I hated the greasy residue.


I apply care free gold when my hair is soaking wet or damp and I never get greasy hair. When my hair dries it is very moisturized and soft to the touch.


I used wave neauvu (sp) and while it is moisturizing it also gives me build up and dry second day hair. I will compare ingredients next time I go stock up.


I used S-curl when I first BC’d and it worked pretty well. I stopped using it in replace of just conditioner since I need the thick stuff to really moisturize my hair. When I learned that glycerin made S-curl work so well, I added it to my conditioner (along with some aloe vera juice).


Yep I have tried that product in both the regular and lite version of it as well both worked nice. However I like Hawaiian 14-1 n Carefree Curl the best, and the afro spray cant remember who makes it that’s good as well.


I thought I was the only one, LOL. I just decided to experiment with this one day, and I loved it. It makes my hair very soft and shiny. Like Ry, I also have to use quite a bit of product to get my entire head lightly saturated, but I’m careful to not overdo it. I found that using it every 1-2 days is enough.


I like care free curl gold instant activator for my wash and gos. It clumps my curls and keeps my hair moisturized all day long. The smell isn’t the best, so sometimes I spray some Hawaaiian Silky 14-n-1 Miracle Worker (another glycerin based product) which masks the care free gold smell.


What are the main ingredients? Also is it greasy and drippy like Jheri curls are known for?

The drippiness of Jheri curl moisturizers/activators is due to the user being heavy-handed with the product. Nothing more. Some do build up; for me, the worst build-up offender is Stay-Sof-Fro in the brown bottle. But you can’t beat it for moisturization, which is why, as much as I disliked it, I often found myself returning to it before I discovered the wonders of vegetable glycerin, which I have paired in generous quantities with nearly everything else I’ve used in my hair in the last two years. S-Curl and Right On Curl are more lotiony, so you may like them better.… Read more »
natural dancer

I swear by SCurl Activator….my coils love it! It’s helped me to retain moisture for days on end without applying more product, which saves on my pennies! I paired it with regular Shea Butter & my strands couldn’t be happier. I was apprehensive as well, however once I accidentally omitted it from my reggie, my hair choked & was DRY, DRY, DRY! Now it’s a staple. 🙂


used to use sof n free curl activator, to great results. only dropped it when i decided to go for more natural products.


I love care free curl gold hair and scalp spray. It made a big difference in how my hair felt!

deviant sole

I totally co-sign the care free curl gold! I used it back in my JC days & for a period while natural. I kinda forgot about it til this post! to the drugstore I go!


Love S-Curl


I haven’t tried Jheri Curl Juice but I do love glycerin-containing hair products (Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditoner, DIY water/aloe vera gel/vegetable glycerin spritz) because they moisturize very well.

Glycerin has also been shown to prevent premature breakage in natural hair.



P.S. Jheri Curl Juice products contain glycerin as the main ingredient.


I’ve been using J-curl juice to moisturize my hair for almost 2 years now. When ppl ask me what I use to keep my hair from drying out and I tell them – I get a funny look. I’ve shrugged it off and I keep my secret to my self now. Sounds mean but the funny looks are rude.
@hehe: the bottles have screw tops so you can open one up and take a whiff. It doesn’t smell like anything to me.


How does it smell? I hate how most drugstore black hair care products smell so I’m a little apprehensive about this.


Yup I got the idea of using S-curl from the girls over at LHCF. And it’s pretty good. I have to spray a lot to get my hair saturated with it but it makes my make hair super smooth and it makes the curls clump which is very helpful when I’m braiding


I used Lustrasilk Right On and couldn’t find it called company, changed to Lustrasilk Curl Max bought it at Dollar General.