I spot­ted this inter­est­ing tid­bit over at TheYBF. Check it out:

The stress of writ­ing her first nov­elModel­land, was so intense for Tyra Banks that she actu­al­ly start­ed los­ing her hair!  In a reveal­ing inter­view with the Wall Street Jour­nal, the super­mod­el talks about the toll prov­ing her­self as an author (and a Har­vard Busi­ness School stu­dent) took on her health.

She believes what led to her sit­u­a­tion was the com­bi­na­tion of all her projects and dead­lines…

“In the begin­ning it was me try­ing to fit it in. I was stay­ing in Lake Como shoot­ing “Top Mod­el” and I was work­ing on it in the off days. It was a pas­sion, so the dis­ci­pline wasn’t hard. It was find­ing the time that was hard, and that was stress­ing me out and I felt the prod­uct was suf­fer­ing.

Because my out­line was so robust—40 pages long—they thought I could do it faster. My chap­ters are between 11 and 15 pages, and I could nev­er fin­ish one in one day.”

She adds that the pres­sure she put on her­self wasn’t good.

“…(I)n hind­sight that wasn’t healthy. How can I say this with­out tear­ing up? I got a lit­tle alope­cia from the stress.”

That is insane!! Ladies, have you ever got­ten so stressed that hair start­ed falling out?
Also in celebri­ty hair news, much has been made over a seem­ing bald spot peak­ing through Ser­e­na Williams’ weave. Per­haps she’s not tak­ing enough pre­cau­tion when apply­ing them.

Ladies, have you ever dealt with bald spots result­ing from weave appli­ca­tions?

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Geralynn Armstead

It there a cure for stress relat­ed alope­cia? My doc­tor said it’s not alope­cia or thy­roid con­di­tion so there­fore all I can say is STRESS…Actually my head burn when I was any type of oil prod­ucts. I tried of think over the counter sup­ple­ment. I do have high blood pres­sure and cholseterol and it’s under con­trol. I have recent­ly hair all my hair off and wear a wig to work and I let it air out evening and week­ends. Also is there some type of col­or­ing I can use to cov­er the bald spot? Please help


Yeah Ser­e­na has a bald­ing silk based clo­sure.


repeat­ed wear­ing of tight braids did a num­ber on my edge…but i caught it before htey were all gone. Edges are growin back now…but it’s a process.

Débora Mathis

I had this prob­lem , i was stressed on my per­son­al life and on my last job too , was horrable! every­time that i washed my hair i loose a lot of hair , and was the hole hair , com­ing from the roots , not pieces on break­age , was horable , i was afraid to get bald … But then i found oth­er job and my stress ends , my hair stop to fall out in 3 days , like mir­a­cle , But i know and undesr­tand these actress :D

Oh Bother

I’m going to need for folks to take care of the hair under these wigs! I’m not against wear­ing fake hair at all. I wear syneth­ic hair every now and then (human hair freaks me out after watch­ing a video on youtube about where some of the hair comes from). Just take care of what you have already before you put anoth­er woman’s hair on your head.




I hope that stess does not effect my hair growth. I’m in school and find myself get­ting insane­ly stressed and even slight­ly depressed at times. I hope when I finsh I haven’t pulled out all my hair :)


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hum, I ‘m no weave/wig expert since I’ve nev­er worn one but Ser­e­na looks weird to me.Even if her weave/wig ad lost some of its hair, shouldn’t her OWN hair appear under­neath it?…

Hair loss has nev­er been a prob­lem of mine,when I am stressed my face gets loaded with acne.But my sis­ter on the oth­er hand has waist length hair but due to stress (she’s a doc­tor) the back of her hair is always short and break­ing; and some­times she has lit­tle bald spots on her edges.


I get acne on my face too when I am stressed…


Jesus, you girls are bru­tal against Tyra. I can believe her hair loss is stress based- She lives a high-paced life that most of us will nev­er have. Why is it so hard to believe that her hair actu­al­ly is falling out from stress? Is your dis­like of her so strong that you auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume every­thing she says is a lie/for atten­tion?
Come on, now.




