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Intro­duce your­self!
D: My name is Danielle. I am a full time col­lege stu­dent and fash­ion blog­ger. I cur­rent­ly live in Mobile, Alaba­ma, but I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I miss home and all the beau­ti­ful and lov­ing peo­ple there!

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I decid­ed to go nat­ur­al my fresh­men year of col­lege because I was going to be play­ing D1 bas­ket­ball. We worked out for 6 hours a day, which was a dra­mat­ic increase from high school. There was no point in try­ing to perm or straight­en my hair because I would sweat it out by the end of the day. Even though my nat­ur­al hair is a wholeee lot of work, I only have to deal with my hair when I wash it ver­sus mess­ing with it every sin­gle day when it’s straight.

When and how did you tran­si­tion into nat­ur­al hair?
I stopped perming my hair my senior year of high school. I con­tin­ued to straight­en my hair a lot, but I main­ly wore it curly. When I entered col­lege I was play­ing bas­ket­ball and our work­outs were insane. No point in me try­ing to straight­en my hair, so I only wore it curly. I have been nat­ur­al for 4 years, but it wasn’t until the begin­ning of this year that I got a hair­cut. I cut off about 4 inch­es and now it has grown all back and some. I try to cut my hair every 6 months now.

In what ways (if any) has going nat­ur­al affect­ed you?
When I final­ly chose to go nat­ur­al (which means no straight­en­ing or processed hair to me), I was also doing some self-reflect­ing. I changed my look, my per­sona and my hair reflect­ed a new me. I am more in tune with myself so I try not to alter my nat­ur­al beau­ty, and that includes my hair.

How would you describe your hair?
I have super thick hair and it can eas­i­ly triple in size depend­ing on how humid it is. When I cut my hair the begin­ning of this year my curl pat­tern com­plete­ly changed. My curls are real­ly tight now, but I noticed they are loos­en­ing up because my hair is get­ting longer :)

What is your reg­i­men?
Sooooo my hair care reg­i­men is kind of long, but here it goes. First of all I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days. The night before I wash my hair I put oils in it. Before I get all squeaky clean, I wash my hair with Shea Mois­ture Sham­poo. I put in Lush Retread Con­di­tion­er and brush through my curls with a wide tooth comb.

I fin­ish tak­ing my show­er and before I get out I wash out the Lush Retread, dry my hair, and put in Lush R&B Con­di­tion­er. I then put in Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie, which adds mois­ture, body and shine. I con­cen­trate that on my ends. After all of that I put in Kinky Curly Curl­ing Cus­tard through­out my hair and scrunch it a lit­tle. Most of the time I dif­fuse my hair, but I have been styling it a lot more late­ly (doing twist and braid outs) so it doesn’t get extreme­ly frizzy and mat­ted in between wash­es.

Tell us about your hair col­or.
My hair col­or is crazy lol. I did not get it pro­fes­sion­al­ly done. When I cut my hair, I also col­ored it the brown­ish col­or you can see on my ends. All of the dark parts are hair growth since the begin­ning of this year. I don’t mind the con­trast and I kept it this way because I orig­i­nal­ly thought I would be straight­en­ing my hair more; I was going for the ombre effect. I am going to get it col­ored very soon though and am get­ting it pro­fes­sion­al­ly done! I’m keep­ing my new col­or a mystery…you’ll have to wait and see :)

How do you retain length and mois­ture in your hair, espe­cial­ly now that you have col­or?
First of all I drink A LOT of water. I real­ly don’t like juice or soda, but I love me a tall glass of ice water. Water is extreme­ly impor­tant for our bod­ies. It is vital for our cells, organs, and our hair! When it comes to my beau­ty regime I only use organ­ic prod­ucts. There are sooo many chem­i­cals put into the prod­ucts that are mass-pro­duced. Even some organ­ic pro­duc­ers are ques­tion­able, so do your research. I use 3 dif­fer­ent types of con­di­tion­ers and I also use 3 dif­fer­ent types of oils. I also stay away from any type of sham­poos that have sul­fates in them… they are extreme­ly dry­ing.

It actu­al­ly wasn’t until a cou­ple a months ago that I real­ly start­ed tak­ing care of my hair. I also dam­aged my hair when I col­ored it. My hair’s nat­ur­al col­or is very dark and I had black dye in it, so I had to strip my hair. My curls were real­ly dry so I start­ed deep con­di­tion­ing when­ev­er I had a chance. I deep con­di­tion every time I wash, which is 2 times a week. I detan­gle my hair with rich, mois­tur­iz­ing con­di­tion­ers that I wash out. If you want to retain length you must detan­gle your hair prop­er­ly. My hair sucks up all the mois­ture in the con­di­tion­ers and I can detan­gle my hair with­out get­ting frus­trat­ed.

What mis­takes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
I will nev­er do a col­or ses­sion at home, and I learned I have to wash my hair with­in 4 days of the pre­vi­ous wash. Even though a lot of peo­ple wash their hair once a week, you need to under­stand your hair is not the same. If I go a week in between wash­es I would have to cut my hair off because it would be dread­ed. You have to find what works for you…trial and error!

What’s the best/most effec­tive thing you do for your hair?
Since I start­ed to deep con­di­tion my hair my curls are soft­er. I also spend less time and lose less hair when I detan­gle.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Fash­ion Blog and Hair Talk: everybodydiesss.blogspot.com
Things that I find inter­est­ing and inspir­ing: everybodydiess.tumblr.com

Any­thing else you want to add?
For those who are going nat­ur­al and don’t know how to coor­di­nate your outfits…you don’t have to dress bohemi­an or eth­nic if you have nature hair. Nat­ur­al hair is a state­ment, so your style should be as well.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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[…] Danielle was fea­tured as a Nat­ur­al Hair Style Icon on Octo­ber 9, 2011. […]

Kay W

I love her hair and style. This was a good inter­viewed.

Kay W



Oh, you live in Alaba­ma, too? I’m from Calera. (Wouldn’t be sur­prised if you’ve nev­er heard of it, haha.) I hope this inter­view is per­mis­sion to gawk if I ran­dom­ly see you one day.


I love her hair!

Antoinette Stewart

Love the con­trast in your hair col­or! Its grow­ing out nice­ly!


She goes to my school & I stare at her & her sister’s hair every­time I see them!

Amma Mama

All I drink is water too! and it def helps my skin.

Amma Mama

Beau­ti­ful hair,and beau­ti­ful girl!
I like her style & her scarves, nice.
I like her advice at the end, WELL said.
I hope to see pics of her secret col­or :-)

hair products

Great interview..lovely hair.

Circus Mom

Your hair is mag­nif­i­cent!! Very inter­est­ing inter­view!

Dee (durelene)

You have beat­i­ful hair. I enjoyed your inter­view I like the fact that u lis­ten to your hair and do what it likes thats very impor­tant part of prop­er­ly car­ing for ur hair. Drink­ing alot of Water advice is so true, I wish I loved water as much as u did but I dont care to much for the taste so I add fla­vor pow­der like cry­tal light to it. I start­ed drink­ing a galon a day and I can already see a diffrence in my hair and skin.


I love your wis­dom & sin­cer­i­ty. You are right about because you have nat­ur­al hair you don’t have to be disheveled or unkempt looking.Your mes­sage is very time­ly.


Great inter­view!… Beau­ti­ful hair and even more beau­ti­ful young lady!