I spotted this interesting tidbit over at TheYBF. Check it out:

The stress of writing her first novelModelland, was so intense for Tyra Banks that she actually started losing her hair!  In a revealing interview with the Wall Street Journal, the supermodel talks about the toll proving herself as an author (and a Harvard Business School student) took on her health.

She believes what led to her situation was the combination of all her projects and deadlines…

“In the beginning it was me trying to fit it in. I was staying in Lake Como shooting “Top Model” and I was working on it in the off days. It was a passion, so the discipline wasn’t hard. It was finding the time that was hard, and that was stressing me out and I felt the product was suffering.

Because my outline was so robust—40 pages long—they thought I could do it faster. My chapters are between 11 and 15 pages, and I could never finish one in one day.”

She adds that the pressure she put on herself wasn’t good.

“…(I)n hindsight that wasn’t healthy. How can I say this without tearing up? I got a little alopecia from the stress.”

That is insane!! Ladies, have you ever gotten so stressed that hair started falling out?
Also in celebrity hair news, much has been made over a seeming bald spot peaking through Serena Williams’ weave. Perhaps she’s not taking enough precaution when applying them.

Ladies, have you ever dealt with bald spots resulting from weave applications?

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Geralynn Armstead

It there a cure for stress related alopecia? My doctor said it’s not alopecia or thyroid condition so therefore all I can say is STRESS…Actually my head burn when I was any type of oil products. I tried of think over the counter supplement. I do have high blood pressure and cholseterol and it’s under control. I have recently hair all my hair off and wear a wig to work and I let it air out evening and weekends. Also is there some type of coloring I can use to cover the bald spot? Please help


Yeah Serena has a balding silk based closure.


repeated wearing of tight braids did a number on my edge…but i caught it before htey were all gone. Edges are growin back now…but it’s a process.

Débora Mathis

I had this problem , i was stressed on my personal life and on my last job too , was horrable! everytime that i washed my hair i loose a lot of hair , and was the hole hair , coming from the roots , not pieces on breakage , was horable , i was afraid to get bald … But then i found other job and my stress ends , my hair stop to fall out in 3 days , like miracle , But i know and undesrtand these actress 😀

Oh Bother

I’m going to need for folks to take care of the hair under these wigs! I’m not against wearing fake hair at all. I wear synethic hair every now and then (human hair freaks me out after watching a video on youtube about where some of the hair comes from). Just take care of what you have already before you put another woman’s hair on your head.




I hope that stess does not effect my hair growth. I’m in school and find myself getting insanely stressed and even slightly depressed at times. I hope when I finsh I haven’t pulled out all my hair 🙂


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hum, I ‘m no weave/wig expert since I’ve never worn one but Serena looks weird to me.Even if her weave/wig ad lost some of its hair, shouldn’t her OWN hair appear underneath it?…

Hair loss has never been a problem of mine,when I am stressed my face gets loaded with acne.But my sister on the other hand has waist length hair but due to stress (she’s a doctor) the back of her hair is always short and breaking; and sometimes she has little bald spots on her edges.


I get acne on my face too when I am stressed…


Jesus, you girls are brutal against Tyra. I can believe her hair loss is stress based- She lives a high-paced life that most of us will never have. Why is it so hard to believe that her hair actually is falling out from stress? Is your dislike of her so strong that you automatically assume everything she says is a lie/for attention?
Come on, now.


+ 1


+1. It’s easy to believe that Tyra is a villain because she’s a celebrity. But when it comes down to it, we don’t know what Tyra, or any other person, is going through. Stress is most definitely not universal; some of the comments on here are needlessly judgmental and ignorant of the power of mechanisms like stress.




I haven’t lost hair from stress, but I do get huge flaky clumps of dandruff and an irritated feeling/looking scalp. It’ really gross. I think it’s some for of dermatitis that flares up with stress. I haven’t had any problems in a while.