+1. It’s easy to believe that Tyra is a vil­lain because she’s a celebri­ty. But when it comes down to it, we don’t know what Tyra, or any oth­er per­son, is going through. Stress is most def­i­nite­ly not uni­ver­sal; some of the com­ments on here are need­less­ly judg­men­tal and igno­rant of the pow­er of mech­a­nisms like stress.


+ 1


I haven’t lost hair from stress, but I do get huge flaky clumps of dan­druff and an irri­tat­ed feeling/looking scalp. It’ real­ly gross. I think it’s some for of der­mati­tis that flares up with stress. I haven’t had any prob­lems in a while.

Anonymous in Wisconsin
Thanks for post­ing an arti­cle about this issue! I actu­al­ly start­ed suf­fer­ing from hair loss this sum­mer due to stress–I was tak­ing sev­er­al class­es, con­duct­ing research, and was in a stress­ful rela­tion­ship. My der­ma­tol­o­gist said that it was a tel­o­gen efflu­vi­um, which means even-spread hair loss. I think I am recov­er­ing, but my hair still falls out more than it used to. I start­ed tak­ing a vari­ety of vit­a­mins in August, and I think that has helped; I also think my stress lev­el has reduced con­sid­er­ably. How­ev­er, my doc­tor said that it might take sev­er­al months for hair loss to… Read more »
Chicago Chica

Stress is a pow­er­ful force. It can increase your heart rate, blood pres­sure, and cho­les­terol lev­els. It can take its toll on the body. I have suf­fered from stree-based alope­cia. My edges are the first to suf­fer. Stress affects dif­fer­ent peo­ple in dif­fer­ent ways so we can­not dis­count that someone’s hair falls out when he/she is over­ly stressed.

Jameka Wells

I’ve expe­ri­enced hair loss due to stress and at that time (it was at least 10 yrs ago), I didn’t know what to do about it, so I didn’t do any­thing but wash and go all the time (I was nat­ur­al then, went back to perms, and now have just BC’d again a week ago). I think what real­ly worked was get­ting rid of the stress itself. I am curi­ous about exter­nal reme­dies though.

Jasmine Reed
I have expe­ri­enced bald spots in ran­dom spots on my scalp as well. It all start­ed in 2009–2010 like once I went nat­ur­al they just start­ed to appear. So I went to a der­ma­tol­o­gist in Nov. of 2010 and he said it could be alope­cia and need­ed to check my thy­roid lev­els but I nev­er got the blood work done. I was pre­scribed a foam cream to put on my scalp to pro­mote hair growth. I believe it was all from stress hon­est­ly because I haven’t expe­ri­enced any hair loss this year so far prop­er­ly because I’m not stressed for… Read more »

This same thing has hap­pened to me. I got a small one in 2008, which grew back, but since mov­ing over­seas and work­ing in devel­op­ment. I have had sev­er­al instances of stress-relat­ed bald spots.They always seem to instant­ly start grow­ing back, but I’m going to get a biop­sy done when I get back to the states. I’d rec­om­mend that for any­one have bald­ing issues.


I saw an arti­cle that said DHT caus­es hair loss. The arti­cle rec­om­mend­ed a lot of of nat­ur­al stuff, includ­ing Emu Oil. Has any­one tried Emu Oil? Did it increase your hair growth.

This is a link to the arti­cle


luck­i­ly I haven’t got­ten any stress based hair loss. But I do real­ize that I do suf­fer grey hair and slowed growth. Stress affects peo­ple dif­fer­ent­ly I find I know when I suf­fer­ing bad if I start for­get­ing rou­tine things like my cell phone or bring my lunch bag home.

I def­i­nite­ly know my mid lev­el stress is fol­lowed by the con­stant feel­ing of being drained I know it is esca­lat­ing to high lev­el stress when I suf­fer head aches and start­ing shut down from social­iz­ing.

But evey­one is dif­fer­ent.


