I spot­ted this inter­est­ing tid­bit over at TheYBF. Check it out:

The stress of writ­ing her first nov­elModel­land, was so intense for Tyra Banks that she actu­al­ly start­ed los­ing her hair!  In a reveal­ing inter­view with the Wall Street Jour­nal, the super­mod­el talks about the toll prov­ing her­self as an author (and a Har­vard Busi­ness School stu­dent) took on her health.

She believes what led to her sit­u­a­tion was the com­bi­na­tion of all her projects and dead­li­nes…

In the begin­ning it was me try­ing to fit it in. I was stay­ing in Lake Como shoot­ing “Top Mod­el” and I was work­ing on it in the off days. It was a pas­sion, so the dis­ci­pline wasn’t hard. It was find­ing the time that was hard, and that was stress­ing me out and I felt the pro­duct was suf­fer­ing.

Because my out­line was so robust—40 pages long—they thought I could do it faster. My chap­ters are between 11 and 15 pages, and I could nev­er fin­ish one in one day.”

She adds that the pres­sure she put on her­self wasn’t good.

…(I)n hind­sight that wasn’t healthy. How can I say this with­out tear­ing up? I got a lit­tle alope­cia from the stress.”

That is insane!! Ladies, have you ever got­ten so stressed that hair start­ed falling out?
Also in celebri­ty hair news, much has been made over a seem­ing bald spot peak­ing through Ser­e­na Williams’ weave. Per­haps she’s not tak­ing enough pre­cau­tion when apply­ing them.

Ladies, have you ever dealt with bald spots result­ing from weave appli­ca­tions?

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luck­i­ly I haven’t got­ten any stress based hair loss. But I do real­ize that I do suf­fer grey hair and slowed growth. Stress affects peo­ple dif­fer­ent­ly I find I know when I suf­fer­ing bad if I start for­get­ing rou­tine things like my cell phone or bring my lunch bag home.

I def­i­nite­ly know my mid lev­el stress is fol­lowed by the con­stant feel­ing of being drained I know it is esca­lat­ing to high lev­el stress when I suf­fer head aches and start­ing shut down from social­iz­ing.

But evey­one is dif­fer­ent.


I total­ly agree.


I saw an arti­cle that said DHT caus­es hair loss. The arti­cle rec­om­mend­ed a lot of of nat­u­ral stuff, includ­ing Emu Oil. Has any­one tried Emu Oil? Did it increase your hair growth.

This is a link to the arti­cle

Jasmine Reed
I have expe­ri­enced bald spots in ran­dom spots on my scalp as well. It all start­ed in 2009–2010 like once I went nat­u­ral they just start­ed to appear. So I went to a der­ma­tol­o­gist in Nov. of 2010 and he said it could be alope­cia and need­ed to check my thy­roid lev­els but I nev­er got the blood work done. I was pre­scribed a foam cream to put on my scalp to pro­mote hair growth. I believe it was all from stress hon­est­ly because I haven’t expe­ri­enced any hair loss this year so far prop­er­ly because I’m not stressed for… Read more »

This same thing has hap­pened to me. I got a small one in 2008, which grew back, but since mov­ing over­seas and work­ing in devel­op­ment. I have had sev­er­al instances of stress-relat­ed bald spots.They always seem to instant­ly start grow­ing back, but I’m going to get a biop­sy done when I get back to the states. I’d rec­om­mend that for any­one have bald­ing issues.

Jameka Wells

I’ve expe­ri­enced hair loss due to stress and at that time (it was at least 10 yrs ago), I didn’t know what to do about it, so I didn’t do any­thing but wash and go all the time (I was nat­u­ral then, went back to perms, and now have just BC’d again a week ago). I think what real­ly worked was get­ting rid of the stress itself. I am curi­ous about exter­nal reme­dies though.

Chicago Chica

Stress is a pow­er­ful force. It can increase your heart rate, blood pres­sure, and cho­les­terol lev­els. It can take its toll on the body. I have suf­fered from stree-based alope­cia. My edges are the first to suf­fer. Stress affects dif­fer­ent peo­ple in dif­fer­ent ways so we can­not dis­count that someone’s hair falls out when he/she is over­ly stressed.