Anonymous in Wisconsin
Thanks for posting an article about this issue! I actually started suffering from hair loss this summer due to stress–I was taking several classes, conducting research, and was in a stressful relationship. My dermatologist said that it was a telogen effluvium, which means even-spread hair loss. I think I am recovering, but my hair still falls out more than it used to. I started taking a variety of vitamins in August, and I think that has helped; I also think my stress level has reduced considerably. However, my doctor said that it might take several months for hair loss to… Read more »
Chicago Chica

Stress is a powerful force. It can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It can take its toll on the body. I have suffered from stree-based alopecia. My edges are the first to suffer. Stress affects different people in different ways so we cannot discount that someone’s hair falls out when he/she is overly stressed.

Jameka Wells

I’ve experienced hair loss due to stress and at that time (it was at least 10 yrs ago), I didn’t know what to do about it, so I didn’t do anything but wash and go all the time (I was natural then, went back to perms, and now have just BC’d again a week ago). I think what really worked was getting rid of the stress itself. I am curious about external remedies though.

Jasmine Reed
I have experienced bald spots in random spots on my scalp as well. It all started in 2009-2010 like once I went natural they just started to appear. So I went to a dermatologist in Nov. of 2010 and he said it could be alopecia and needed to check my thyroid levels but I never got the blood work done. I was prescribed a foam cream to put on my scalp to promote hair growth. I believe it was all from stress honestly because I haven’t experienced any hair loss this year so far properly because I’m not stressed for… Read more »

This same thing has happened to me. I got a small one in 2008, which grew back, but since moving overseas and working in development. I have had several instances of stress-related bald spots.They always seem to instantly start growing back, but I’m going to get a biopsy done when I get back to the states. I’d recommend that for anyone have balding issues.


I saw an article that said DHT causes hair loss. The article recommended a lot of of natural stuff, including Emu Oil. Has anyone tried Emu Oil? Did it increase your hair growth.

This is a link to the article


luckily I haven’t gotten any stress based hair loss. But I do realize that I do suffer grey hair and slowed growth. Stress affects people differently I find I know when I suffering bad if I start forgeting routine things like my cell phone or bring my lunch bag home.

I definitely know my mid level stress is followed by the constant feeling of being drained I know it is escalating to high level stress when I suffer head aches and starting shut down from socializing.

But eveyone is different.


I totally agree.


i’m in grad school and am always making sure to take breaks to relieve stress because my mother gets stresses based alopecia. it’s really scary, seeing a clean bald spot on her head.

also, folks this isn’t a debate about the authenticy of Tyra and Serena’s stress-based alopecia. the question at the end just asks have you ever had to deal with it.

This past Summer, my hair started falling out. I thought it was because I changed from bleach blonde to jet black (natural 11yrs), but I realized it was due to all the stress I was enduring. I’ve been trying all types of things to stop it, and it’s not anywhere near as bad as it was a few months ago, but it’s still coming out some in really long strands. The huge amount of stress is coming from things beyond my control. I really hope with continued additional effort, I can keep from having any bald spots until the stressful… Read more »

So sorry! No advice, just curly love from your natural sisters.

+1 My hair fell out in handfuls when my father died 13 years ago. I tried everything, but I was still losing hair, especially around my nape. In the end, I had medium width braid extensions put in for a couple of months and they absolutely rescued my hair. For four months, my hair was protected from the elements and had time to recover and grow. Today, my hair is armpit length and healthy. I don’t know if extensions are something you would consider, but it sounds like both you and your hair need a break and some TLC. Take… Read more »

I don’t think Serena has a bald spot. I think she just lost some of the weave hair from her lace closure. Weave closures are delicate, so if you’re not gentle the hair will fall out. It happened to me once.


I’m kind of thinking it’s related to years of wearing weaves, too…I could be wrong though of course. Different things stress different people out and while I think she would have had 100s of situations that gave high amts of stress before now, I sense that Tyra has some kind of issue with “proving” herself in the intellectual realm. Hence going to business school, even though she has already been successful in business (being a model, having her own shows, and now a book contract).