I total­ly agree.


i’m in grad school and am always mak­ing sure to take breaks to relieve stress because my moth­er gets stress­es based alope­cia. it’s real­ly scary, see­ing a clean bald spot on her head.

also, folks this isn’t a debate about the authen­ti­cy of Tyra and Serena’s stress-based alope­cia. the ques­tion at the end just asks have you ever had to deal with it.

This past Sum­mer, my hair start­ed falling out. I thought it was because I changed from bleach blonde to jet black (nat­ur­al 11yrs), but I real­ized it was due to all the stress I was endur­ing. I’ve been try­ing all types of things to stop it, and it’s not any­where near as bad as it was a few months ago, but it’s still com­ing out some in real­ly long strands. The huge amount of stress is com­ing from things beyond my con­trol. I real­ly hope with con­tin­ued addi­tion­al effort, I can keep from hav­ing any bald spots until the stress­ful… Read more »

So sor­ry! No advice, just curly love from your nat­ur­al sis­ters.

+1 My hair fell out in hand­fuls when my father died 13 years ago. I tried every­thing, but I was still los­ing hair, espe­cial­ly around my nape. In the end, I had medi­um width braid exten­sions put in for a cou­ple of months and they absolute­ly res­cued my hair. For four months, my hair was pro­tect­ed from the ele­ments and had time to recov­er and grow. Today, my hair is armpit length and healthy. I don’t know if exten­sions are some­thing you would con­sid­er, but it sounds like both you and your hair need a break and some TLC. Take… Read more »

I don’t think Ser­e­na has a bald spot. I think she just lost some of the weave hair from her lace clo­sure. Weave clo­sures are del­i­cate, so if you’re not gen­tle the hair will fall out. It hap­pened to me once.


I’m kind of think­ing it’s relat­ed to years of wear­ing weaves, too…I could be wrong though of course. Dif­fer­ent things stress dif­fer­ent peo­ple out and while I think she would have had 100s of sit­u­a­tions that gave high amts of stress before now, I sense that Tyra has some kind of issue with “prov­ing” her­self in the intel­lec­tu­al realm. Hence going to busi­ness school, even though she has already been suc­cess­ful in busi­ness (being a mod­el, hav­ing her own shows, and now a book con­tract).


I had a friend in grad school who lost the major­i­ty of her hair one semes­ter doing two projects alone that nor­mal­ly take 2–3 peo­ple to do togeth­er. It took a long time for her hair to recov­er and she is hap­py to be all nat­ur­al and is rock­ing an awe­some mini afro with no bald spots in sight! Ladies, stress, diet and lack of vit­a­mins both inside your body and on your scalp can make issues like these take flight. Even when stressed be sure to exer­cise so that you can relieve stress, eat healthy and take your vit­a­mins!!

Sarah K.

My lit­tle sis­ter has that same bald spot and she’s nat­ur­al. I google it and it’s called Alope­cia Area­ta.
It’s just a round bald spot that appear like that with­out a rea­son.

I think it’s stress.


This actu­al­ly hap­pened to me when I was relaxed and twice since I have been nat­ur­al (5 years) and I can def­i­nite­ly attribute it to stress
Maybe it’s a genet­ic thing coz my sister’s hair also falls out when she is stressed.
Whether this is what hap­pened to Tyra or not I can­not say with cer­tain­ty as she can be a bit of a dra­ma queen


I agree with what oth­ers say about Tyra. Peo­ple start­ed notic­ing the bad con­di­tion of her hair and she had to con­tribute it to some­thing oth­er than her weaves, because if she said it was the weaves then peo­ple would ask why she wouldn’t stop wear­ing them and she wouldn’t have a social­ly accept­able answer. She wants to be above all of the com­mon black girl inse­cu­ri­ties, but she is obvi­oul­sy not. Because even if stress caused her to lose her hair, adding weaves would not help it grow back.




