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Intro­duce your­self!
I’m Chary­Jay from Detroit, Michi­gan. I am a writer and video­g­ra­pher.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­u­ral?
I decid­ed to go nat­u­ral sim­ply because I was bored with my relaxed hair. The styles I could do were lim­it­ed and I was tired of my hair deter­min­ing what I could and couldn’t do.

Ulti­mate­ly, I made the deci­sion to go nat­u­ral after intern­ing at B.LA.C. Mag­a­zine. There I encoun­tered so many pro­fes­sion­al wom­en who wore their hair in its nat­u­ral state and they were all fab­u­lous. I wit­nessed first hand that you can wear your hair with­out chem­i­cal relax­ers and still hold a posi­tion of pow­er in a cor­po­rate set­ting.

When and how did you tran­si­tion into nat­u­ral hair?
My one-year tran­si­tion­ing jour­ney to nat­u­ral hair start­ed in August of 2009. I did every “set” under the sun, i.e. roller-set, straw-set, flexi-rod set. I did that for the first three or four months and then of course, my relaxed ends start­ed break­ing off. That’s when I learned how to flat-twist and start­ed doing pro­tec­tive styles which helped stall the break­age since I wasn’t manip­u­lat­ing my hair as much.

In what ways (if any) has going nat­u­ral affect­ed you?
Going nat­u­ral has def­i­nite­ly improved my self-esteem. I use to always care what oth­ers thought about me and I tried to fit into a mold of what peo­ple around me con­sid­ered beau­ti­ful. Once I start­ed tran­si­tion­ing, I caught heat from just about every­one besides my boyfriend. Each blow helped me build con­fi­dence and after big chop­ping a year lat­er (August 2010), I felt more con­fi­dent in myself than ever!

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is real­ly thick and coarse. I have real­ly tight coils in the nape and sides of my head, but every­where else, it’s all kinks. In the begin­ning I thought once my hair grew out the curls would even­tu­al­ly form, but they haven’t and I’m total­ly OK with that. I love my hair, curl or no curl!

What is your reg­i­men?
I sham­poo with Orig­i­nal Moxie’s Get Clean sham­poo, and deep con­di­tion with Orig­i­nal Moxie’s Intense Quench. I then sit under my Hueti­ful Hair Steam­er for 20–30 min­utes before detan­gling my hair.
If I’m not try­ing out a new style, I usu­al­ly wear my hair in a pro­tec­tive style for five days and then wear a twist-out for two days before repeat­ing the same process.

How do you retain length and mois­ture in your hair?
Pro­tec­tive styling is THE truth! Every since I start­ed wear­ing pro­tec­tive styles, I noticed that not only did it help keep my hair mois­tur­ized, but it also helped me retain length. It allows me to steer clear of HIH (Hand In Hair) syn­drome so I don’t expe­ri­ence a lot of STKs (sin­gle strand knots). It also keeps split ends at bay, which usu­al­ly comes with manip­u­lat­ing your hair often.

What mis­takes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
I am very for­tu­nate to say I haven’t made any mis­takes so far in my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney. I think it’s due to the amount of research I’ve done on car­ing for nat­u­ral hair before I began tran­si­tion­ing. While I was on my tran­si­tion­ing jour­ney, I had time to learn how to care for my hair in its nat­u­ral state before I was com­plete­ly nat­u­ral.

What’s the best/most effec­tive thing you do for your hair?
The best thing I con­tin­ue to do for my hair is keep it in pro­tec­tive styles 90% of the time! Not only can you do so many ver­sa­tile and may I add fab­u­lous styles with twists and flat twists, but they also aid in hair growth.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
My YouTube chan­nel is 160­Days2Lose2. http://www.youtube.com/user/160Days2Lose2?feature=mhw4
There you can find many hair tuto­ri­als, spoofs, pro­duct reviews and oth­er infor­ma­tive videos. The link to my Tum­blr blog is: http://charyjay.tumblr.com/


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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I’ve had the plea­sure of meet­ing her and just want to say that she is gor­geous inside as well as out. I’m so glad to see her on bglh as a nat­u­ral hair icon!!!

Toya | The Limerick Lane

What up doe?? I love CharJay’s hair!! Beau­ti­ful!!!