I had a friend in grad school who lost the majority of her hair one semester doing two projects alone that normally take 2-3 people to do together. It took a long time for her hair to recover and she is happy to be all natural and is rocking an awesome mini afro with no bald spots in sight! Ladies, stress, diet and lack of vitamins both inside your body and on your scalp can make issues like these take flight. Even when stressed be sure to exercise so that you can relieve stress, eat healthy and take your vitamins!!

Sarah K.

My little sister has that same bald spot and she’s natural. I google it and it’s called Alopecia Areata.
It’s just a round bald spot that appear like that without a reason.

I think it’s stress.


This actually happened to me when I was relaxed and twice since I have been natural (5 years) and I can definitely attribute it to stress
Maybe it’s a genetic thing coz my sister’s hair also falls out when she is stressed.
Whether this is what happened to Tyra or not I cannot say with certainty as she can be a bit of a drama queen


I agree with what others say about Tyra. People started noticing the bad condition of her hair and she had to contribute it to something other than her weaves, because if she said it was the weaves then people would ask why she wouldn’t stop wearing them and she wouldn’t have a socially acceptable answer. She wants to be above all of the common black girl insecurities, but she is obvioulsy not. Because even if stress caused her to lose her hair, adding weaves would not help it grow back.




Case and point Angela Simmons wears weaves/ wigs ALL THE TIME~ she gave us a peek into her world of real unprocessed hair and it is down her back. Not that I agree with her always wearing fake hair.. but at least her stylist takes care of her ‘REAL’ hair underneath


I had a bald spot due to braids being too tight I was so pissed off I could’ve shot someone. I gre my hair back with olive & coconut oil mixed with peppermint & rosemary essential oils. I massaged this into my scalp daily until my hair grew back. all I can say now is NEVER AGAIN

Okay…..Obviously are not seeing what I’m seeing here. First of all Tyra is an attention whore and will say anything to bring more attention to herself, negative or otherwise..And if you don’t know that by now then you have not been paying attention to her antics lately. And even if her hair did fall out (which I doubt) it is probably because of all that fake hair being improperly installed. Secondly any fool with a set of eyes can see that Serena is wearing a WIG with a bald spot. That is NOT her real hair! You can tell its… Read more »



Serena is wearing a WIG with a bald spot. That is NOT her real hair! You can tell its a wig because her REAL hairline is kinky. Just look at the second picture. Her buckshots are clearly visible.

^^I zeroed in on the dyed wig cap too^^

C'mon son!

Clap clap boo. Too many are blind to see it is a wig.

You lost me with buckshots as I am natural and African and my roomie said that is a derogatory word please do not say it again.


I have been wearing a wig on and off for eight months–no problems. I can’t imagine a lace front wig causing hair loss in the top of one’s head. The edges, yes. But the middle of someone’s head, seems improbable. For Serena, I would guess weave damage.


I found it quite ambarracing for black women to see pic like that of Serena. They have the money to take good care of their hair and should do that. Makes me so proud of not wearing wigs and weaves and putting perm in my hair. When you live in a white man community this pics will follow you, they don’t understand what weave, wig demage is.


Boy,you’re killing me with your horrendous grammar,I can only take so much……


There is no need to bash another’s grammer. For all you know, English may be her second language. Keep it to the hair.

C'mon son!

English is my second language and mine not mines (like you American’s say smh) is far better than hers. She has no excuse. I too can only take so much. You should correct her and not turn a blind eye.

You have no room to talk...
You have no room to talk...

If you are going to comment on grammar, please learn how to properly use ellipses, and separate each thought with a period instead of a comma.


You people seem to be proud of speaking and writing improperly!I doubt she is a foreigner,never seen one write like this….Why is is that this is only condoned on black forums?Sentences not starting with capitals,no syntax whatsoever,lazy abbreviations every 4 words,(in the damned thread titles,no less) gettho expressions left and right,guuurl this,you ain’t neva lie that…I can only take so much myself. To think that this feast is out there for all to see,now bald edges seem so irrelevant! Btw,it’s grammar,not grammer.