Case and point Angela Sim­mons wears weaves/ wigs ALL THE TIME~ she gave us a peek into her world of real unprocessed hair and it is down her back. Not that I agree with her always wear­ing fake hair.. but at least her styl­ist takes care of her ‘REAL’ hair under­neath


I had a bald spot due to braids being too tight I was so pissed off I could’ve shot some­one. I gre my hair back with olive & coconut oil mixed with pep­per­mint & rose­mary essen­tial oils. I mas­saged this into my scalp dai­ly until my hair grew back. all I can say now is NEVER AGAIN

Okay.….Obviously are not see­ing what I’m see­ing here. First of all Tyra is an atten­tion whore and will say any­thing to bring more atten­tion to her­self, neg­a­tive or otherwise..And if you don’t know that by now then you have not been pay­ing atten­tion to her antics late­ly. And even if her hair did fall out (which I doubt) it is prob­a­bly because of all that fake hair being improp­er­ly installed.  Sec­ond­ly any fool with a set of eyes can see that Ser­e­na is wear­ing a WIG with a bald spot. That is NOT her real hair! You can tell its a… Read more »
C'mon son!

Clap clap boo. Too many are blind to see it is a wig. 

You lost me with buck­shots as I am nat­ur­al and African and my roomie said that is a deroga­to­ry word please do not say it again.


Ser­e­na is wear­ing a WIG with a bald spot. That is NOT her real hair! You can tell its a wig because her REAL hair­line is kinky. Just look at the sec­ond pic­ture. Her buck­shots are clear­ly vis­i­ble.

^^I zeroed in on the dyed wig cap too^^




I have been wear­ing a wig on and off for eight months–no prob­lems. I can’t imag­ine a lace front wig caus­ing hair loss in the top of one’s head. The edges, yes. But the mid­dle of someone’s head, seems improb­a­ble. For Ser­e­na, I would guess weave dam­age.


I found it quite ambar­rac­ing for black women to see pic like that of Ser­e­na. They have the mon­ey to take good care of their hair and should do that. Makes me so proud of not wear­ing wigs and weaves and putting perm in my hair. When you live in a white man com­mu­ni­ty this pics will fol­low you, they don’t under­stand what weave, wig demage is.


You peo­ple seem to be proud of speak­ing and writ­ing improperly!I doubt she is a foreigner,never seen one write like this.…Why is is that this is only con­doned on black forums?Sentences not start­ing with capitals,no syn­tax whatsoever,lazy abbre­vi­a­tions every 4 words,(in the damned thread titles,no less) get­tho expres­sions left and right,guuurl this,you ain’t neva lie that…I can only take so much myself. To think that this feast is out there for all to see,now bald edges seem so irrel­e­vant! Btw,it’s grammar,not gram­mer.


By the way it’s ghet­to, not get­tho


Boy,you’re killing me with your hor­ren­dous grammar,I can only take so much.…..

You have no room to talk...
You have no room to talk...

If you are going to com­ment on gram­mar, please learn how to prop­er­ly use ellipses, and sep­a­rate each thought with a peri­od instead of a com­ma.


There is no need to bash another’s gram­mer. For all you know, Eng­lish may be her sec­ond lan­guage. Keep it to the hair.

C'mon son!

Eng­lish is my sec­ond lan­guage and mine not mines (like you American’s say smh) is far bet­ter than hers. She has no excuse. I too can only take so much. You should cor­rect her and not turn a blind eye.

I went through two extreme­ly stress­ful peri­ods with­in 10 yrs of each oth­er and I lost a small coin shaped patch of hair in the same loca­tion both times. For­tu­nate­ley, both times the hair grew back in. Ive nev­er had a weave or a wig, and was tru­ly nat­ur­al on both occa­sions, so I am attribut­ing it to stress. I can­not speak for Tyra or Ser­e­na and have not seen their hair to deter­mine the details of their hair loss for myself. I will say that trac­tion due to weaves, wigs and tight/bidning hair­styles can result in hair loss and even… Read more »

Stress-based? Sure. How about lace­front-based?

Ladies, please rock those wigs with care.


Exact­ly! I’m also insult­ed that she thinks we’d believe that fool­ish­ness.


I have a bald spot in a sim­i­lar loca­tion as Serena’s…it’s not from wear­ing weaves but I couldn’t tell you where it is from.