Love, love, love the hair, espe­cial­ly in her very first pho­to. Thick and lus­trous. Ques­tion for the most fab wom­en in Detroit: What do you REALLY think about he Hueti­ful Steam­er? My hair loves to be dry, so any thing to suc­cess­ful­ly up the mois­ture ante is cru­cial for me.

What are your thoughts?
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Love it!!!!


My 5 Jear old son fall in love with you ;)

You are very,very pret­ty :)


Can I say I am in love with her!
I loveeee me some Char­jay (yes I am gay and yes I have a huge crush on her!)

I loved watch­ing her videos with her on/off again boyfriend. I hope they work things out they were sooo kewwwwtttt –:)

Beau­ti­ful lady with a vibrant per­son­al­i­ty. I love her mouth and hair.

Im Just Say­ing.…

Lydia M

I know this gor­geous wom­an!! :) CharyJay’s a Detroit celebri­ty. Great to see her here, she is def­i­nite­ly my favorite hair icon and has one of the best youtube chan­nels and hair advice jour­nals out there.


She’s fab­u­lous and has my exact hair type!!! Why haven’t I heard of her before? I’m sub­scrib­ing to her chan­nel imme­di­ate­ly!!! Great style icon!



Coconut and Cream

Woooooooo go Chary­jay!!!!! My favourite nat­u­ral hair guru

Patricia Kayden

Styl­ish — hair looks so soft.


Gor­geous lady, beau­ti­ful LUSH hair, fierce style! You are doing the absolute most! I feel like going back home this morn­ing and try­ing again…lol Best of luck to you! I’ll be fol­low­ing. I got ya book­marked!


Ahh! I’m SOO hap­py to see her on here!! she’s a grow­ing YT sen­sa­tion and cre­ates amaz­ing styles. wooo! 

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one wear­ing pro­tec­tive styles 90% of the time and reap­ing those ben­e­fits.



I love Chary Jay’s videos although my attempts at her styles are usu­al­ly a fail. Over the past few months though she has total­ly changed direc­tion, I miss her style tuto­ri­als and I hope she goes back to doing more of them again.
I also loved her nat­u­ral hair dra­ma, I had many a laugh watch­ing those.



Integrated Memoirs

I’m feel­ing this one!!

her play mama, Crown, lol

can i just say that i LOVE this lil wom­an?!?!?!?!

she has done SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for not only the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty,
but sis­tas in GENERAL!!

so many sis­tas are gain­ing con­fi­dence watch­ing, lis­ten­ing, and look­ing at lil Chary­Jay!!

i am SO very, VERY proud of her!!<3



I enjoyed watch­ing her tutorals, Chary­Jay & Nap­tural85 are extreme­ly pleas­ant to watch and lis­ten to.

Durelene (dee)



Her hair is so thick and full.


Super gorg! Get a load of that nude lip/fierce brow com­bo. WOW..


She is love­ly!!!! Her hair is mak­ing me re-think my deci­sion to lock it up next year. YIKES!!!! lol


Love her hair. Oh, and she has beau­ti­ful cheek­bones, too.


Her lit­tle face is so adorable!! Love the hair… espe­cial­ly in the main pic!


I love this sassy young lady! She is defi­nate­ly one of my YouTube faves. You have to check out her pro­duct reviews…when she does not like a pro­duct her faces have me just dying. So fun­ny and has a great tal­ent for styling nat­u­ral hair. I am glad to see her fea­tured here!

Le Le

I’m from Detroit, too. I real­ly like your hair. The first thing that comes to mind when I see it is “lush”. :)


Absolute­ly love Char­jay!! She’s so fly :)


yep I fol­low this Young Nat­u­ral­is­ta on Twit­ter and YT! Her styles are so easy to do and she is so pleas­ant as well!

Amma Mama

She is sooo beau­ti­FUL & so is her hair.


I looove Chary­Jay, she is one of the best, right up there with Nap­tural85, Den­impix­ie and Pret­ty­dim­ples01 for me!!

She has a beau­ti­ful per­son­al­i­ty, does amaz­ing, infor­ma­tive, hon­est videos, her style is incred­i­ble and her hair is what mine wants to be when it grows up; so hap­py to see her pro­filed here!!!


One of my YT favs!


+1.. Great styles and a beau­ti­ful lady!


Awe­some! Her chan­nel is great too.


I love her hair and style…Beautiful wom­en!!


INSPIRATION! i love her hair, her style and her con­fi­dence… C.R.E.A.M.Y lol