Anonymous in Wisconsin
Thanks for post­ing an arti­cle about this issue! I actu­al­ly start­ed suf­fer­ing from hair loss this sum­mer due to stress–I was tak­ing sev­er­al class­es, con­duct­ing research, and was in a stress­ful rela­tion­ship. My der­ma­tol­o­gist said that it was a tel­o­gen efflu­vi­um, which means even-spread hair loss. I think I am recov­er­ing, but my hair still falls out more than it used to. I start­ed tak­ing a vari­ety of vit­a­mins in August, and I think that has helped; I also think my stress lev­el has reduced con­sid­er­ably. How­ev­er, my doc­tor said that it might take sev­er­al months for hair loss to… Read more »

I haven’t lost hair from stress, but I do get huge flaky clumps of dan­druff and an irri­tat­ed feeling/looking scalp. It’ real­ly gross. I think it’s some for of der­mati­tis that flares up with stress. I haven’t had any prob­lems in a while.


Jesus, you girls are bru­tal again­st Tyra. I can believe her hair loss is stress based- She lives a high-paced life that most of us will nev­er have. Why is it so hard to believe that her hair actu­al­ly is falling out from stress? Is your dis­like of her so strong that you auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume every­thing she says is a lie/for atten­tion?
Come on, now.


+ 1


+1. It’s easy to believe that Tyra is a vil­lain because she’s a celebri­ty. But when it comes down to it, we don’t know what Tyra, or any oth­er per­son, is going through. Stress is most def­i­nite­ly not uni­ver­sal; some of the com­ments on here are need­less­ly judg­men­tal and igno­rant of the pow­er of mech­a­nisms like stress.




hum, I ‘m no weave/wig expert since I’ve nev­er worn one but Ser­e­na looks weird to me.Even if her weave/wig ad lost some of its hair, shouldn’t her OWN hair appear under­neath it?…

Hair loss has nev­er been a prob­lem of mine,when I am stressed my face gets load­ed with acne.But my sis­ter on the oth­er hand has waist length hair but due to stress (she’s a doc­tor) the back of her hair is always short and break­ing; and some­times she has lit­tle bald spots on her edges.


I get acne on my face too when I am stressed…


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I hope that stess does not effect my hair growth. I’m in school and find myself get­ting insane­ly stressed and even slight­ly depressed at times. I hope when I fin­sh I haven’t pulled out all my hair :)



Oh Bother

I’m going to need for folks to take care of the hair under the­se wigs! I’m not again­st wear­ing fake hair at all. I wear synethic hair every now and then (human hair freaks me out after watch­ing a video on youtube about where some of the hair comes from). Just take care of what you have already before you put anoth­er woman’s hair on your head.

Débora Mathis

I had this prob­lem , i was stressed on my per­son­al life and on my last job too , was horrable! every­time that i washed my hair i loose a lot of hair , and was the hole hair , com­ing from the roots , not pieces on break­age , was horable , i was afraid to get bald … But then i found oth­er job and my stress ends , my hair stop to fall out in 3 days , like mir­a­cle , But i know and undesr­tand the­se actress :D


repeat­ed wear­ing of tight braids did a num­ber on my edge…but i caught it before htey were all gone. Edges are grow­in back now…but it’s a process.


Yeah Ser­e­na has a bald­ing silk based clo­sure.

Geralynn Armstead

It there a cure for stress relat­ed alope­cia? My doc­tor said it’s not alope­cia or thy­roid con­di­tion so there­fore all I can say is STRESS…Actually my head burn when I was any type of oil prod­ucts. I tried of think over the coun­ter sup­ple­ment. I do have high blood pres­sure and cholseterol and it’s under con­trol. I have recent­ly hair all my hair off and wear a wig to work and I let it air out evening and week­ends. Also is there some type of col­or­ing I can use to cov­er the bald spot? Please help