1st off noth­ing Tyra says I take for any­thing. I remem­ber when she was all the rave about “nat­ur­al hair” and how she was going to be nat­ur­al on going. Which was a play with words.. she only meant she wouldn’t alleged­ly put ‘weaves” in her hair … NOT MEANING RELAXERS.. and I know some say … that can be con­sid­ered as nat­ur­al and to that I say …oh please do not play with folks com­mon sense. If she is loos­ing hair it is because of all the ten­sion she places on her head with her var­i­ous wigs and weaves..… Read more »
Natural Nazi Police
Here goes anoth­er one! I don’t under­stand the hang-up with ppl con­cerned about ppl decid­ing to wear ‘fake hair’ i.e., weave. I thought the goal was to take care of it? Why are you or any­one wor­ried abt some­one putting ‘arti­fi­cial crap’ in their head? I know nat­u­rals whose hair is more bust­ed then some­one with weave and/or a relax­er b/c they don’t take care of their hair. Nat­ur­al does equal auto­mat­i­cal­ly healthy hair. It takes work and prop­er care. I am nat­ur­al and have been for 6 years, but I also like to change my hair a lot. And… Read more »

I’ve had some high stress time where I was shocked I didn’t loose some hair.


Oh please. I call BS on the Tyra thing. I’m a writer, and nev­er have I got­ten stressed to the point of hair­loss. I do cre­ative writ­ing and free­lance, and while it can be stress­ful, I cant imag­ine some­thing. I enjoy so much caus­ing me to lose hair. Also, when a celebri­ty writes a book 9 times out of ten of is writ­ten by or with the help of a ghost­writer, which is like­ly in Tyra’s case. I can under­stand if oth­er things with her career caused stress by I doubt it was writ­ing.


just because u don’t get stressed by writ­ing doesn’t mean she can’t. stres­sors aren’t uni­ver­sal

+1. I’m a pro­fes­sion­al writer who’s required fin­ish two or more sto­ries every week — on dead­line — for a Mar­ket­ing Depart­ment. I can real­ly empathize with Tyra. Get­ting stressed to the point of los­ing her hair is no sur­prise. Work­ing on dead­line, I’ve also been stressed to the point of devel­op­ing phys­i­cal prob­lems that include migraines, tum­my prob­lems and anx­i­ety. And it’s not because I don’t like writ­ing, I love it.  I’m not alone either, when it comes to feel­ing the pres­sure. My boss, who also loves writ­ing, and has to work on dead­line, has high blood pres­sure. Anoth­er “cool-head­ed”… Read more »

+2 Your stress does not equal her stress.


+ 1


Yes due to a fam­i­ly tragedy I was under so much stress my hair start­ed to fall out a few years back. It’s a lot bet­ter now, not what it used to be, but I am bless with hair now. (so woo hoo). But yes stress and hair loss some­times goes hand in hand.


I’m sor­ry you went through that. A few years ago I was real­ly stressed and my hair was falling out too (alone with hor­ri­ble headaches), and like you it’s not what it used to be but it’s so much bet­ter than what it was. The bald spots are much small­er now and one side of my head is notice­ably thin­ner (at least to me) but I am real­ly lucky it got bet­ter instead of worse.


Serena’s does­nt look like a bald spot. It looks like a lace wig with some miss­ing hair. Ive been guilty of that

C'mon son!

Thank you it nev­er ceas­es to amaze me with all the hair info avail­able, blogs, forums etc on the web that peo­ple still can­not tell that this is a bad­ly done lace wig smh. That clo­sure is a hotmess but this is not a bald spot of Serena’s.

I have had a bald spot no patch even and it grew back thanks to Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil. How­ev­er, it is on my scalp not a lacewig. Wake up peo­ple lace wig not Serena’s bald spot!!!!!!!!!

Jaeda Laurez

that’s what it looks like to me too.


That is the same thing I have been say­ing it’s obvi­ous­ly not her hair, you can see her nat­ur­al edges pok­ing out right above her fore­head.