By the way it’s ghetto, not gettho

I went through two extremely stressful periods within 10 yrs of each other and I lost a small coin shaped patch of hair in the same location both times. Fortunateley, both times the hair grew back in. Ive never had a weave or a wig, and was truly natural on both occasions, so I am attributing it to stress. I cannot speak for Tyra or Serena and have not seen their hair to determine the details of their hair loss for myself. I will say that traction due to weaves, wigs and tight/bidning hairstyles can result in hair loss and… Read more »

Stress-based? Sure. How about lacefront-based?

Ladies, please rock those wigs with care.


Exactly! I’m also insulted that she thinks we’d believe that foolishness.


I have a bald spot in a similar location as Serena’s…it’s not from wearing weaves but I couldn’t tell you where it is from.

1st off nothing Tyra says I take for anything. I remember when she was all the rave about “natural hair” and how she was going to be natural on going. Which was a play with words.. she only meant she wouldn’t allegedly put ‘weaves” in her hair … NOT MEANING RELAXERS.. and I know some say … that can be considered as natural and to that I say …oh please do not play with folks common sense. If she is loosing hair it is because of all the tension she places on her head with her various wigs and weaves..… Read more »
Natural Nazi Police
Here goes another one! I don’t understand the hang-up with ppl concerned about ppl deciding to wear ‘fake hair’ i.e., weave. I thought the goal was to take care of it? Why are you or anyone worried abt someone putting ‘artificial crap’ in their head? I know naturals whose hair is more busted then someone with weave and/or a relaxer b/c they don’t take care of their hair. Natural does equal automatically healthy hair. It takes work and proper care. I am natural and have been for 6 years, but I also like to change my hair a lot. And… Read more »

I’ve had some high stress time where I was shocked I didn’t loose some hair.


Oh please. I call BS on the Tyra thing. I’m a writer, and never have I gotten stressed to the point of hairloss. I do creative writing and freelance, and while it can be stressful, I cant imagine something. I enjoy so much causing me to lose hair. Also, when a celebrity writes a book 9 times out of ten of is written by or with the help of a ghostwriter, which is likely in Tyra’s case. I can understand if other things with her career caused stress by I doubt it was writing.


just because u don’t get stressed by writing doesn’t mean she can’t. stressors aren’t universal


+ 1


+2 Your stress does not equal her stress.

+1. I’m a professional writer who’s required finish two or more stories every week — on deadline — for a Marketing Department. I can really empathize with Tyra. Getting stressed to the point of losing her hair is no surprise. Working on deadline, I’ve also been stressed to the point of developing physical problems that include migraines, tummy problems and anxiety. And it’s not because I don’t like writing, I love it. I’m not alone either, when it comes to feeling the pressure. My boss, who also loves writing, and has to work on deadline, has high blood pressure. Another… Read more »

Yes due to a family tragedy I was under so much stress my hair started to fall out a few years back. It’s a lot better now, not what it used to be, but I am bless with hair now. (so woo hoo). But yes stress and hair loss sometimes goes hand in hand.


I’m sorry you went through that. A few years ago I was really stressed and my hair was falling out too (alone with horrible headaches), and like you it’s not what it used to be but it’s so much better than what it was. The bald spots are much smaller now and one side of my head is noticeably thinner (at least to me) but I am really lucky it got better instead of worse.


Serena’s doesnt look like a bald spot. It looks like a lace wig with some missing hair. Ive been guilty of that

Jaeda Laurez

that’s what it looks like to me too.


That is the same thing I have been saying it’s obviously not her hair, you can see her natural edges poking out right above her forehead.

C'mon son!

Thank you it never ceases to amaze me with all the hair info available, blogs, forums etc on the web that people still cannot tell that this is a badly done lace wig smh. That closure is a hotmess but this is not a bald spot of Serena’s.

I have had a bald spot no patch even and it grew back thanks to Jamaican Black Castor Oil. However, it is on my scalp not a lacewig. Wake up people lace wig not Serena’s bald spot!!!!!!!!!