Hair News: Tyra Banks Admits to Getting Stress-Based Alopecia + Serena Williams’ Bald Spot

I spotted this interesting tidbit over at TheYBF. Check it out:

The stress of writing her first novelModelland, was so intense for Tyra Banks that she actually started losing her hair!  In a revealing interview with the Wall Street Journal, the supermodel talks about the toll proving herself as an author (and a Harvard Business School student) took on her health.

She believes what led to her situation was the combination of all her projects and deadlines…

“In the beginning it was me trying to fit it in. I was staying in Lake Como shooting “Top Model” and I was working on it in the off days. It was a passion, so the discipline wasn’t hard. It was finding the time that was hard, and that was stressing me out and I felt the product was suffering.

Because my outline was so robust—40 pages long—they thought I could do it faster. My chapters are between 11 and 15 pages, and I could never finish one in one day.”

She adds that the pressure she put on herself wasn’t good.

“…(I)n hindsight that wasn’t healthy. How can I say this without tearing up? I got a little alopecia from the stress.”

That is insane!! Ladies, have you ever gotten so stressed that hair started falling out?
Also in celebrity hair news, much has been made over a seeming bald spot peaking through Serena Williams’ weave. Perhaps she’s not taking enough precaution when applying them.

Ladies, have you ever dealt with bald spots resulting from weave applications?

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66 thoughts on “Hair News: Tyra Banks Admits to Getting Stress-Based Alopecia + Serena Williams’ Bald Spot

  1. luckily I haven’t gotten any stress based hair loss. But I do realize that I do suffer grey hair and slowed growth. Stress affects people differently I find I know when I suffering bad if I start forgeting routine things like my cell phone or bring my lunch bag home.

    I definitely know my mid level stress is followed by the constant feeling of being drained I know it is escalating to high level stress when I suffer head aches and starting shut down from socializing.

    But eveyone is different.

  2. I have experienced bald spots in random spots on my scalp as well. It all started in 2009-2010 like once I went natural they just started to appear. So I went to a dermatologist in Nov. of 2010 and he said it could be alopecia and needed to check my thyroid levels but I never got the blood work done. I was prescribed a foam cream to put on my scalp to promote hair growth. I believe it was all from stress honestly because I haven’t experienced any hair loss this year so far properly because I’m not stressed for the reasons that I was in 2010. I keep a close watch though. So I’m more self conscious of what I let stress me out.

    • This same thing has happened to me. I got a small one in 2008, which grew back, but since moving overseas and working in development. I have had several instances of stress-related bald spots.They always seem to instantly start growing back, but I’m going to get a biopsy done when I get back to the states. I’d recommend that for anyone have balding issues.

  3. I’ve experienced hair loss due to stress and at that time (it was at least 10 yrs ago), I didn’t know what to do about it, so I didn’t do anything but wash and go all the time (I was natural then, went back to perms, and now have just BC’d again a week ago). I think what really worked was getting rid of the stress itself. I am curious about external remedies though.

  4. Stress is a powerful force. It can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It can take its toll on the body. I have suffered from stree-based alopecia. My edges are the first to suffer. Stress affects different people in different ways so we cannot discount that someone’s hair falls out when he/she is overly stressed.

  5. Thanks for posting an article about this issue! I actually started suffering from hair loss this summer due to stress–I was taking several classes, conducting research, and was in a stressful relationship. My dermatologist said that it was a telogen effluvium, which means even-spread hair loss. I think I am recovering, but my hair still falls out more than it used to. I started taking a variety of vitamins in August, and I think that has helped; I also think my stress level has reduced considerably. However, my doctor said that it might take several months for hair loss to get back to normal and several more months to see new growth.

  6. I haven’t lost hair from stress, but I do get huge flaky clumps of dandruff and an irritated feeling/looking scalp. It’ really gross. I think it’s some for of dermatitis that flares up with stress. I haven’t had any problems in a while.

  7. Jesus, you girls are brutal against Tyra. I can believe her hair loss is stress based- She lives a high-paced life that most of us will never have. Why is it so hard to believe that her hair actually is falling out from stress? Is your dislike of her so strong that you automatically assume everything she says is a lie/for attention?
    Come on, now.

  8. hum, I ‘m no weave/wig expert since I’ve never worn one but Serena looks weird to me.Even if her weave/wig ad lost some of its hair, shouldn’t her OWN hair appear underneath it?…

    Hair loss has never been a problem of mine,when I am stressed my face gets loaded with acne.But my sister on the other hand has waist length hair but due to stress (she’s a doctor) the back of her hair is always short and breaking; and sometimes she has little bald spots on her edges.

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  10. I hope that stess does not effect my hair growth. I’m in school and find myself getting insanely stressed and even slightly depressed at times. I hope when I finsh I haven’t pulled out all my hair :)

  11. I’m going to need for folks to take care of the hair under these wigs! I’m not against wearing fake hair at all. I wear synethic hair every now and then (human hair freaks me out after watching a video on youtube about where some of the hair comes from). Just take care of what you have already before you put another woman’s hair on your head.

  12. I had this problem , i was stressed on my personal life and on my last job too , was horrable! everytime that i washed my hair i loose a lot of hair , and was the hole hair , coming from the roots , not pieces on breakage , was horable , i was afraid to get bald … But then i found other job and my stress ends , my hair stop to fall out in 3 days , like miracle , But i know and undesrtand these actress :D

  13. repeated wearing of tight braids did a number on my edge…but i caught it before htey were all gone. Edges are growin back now…but it’s a process.

  14. It there a cure for stress related alopecia? My doctor said it’s not alopecia or thyroid condition so therefore all I can say is STRESS…Actually my head burn when I was any type of oil products. I tried of think over the counter supplement. I do have high blood pressure and cholseterol and it’s under control. I have recently hair all my hair off and wear a wig to work and I let it air out evening and weekends. Also is there some type of coloring I can use to cover the bald spot? Please help

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